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The 14 Best Sales & Marketing Funnel Builders & How to Simply Create Yours [2024 Hacks + Secrets]

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 55 minute read Lead GenerationMarketing Tools

Understanding how your marketing and sales funnel works is essential, and you can then identify where your funnel leaks and what you need to repair for your business to blossom.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about sales funnels, including the best sales funnel builders in the market, invaluable sales funnel secrets, and how to build an optimized sales funnel for your business.

For businesses, it’s already hard enough to increase their conversions as it can take 18 calls or more before reaching a potential client. And only 23.9% of emails are actually opened (I know, right!). 

However, through a sales pipeline builder, you can nurture brand loyalty and attract new customers by employing more effective marketing and sales techniques.

Sounds like something you need? Let’s get into it! 

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    Find a Sales Builder for Marketing l What is a Sales Funnel, and Why is it So Important?.

    A sales funnel describes each step someone takes until they become your customer.

    This is your entire buying process from the first time someone sees your marketing campaigns until they purchase from your business.

    For starters, let’s review an example of a sales funnel for a coffee shop. 

    The first step of the funnel is people walking past the shop, smelling that inviting coffee aroma. 

    The second step is the people that walk into the store. 

    The last step is when those people purchase a cup of coffee.

    Pretty simple! 

    Any business, whether it’s a brick-to-mortar store or an E-commerce store drag and drop, has a sales funnel. 

    Let’s look at Rusell Brunson’s sales funnel for his digital marketing strategy workflows.

    First, via ads, social media traffic, referrals, and so forth, customers land on Brunson’s landing page. 

    Then Brunson welcomes them with a captivating offer. Brunson offers his customers a free book, only requesting their delivery and contact information. 


    Lead magnets for sales funnels_Rusell Brunson lead magnet

    Because of how valuable the incentive is (a physical book with expert advice), customers will eagerly exchange their contact details for a copy. 

    Boom! Now the sales funnel is progressing. Through email, Brunson will offer these customers exclusive deals and upsells to his events, talk shows, and courses. 

    By using an incentive to appeal to customers, Brunson generates his profit through the upsells. 

    This is a notable example of what a great sales funnel is. But why do you need a sales funnel?

    Summary: What is a Sales Funnel?

    A sales funnel describes each step someone takes until they become your customer. This is your entire buying process from the first time someone sees your marketing campaigns until they purchase from your business.

    Why is a Sales Funnel Important?.

    It’s crucial to understand what a sales funnel is to accurately visualize your entire buying process from automations brand awareness, through to conversion. 

    Having this framework will reveal how your leads convert. And will help you improve your marketing techniques and analyze the performance of your entire business.

    For example, let’s say you have an e-commerce store and you’ve designed a sales funnel to convert website visitors. You notice that your bounce rate for cart abandonment is quite high.

    Having the resources and tools (like a sales builder) to identify that and use A/B testing will make it easy for your business to find a solution to the problem. 

    To proceed, only 4% of website visitors will purchase from your store. This alarmingly low statistic proves that it’s imperative to optimize your buying process.

    A sales pipeline builder solves the problem of creating a sales funnel that is unique to your competitors screenshots and appeals to your target audience. 

    By identifying and developing the challenges and drawbacks your businesses face, you can establish happy customers.

    And happy customers lead to:

    Overall, a sales funnel will give you all you need to deliver a fantastic customer experience that is personalized and responsive to your target audience.

    However, all this would not be possible without a sales pipeline builder or knowing how to create a sales funnel.

    Summary: Why is a Sales Funnel Important?

    Having a sales funnel will reveal how your leads convert. And will help you improve your marketing techniques and analyze the performance of your entire business. Plus, by identifying and developing the challenges and drawbacks your businesses face, you can establish happy customers.

    4 Steps to Creating a Sales Funnel

    Before examining the best sales funnel builders, let’s go through our step-by-step guide to help you build a sales funnel that works.

    Step 1: Attract Your Target Audience

    Creating a sales funnel starts with targeting your ideal buyer persona. If you don’t have an ideal buyer persona for your brand, now is the time to create one. 

    Buyer persona for sales funnels

    Having a buyer persona allows you to identify the challenges your target audience experiences. Tailoring your marketing strategies and product design to solve those challenges is the best way to appeal to your ideal buyer.

    Additionally, marketing methods like inbound marketing play a critical role here. The more you can do to direct potential customers to your store, the better. 

    Think about it: If you convert as little as 2 out of every 10 leads, that’s 20 out of 100 and 40 out of 200, and 60 out of 300, and so on.

    But, what is inbound marketing? .

    Inbound marketing is a passive marketing technique that organically increases brand awareness and lead generation. Elements such as incredible, valuable content that approaches your target audience’s challenges make inbound marketing effective.

    Some Examples of Inbound Marketing are:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

    • Blogging and content marketing. The quality of the content must be professional and invaluable. 

    • Targeted paid ad campaigns such as AdWords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads. 

    • Webinars.

    • Ebooks.

    • Viral videos.

    • Infographics.

    • A podcast.

    Source: HubSpot

    Step 2: Develop prospects

    Now that you’ve gotten potential customers interested in your brand, it’s time to turn them into prospects. Prospects are people that have bought nothing from your business (yet). But they’ve interacted with your brand enough for you to contact them.

    How do you earn prospects? .

    The most strategic way to land prospects is by doing what Russell Brunson did: offer a super-undesirable incentive for the prospect’s contact information. 

    sales funnel_lead magnets

    However, once you have the prospect’s contact information, it’s time to evaluate them.

    Evaluating your prospects is essential to understand if this person fits your ideal buyer persona.

    For example, let’s say you offer online marketing consultancy services, and someone subscribes to your newsletter. But that person might not have any intention to hire your services.

    Perhaps they’ve subscribed to your content for resource purposes or because they’re a competitor, and they want an inside look into your content. 

    That person is not an ideal prospect because you can’t push them further down your sales funnel. By evaluating your prospects, you can identify which ones have a genuine interest in your business and intend to purchase.

    You will also understand which prospects have no intention of supporting your brand at all. 

    To evaluate your prospects, use surveys, polls, or even launch a product that would be perfect for your ideal buyer. The prospects that act on this are the people you can push further down your sales funnel straight to a purchase.

    Step 3: Engage Your Leads.

    The purpose of your sales funnel is to drive prospects and potential customers to purchase your products/services. 

    A major part of this will require you to use marketing fundamentals to keep prospects and potential customers interested in your brand.

    Using email marketing, you can reach out to your prospects and potential clients to entice them further. Thanks to the progress of technology, you don’t have to do this manually. Instead, you can use email marketing automation to communicate with your leads. 

    Sales funnel_email marketing automation

    Here’s a few examples of how to use email marketing automation to engage with leads:

    • Opt-in follow-up. Once your prospects join your mailing list, send them a confirmation with their incentive or just a big hearty welcome. 

    • New products and sales notifications. Let your leads know when you’ve launched a new product, or you’re hosting an unbeatable sale. You can take a step further and notify clients of similar products to what they’ve viewed before. 

    • Leverage social proof. Perhaps leads aren’t buying from your business because they don’t trust you yet. Showcase testimonials and customer success stories to your leads, proving your credibility. Also, request feedback and reviews from all your existing customers to affirm your brand. 

    • Offer referral incentives. Referral incentives work. Especially when the incentive is hard to resist. Reward your prospects for spreading the word about your brand. Ensure the incentive is easily accessible and proves that your business is worth purchasing from. Your incentive could range from discounts to freebies to exclusive services.

