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Top 9 Platforms for Influencer Relationship Management [2024 Update]

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 06.13.2024 12 minute read Influencer MarketingMarketing Tools

Are you using a spreadsheet to record and manage influencer lists?

Well, it’s time for some innovation!

If you are scaling up and are looking for a platform to support your influencer marketing efforts, consider an Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) platform. 

It’s basically Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for influencers. 

There are hundreds of influencer advertising marketplaces and platforms around, and choosing the right solution can be difficult.

Take a look at the results of our market research to find the top platform to elevate your influencer marketing journey!

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    Quick Overview: Top Influencer Relationship Management Software

    Here’s a quick review of the best software in 2024, how much they cost, the pros and cons of each, and how we rate them:

    Best Influencer Relationship Management Tools


    Pros & Cons

    Our P2P Rating


    • Free 7-day trial

    • Starts at $98 p/m

    • Pros:

    • Has one of the biggest influencer databases

    • Outstanding customer support service

    • Affordable and customizable plans

    • Cons:

    • Communication with influencers has to be done outside of the platform (but they do offer an email integration with their IRM tool)



    • Free (potentially forever)

    • Paid Options up to $199/month

    • Pros:

    • Quick and easy to get started

    • Post your “Collab” in minutes

    • Chat directly with influencers you approve

    • Generous free plan

    • Live chat, phone and email support

    • Cons:

    • Fewer influencers in directory than older apps



    • Free 14 Day Trial

    • Relationship Management features are included in all plans, which start at $99/month.

    • Pros:

    • Lists every single creator with 1000+ followers the top platforms

    • Thorough content monitoring

    • Detailed analytics and reporting

    • Well documented API available

    • Detailed audience data and fake follower checking

    • Cons:

    • Outreach messaging/emails must be done manually

    • Social media platforms limited to Instagram, TikTok & YouTube



    • Free Plan

    • Premium from €50 per month

    • Custom Plans

    • Pros:

    • Easy to use interface (like Trello)

    • Advanced influencer search

    • Influencers can find/apply to you

    • In-app chat to chat feature

    • Instagram and TikTok insights

    • Tracking & Analytics

    • Cons:

    • Some features are only available for Instagram

    • Occasional bugs



    • Custom Pricing

    • Pros:

    • Huge database of vetted influencers of all sizes

    • In-depth search filters and influencer audience analysis

    • Social listening and organic influencer discovery

    • Integrations with common productivity and e-commerce tools

    • Cons:

    • Initial setup can be complicated

    • Sheer volume of features can be overwhelming for new users



    • Starts at $89/m

    • Pros:

    • Personal referral links and coupons

    • Set triggered email notifications

    • Create shareable social media posts

    • Cons:

    • No data from social media



    • Starts at $30,000

    • Pros:

    • Ease of use

    • Comprehensive influencer database

    • Variety of influencer discovery and management tools

    • Cons:

    • Bulk uploads of influencers are slow

    • Updates to the UI are too frequent



    •  Starts at $130/m

    • Pros:

    • Real time reporting

    • Ease of use

    • Ability to segment influencers according to your campaign needs

    •  Cons:

    •  Limited set of influencers in Asia and America

    • Pricing is out of reach for smaller companies



    • Contact for custom price

    • Pros:

    • Powerful analytics

    • Influencer database of over 700,000

    • Dedicated customer service

    • Cons:

    • Poor campaign management

    • Large database leads to irrelevant results

    • Not the easiest to use


    Read on for the full reviews and more details about them:

    Our Top 9 Picks


    Founded in 2014, Influencity has been working non-stop to create the best Al-powered platform on the market.

    Their product, known to withstand algorithm updates, has more than 60 different functionalities and currently helps over 2,000 companies worldwide manage end-to-end campaigns.

    This tool, made by people with years of experience in the market, has built brand awareness for the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Reprise, and Isobar.

    Influencity offers a search engine with over 170M results available worldwide. Features include demographics, interests or brand affinity, audience overlap analysis, fake follower checks, campaign management tools, and reporting.


