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11 Best Data Driven Marketing Agencies for Smart Brands in 2024 [Full Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 22 minute read Marketing Agencies

Data-driven marketing allows you to leverage in-depth audience insights and drive insane sales using the most impactful and cost-effective marketing channels.

The problem is that gathering all the right data, collating it into something meaningful, and then analyzing the results and identifying where to optimize your various strategies… It is just as complicated as it sounds.

Luckily, there are some great data-driven marketing agencies that have the right aptitude, experience, and tech you need to succeed!

That’s why we have rounded up and reviewed all the best data-driven marketing agencies for you.

We’ve also defined what data-driven marketing means and provided an overview of some of the most important data-driven marketing services to look for when choosing an agency.


Let’s get straight to it!

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    What is Data-Driven Marketing?

    Data-driven marketing refers to developing marketing strategies by analyzing consumer data, like buying trends, interactions, and motivations, to develop data-informed, strategic, customer-centric marketing strategies.

    Unlike traditional marketing techniques, data-driven marketing strategies are built on real-world data, research, and testing. These powerful audience insights enable businesses to optimize their personalization efforts and understand their buyers like never before.

    Data-driven marketing offers various benefits. Data-driven marketing strategies are based on the trends and behaviors identified in real-life consumer data, which makes them highly effective.

    You can avoid wasting money and resources, improve your targeting, and drive customer appreciation. Brands can use this data to identify unhappy buyers, re-engage them, and build customer engagement and acquisition strategies tailored to their ideal audience.

    Summary: What is Data-Driven Marketing?

    Data-driven marketing is the process of analyzing your customer data, like buying trends, motivations and interactions to create highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

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    What Services Does a Data-Driven Marketing Agency Offer?

    1.Analytics Audit

    Data-driven marketing agencies will audit your analytics to evaluate your existing data and business performance. Auditing your analytics will reveal your brand’s market weaknesses and strengths while highlighting data gaps.

    Data-driven marketing agencies must start with this step to prescribing accurate marketing and data enrichment strategies.

    For the best results, agencies audit your analytics from all your marketing and customer engagement platforms. This includes your social media channels, website, and inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

    The more data your agency audits, the better it can determine ways to boost your customer relationships and digital marketing tactics.

    2.Data Analysis

    Data analysis is the process of collecting, cleaning, organizing, and interpreting data. Data-driven marketing agencies depend on data analysis to extract actionable audience insights.

    This is the core of data-driven marketing agencies’ services. Analyzing your data is the key to helping you leverage conversion-driven marketing tactics.

    For data analysis, data-driven marketing agencies will use top-tier technology to collect, organize and store data.

    Your agency will use data visualization practices to make your data easy to understand and action.

    And if you ever need to refer to historical data, having a well-established database and data visualizations will make it ten times easier!

    3.Data-Informed Digital Marketing Services

    Data-driven marketing agencies may not focus on digital marketing expertise as much as marketing and advertising agencies would.

    However, many agencies offer solutions to develop and deploy digital marketing campaigns powered by data and analytics.

    Data-driven marketing agencies also provide digital marketing services as they need to analyze your online presence on various platforms for robust data.

    Typical digital marketing services from data-driven marketing agencies include content marketing, SEO, web development, email marketing, and social media marketing.

    Many data-driven marketing agencies can also head your PPC ad campaigns and use your analytics for accurate ad targeting and personalization.

    4.Audience Segmentation

    if you want to drive customer loyalty and run marketing campaigns that achieve results, you must segment your buyers. And guess what?

    Data-driven marketing agencies have the resources, tools, and experience to do this for you. Customer segmentation matters because you can’t target your entire customer base for every marketing campaign.

    For accurate targeting and personalization, create tailored campaigns directed at specific audience segments. But achieving this relies on an in-depth understanding of your consumers and what sets your customer segments apart.

    Your agency will guide you through this and help you gain all the data you need on your buyer segments and what drives their purchasing choices.