    • Cart Abandonment follow-up. When someone leaves your site without checking out the items in their cart, send them a follow-up mail. Doing this will put your business and the desired products back in front of that lead. Perhaps that lead intended to checkout but got interrupted. Now you can easily redirect them back to checking out.

    Engage with your leads whenever you can. Doing this will prove to them that your business is not just interested in taking their money. But you honestly care about the experience they have with your brand.

    However, market with moderation as your leads won’t appreciate 30 emails from your company every day.

    When engaging with your leads, it’s important to do it in a way that’s personal languages to them. This includes mentioning their name in the emails you send and something specific about them as a buyer, such as the product they viewed the most.


    Doing this will make your leads feel acknowledged and appreciated by your company, which will be even more reason to move down your sales funnel.


    “81% of companies say that customer experience is a competitive differentiator”



    Step 4: Re-target

    If you aren’t familiar with re-targeting, this sales technique describes advertising your product to customers who’ve left your website without purchasing. 

    Re-targeting systems allow you to host captivating ad campaigns on popular websites. You can use this effective technique to remind customers about your products without requiring their email addresses. 

    Instead, you’ll use website cookies which allow you to track your website visitors and gather data to target ads at them. 

    Retargeting stats

    Chances are, you’ve probably seen re-targeted ads on websites you’ve visited. Think about the last time you were scrolling through a website, and you saw ads of the exact products you were looking at on a different website. 

    That is re-targeting.

    But does re-targeting work? .

    Yes! Studies show that 25% of online viewers enjoy seeing targeted ads because they remind them of products they previously viewed. By the same token, re-targeted website visitors are more likely to convert by 43% data-driven.

    And the click-through-rate (CTR) of a re-targeted ad is 10x more than a normal display ad

    By that information, it’s clear that re-targeting is an operative strategy to push prospects to the very last stage of your buying cycle-checking out and paying. 

    Summary: 4 Steps to Creating a Sales Funnel

    • Step 1: Attract Your Target Audience

    • Step 2: Develop prospects

    • Step 3: Engage Your Leads

    • Step 4: Re-target

    How to Choose the Right Sales Pipeline Builder.

    So you can choose the best sales pipeline builder for your business, we’ve put together a detailed criteria to evaluate sales funnel builders.

    1. Does the Sales Pipeline Builder Offer the “Main Features”? .

    There are so many sales funnel builders out there. Some offer additional bells and whistles. Others offer just the bare minimum. And some offer a decent combination of both.

    Here are a few features to look for in a sales pipeline builder:

    • A/B testing. You need to test marketing strategies in your sales funnel. This feature will be a massive help for identifying what works and doesn’t work for your target audience. 

    • Drag-and-drop-editor. This is a convenient and quick way of editing your sales funnels. Plus, this editor is usually beginner-friendly.

    • Email automation. Don’t waste hours sending emails manually, this leaves too much room for human error. And it might take forever! Ensure your sales pipeline builder offers email automation.

    • Scheduling tools. Calendars and appointment booking tools are essential to keep your sales funnel organized. These tools also keep your team on the same schedule. 

    • CRM tools. We’ve already covered how crucial this feature is. So, make sure your sales builder has it!

    • Affiliate marketing tools. Affiliate marketing is essential to drive profits and brand exposure. This is something you want your sales pipeline builder to have available.

    • Video integration. 93% of brands have gotten new customers thanks to using video marketing. You want your sales funnel to generate as much income as possible, so video integration is a “must”!

    2. Integrations: What Apps Can the Sales Pipeline Builder Integrate? .

    A few sales funnel builders like ClickFunnels are the all-encompassing option that might not need the help of third-party software.

    However, there might be specific apps you’d like to integrate to enhance your sales funnel. Read the sales funnel builder’s list of integrations to understand:

    • If the sales pipeline builder allows integrations.

    • Which apps you can integrate into the sales builder.

    Choose a sales builder that gives you reasonable integration options that are valuable to your business.

    If necessary, reach out to the sales funnel builder’s customer service to query about the available integrations.

    3. Is The Sales Funnel Builder Easy to Use?.

    Even if you’re a super-developer with a tonne of coding knowledge, opting for a tool that’s easy to navigate is always your best bet.

    You don’t want to waste time figuring out code, glitches, or any technical issues that might arise. Also, the more complicated a sales builder is, the harder training new employees will be.

    Pick a sales pipeline builder that is easy to configure and use.


    ” 65% of customers feel that positive customer experience is more influential than excellent advertising”



    4. Does The Sales Funnel Builder Have Helpful and Responsive Customer Support?.

    You never know when you might need the help of customer support for your sales builder. And the last thing you want to deal with is unhelpful and unresponsive support.

    Not only is that going to make finding a solution more difficult, but you won’t be getting your money’s worth.

    Always do extensive research on sales funnel builders to find out how their customer support handles queries and complaints.

    A quick way to get this information is by looking at reviews or asking people who have used the software before.

    Shoot for companies with a proven track record of great customer service and offer either live chat support or phone support.

    5. Does the Sales Funnel Builder Offer Pre-made Templates?.

    Building a sales funnel (especially if you haven’t done so before) is not only daunting but time-consuming too. For this reason, find a sales builder that offers ready-made sales funnel templates.

    Many premium sales funnel builders offer copies of complete funnels and templates that are proven to convert. This option will give you an excellent start to getting your sales funnel on track.

    Additionally, you’ll save a lot of time trying to build your sales funnel, as the learning curve won’t be as steep.

    Lastly, make sure you have a vast range of templates at your disposal. So, you can create a sales funnel that is unique to your business.

    6. What Is the Policy Around Your Content? .

    Something that many markets and businesses forget for sales funnel builders is that their content needs to be protected.

    The content that is going through your sales funnel, such as payment information, is sensitive. So, you want to make sure all those details are properly secured. This is highly essential because the repercussions of low security can be dire.

    Also, be sure to read all the T&Cs and fine print, so you understand how the software will handle your content in the worst-case scenario.

    For example, if the sales builder crashes, do you lose all your content? Will your content be replaced? Is there a way you can back up your content?

    Get all this information, so if worse comes to worst, everything isn’t upside down.

    7. Is There a Free Trial Available for the Sales Funnel Builder? .

    Before paying for any sales builder (and I’d recommend this for any tool/software), try it out. Some sales funnel builders offer reasonable free trials that give you enough time to get accustomed to the software.

    A free trial is vital because you won’t certainly know if a sales builder will be ideal for your business unless you try it.

    And the free trial exposes you to any friction, disadvantages, or additional information about the software before buying it. 

    Generally, the longer the free trial, the better. But anywhere around 14 days and more is fair. 

    Summary: Criteria for Choosing a Sales Funnel Builder

    1. Does The Sales Builder Offer The “Main Features”?

    2. What Apps Can the Sales Builder Integrate?

    3. Is The Sales Builder Easy to Use?

    4. Does The Sales Builder Have Helpful and Responsive Customer Support?

    5. What Is the Policy Around Your Content?

    6. Is There a Free Trial Available for the Sales Builder?

    The 14 Best Sales Funnel Builder Tools for 2024 l Top-rated Sales Funnel Builders

    1. Fiverr

    Fiverr website

    The first one on our list is Fiverr, a freelance services marketplace for businesses. Fiverr isn’t exactly a sales or marketing pipeline builder but it is much more than that. It allows you to hire some of the best talent offering funnel building services from around the globe (we summarized all the gigs on Fiverr for creating a online sales funnel here). These people have tonnes of experience along with a long list of client testimonials and are just a text away to get the conversation started.

    Fiverr helps businesses in these ways:

    • It allows you to source the best talent at the most competitive rates.