    • One of the biggest social media influencer databases in the market
    • Full control of your relationship with influencers, no intermediaries
    • Technologies that are easy and efficient to use and intuitive design
    • Affordable and customizable plans
    • Outstanding customer support service
    • Offers email integration with the Influencer Relationship Management tool


    • Communication with influencers can only be done via email using the IRM integration


    Pricing: Starts at $98/month. A 7-day free trial is available.


    Meet influencers and creators on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. 

    Afluencer is the easiest platform to get started with. It connects you with influencers in e-commerce or B2B niches on various social media platforms.

    Advertising has never been easier. You can post a “Collab” opportunity in minutes and begin fielding applications from qualified influencers the same day.

    Search by interests, followers, social channels, desired demographics, and more. You post, and Afluencer recruits for you. 

    Connecting you with influencers on these social media:

    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • YouTube
    • X/Twitter
    • Meta/Facebook

    Easy to evaluate your influencer candidates. When you approve an influencer, an intro is made, and you can directly message your new partner.


    • Quick and easy to get started
    • Proprietary technologies allow you to post your “Collab” in minutes
    • Chat directly with any social media influencer you approve
    • Has a “high engagement” influencer base
    • Offers a generous free plan
    • Provides live chat, phone, and email support


    • Channels are limited to the major social media platforms


    Pricing: Free (potentially forever) to $199/month.


    Tapfiliate is primarily an affiliate/referral management solution, but many companies use it to successfully manage their influencers, and it’s one of the highest-ranking referral solutions, so we decided to include it here.

    With Tapfiliate, customers can fully embrace the powers of online media and partner with influencers to reach new audiences and promote their business.

    Easily set up your own referral and influencer programs in minutes with over 30+ plug-and-play integrations for e-commerce and SaaS.

    Their innovation allows content creators to be given their own referral links and coupon codes, as well as a branded dashboard with access to marketing materials they can use to promote your business.

    Additionally, you will have detailed reporting to track KPIs and gain insights into what is moving the needle.

    The referral software supports multiple languages and currencies, so you can run a global campaign. Plus, you can custom-brand your sign-up pages, referral links, and emails.


    Tapfiliate App Integration


    • Give personal referral links and coupons
    • Create shareable social media posts
    • Customized commissions and performance bonuses
    • Set triggered email notifications
    • Manage banners and other marketing materials


    • No data from social media


    Our Score: 4/5

    Pricing: Starts at 89$/month



    Modash is a platform that lists every creator with 1000+ followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

    It offers advanced influencer discovery and analysis, provides direct email addresses, and allows you to manage and monitor all your campaigns from one place.

    Modash offers a much broader selection of influencers than opt-in marketplaces. Robust search filters allow you to discover the ideal candidate based on your exact criteria.

    Detailed analysis data shows you everything from demographics, locations, and engagement rates to audience information, including audience overlaps.

    Modash also offers excellent management and content monitoring features.

    Using lists, you can organize and monitor your recruitment pipelines, assign labels/statuses to each creator (such as contacted, hired, or rejected), and keep track of follow-ups.

    You can also import influencers you’re already working with and add them to your lists within Modash.

    Custom labels make it even easier to find creators with a particular label (e.g. ‘vegan’ or ‘student’ or ‘living in Paris’), which is really useful when you need something very specific for a possible influencer collaboration.

    Notes are available to your whole team, so you can keep everyone on the same page, and you can attach documents, like briefs and contracts, to keep everything in one place and save time.

    Modash Lists for Influencer Management

    Modash’s content monitoring features allow you to monitor live content by specifying the list of influencers and the hashtags they will use.

    It then automatically gathers all the relevant posts (even temporary ones like Instagram stories) and saves them to your dashboard, where you can generate reports, see detailed analytics, and identify content for repurposing.

    Modash is a simple and intuitive platform that offers everything you need to run effective campaigns and scale up your influencer advertising.

