5 Best Brand Ambassador Management Software in 2023 [Review]

What are the most challenging parts of running an ambassador or influencer program?

According to the 2019 Influencer Marketing Report: 36% of marketers stated that finding influencers to participate in campaigns and programs is the most challenging, while 24% chose “management of contracts and deadlines” as the most challenging.

Did you know that there are amazing solutions to overcoming these challenges?

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to Brand Ambassador Program Management Software and what they can do to help your marketing program take flight!

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    Quick Comparison: Top Brand Ambassador Management Software

    This is a quick comparison of the best ambassador management software to use:

    Best Brand Ambassador Software

    Key Features


    Our P2P Rating 


    • Manage relationships

    • Gamify engagement

    • Incentivise sales

    • Content creation & UGC library

    • Tracking links & discount codes

    • ROI tracking and in-depth analytics

    • Pricing on Request



    • Ambassador discovery tool

    • Ambassador tracking

    • Tracking, reporting and analytics

    • Integrations and API

    • Ambassador relationship management

    • Mobile app for ambassadors

    • Reward and pay-out management

    • Request a Demo for a Quotation



    • Tracking of up to 130 affiliate orders/m

    • Access to developer APIs

    • Create & track coupon codes

    • Custom reports

    • Data migration

    • Developer support

    • Free Trial: 14 Days

    • Pro: From$99/m

    • Enterprise: Custom



    • Unlimited ambassadors

    • Discount codes

    • Referral tracking links

    • Custom application forms

    • Email marketing

    • Free Trial: 30 Days

    • Starter: $49/m

    • Biz Builder: $59/m

    • Accelerator: $79/m


    AdvocateHub by Influitive

    • Ambassador management

    • Referral tracking

    • Gamification

    • Rewards program

    • Automation

    • Community management

    • Content library & templates

    • Tracking & Reporting

    • Customer Advocacy: From $1999/m

    • Digital Community:


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    What Does Brand Ambassador Management Software Offer?

    Most software and platforms offer similar features and operate within the same space, whether they call themselves ambassador marketing tools, affiliate marketing software, or referral marketing platforms.

    A good ambassador program management software should relieve you of time-consuming work, such as identifying, managing, and tracking ambassadors, while giving you excellent analytics and reports.

    Look for tools that cover the following:

    • An ambassador or influencer directory with detailed profiles
    • Multiple outreach channels
    • Omnichannel campaign management (from setup to reporting)
    • E-commerce integrations
    • Automation
    • Custom incentives or points tracking
    • Real-time dashboards and reporting
    • Coupons or gift cards
    • Contracts and payment management
    • Great customer support
    • Developer or technical support

    In Short, a Good Brand Ambassador Management Tool Will:

    Automate and take care of all the routine, time-consuming tasks, such as identifying, managing, and tracking ambassadors. It will also provide detailed analytics and reports to help you fine tune and optimize your ambassador program. 

    5 Best Brand Ambassador Management Software


    Brandbassador is an ambassador management platform combining elements of traditional affiliate marketing and influencer marketing to create one unique tool that does it all.  

    Brandbassador helps you discover ambassadors within your current customer base and search for well-matched ambassadors from their massive database of verified creators, using fine-grained filters.  

    You can work with an unlimited number of ambassadors at no additional cost, which is unique and a massive plus. The platform seamlessly integrates with all the major e-commerce platforms, like Shopify and WooCommerce, and you can incentivize ambassador-driven sales with unique discount codes and tracking links.

    Once you have your ambassadors onboard, Brandbassador gives you everything you need to manage them!

    Ambassador Management Software - Screenshot of the Brandbassador Homepage

    Time-saving automations allow you to streamline routine tasks and reports. You can assign and approve every piece of content. And you can create different ‘missions’ or activities for your ambassadors, which can be anything you need, from liking new content on your social pages to creating original content.

    You can also gamify your program, use dynamic rewards. The mobile app allows ambassadors to see new missions and track their own progress while on the go.

    Reports and analytics help you optimize your program using real-time reports, track program ROI, identify your top ambassadors, and even quantify your program’s social reach and engagement. 

    In addition to comprehensive ambassador discovery and management features, Brandbassador has a highly-rated support team that is quick to respond and provides excellent customer support from start to forever.

    All pricing is customized, and there is a free trial available.

    Website: brandbassador.com


    SocialLadder is an enterprise SaaS solution for creating, engaging, and tracking brand ambassador communities. Consumer focused brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Kendra Scott, goPuff & Live Nation all use SocialLadder to market through their customers and turn them into growth drivers, activating their community to create content and increase conversions. 