    • You can hire people with diverse skillsets and expertise in multiple tools.

    • Besides getting the work done, the people you hire will advise you on how it can be done more effectively.

    Key Features.

    • Services for all budget levels

    • Quality work done quickly

    • Protected payments, every time

    • 24/7 support


    The cost of hiring a marketing pipeline builder on Fiverr starts from currencies $5 and goes as high as a few thousand dollars, depending on the experience and skill set of the person you hire.

    When you’re paying the bare minimum, expecting high-quality work is a little unrealistic so you will need to hire medium-tier freelancers to get quality work done at a reasonable price.

    Fiverr pricing

    Pros & Cons


    • You can get matched with the perfect talent by a customer success manager

    • Manage teamwork and boost productivity with one powerful workspace

    • The resources you hire are already experts in their fields and don’t need additional training

    • The support on Fiverr is mostly buyer-centric so if you are someone who is hiring, Fiverr support is already on your side.


    • Everything is done remotely so you need to be experienced with managing remote operations.

    • Skilled people who already have a lot of orders on their plate might not be able to comply with your deadlines so you will need to be flexible.

    What makes Fiverr special?

    The fact that you have a wide range of freelancers to choose from is what makes Fiverr special. If you don’t have a lot of budget and require basic help, you can hire a freelancer to help you out with the basics. And if you are not limited by budget and want only the best of the best, that too is available to you. All it comes down to is how much of an effort you make in finding the best resource and then putting them to the best use.


    2. Karta Sales Funnel Builder

    Kartra_sales funnel builder

    As an all-in-one solution that’s been around for about three years, Kartra is a renowned sales builder. Users don’t have to be expert digital marketing professionals or coders to find their way around this platform. 

    Kartra helps businesses in these ways:

    • Create and manage an affiliate program.

    • View and apply in-depth analytics.

    • Manage and attract leads.

    • Create membership sites and training courses.

    Key Features

    Email marketing

    • Email automation. 

    • Mobile-adaptive emails. 

    • Event-triggered emails. 

    • Autoresponders. 

    • Email template management. 

    • Subscriber management. 

    • Documentation

    Affiliate marketing 

    • Affiliate tracking. 

    • Commission management. 

    Lead Generation 

    • Import and Export data.

    • Contact database. 

    • Prospecting tools

    • Lead segmentation. 

    • Lead scoring. 

    Advanced Tracking and Data 

    • A/B testing.

    • Visitor tracking. 

    • Performance metrics. 

    • ROI tracking. 

    • Source tracking. 


    • Refund management.

    • Discount/coupon management. 

    • Data security.

    • Sales intelligence. 

    Drag-and-drop editor

    Kartra’s simple drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize your sales funnel and edit in real-time. 

    You can also personalize the ready-made templates Katra offers to appeal to your target audience. 


    • Payment integration with Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, and

    • Email marketing integration with platforms including SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail, and Postmark.

    • Calendar integration with Google calendars.

    • Communication integration with Nexmo, Twilio, and Plivo.


    • Trial: 14-day trial for $1
    • The Starter plan is $99 p/m.
    • The Silver plan is $199 p/m.
    • The Gold plan is $299 p/m. 
    • The Platinum plan is $499 p/m. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Functions are ideal for large enterprises. 

    • Users have reported fantastic customer support. 

    • Features are highly advanced and reliable. 

    • User-interface is sophisticated and displays updated analytics. 


    • The prices are WAY too pricey for small businesses. 

    • Users have reported glitches when for integration. 

    What Makes Kartra Special?

    Kartra’s A/B testing function is what makes this sales builder unique. Users can split test pages built within the platform or external pages using the page’s URL. 

    You can choose goals for each page you test. And Kartra can automatically choose a winner based on the milestone reached, or you can manually select a winner. 

    This unique function of A/B testing is a Kartra specialty. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.5 stars/ 112 reviews 

    G2 Score: 4 stars/ 35 reviews 

    GetApp Score: 4.5 stars/ 112 reviews


    3.Groove Sales Funnel Builder

    Screenshot of the Groove Funnel Builder homepage

    Being a strong competitor in the sales builder game, Groove is my second favorite software on this list.

    Groove is an all-in-one solution that makes it possible for businesses to do pretty much everything. The prices are also competitive, and although there’s a lot of quantity in their features, quality is not missing. 

    Mike Filsaime, co-founder of EverWebinar, Kartra, and WebinarJam co-founded Groove. This adds a lot of credibility to this sales pipeline builder and its value. 

    Key Features


    • Built-in marketing automation and CRM solution. 

    • Text and Voice SMS broadcasting.

    • Import leads via a CSV file or individually.

    • HTML emails for truly personalized communication.

    • Open rates tracking.

    • CTR tracking.

    • Engagement rates tracking.


    • Flagship tool for creating landing pages, websites, and sales funnels. 

    • Sell unlimited products with unlimited funnels.

    • Create upsells, downsells, and order bumps.

    • Create customized checkout options. 

    • Pre-built templates are available. 


    • Powerful shopping cart platform similar to Shopify.

    • Create an online store. 

    • Create and manage courses. 

    • Visitor tracking. 

    • Refunds tracking.

    • Revenue analysis.

    • Cancellation tracking.


    • Dynamic affiliate management tool.

    • Recruit affiliates.

    • Track affiliates.

    • Pay affiliates from the dashboard.


    • Advanced tool to create and manage membership sites.

    • Offers various levels of access to customers.

    • Create websites and landing pages through the simple drag-and-drop editor.


    • Use videos from Vimeo or Wistia for your landing pages and web pages.

    • Automate video marketing.

    • SEO-optimize videos.

    • Share videos on social media.


    • Design and host automated and live evergreen webinars.

    • Track webinar views through GrooveVideo.

    • Add webinar tags through GrooveMail.


    • Create and manage a blog.

    • Built-in tools to optimize your content to ensure it ranks high on Google search engines.


    • Helpdesk or customer service software. 

    • Convenient CRM solution.

    • Track tickets and communications.


    • E-commerce integration with Shopify, Zapier, Salesforce, Stripe, and Hubspot.

    • Email marketing integration with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

    • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter.

    • Communication integration with apps like Slack, JustCall, Influx, and Constant Contact. 


    • Groove is a FREE sales funnel builder!

    Pros & Cons


    • Powerful tools that will benefit any business, and it’s free.

    • Additional features are continuously added.

    • The affiliate program performs like clockwork.

    • Landing page builder templates are professional and pleasing to the eye.

    • Saves you money by having to use third-party software. 


    • A steep learning curve, especially if you’re used to Kartra or ClickFunnels. 

    • Features do need improvement.

    • The endless list of tools can become overwhelming. 

    What Makes Groove Special?

    Where to start?! 

    Firstly, Groove offers an abundance of features that leaves a business with little reason to use third-party software. Secondly, the diversity of features might be overwhelming. But they’re adaptive to businesses’ growth and a fantastic place to start your sales funnel.

    Lastly, the enormous variety of features doesn’t shy away from smooth performance. And this is unique as software that carries this many functions is often very cumbersome. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: N/A

    G2 Score: N/A

    GetApp Score: N/A

    Website: Sales Funnel Builder

    Systeme.io_Sales Funnel Builder

    Like Clickfunnels, is a sales funnel platform that combines all the tools you need for digital marketing in one software. 

    Although this sales builder has only been around for almost three years, successfully helps businesses:

    • Build online courses
    • Manage blog content 
    • Run an affiliate program
    • Create online communities
    • Create upsells

    Key Features

    Email marketing 

    • Build and manage a drip campaign.
    • Email tracking.
    • Email automation.
    • Email editor optimizes email copy for better conversion results.
    • Triggered emails.
    • Create email libraries.