    Summary: Top Data-Driven Marketing Agency Services

    1. Analytics Audit
    2. Data Analysis
    3. Data-Informed Digital Marketing Services
    4. Audience Segmentation

    11 Best Data-Driven Marketing Agencies in 2024




    New York City + Fully Remote

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: New York City and fully remote with employees across the US

    Number of Employees: 51 – 200



    • Handy
    • VSP
    • Upwork
    • The Motley Fool
    • Lemonade
    • Hims
    • HelloDivorce


    PartnerCentric provides tactical, data-driven and tech-enabled services to drive growth and revenue for your business, using patented technology combined with extensive marketing experience and expertise.

    PartnerCentric creates bespoke “speed to value” marketing strategies designed to achieve results as quickly as possible, while addressing your unique challenges and gaining ground on your goals.

    PartnerCentric is a leading performance marketing agency specializing in partner marketing.

    Founded by industry veteran Stephanie Harris, PartnerCentric is the largest independent partner marketing agency in the USA and takes pride in being fully woman-owned and WBE certified.

    PartnerCentric takes a performance-focused approach and embodies everything you’d hope the term “data-driven” means.

    Leveraging its patented technology and drawing on its team’s extensive marketing experience and expertise, PartnerCentric offers strategic, tech-enabled services designed to drive meaningful growth and revenue.

    The agency operates fully remotely, with employees spread across the US. Its team consists of skilled experts in data-driven performance and partner marketing, with all the knowledge and experience needed to create customized “speed to value” data-driven strategies.

    PartnerCentric has developed a unique technology platform called Control Suite, specifically designed to enhance revenue and drive successful outcomes in affiliate marketing.

    This proprietary tool offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing affiliate campaigns and maximizing profitability using data and advanced analytics.

    Independence, transparency, and boundary-pushing performance are deeply ingrained in the company’s culture, felt by every client, and evidenced by its exceptional track record.

    PartnerCentric caters to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises, at every stage of their development. Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale your business, PartnerCentric will help you get there (and beyond).

    Screenshot of the PartnerCentric Agency Homepage

    2.Perform[cb] Agency

    Perform[cb] Performance Marketing Agency Logo

    Perform[cb] Agency

    Sarasota, FL, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2002

    Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA; and Banja Luka, Bosnia

    Number of Employees: 51 – 200


    • End-to-End Performance Marketing Services
    • End-to-End Affiliate Marketing and Management Services
    • Web and Mobile App Development and Distribution
    • Content Marketing
    • Paid Media
    • Audits, Research & Planning
    • Data, Insights & Analytics
    • Strategy Development and Implementation
    • Client-Specific, Scalable, and Customizable Programs
    • Omni-Channel Media Solutions
    • Mobile Marketing Services
    • Pay Per Call Marketing
    • Lead Generation


    • Ipsy
    • Mizuno
    • Self
    • Babbel
    • Peter Thomas Roth
    • Drizly
    • Robinhood
    • Capital One Shopping
    • Hungryroot


    Perform[cb] Agency specializes in data-driven performance and affiliate marketing. It works with clients of all sizes in every industry, developing and implementing individually customized, scalable, and innovative strategies and programs.

    Perform[cb] Agency takes a relationship-focused approach, developing strategic partnerships and working closely with their clients to achieve real results and ensure sustainable growth.

    Perform[cb] Agency is a leading data-driven performance marketing agency and an award-winning affiliate marketing agency.

    It offers a diverse range of services, including full-service performance and affiliate marketing services, web and mobile app development, and expert data-backed strategy development.

    This wide range of services gives Perform[cb] Agency a unique advantage in that it offers it all with the same level of expertise and attention you’d expect from a specialist niche agency.

    Perform[cb] Agency works with clients (and agencies) of all sizes across all industries to create client-specific, customized, and scalable strategies.

    It drives customer acquisition across multiple pricing models, including CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS, CPC, and PPC, using distribution channels such as native, mobile, social, contextual, SMS, search, and more.

    This means that with Perform[cb] you only pay for results that truly matter to your business.

    It takes an ‘outcome-based’ approach that focuses on achieving real, measurable results for your specific marketing goals, increasing ROI, and achieving sustainable incremental growth.