    Multichannel Options:

    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • YouTube


    • Intuitive and easy to use, with a very short learning curve
    • Responsive mobile optimization, helpful and knowledgeable support
    • Content monitoring is very thorough and picks up every piece of content
    • Lists make managing multiple creators and campaigns easier because it’s so well laid out
    • Detailed analytics and reporting
    • A well-documented API is available to get raw influencer data outside the platform
    • If you have existing collaborations, you can add them to your campaigns in Modash
    • Advanced influencer discovery and analysis features
    • Accurate and detailed influencer data
    • The algorithm scans audience data and checks for fake followers
    • Search filters are in-depth and very precise


    • Can be a little pricey for very small teams (but no long contract commitments required)
    • Outreach messaging must be done manually
    • Social media platforms limited to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube


    Pricing: Free Plan (limited to 10 influencer slots, with a campaign creation fee of €100), Premium Plan is €50/month for 50 influencer slots, and Custom Plans are available for companies that work with more influencers or need additional features. 


    Promoty is a tool for managing influencers and brand partnerships in one place and monitoring branded content.

    Its social media influencer CRM allows you to find and add creators from a database of 64 million TikTok and 72 million Instagram creators. You can filter by interests, audience, and other criteria.

    Promoty also provides detailed insights on each influencer, including Instagram and TikTok metrics, audience demographics, interests, brand affinity, followers’ credibility, and more.

    Its simple and intuitive Trello-like interface allows you to organize them on boards and columns, with additional notes, labels, and comments, e.g., “is a vegan” or “difficult to work with.” 

    The tool also offers an in-app chat feature so you can chat with influencers without leaving the platform.

    Supported social media platforms:

    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • YouTube

    A complete solution that offers tracking and monitoring, analytics, and ROI tracking, which means you can truly do everything from one place for all your influencer campaigns.


    • Very affordable pricing
    • Easy-to-use interface (similar to Trello)
    • Advanced influencer search
    • The platform also allows influencers to find and apply to your campaigns
    • In-app chat to chat with influencers
    • Instagram and TikTok insights
    • Campaign tracking, analytics, and ROI tracking features
    • Great service and support
    • Knowledge base, forums, and online training/webinars available


    • Setting up campaign details can take a bit of time
    • Some features are only available for Instagram
    • Occasional bugs as it is a newer tool



    Upfluence is a leading platform that offers everything from influencer discovery, analysis, and recruitment to ongoing management, performance measurement, in-depth reporting, and payment automation.

    Upfluence has a vast influencer database spanning all types of influencers, from nano- and micro-influencers to celebrities, across a wide range of niches.

    Social media platforms supported include Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

    Its powerful search filters help you find the perfect creators for your needs, and the platform can identify organic influencers and potential brand ambassadors among your clients.

    Social listening features monitor niche-related hashtags and mentions, enriching your influencer strategies and helping you connect with organic brand advocates.

    Upfluence integrates seamlessly with your email marketing funnel, CRMs, PayPal, and Zapier. 

    It also integrates with top e-commerce platforms like Shopify , BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Adobe Commerce, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce brands.

    Upfluence Hopmepage


    • Comprehensive management platform, including payouts and product shipping
    • A huge database of vetted influencers of all sizes, from nano-influencers to celebrities
    • In-depth search filters and influencer audience analysis
    • Social listening and organic influencer discovery features
    • Create in-app discount codes
    • One-click shipping from within the app
    • Advanced analytics and reporting
    • Third-party integrations for email marketing, CRMs, PayPal, Zapier, and more
    • E-commerce integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce & Adobe Commerce
    • Affiliate management features


    • Initial set-up can be quite an involved process
    • The comprehensiveness of the features can be overwhelming for new users


    Pricing: Upfluence provides custom pricing and offers three different packages, ranging from a single-seat growth plan to a 25-seat enterprise plan.

    7. Traackr

    Traackr is one of the best-known platforms, and it started in the industry’s early days. 

    The platform features a comprehensive influencer database with a great set of search filters, robust management features, detailed reporting, and insightful analytics.

    Other features include audience analysis, visualization maps, social listening, and campaign tools.

