Learn the secrets of how to build and run a successful affiliate program from an industry veteran! This 6-day email course covers everything you need to know from recruiting great affiliates to managing and keeping them engaged. All Practical.

What You'll Learn

DAY 1 - Intro & Affiliate Management KPIs

We want to teach you how to harness the power of affiliate marketing to generate more sales and grow your business

We will start at the beginning;

– Why is affiliate marketing such an important channel?

– What are the metrics you should use when running an affiliate program

– What metrics your affiliates will use to evaluate your program

DAY 2 - The Best Affiliate Management Solutions

There are so many tools out there. While we recommend that you do research them yourself, in this lesson, we will cover the ones we have personally worked with, the highlights, pros, cons, pricing etc. As well as:

– What to look for when evaluating different solutions

– Our picks: the best affiliate tracking & management tools

DAY 3 - Setting up the Right Affiliate Commission

This is one of the most crucial things when first starting an affiliate program. Setting the commission too low will put off great partners, and setting it too high will forgo great profits.

So in this lesson we will:

– Explain the different methods for calculating your affiliate commission

– Give you tricks and tips to maximize the your profit while keeping your affiliates engaged

DAY 4 - 7 Ways to Recruit Great Affiliates

In this lesson, we will show you the best methods to find and recruit top affiliates for your program:

– The 7 methods to find great affiliates

– How to reach out to them

– Tricks & Tips

This is a lesson you don’t want to skip!

DAY 5 - Keeping Your Affiliates Engaged

Once you have recruited great affiliates, your job is to keep them happy and engaged. This is the key to a successful affiliate program.

We will cover:

– The type of emails to send your affiliates and when

– How often to interact with them

– Automation you can set up to increase performance

DAY 6 - Wrapping up

In our final lesson, will will highlight the key takeaways from this course and what to pay attention to when managing your affiliates.

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