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About us

Our Story

The era of “Mad Men” marketing is long gone, and while we still weave stories and tug at emotions, the landscape has undergone seismic changes.

Marketing technologies now empower us to handle millions of customer records, tailoring our interactions to each individual.

As marketers, we’ve become adept at navigating various digital platforms and understanding diverse audiences – how to reach them and how they respond.

Amidst the challenge of mastering new digital marketing concepts and tools, we pondered:

“Why not document our learning and create a space for marketers to exchange insights?”

Introducing P2P Marketing – our solution to help you navigate the maze of jargons, the myriad of marketing tools, and find help – whether an all-encompassing strategy marketing agency, or a software solution that solves a specific problem.

Recognizing the expanding scope of digital marketing and the increasing specialization of marketers, we bring in subject matter experts. After all, in this ever-evolving landscape, no one can claim to know it all.

P2P Marketing covers anything digital marketing:

  1. Up-to-date Marketing Guides: Access marketing and how-to guides covering a wide array of methods, channels, and strategies. Learn from case studies and access insights from the marketing experts implementing these topics daily in the real world.
  2. Agency Reviews: Explore reviews of marketing agencies and specialist services, from full-service digital marketing agencies to niche specialties.
  3. Marketing Software Reviews: Get insights on the best software tools and online platforms to manage and analyze your marketing efforts efficiently.
  4. Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights and practical advice from real marketing experts and industry leaders with hands-on experience.
  5. Email Courses: Enroll in step-by-step email courses designed to help you master specific marketing strategies with clear, simple, and practical lessons you can implement independently.

Our Review and Scoring Methodology

Our score is based on user satisfaction and user experience aggregated from the most credible review websites. 

We take the time to test out various marketing software solutions with our understanding of the specific business problems they are trying to solve. 

We also establish relationships with many of the agencies, so we get to talk to them before assessing them. 

Among the many components we take into account, the most prominent ones are: Negative vs. Positive reviews, semantic analysis of review content, software’s ease of use, agency’s credibility and existing clients, and the average of all the publicly available online reviews.

Who We Are

We’re an international team with collective experience of over 60 years in digital marketing.

We’ve successfully orchestrated multi-channel campaigns for fast-growing start-ups and for Fortune 10 giants.

We’ve handled substantial budgets, constructed robust business cases, and evaluated solutions to tackle specific business challenges.

We’ve engaged with large datasets and leveraged those insights to inform our marketing decisions. And we’ve learned how to
test those decisions to improve the outcomes continually.  

What unites us is a shared passion for continual learning and a firm belief that there is always a better approach to every task.

We aim to stand as an authoritative force in the digital marketing landscape, equipped with the expertise and dedication needed to empower individuals at every level of proficiency.

Our commitment is to deliver the latest trends and tools, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry.

We also provide comprehensive step-by-step guides for DIYers, and direct you to resources for those seeking specific expertise not available in-house, so you can easily find the right providers to meet your unique challenges.