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AI-Driven Influencer Marketing Course: Best Practices & Techniques




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What You'll Be Learning

DAY 1:
Sourcing & Selecting the Right Influencers

This course covers everything you need to know about using AI and AI-powered tools to work smarter and scale up your influencer marketing from A to Z.

Starting with:

– The importance of sourcing the right influencers

– Setting qualification criteria to filter out the best matches

– Where and how to find influencers manually and the AI tools to use

– Recommended influencer platforms & agencies

DAY 2:
AI Tools for
Top-Notch Content

This lesson focuses on creative content creation, quality control, and editing to make sure your influencers are producing top-notch content for your brand:

– The benefits of AI tools for influencer content creation

– AI tools for text-based content and copywriting

– AI tools for creating images and visual assets

– AI tools for editing images/photos

– AI tools to create videos

DAY 3:
Smart Influencer Management

In this lesson, we get into effective influencer management and how to use AI-powered tools to your advantage as an influencer manager:

– Best practices for successful ongoing influencer management

– AI-powered influencer management hacks from the experts

DAY 4: Performance-Based Influencer Marketing

How to track and measure performance + pro tips to drive performance and scale your influencer marketing with AI:

– Best practices for influencer performance tracking to ensure they deliver results

– What to pay: how to calculate the right rates for individual influencers

– How to calculate the ROI for individual influencers and campaigns

– Pro Tips for scaling your influencer marketing with AI

DAY 5: Virtual Influencers and the Future of AI in Influencer Marketing

As we wrap up the course we delve into virtual influencers, what the current trends are in AI for influencer marketing, and how AI will impact it going forward:

– The rise of virtual influencers

– Looking ahead: current trends & how AI will change the influencer marketing landscape

– A quick recap of what we have learned in this course

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