    Screenshot of the Perform[cb] Agency Homepage

    3.Acceleration Partners

    Acceleration Partners Logo

    Acceleration Partners


    Our Score




    Founded: 2007

    Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Sydney, Australia; and Singapore

    Number of Employees: 350+


    • Data and Analysis
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Performance Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Partner Marketing
    • B2B Marketing
    • Retail Marketing
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Publisher Development
    • Consultancy
    • Migrations
    • Full Program Management
    • Global/Regional Management
    • Program Design
    • Partnership Optimization
    • Partner Recruitment
    • Compliance & Fraud Monitoring
    • APVision


    • Reebok
    • Noom
    • Redbubble
    • Crocs
    • Hello Fresh
    • Allbirds
    • VividSeats
    • Blenders Eyewear
    • Instacart
    • Boll & Branch


    Acceleration Partners is an award-winning global data-driven marketing agency with an extensive portfolio and a stellar track record.

    It develops performance-driven marketing strategies based on data and an in-depth understanding of its clients’ unique needs, challenges, and business objectives.

    Acceleration Partners combines expert skills, industry experience, and advanced technology to create data-driven strategies.

    Its customized strategies are scalable and fully integrated to achieve meaningful client results.

    Acceleration Partners is a multi-award-winning data-driven marketing agency with a global presence.

    It specializes in creating customized, fully integrated, performance-driven, data-informed strategies to achieve measurable outcomes that further your business objectives.

    Acceleration Partners focuses on developing data-informed marketing strategies and complete program management in the partner, ship, affiliate, and influencer marketing spaces, as well as in content, mass media, and B2B marketing.

    As a full-service agency, it has a dynamic range of capabilities and the breadth and depth to fulfill all your marketing needs from end to end.

    Acceleration Partners is an expert agency in data and performance marketing.

    It has won many industry awards across numerous categories, including the Global Performance Marketing Award (GPMA) for Best Agency and Best Team in Performance. Acceleration Partners is also a six-time GPMA winner in the Best Affiliate and Partner Marketing Agency category.

    Screenshot of the Acceleration Partners Agency's homepage. The text on the homepage image says "Simply put, we do things differently"

    4.Jacobs & Clevenger

    J&C_data driven marketing agencies

    Jacobs & Clevenger

    Chicago, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 1982

    Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Number of Employees: 19


    • Segmentation strategy
    • Churn reduction
    • Transaction analysis
    • Lifetime model values
    • Attribution Analysis
    • Uplift/Net lift models
    • Predictive models


    • Humana
    • Serta
    • Mercedes Benz


    Choose J & C if you need a 360-degree data-driven marketing agency. Working with this agency brands can rely on expert data science-oriented services like predictive models to optimize customer buying decisions and segmentation for personalized targeting.

    J & C is a data-driven marketing agency like no other. With a long list of services, this agency guides businesses to leverage data science to drive sales. You can work with J & C to perform transactional and attribution analysis to determine the value of your sales and at which touchpoints buyers become disengaged. J & C can also provide a custom segmentation strategy built on in-depth customer analysis for accurate targeting. And if you have a high churn rate, don’t worry! This data-driven marketing has solutions to reduce your customer turn and guide you to brand loyalty.

    data-driven marketing agency J & C homepage
    Source: J & C

    5.Alytix Marketing

    data driven marketing agencies_Alytix

    Alytix Marketing

    Cardiff, Wales UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2019

    Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK

    Number of Employees: 2 – 10


    • Marketing strategy
    • Analytics and measurement
    • Email marketing
    • SEO
    • PPC ad campaigns
    • Backlinks
    • Content marketing


    • Solar Buddies
    • Love Lane Brewing
    • Hassle Free Boilers


    Alytix Marketing is the top choice for businesses that create digital marketing campaigns powered by in-depth data. You can increase your revenue and awareness through data-driven PPC campaigns and outbound marketing strategies.

    Alytix Marketing provides digital marketing solutions built on data and analytics. You can work with this agency to develop customer-centric content marketing strategies and outbound campaigns like backlinking and SEO. To kickstart your progress, Alytix Marketing uses data and analytics to create custom roadmaps for success. Whether your business needs guidance for customer acquisition and retention or wants to leverage customer engagement strategies, Alytix Marketing has the data-driven solutions you need. Not forgetting, this agency will create intuitive data visualizations so you can extract actionable insights!