    Overall,’s email marketing function is pretty impressive especially once you find out how much this software costs!


    • Modern bold blog designs.
    • A built-in SEO tool.
    • Custom domain.
    • A free domain provided by

    Online Courses and Memberships 

    • Handles the payment process. 
    • Allows businesses to easily give access to users via a drop-down menu.
    • Creates accounts for members you give access to.
    • Allows businesses to build and customize courses.
    • Makes it possible to integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos into courses. 


    • Sales funnel automation. 
    • Customer management.
    • Audience targeting.
    • Customer rewards.
    • Contact management.
    • Create evergreen webinars.

    Advanced Tracking and Data 

    • A/B testing.
    • Customer history.
    • Conversion tracking.
    • Email tracking.

    Pre-built Sales Funnel Templates 

    To save you time and energy, has a variety of modern sales funnel templates.

    It’s super-easy to use these templates. You just have to choose the funnel and template you want and then update your pages with content.

    Affiliate Marketing 

    Affiliate marketing can quickly become complicated and overwhelming. However, offers a unique approach to affiliate marketing-all of your subscribers automatically become affiliates.

    Subscribers will receive an affiliate ID linked to their email addresses. Then, all they need to do is share the affiliate link!


    Groove offers a huge selection of integrations, including Zapier, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Shopify, Aweber, EverWebinar, EventRaptor, Facebook Pixels, GetResponse, Google Analytics, Pipedrive, ProductDyno, PerkZilla, SendGrid, Webhooks, and many, many more. 


    • Trial: 14-day free trial
    • The Startup plan is $27 p/m.
    • The Webinar plan is $47 p/m.
    • The Enterprise plan is $97 p/m. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Pricing is very economical for beginners. 
    • Features work smoothly and are easy to use. 
    • Users can create membership sites without coding.  
    • Earning money and handling payments is simple.
    • Generous amount of features for each plan. 


    • Limited integration options. 
    • Big companies might find the features are too simple.
    • The turn-around-time for customer support may be delayed. 

    What Makes Special? 

    Without a doubt, the most unique aspect of is how cheap this platform is!’s highest plan is what most competitors would charge for their basic plans. So,’s insanely affordable pricing sets them apart.  

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: N/A

    G2 Score: 4.7 stars/3 reviews 

    GetApp Score: N/A



    SamCart_sales funnel builder

    SamCart is a dedicated shopping cart and checkout platform for selling physical and digital products. SamCart doesn’t flaunt the same multi-page sales funnels as the other sales funnel builders we’ve mentioned do.

    But instead, this software specialized in delivering simple sales funnels. 

    This is what brands can do using SamCart:

    Key Features

    Pre-built Checkout Templates 

    Using SamCart, you have access to over 20 pre-built high-converting checkout templates that are so highly customizable.

    You can also choose the one-page funnel templates with various payment options and functions to provide exceptional customer experience. 


    • Coupons/discounts management.
    • Customer portal.
    • Custom fields for capturing customer information.
    • Refund management.
    • Create and manage subscriptions
    • One-click upsells 
    • Oder bumps.

    Tracking and Data 

    • A/B testing.
    • Real-time reporting.
    • Conversion tracking.

    Affiliate Marketing 

    SamCart makes it easy to recruit, manage, track and pay affiliates all in one software!


    • Email marketing integration with platforms like MailChimp, GetResponse, ConvertKit, and Aweber. 
    • E-commerce integration with Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, and Drip. 
    • Page builder integration with WordPress.
    • Payment integration with software like Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and
    • Membership integration with apps such as Memberpress, OptimizePress, and Thinkific. 


    • Trial: 14-day free trial. 
    • The Launch plan is $49 p/m.
    • The Grow plan is $99 p/m.
    • The Scale plan is $199 p/m.
    SamCart pricing

    Pros & Cons


    • There are ample insightful training courses on the software are available. 
    • Easy and direct user-interface. 
    • The exceptional quality of landing pages.
    • Useful features that are constantly evolving. 


    • The pricing is unreasonable for small businesses.
    • The features don’t deliver the full functionality of a dedicated sales funnel builder.
    • Users can’t create membership sites or host webinars. 

    What Makes SamCart Special?

    Cart abandonment sucks, and SamCart has a splendid plan set in place for it. For people who bounce off your website without checking out their cart, SamCart adds them to a prospect list.

    You can access the name and contact details of people who abandon their carts. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.9 stars/ 18 reviews 

    G2 Score: 4.5 stars/ 52 reviews 

    GetApp Score: 4.6 stars/ 247reviews



    Sales funnel builder_GetResponse

    For an impressive suite of robust features, GetResponse is a brilliant choice. Like ClickFunnels, GetResponse is an all-encompassing marketing platform that offers an easy and effective way to build sales funnels. 

    Being around for over 20 years, amongst much more GetResponse now helps businesses: 

    • Develop an email marketing strategy that guarantees deliverability. 
    • Engage with their audience using personalized content 
    • Accelerate their revenue through sophisticated sales features. 
    • Establish a trusted online presence.

    Because GetResponse has been in the game for so long, it makes one wonder: Have they kept up with the changes and demands of digital marketing? 

    Let their features answer this question for you. 

    Key Features

    Email Marketing 

    • Drip marketing.
    • Email templates.
    • Email reminders and invitations.
    • Email distribution.
    • Email marketing management. 
    • Email tracking.

    Advanced Tracking and Data

    • Visual analytics.
    • Visitor tracking.
    • Real-time analytics.
    • Delivery tracking.
    • Activity dashboard.
    • Activity tracking.
    • CTR tracking. 
    • A/B testing.


    • Customer segmentation.
    • Chat communication.
    • Contact database.
    • Tagging.
    • Filtered views. 

    Lead Generation 

    • Create landing pages.
    • Design sign-up forms.
    • Set up exit popups.
    • Create social media ads.

    Drag-and-Drop Editor 

    GetResponse offers a straightforward drag-and-drop editor to create your sales funnel and customize it. 

    Although these tools are fairly easy to use, if any problems arise, GetResponse has a reasonable amount of training material available.

    Affiliate Marketing 

    For both affiliates and companies, GetResponse offers enough features to run and manage a successful affiliate program. The rich analytics and sales functions are just what every affiliate program needs. 


    • Social media integration with Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and more. 
    • E-commerce integration with Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, Magneto, Paypal, etc. 
    • CRM integration with tools like FreshDesk, CapsuleCRM, MailSync, and Salesforce.
    • Analytics integration with tools such as SendOwl, Relently, Convertful, and Kickbox.
    • Content Management System (CMS) integration with software like Landing Cube and GetSiteControl. 


    • Free 30 day trial.
    • A Basic plan starts at $15 p/m for 1000 subscribers.
    • The Plus plan starts at $49 p/m for 1000 subscribers. 
    • The Professional plan starts at $99 p/m for 1000 subscribers.
    • For the Max plan, contact GetResponse for a custom quote. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Users have comprehensive control over their email marketing. 
    • The amount of sales features such as popups, upsells and landing pages are ideal for any business. 
    • The prices and list sizes are reasonable for beginners.
    • Wide variety of customizable templates. 
    • Within this platform, users can generate useful material for high-converting social media ads. 
    • Users have reported quick and friendly 24/7 customer support.
    • Integration possibilities are broad. 
    • Email deliverability is outstanding.


    • The reporting and analytics are not convenient and easy to examine. 
    • Forms are not mobile-optimized. 
    • Wide choices of options and choices can overwhelm newbies. 
    • Limited landing page functionality. 