    SocialLadder’s brand ambassador management software allows you to streamline communication, assign digital and real-world tasks, monitor engagement, and reward successful ambassadors for helping to promote your brand. Your ambassadors are set up for success while allowing you to focus on the overall growth strategy, rather than spending time managing the day-to-day. 

    socialladder screenshot

    SocialLadder has the tools your brand needs to: 

    • Discover: Use machine learning to find customers in your CRM that are an ideal fit to become ambassadors 
    • Track: Target and assign tasks to ambassadors (digital, physical and conversion tracking)
    • Measure: ROI and unit economics of ambassador activity
    • Integrate: Robust API for sophisticated deployments 
    • Streamline: Task assignment, communication and ambassador onboarding
    • Engage: 100% mobile for ambassadors to keep your community engaged and accountable
    • Reward: Inventory and payment management built into the platform
    • Scale: Learns automatically from successful ambassadors to help find more 

    Website: http://www.socialladderapp.com


    “6% of marketers stated that finding influencers to participate in campaigns and programs is the most challenging”

    Influencer Marketing Hub



    Refersion is an affiliate marketing management and tracking program with over 589,000 registered affiliates and 16,000 merchants. What’s great about Refersion is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to set up and manage full influencer and affiliate campaigns, that integrate with your online store.

    Refersion- Referral Software

    Reversion integrates with top shopping cart platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Stripe, and BigCommerce among others, and they offer custom integrations on request.

    The basic tool starts at $89 per month with the following features included:

    • Tracking of up to 130 affiliate orders per month
    • Access to developer APIs
    • Coupon code creation and tracking
    • Custom reports
    • Data migration
    • Developer support

    Try their free 14-day trial to take it for a spin! 

    Website: refersion.com


    LeadDyno is a brand ambassador marketing software that offers influencer, ambassador, and affiliate marketing solutions. The platform integrates with online stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon Seller Central.

    A useful feature on this brand ambassador program management tool is the ability to create and track a variety of marketing activities for ambassadors in the program. These activities can include blog posts, social media content, product reviews, or custom activities to suit your campaign.

    LeadDyno front page

    The basic plan is $49 per month and offers the following features (for websites with up to 3000 unique visitors a month):

    • Unlimited brand ambassadors/affiliates
    • Discount codes
    • Referral tracking links
    • Custom application forms
    • Email marketing

    Website: leaddyno.com

    5.Influitive’s AdvocateHub

    AdvocateHub by Influitive is a leading engagement and advocacy tool that offers “on-demand” advocates. If you’re looking for personalized, gamified programs to turn customers into advocates, Advocate Hub should definitely be on your list.

    You can create interactive games and challenges that keep brand advocates busy and engaged, recognize and reward them, track and monitor performance, and create in-depth reports all on one platform. They have really mastered the community experience with features like single sign-on, mobile apps, and instant gratification.

    influitive screenshot

    AdvocateHub integrates with leading marketing automation software such as Salesforce, Eloqua, and Hubspot, as well as all major social platforms and product review sites.

    Pricing for their plans is available on request, but you can expect the following features:

    • Automation
    • Advocate management
    • Community management
    • Campaign content library with customizable, pre-built templates
    • Gamification
    • Referral tracking
    • Rewards program
    • Dashboards and customizable reports
    • ROI Tracking

    Website: influitive.com


    As marketers, we know that word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly valuable and rewarding – particularly for long-term brand advocacy. A brand ambassador program creates a pipeline of loyal customers and influencers who could be nurtured into becoming true ambassadors through profiling, engaging, tracking and rewarding their online activity in a structured and measurable manner.

    But, managing all of this can become a time-consuming and convoluted process if done manually (we’ve all started with a spreadsheet!). Not to mention inaccurate over time. This is why brand ambassador marketing tools are so important to the sustainability of your program.

    Our advice when it comes to choosing the right tool is to:

    1. Look at your current ambassador program and objectives, highlight the areas where you need help the most, and assign a budget range for your tool.
    2. Consult the list above to compare your needs to the features offered by these tools, as well as the price range.
    3. Take the time to experience their free trials.
    4. Book demos with each of their sales teams as this will give you the best view of the interfaces and features. Don’t forget to ask questions!
    5. Read customer reviews and ratings.
    6. Check if they offer training and what their customer support hours are.
    7. Read the cancellation or contract termination terms and conditions before you sign on, so that you are aware of what the costs are should you be unhappy with the software.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is a Brand Ambassador?

    A brand ambassador is someone who represents the brand in a positive light, and by doing so helps increase brand awareness. More on brand ambassadors in the complete article.

    What does Brand Ambassador Management Software offer?

    A good ambassador program management software should relieve you of time-consuming work, such as identifying, managing, and tracking ambassadors, while giving you excellent analytics and reports. Read the complete guide for more details.

    What is a brand ambassador program?

    A brand ambassador program is a marketing campaign that puts the brand's message in the hands of ambassadors with a certain goal in mind, such as improving your sales, brand recall or recognition. Read the complete guide for more details.