    Alytix data-driven marketing agency homepage
    Source: Alytix Marketing


    comtogether_data driven marketing agencies


    Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland

    Our Score




    Founded: 2006

    Location: Saint-Sulpice, Vaud, Switzerland

    Number of Employees: 15


    • Google Analytics
    • Data visualization
    • Data science
    • Analytics audit
    • Tagging architecture
    • Content marketing
    • Digital marketing


    • Musica
    • Fishermen’s Friend
    • Sygnum


    Want to work with an expert team for key data-driven marketing services like data science, data visualizations, and Google Analytics? Comtogether is a perfect choice! This agency has worked with brands in various sectors. They offer a well-rounded list of specialized data and analytics services.

    Comtogether is a group of data and digital marketing enthusiasts with loads of experience. Helping brands like Musica and Fishermen’s Friend, Comtogether offers solutions for every aspect of your data and marketing campaigns. This agency uses Google analytics data, data visualization, and data science to extract the most valuable audience and marketing insights and build strategies that work. Comtogether also has the tools to audit your analytics and pinpoint areas that need optimization for improved data. Plus, this data-driven marketing agency also provides content and digital marketing strategies.

    comtogether data-driven agency homepage
    Source: comtogether

    7.Aletheia Digital

    Aletheia Digital

    Aletheia Digital

    Columbus, GA, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: Columbus, Georgia, USA

    Number of Employees: 31


    • Data enhancement
    • Data analysis
    • Digital marketing
    • Customer segmentation
    • Cultural marketing
    • Reputation management


    • Chris Moore Roofing
    • Only Plumbing
    • Overhead Door Company


    Brands should opt for Aletheia Digital if they want a data-driven marketing agency with more bells and whistles than most! This agency works with small and mid-level businesses to develop brand-centric strategies powered by an in-depth customer and market analysis. You can also rely on this agency to deploy digital marketing practices like email, social media, and video advertising.

    Aletheia Digital offers a broad range of data-driven marketing services for personalized, buyer-centric strategies. This agency relies on tools and platforms like YouTube, Google Analytics, and Facebook to extract in-depth customer data and create bespoke solutions for your brand. Working with this agency you can leverage cultural marketing, digital marketing, data analysis, data enhancement, and customer segmentation. Aletheia Digital also provides expert strategies for brand awareness and customer engagement through social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, web design, and video marketing.

    Aletheia Digital data-driven marketing agency homepage
    Source: Aletheia Digital


    Smartboost_data-driven marketing agencies


    San Diego, CA, United States 

    Our Score




    Founded: 2015

    Location: San Diego, California, USA

    Number of Employees: 15


    • Custom reports
    • Data visualization
    • Data integrations
    • Analytics audit
    • Competitor analysis
    • Customer segmentation
    • Tracking dashboard


    • Undisclosed


    Opt for smartboost if you need a data-driven marketing agency specializing in growth hacking strategies. This agency will audit your analytics to evaluate your performance and prescribe custom solutions powered by audience insights. You can also benefit from a tailored tracking dashboard and custom analytics reports.

    Smartboost is data-driven marketing focusing on growth hacking through analytics. This agency will integrate your existing analytics and CRM platform to streamline your marketing efforts and use a wide range of data. You can work with this agency to audit your analytics, create intuitive data visualizations so your team can compare data and extract actionable insights, and perform competitor analysis. This data-driven agency doesn’t stop there, and provides solutions for customer segmentation, custom branded analytics reports, and a tracking dashboard to centralize your campaigns and performance.

    smartboost data-driven marketing agency homepage
    Source: smartboost


    Indotronix Data-Driven Marketing Agency Logo

    Indotronix (Avani Group)

    Rochester, NY, United States 

    Our Score




    Founded: 1986

    Location: Rochester, New York, USA

    Number of Employees: 1080


    • Data-driven marketing strategy
    • Branding
    • Research and testing
    • Content management
    • Customer identification
    • PPC ads
    • Landing pages
    • Custom reports
    • Analytics audits


    • Drift Sharks
    • Strategic Legal Solutions
    • Resilite


    Indotronix is a fantastic option for businesses of all sizes that need more than just standard data-driven marketing techniques. Through branding, content management, conversion rate optimization, audience building, and research and testing, you ditch traditional marketing strategies and benefit from practices built on real-world data.