    What Makes GetResponse Special? 

    The unique aspect of GetResponse is the extensive set of features they offer from the entry until the highest plan.

    This contrasts with a lot of its competitors, as many sales funnel builders offer the bare minimum in the lowest package. Also, GetResponse’s webinar tool offers quite impressive functions that are value for money. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.1 stars/ 243 reviews 

    G2 Score: 4.1 stars/ 624 reviews 

    GetApp Score: 4.1 stars/244 reviews



    Leadpages_Sales Funnel Builder

    In contrast to the previous two sales funnel builders, Leadpages is a tool that specializes in landing pages and sales pages but doesn’t build sales funnels.

    But before you edge away from this popular tool, it’s essential to know that LeadPages has everything you need for a successful lead generation strategy. And this is a major component of your sales funnel. 

    Using LeadPages, businesses can:

    • Create opt-in forms.
    • Design high-converting, professional landing pages.
    • Create SEO-friendly website elements.
    • Increase their profit margin by selling products and services that appeal to customers. 

    Now let’s examine LeadPages’ features. 

    Key Features

    Pre-built landing page templates 

    To design the best landing pages, LeadPages offers over 160 different landing pages and website templates. 

    These SEO-friendly templates are professional, attractive, up-to-date, and mobile-adaptive too. To give users more control, LeadPages allows a reasonable amount of customizations to landing pages and website templates. 

    Advanced Tracking and Data

    • A/B testing. 
    • Conversion tracking. 
    • Engagement analytics. 

    The amount of tracking features for this app is very minimal compared to the tools we’ve already discussed. But keep in mind that LeadPages is not an all-encompassing sales funnel builder. 

    Lead Generation

    • Timed and exit popups. 
    • Template management. 
    • Two-step opt-in forms. 
    • Unlimited landing pages/domains. 
    • Countdown timers.
    • Customizable fields. 

    Drag-and-Drop Editor 

    The convenient and appealing widgets LeadPages offers can be easily placed and edited using their drag-and-drop editor. 

    Their drag-and-drop editor, in particular, is one of the most favored aspects of LeadPages because of how seamless it is to use. 


    • Social media integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 
    • E-commerce integration with Shopify and SendOwl.
    • CRM integration with tools like PipeDrive, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pardot, and Liondesk.
    • Scheduling integration with tools such as OpenTable, Timetrade, Acuity, and Calendly. 
    • Video integration with software like Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia.
    • Webinar integration with Zoom, GoToWebinar, and WebinarJam. 
    • Payment integration with Stripe, Paypal, and Gumroad.
    • Marketing integration with Marketo, Hubspot, Zapier, and more.
    • Email marketing integration with platforms including BombBomb, Aweber, MailChimp, Gmail, and Mad Mini. 
    • Live chat integrations with apps like Drift, Intercom, and ManyChat. 


    • Trial: 14-day free trial
    • A standard plan is $27 p/m.
    • The Pro plan is $59 p/m.
    • The Advanced plan is $239 p/m. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Super-easy to use, and features perform smoothly. 
    • Editing landing pages after they’ve been published is a breeze. 
    • Users can enjoy a free custom domain for one year. 
    • Users can publish their landing pages on any website. 
    • You can duplicate landing pages. 


    • You can’t customize all the functions. 
    • Users have reported technical issues with integrated apps and software. 
    • The company needs to improve thier image library.

    What Makes LeadPages Special? 

    A function that puts LeadPages in its own league is how advanced and helpful their conversion optimization tool is. In real-time LeadPages scans, the content on landing pages and predicts how well they will perform.

    Moreover, LeadPages gives users step-by-step recommendations on how to optimize that page, so it performs better. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.6 stars/ 247 reviews 

     G2 Score: 4 stars/ 103 reviews 

    GetApp Score: 4.6 stars/ 247 reviews


    8.ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Builder

    If you’ve been skulking around in the sales funnel builder market, you’ve probably heard of ClickFunnels

    Russell Brunson is the co-founder and posterchild for ClickFunnels (It all makes sense now, doesn’t it!). In its six years of existence, ClickFunnels has established itself as an all-in-one sales funnel builder that helps businesses:

    For powerful sales funnel builders, ClickFunnels takes the cake. This company makes it seamless for their members to get the most out of a sales funnel by making copious amounts of guides and tutorials available.

    Currently, over 111 thousand people use ClickFunnels, and over 8.30 million sales funnels have been created.

    Those figures are pretty convincing, so let’s have a look at what ClickFunnels’ principal features are:

    Key Features

    Drag-and-Drop Interface 

    Editing is made easy through ClickFunnels’ Etison drag-and-drop editor. You don’t need years of coding behind your name. And although there are so many functions, the learning curve is cushioned by the vast amount of guides and tutorials available.

    Advanced Tracking and Data

    • A/B testing for sales funnels and landing pages. 
    • Conversion tracking.
    • Email performance tracking.
    • Visitor tracking.
    • Campaign analysis.
    • Sales trend analysis.
    • Delivery tracking.
    • Web traffic tracking. 
    • Click-through-rate(CTR) tracking. 
    • Performance reports.


    • Text messages.
    • Scheduled emails.
    • Communication management.
    • Contact list segmentation.
    • Contact database.

    Affiliate Marketing

    With ClickFunnels, businesses can run affiliate marketing programs and share affiliate links through “ClickFunnels Backpack”.

    The ease of these tools makes it possible for newbies to get the hang of affiliate marketing while offering enough tools to track your performance and improve your techniques. 

    Email Marketing 

    • Receive email notifications.
    • Manage your email directly.
    • Collect and manage subscriptions.
    • Set up email auto-responders.
    • Set up event-triggered emails.

    Funnel Sharing  

    Want to share a duplicate of your entire sales funnel to partners, clients or investors? Funnel sharing allows you to download your sales funnel and share it.

    Manage and Build Online Courses 

    You can effortlessly create online courses and membership sites for your consumers and access all the data you need. The many email marketing features, CRM functions, and membership database management functions leave you with no need for external knowledge management software.

    Pre-built Sales Funnel Templates 

    Offering you a generous amount of appealing designs and customizations for their pre-built sales funnel templates, ClickFunnels saves you a lot of time with this feature. 

    This feature is especially great for people who have never built a sales funnel before. 


    • Social media integration with Facebook.
    • Email marketing integration with MailChimp, Sendlane, Mad Mimi, GetResponse, etc.
    • Webinar integration with tools like GoToWebinar and Webinar Jam Studio.
    • Marketing and CRM integration with tools such as ActiveCampaign, GVO PureLeverage, Hubspot, InfusionSoft, Interspire.


    • Trial: 14-day free trial
    • A standard plan for $97 p/m. 
    • The Platinum plan for $297 p/m. 
    • The TwoCommaClubX for $2479 p/m.

    Pros & Cons


    • Fantastic resources for learning about sales funnels and how to create sales funnels that convert.
    • Powerful automation.
    • Pre-built templates are intuitive and well-designed.
    • Funnel sharing is convenient for training your clients or staff on how to create a sales funnel. 
    • The support team is helpful.
    • Features are advanced and well-performing enough for this to be a long-term solution for businesses.
    • Highly customizable functions. 
    • Tracking features cover everything businesses need to personalize their marketing strategy to their customers.


    • The pricing is WAY too expensive for newbies.
    • Survey features need to be evolved. 
    • No phone support available and slow response time from customer support.
    • The software can become glitchy.

    What Makes ClickFunnels Special?