    Influencer Management Tools - Screenshot of the Traackr homepageEven a quick read through of various Traackr reviews on third-party sites shows what people love the most about them!


    • Variety of influencer discovery and management tools
    • Comprehensive influencer database
    • Customer service
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Ease of use


    • It can sometimes take up to a day to process a bulk upload of influencers
    • Constant updates to the UI means that customers hardly get a chance to master it 

    Pricing: Traackr pricing is based on usage. With top clients like L’Oreal, Microsoft, and Samsung, it is not surprising that their starting package is $30,000.


    8. IZEA

    IZEA is a pioneer in the modern influencer industry. A wealth of experience and expertise backs its comprehensive solution.

    They describe their product as “Technology powered by an opt-in marketplace of content creators, influencers, and over eight years of real-life program data.”

    Influencer Management Tools - Screenshot of the Tapinfluence homepage

    The platform offers an influencer database for discovery and outreach, analytics, and a suite of campaign management tools. 

    The platform is free to join for influencers, who boast an average cash compensation of $763.50 per month.


    • A truly end-to-end product for influencer campaign management
    • Ease of use
    • Real-time reporting


    • A limited set of influencers in Asia and America
    • Pricing is out of reach for many smaller companies


    Pricing: pricing starts at $130/m with custom pricing offered for agencies and enterprise-level companies.


    Onalytica positions its platform as a technology partner to brands and agencies and is an established industry leader. 

    The company offers a mix of technology and teams dedicated to analytics, influencer activation, and customer success.

    Onalytica’s IRM tool is better suited for finding and managing influencers rather than creating and managing campaigns.

    Onalitica homepage


    • Powerful analytics
    • Large influencer database of over 700,000 members
    • Dedicated customer service


    • Campaign management is not a strong point
    • A large database leads to irrelevant influencers entering search results
    • Not the easiest to use, a lot of training is required to master the platform


    Pricing: For specific pricing, you’ll need to talk to Onalytica directly, but in general, the platform is a good fit for medium to large-sized companies.

    Looking for expert advice and managed influencer marketing services?

    Check out our detailed reviews of the best influencer marketing agencies to work with!

    More Top Tools and Platforms

    We know that creating your own social influencer network can become tedious, and a lack of centralized data and analytics could mean you are “flying blind” or losing out on valuable opportunities. 

    We also know that sometimes you might need more than one tool, so here are a few more for effective, optimized,  data-driven influencer marketing execution:

    Can Working with Influencers Help Your SEO?

    Yes, influencer marketing can help your website’s SEO. When large amounts of traffic are referred to your website from social platforms, that can help boost your search rankings on the pages where traffic is active. 

    If you get enough traffic from your influencer pages, you can see the rankings for your keywords move up on that page! Just make sure they are converting and not bouncing.

    The more traffic you gain via social media organically, the larger the audience you can begin retargeting ads with. This will help with optimizing your paid search ads (PPC) and paid social ads. 

    All user-generated content (such as blogs) and user engagement will only further help your overall search presence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is an Influencer CRM?

    An influencer CRM is a software that facilitates the ongoing communication and relationship with your group of influencers. It operates like a standard CRMs (customer relationship management software) with additional features to ensure you have everything you need to successfully carry out your influencer campaigns. Including communication, reporting, social media integration, and data enrichment. Take a peek at our review of the top influencer relationship management tools, to help you manage your influencers.

    What are the best influencer relationship management platforms?

    The top tools include Influencity, Traackr and TapInfluence. These tools will definitely help you strengthen and streamline your influencer marketing campaigns. To see the complete list of tools, including our comprehensive review on each platform, check out our full article.

    What is Influencer Relationship Management?

    It refers to the management and maintenance of influencer relationships between influencers and the content they create and draws inspiration mainly from Customer Relationship Management (CRM). IRM as a brand strategy, focuses on using influencers to boost sales and ultimately strengthen customer loyalty and trust. Have a look at our full and thorough review of the top influencer relationship management tools.


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