    Indotronix is a next-generation data-driven marketing agency that abandons traditional marketing and data techniques. Working with this agency, you’ll follow a six-step strategy to achieve your KPIs and sales goals. This strategy starts with branding built on real-world data, research and testing and guiding your brand to build an audience. Next, Indotronix offers customer indentification for targeted tactics, content management to hone customer relationships and finally, conversion! Businesses can leverage buyer-centric landing pages, custom reports, analytics audits and so much more.


    Clockwork Data-Driven Marketing Agency Logo


    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Our Score




    Founded: 2011

    Location: Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa; and London, UK

    Number of Employees: 150


    • Strategy and data analysis
    • Creative concept/strategy
    • Social media marketing
    • Creative content production
    • Design and development
    • Activation/experiential marketing
    • Media buying
    • Public relations
    • Video and animation


    • BMW
    • Microsoft
    • Netflix
    • Hyundai
    • Exxaro
    • Standard Bank


    Clockwork is data-driven marketing agency that offers a full suite of marketing services, all backed by an insight-full, data-informed strategy. They have worked with a diverse range of clients, and have an impressive portfolio and track record. Services include data analysis and strategy, and then everything you need to plan, create and execute your data-driven marketing campaign, from concept to creative, to measurement and optimization.

    Clockwork is a digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven strategies for all their marketing services. The services they offer range from PR to social media marketing, paid media, and experiential marketing, as well as design and development, video and creative content services. Based in South Africa, with offices in London, UK, Clockwork is a great combination of the creative and the scientific, using hard data to guide their creative efforts.

    Clockwork Data-Driven Marketing Agency Homepage




    Bengaluru, India

    Our Score




    Founded: 2003

    Location: Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka, India

    Number of Employees: 213


    • Data analysis
    • Market research
    • Mobile marketing
    • Mobile app development
    • Email marketing
    • Lead generation
    • Media buying
    • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    • Social media marketing
    • Web design and development
    • UI/UX
    • SEO
    • Creative content services


    • Travant
    • Holiday Inn
    • Eaton


    Businesses work with MetrixFox because of this agency’s stellar track record. They have worked with over 3000 clients and developed over 5000 projects. B2B brands also opt for MetricFox because this agency provides tailored solutions for ABM to maximize your revenue.

    MetricFox is a 100% data-driven marketing agency with a team of data experts. This agency has worked with businesses in various sectors and can boost your brand through web design, SEO, and more inbound digital campaigns. MetricFox also provides solutions for creative services to help your brand use innovative strategies, putting you ahead of your competitors. For data-driven marketing campaigns, you can work with MetricFox to access services like data analysis, customer segmentation, and data enrichment. B2B businesses may prefer this agency because they offer ABM to secure quality leads and drive revenue too!

    MetricFox_data-driven marketing agency
    Source: MetricFox

    Final Thoughts on Finding the Right Data-Driven Marketing Agency

    Data-driven marketing is an innovative approach that allows businesses to leverage in-depth, valuable audience insights and create tailored marketing strategies built on this data.

    With highly targeted marketing strategies like this, it will be easier to engage and acquire new customers, retain existing buyers, and promote your content that converts.

    Work with any of these top data-driven marketing agencies to skyrocket your revenue!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is data-driven marketing?

    Data-driven marketing is the process of analyzing consumer data, like buying trends, motivations and interactions to create highly targeted and personalized marketing strategies. Data-driven marketing agencies can help you do this for your brand, and develop a customized data-informed marketing strategy. Read the full review to learn more about data-driven marketing, and find the best agencies to consider.

    What services do data-driven agencies offer?

    The services offered by a data-driven marketing agency are tailored to gathering, integrating and analyzing all available data, both internal and external, to identify what the most effective strategies will be for your brand, and your consumers. These services include analytics audits, data aggregation and analysis, data-driven marketing strategy and digital marketing services, and audience segmentation. Read the full review to learn more about data-driven marketing services and the best agencies to consider.

    What are the best data-driven agencies?

    The top data-driven marketing agencies include:
    - PartnerCentric
    - Perform[cb] Agency
    - Jacobs & Clevenger
    - Alytix Marketing
    - Comtogether
    - Aletheia Digital
    - Smartboost
    - Indotronix
    - Clockwork
    - MetricFox
    Read the full review to find out what services they offer, and why they're the best data-driven marketing agencies to work with!


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