    ClickFunnels stands out from its competitors by offering Weekly Peer Review Hackathons and FunnelFix. 

    FunnelFix is a feature included in all the plans that offer users a generous amount of courses and training material from accomplished marketers. 

    Weekly Peer Review Hackathons is also a feature that is available in the higher two plans only. Using this function, users can build a sales funnel guided step-by-step with the help of a coach.

    These two unique features circle back to how much training material ClickFunnels offers. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.6 stars/ 428 reviews 

    G2 Score: 4.7 stars/ 318 reviews 

    GetApp Score: 4.6 stars/430 reviews



    ThriveCart_sales funnel builder

    ThriveCart is a shopping cart tool that offers enough staggering features to be an option on this list. 

    Using ThriveCart, businesses can create high-converting cart pages, and one-click upsell funnels. 

    Let’s check out what you ThriveCart offers. 

    Key Features

    Affiliate marketing 

    • Affiliate tracking. 
    • Affiliate recruitment. 
    • Commission management. 

    Advanced Tracking and Data 

    • A/B testing.
    • Reporting. 
    • Conversion tracking. 
    • Revenue forecasting 
    • Source tracking. 


    • Subscriber management. 
    • Upsells.
    • Downsells.
    • Bump orders. 
    • Popups.


    • Payment integration with Stripe, Paypal, Google Pay. Apple Pay and more! 
    • Email marketing integration with platforms including Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Sendy. 
    • Marketing integration with apps like Hubspot, InfusionSoft, 


    • One-time price for $495. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Enough features for a converting sales funnel. 
    • Insanely easy to use.
    • All features and functions are hosted for users.
    • Checkout pages can be embedded into your website. 


    • Limited customizations. 
    • Not as fully-equipped as other sales funnel builders.
    • Limited payment gateway support.
    • Dated user-interface. 

    What Makes ThriveCart Special? 

    ThriveCart is ridiculously easy to use. When it comes to software that requires minimum effort and almost has no learning curve, ThriveCart is a top contender. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: N/A

    G2 Score: 4.6 stars/ 6 reviews 

    GetApp Score: N/A

    Website: ThriveCart 

    10.Convertri Sales Funnel Builder

    Convertri_sales funnel builder

    Convertri lacks the same range of vast features that software like Clickfunnels and GetResponse offers. But you can still rely on this platform to guide your sales funnel from the first stage up until the purchase.

    This is what Convertri allows businesses to do:

    • Create attractive landing pages with fast loading times.
    • Generate leads.
    • Build websites with quick page loading times.

    Key Features

    Advanced Tracking and Data 

    • A/B testing.
    • ROI tracking. 
    • Website visitor tracking. 



    Convertri allows users to place elements anywhere on landing pages without columns and rows restricting them. 

    Plus, the ready-made blocks including, headers, footers, and text, are a quick way to get the ball rolling for your sales funnel. 

    AMP features 

    Users can swiftly convert pages created with Converti into Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


    • Payment integration with Stripe.
    • Email marketing integration with platforms including Aweber, GetResponse, and MailChimp.
    • Marketing integration with InfusionSoft.
    • Webinar integration with platforms like WebinarJam, GoToWebinar, and Demio.


    • $99 p/m. 
    Convertri pricing

    Pros & Cons


    • AMP features help reduce bounce rates.
    • Pricing is affordable for the number of features available. 
    • All the hosting and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is sorted out for you. 


    • Doesn’t function fully as a standalone sales funnel builder. 
    • No marketing automation available. 
    • No webinar or course creator available. 
    • The list of integrations is very limited.

    What Makes Convertri Special? 

    Convertri nails down fast page loading times which load in less than 3 seconds. Plus, these pages have a 0% downtime. 

    The dynamic text replacement feature is also pretty special. Users can use suggestions to adjust their page copy in alignment with their ad keyword. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.9 stars/ 36 reviews 

    G2 Score: N/A

    GetApp Score: N/A



    OptimizePress_sales funnel builder

    OptimizePress is a web-based marketing solution that makes it possible for businesses to:

    • Launch an evergreen blog.
    • Create mobile-responsive landing pages.
    • Create membership sites and engage with your members.

    OptimizePress is not an all-encompassing tool like And although you can only use this tool with WordPress, OptimizePress has been around long enough to know what excellent landing pages are.

    Key Features

    Landing Pages 

    • Thank You pages.
    • Waitlist pages.
    • Email confirmation pages.
    • Coming soon pages.
    • Lead magnet pages. 
    • Real-time editing.
    • Affiliate review pages.
    • Membership site templates
    • Webinar Registration Pages


    • Upsells.
    • Downsells.
    • Oder bumps.

    Funnel Builders 

    • Video sales letter funnels.
    • Coupon funnels.
    • Auto webinar funnels.
    • Live webinar funnels.
    • Lead magnet funnels.
    • Squeeze page funnels.
    • Bridge funnels.
    • Entry point offer funnels.


    • Email marketing integration with platforms including Emma, Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Sendlane, Mad Mini, and more. 
    • E-commerce integration with Drip and Mautic. 


    • The Essential plan is $99 p/m.
    • The Business plan is $149 p/m.
    • The Suite plan is $199 p/m.

    Pros & Cons


    • The landing page templates are fully customizable.
    • Reasonable list of integrations. 
    • Generous amount of support and training material available.
    • Features are robust and responsive.
    • Fantastic user experience. 


    • The support team takes longer to respond.  
    • Dated user-interface. 
    • A small learning curve to get acquainted with this sales funnel builder. 

    What Makes OptimizePress Special? 

    On WordPress, you’re stuck with the same theme throughout your site. However, using OptimizePress, you can edit the themes for individual pages. This will give your site an unforgettable style. 

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.1 stars/ 24 reviews 

    G2 Score: 3.9 stars/ 24 reviews

    GetApp Score: 4 stars/ 24



    PayKickStart is the same type of platform as ThriveCart and SamCart-a checkout and shopping cart software.

    This sales funnel builder is a top choice amongst marketers and businesses for its innovative features.

    An impressive aspect of PayKickStart is that, like SamCart, it specializes in providing simple sales funnels.

    Curious about PayKickStart’s features? Here they are:

    Key Features 


    • Coupon/discount management.
    • Dunning management.
    • Hosted and embedded customer portal.
    • Tax management.
    • Oder bumps
    • Upsells

    Tracking and Data 

    • Sales reports.
    • Subscription reports.
    • Funnel reports.
    • Affiliate reports.
    • Traffic reports.

    Affiliate Marketing 

    • Instant and delayed commissions set up.
    • Tax form collection.
    • Real-time affiliate contests.
    • Automated bonuses delivery
    • Payout method management.
    • Fraud detection.

    Subscription management

    • Various billing methods and options.
    • View and pay invoices.
    • Add a backup payment method.
    • Update and manage payment information.


    • CRM integration with apps Pipedrive and InfusionSoft.
    • Payment integration with apps like Braintree, Paypal, and Stripe.
    • Membership integration with OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, Teachable, and WishList.
    • Webinar integration with platforms including EverWebinar, GoToWebinar, Zoom, and Demio.
    • Analytics integration with software like Google Analytics, ProfitWell, and Proper22. 


    • Trial: 14-day free trial. 
    • The Starter plan is $99 p/m.
    • The Growth plan is $199 p/m.
    • The Scale plan is $299 p/m.
    • Contact PayKickStart for the custom plan.

    Pros & Cons


    • The subscription feature is impressively advanced and offers a lot of automation options.
    • Extensive range of customizations. 
    • Users have reported excellent, speedy customer service. 
    • Many updates that occasionally improve the features. 


    • The pricing structure is unaffordable for small businesses.
    • Not a standalone sales funnel builder.
    • Users can’t create courses, host webinars, or optimize their email marketing

    What Makes PayKickStart Special? 

    There are many unique aspects to PayKickStart, and they put it quite clearly themselves.

    In the image below, notice how PayKickStart compares to its competitors in various novelties:

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.7 stars/ 143 reviews 

    G2 Score: 4.8 stars/ 11 reviews 

    GetApp Score: 4.7 stars/ 143 reviews


    13.BuilderAll Sales Funnel Builder

    BuilderAll_sales funnel builder

    BuilderAll is “all” you need for software that to:

    • Create and promote online courses
    • Generate and nurture leads.
    • Build an online presence and solidify authority.
    • Automate your sales and workflow. 

    In 2011, Erick Salgado created BuilderAll, intending to create a complete and comprehensive platform to serve all companies. 

    With such a strong notion, does BuilderAll live up to its claim? Let’s see!

    Key Features


    • Split test funnel
    • Sales letter funnel
    • Membership funnel
    • Product launch funnel
    • Tripwire funnel
    • Lead magnet funnel
    • Webinar funnel
    • Daily deal funnel  


    • Automatic calendar notifications
    • Chabot automation
    • Telegram funnel and automation builder.
    • Email drag-and-drop automation.  

    Tracking and Data

    • Conversion tracking.
    • Customer acquisition price.
    • Sales reports.
    • ROI tracking. 
    • A/B testing

    Optimized Page Loading Times 

    • AMP for mobiles and websites.
    • A super-fast CDN server.
    • Mobile-responsive web pages.


    • Webinar app
    • Evergreen webinar builder
    • Facebook and YouTube Live streaming tools.

    Affiliate Marketing 

    • Manage commissions.
    • Create different levels of commission. 
    • Super checkout for affiliates.
    • Bump sells, upsells, downsells for your affiliate program.


    • SMS messaging.
    • Live Chatbot.
    • Super checkout.
    • Website sharing.
    • Professional website bot.
    • Built-in app devoted to CRM.


    • Email marketing integration with MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, and Sendlane.
    • E-commerce integration with Stripe, Paypal, and Shopify.
    • Integration with WordPress. 


    • Trial: 14-day free trial. 
    • The Builder plan is $29.90 p/m.
    • The Premium plan is $69.90 p/m.
    • The Funnel Club is $99.90 p/m.

    Pros & Cons


    • Website builder tools are incredibly easy to use.
    • Offers everything a business would need for a profit-driving sales funnel builder.
    • Pricing is reasonable for the number of impressive features available.
    • Email marketing is intuitive and responsive.
    • Simple and user-friendly interface. 


    • BuilderAll can’t be used with WordPress.
    • Tutorials and help on using this software are difficult to source.
    • Steep learning curve. 
    • All the features are pretty mediocre and aren’t as advanced as ClickFunnels. 

    What Makes BuilderAll Special? 

    The diversity of valuable features makes BuilderAll special. This sales funnel builder combines email marketing, customer communication, and management. Plus, various forms of funnels, all with mobile-responsive pages that offer fast page loading times.

    Now, one might argue that BuilderAll is the prime example of a Jack of All Trades but master of none. While I believe this to be true, I still stand firmly on the fact that regardless, the features BuilderAll offers precisely wrap up the most essentials for building a sales funnel.

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: 4.4 stars/ 5 reviews 

    G2 Score: 4.1 stars/ 8 reviews 

    GetApp Score: N/A



    I’m quite sure you’re familiar with ThriveSuite’s former name-ThriveThemes. ThriveSuite is a range of high-quality tools and plugins.

    Unfortunately for non-WordPress users, ThriveSuite is only available to use on WordPress. Besides this minor drawback, ThriveSuite allows businesses to:

    • Build landing pages.
    • Build websites.
    • Create quizzes and surveys to nurture brand engagement. 
    • Use email marketing and communication to improve brand awareness and customer relations. 

    ThriveSuite is an excellent option for WordPress members and offers enough premium features (like Thrive Quiz for creating interactive quizzes) to be one of WordPress’s best sales funnel builders.

    Let’s check out what a few of these premium features entail. 

    Key Features

    Thrive Theme Builder

    • Full-fledged WordPress site and theme builder.
    • Drag-and-drop editor.
    • Font customization.
    • Mobile-responsive.
    • Conversion tools.

    Thrive Architect 

    • Visual page builder for landing pages and sales pages that convert. 
    • Drag-and-drop editor.
    • Over 280 beautiful customizable templates.
    • Smart landing page technology.
    • Pre-built conversion elements.

    Thrive Leads 

    • An optimized plugin for WordPress.
    • A/B testing.
    • Lightboxes. 
    • Opt-in forms. 
    • Scroll triggers.
    • Pre-designed templates. 

    Thrive Optimize 

    • Dedicated landing page A/B test for the best landing pages. 
    • Improvement suggestions.
    • Subscription analytics.
    • Website visitor statistics.
    • Unique website visitor analysis.

    Thrive Apprentice

    • A powerful tool for creating and promoting online courses.
    • Customizable design elements.
    • Use videos and images.
    • Styled lists.
    • Columns.
    • Tables.

    Thrive Ultaminium 

    • Allows businesses to execute successful scarcity marketing to create urgency around their products/services.
    • Set up data campaigns.
    • Automatically recurring campaigns.
    • Lockdown page feature to lock prospects from certain pages.
    • Drag-and-drop editor.
    • Dynamic updates.
    • Multi-page campaigns. 


    • Email marketing integration with MailChimp, Brevo, Sendly, Sendlane, and SendFox.
    • Webinar integration with GoToWebinar and WebinarJam.
    • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter.
    • Marketing integration with Drip and Hubspot. 


    • The annual plan is $228 billed yearly ($19 p/m).
    • The quarterly plan is $90 billed quarterly ($30 p/m).

    Pros & Cons


    • Countless invaluable features for small, medium, and large businesses.
    • Features are highly conversion-focused and optimized.
    • Customization options allow a lot of creative freedom for website and page personalization.
    • Functions are beginner-friendly.
    • Integrations work smoothly.


    • Users can’t buy the themes independently.
    • Requires a learning curve because of the vast amount of features.
    • The software can become bulky and lead to glitches or lags. 
    • There is no free trial available. 

    What Makes ThriveSuite Special? 

    Aside from offering a reasonable amount of email marketing integrations, what makes ThriveSuite special is the insane amount of well-developed features for such a low price.

    Although you have to make either an annual or quarterly commitment to this sales funnel builder, it doesn’t negate the fact that users can access professional features which would work for most businesses at a competitive price.

    Review Scores

    Capterra Score: N/A

    G2 Score: N/A

    GetApp Score: N/A


    7 Sales Funnel Hacks & Secrets to Implement

    Like everything else in digital marketing, there are ways to truly get the most out of your sales funnel.

    Let’s examine sales funnel secrets that ensure your sales funnel converts:

    1. Add Curiosity to Your Headlines

    Don’t give your customers the entire spectrum of what your product/service is about through your headline. Leave a bit of information out to pique curiosity in prospects.

    Headlines for sales funnels stats

    Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re hosting a webinar about the best sales funnel builders in the market. Instead of using a headline like, “These are the best sales funnel builders, their prices, pros, and cons.”

    Use a headline more like, “Find out what powerful sales funnel builders for 2024 look like.”

    See the difference?

    The first headline divulges all the information about the webinar, leaving no curiosity. Some viewers might feel like their sales funnel builder works for them, so they don’t need to attend that webinar.

    However, viewers won’t feel the same way for the second headline.

    Instead, they might wonder if the sales funnel builder they’re currently using would be considered, “powerful”. This curiosity and wonder will trigger them to watch the webinar.

    Unlike headline 1, headline 2 convinces them they will learn something they wouldn’t know otherwise.

    Alongside creating a headline that is concise and catchy, make sure it ignites curiosity too.

    2. Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

    Do you remember earlier we spoke about Russell Brunson’s sales funnel? And how he incentivized his prospects with a copy of his book?

    Well, we call that incentive a lead magnet. For further clarity, a lead magnet is what you give people (for free) in exchange for their contact details. In other words, businesses and marketers use lead magnets for lead generation. 

    Examples of lead magnets are:

    • Ebooks
    • Guides 
    • Training material
    • Trials
    • Software
    • Discounts
    • Samples
    • Templates 
    • Checklists
    • Webinars
    • And more!

    Here’s the thing-lead magnets are highly effective. Especially if the lead magnet benefits your potential customers and gets them closer to their goals.

    For example, a great lead magnet for a digital marketing consulting agency would be a comprehensive guide on email marketing. On the other hand, a lead magnet for a coffee shop could be a discount or Ebook on coffee beans.

    Be innovative for your lead magnet and do enough research on your target audience to understand what would appeal to them.

    3. Create Sales Campaigns for Conversions

    Now you might think, “DUH!”.

    But let me explain what this means.

    When you create sales campaigns, whether it’s a sales page, a paid ad, or an email marketing campaign, you need to ensure it’s overflowing with conversion elements.

    Conversion elements include:

    • Emotion. Create a story that would trigger emotion in your viewers. Do this by including a video about the story of your brand on your sales page. Or using an emotional (but relevant) image in your ad campaigns. The notion here is to plant emotion in viewers, so they feel somewhat connected to your brand. 
    • Urgency. You want to make customers feel desperate to take your desired action. Creating urgency around your offerings might lead potential customers to make an impulsive purchase or join your mailing list. Create urgency using countdown clocks, timers, and provoking words such as, “Hurry Now”, “Don’t Miss Out”, “Be The First To Enjoy This”. 
    • Value. Show your potential customers how they will benefit from choosing your brand. Highlight the most attractive features of your product/service. Moreover, be sure to describe how consumers can use your product/service to solve their challenges. Also, include success stories to prove that your company knows what it’s doing. 
    • Credibility. Trust is everything, and the more you get consumers to trust you, the more chances you have of them buying your product/service. Prove that your brand is trustworthy by using social proof such as reviews, testimonials, badges, and expert endorsements.

    Remember, create your sales campaign to be as personalized to your target audience as possible. A personalized sales campaign is one way to ensure consumers will respond to your marketing strategies.

    4. Upsell Your Products

    To make the most from every customer interaction, upsell to your customers. Upselling involves influencing customers to spend more than they were planning on spending. 

    A popular way to upsell products is right before customers start the payment process. You can upsell products that will add more value to your customers’ initial products while maximizing the amount you earn from each purchase. 

    So, instead of your customers spending $20 (like they planned) on a product, they can spend $24 after adding an upsell. 

    But upselling products is not only beneficial to your business. It shows customers that you have what they need. This will give customers the idea that your business is a reliable source to solve their pain points, giving them more confidence to return to your store. 

    If you want to upsell like a pro, use Shopify upsell apps to get you started!

    5. Use Live Chat to Communicate with Potential Customers

    Offering live chat support is essential, as 51% of consumers are more likely to stay with a company or purchase again if the company offers live chat support. 

    Live chat is a highly personalized way of communicating with customers that makes reaching out to your brand pleasant for consumers. 

    Your customers won’t hesitate to contact your brand for any queries or concerns they have. This is excellent for your sales funnel strategy because, after a positive interaction with your company, clients will feel closer and more “apart” of your organization.

    Additionally, live chat support allows you to address any issues amongst your potential customers. And gain more insight into what they need. 

    Your customers are paramount to your business. And live chat support unfolds a direct gateway for you to communicate with your customers and build healthy customer relations. 

    live chat for sales funnels

    6. Don’t Forget About CRM Tools!

    The sales funnel builder you choose will most likely be able to integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools or have built-in CRM features. Whichever it is, you simply can’t leave out CRM software

    Using CRM tools, you can manage your customer data more accurately and nurture the relationship between your business and its customers. 

    CRM tools allow you to access, organize, and track real-time analytics on your customers to close deals faster. And launch products that align with what your target audience wants. 

    Also, CRM creates a bridge between different sales and marketing departments to maintain consistency in your business. And for these departments to stay connected to your customers and their dynamic preferences. 

    But if that doesn’t convince you about the necessity of CRM tools enough, then you might want to know that 92% of businesses believe CRM tools are vital to achieving their revenue objectives. 

    And you can increase your conversion rates by 300% using a CRM tool. 

    CRM tools for Sales funnels

    7. Provide Informative Blogs

    Supply your customers with more help in using your products by creating a blogging section on your website.

    Although blogging is a lot of work, companies who blog get 97% more links directed to their website. Furthermore, marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to have a healthy Return on Investment (ROI)

    As you can see, blogging is not something you want to neglect. But you can’t just add any content to your blog. 

    Your blog content should be:

    • Relevant to your niche.
    • Professionally written.
    • SEO-optimized.
    • A solution to a problem your customers face.
    • Information that is valuable to your customers. 
    • Persuasive to your product.
    • Personal to your brand.
    • And original (no one likes a copycat!). 

    If content writing is just not your cup of tea, search freelance sites for an experienced copywriter who can deliver high-quality, expert content.

    Blogging for sales funnels

    If you’re lucky, from our 14 best sales funnel builders, you might find one that works for your business while offering a built-in blogging function.

    Summary: 7 Sales Funnel Hacks & Secrets to Implement

    1. Add Curiosity to Your Headlines.
    2. Create an irresistible lead magnet.
    3. Create Sales Campaigns for Conversions.
    4. Upsell Your Products.
    5. Use Live Chat to Communicate with Potential Customers.
    6. Don’t Forget About CRM Tools!
    7. Provide Informative Blogs

    The Conclusion and Our Best Two Picks

    Although all the sales funnel builders on this list have their advantages and benefits, not all of them will be ideal for small and large companies.

    Our favorite sales funnel builder for small companies is Groove. Being the new kid on the block, Groove still has a way to go. But the current quantity and quality of their features make this software worthwhile for small businesses.

    To combat Groove’s cons, ensure you source an abundance of training material and reach out to customer support if need be.

    For large businesses, the best sales funnel builder is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels offers enough sophisticated features to help large businesses achieve their objectives. The list of integrations is also a huge plus.

    Amongst all the powerful sales funnel builders in this review, the best for small businesses is Groove and for large companies is ClickFunnels

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a sales funnel?

    A sales funnel describes each step someone takes until they become your customer. This is your entire buying process from the first time someone sees your marketing campaigns until they purchase from your business. Read this article for the best sales funnel builders and tips to maximize your revenue!

    What is the best sales funnel builder?

    Our favorite sales funnel builder for small companies is GrooveFunnels. As for large businesses. The best sales funnel builder is ClickFunnels. But to find the best sales funnel builder for your company, read this article!

    Is a sales funnel important?

    It’s crucial to understand what a sales funnel is to accurately visualize your entire buying process from brand awareness, through to conversion. Having this framework will reveal how your leads convert. And will help you improve your marketing techniques and analyze the performance of your entire business. This article will tell you everything you need to know about sales funnels and how to create them.

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