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12 Best Crypto Marketing Agencies in 2024 [North America & UK Full Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 22 minute read Marketing Agencies

The global crypto market is worth over $4.67 billion and is projected to expand at an impressive 12.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2024 and 2030.

As in any highly competitive niche, the answer is marketing. Crypto marketing, to be specific.

Crypto marketing is quite different from marketing in other niches. It requires in-depth knowledge of the crypto market and its unique audience, so you need a great crypto marketing agency!

We have selected all the best agencies specializing in crypto, blockchain, and NFT marketing to bring you this detailed review of the best crypto marketing agencies in the US and UK. 

Let’s get straight to it!

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    What is Crypto Marketing?

    Crypto marketing refers to the marketing strategies and channels used to promote crypto projects, while overcoming the unique challenges of the highly competitive and dynamic crypto market. 

    To be successful in the crypto space, you need marketing that is tailored to your needs and speaks directly to your unique challenges.

    As such, crypto marketing differs from marketing in other niches in several ways:

    • The crypto industry is highly technical and rapidly evolving, which means marketing efforts must cater to a tech-savvy audience and stay abreast of the latest developments.
    • Trust and security are paramount in crypto marketing due to the industry’s prevalence of scams and hacks, requiring a strong emphasis on transparency and credibility.
    • Crypto marketing relies heavily on online communities and social media, leveraging platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Steemit, and Quora for communication and engagement.
    • Community-driven initiatives and influencer marketing play a significant role in shaping the industry’s narrative and driving user adoption.

    What About NFT Marketing? Where Do NFT Projects Fit Into Crypto Marketing?

    Because of the close relationship between NFTs and crypto, most agencies in this space offer marketing services for both.

    An NFT (non-fungible token) is a data unit that can be sold or traded. NFTs are typically images, videos, digital products, and audio files.

    NFTs often rely on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to exist because they are developed from the same programming. When trading NFTs, you’ll notice they’re always powered by a cryptocurrency.

    So, if you’re looking for a great NFT marketing agency, most of the agencies in this review can help your NFT project succeed!

    Check out this short video by CryptoNaNi:

    12 Best Crypto Marketing Agencies in the US & UK

    1.Omni Agency

    Omni Crypto Marketing Agency Logo

    Omni Agency

    Toronto, Canada

    Our Score




    Founded: 2020

     Location: Toronto, Canada

     Number of Employees: 12


    • Strategy Planning
    • Community Building
    • Social Media Management
    • Guerrilla Marketing
    • Web3 Native Advertising


    • InterPop
    • Bollyverse
    • Mara
    • Raiinmaker
    • Script Network
    • Artfi


    Omni Agency is a leading Web3 marketing agency specializing in Web3 strategy and community building. Omni takes a highly personalized approach to client relationships to guide forward a strategy that solves for business success.

    Omni Agency is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an agency to provide bespoke, strategic, and outcome-focused services, along with full transparency and high-touch customer service.

    Omni Agency is a leading Web3 marketing agency specializing in Web3 strategy and community building.

    Omni Agency’s small team of experts is selective when it comes to the projects they take on, which allows them to really engage with each project and provide exceptional service to their clients.

    They’re ‘on a mission to build the next Web3 unicorn’, and as a full-stack agency, they provide all the expert services to do it.

    They take a strategic approach that begins with developing a comprehensive NFT marketing strategy based on defining a benchmarked of success for that specific project, understanding the customer journey from end to end, and identifying the best channels to use.

    Omni Agency aims to achieve the highest possible client win/loss ratio, and once they have a strategic game plan for the project, they execute it from end to end.

    Omni Agency has an excellent track record, working with some of the most successful brands in the business, and has consistently been recognized as a top-rated agency.

    Crypto Marketing Agency - Screenshot of the Omni Agency Homepage




    Manhattan, New York City, USA 15

    Our Score




    Founded: 2018

    Location: Manhattan, New York City, USA

    Number of employees: 15


    • SEO
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Discord Monetization
    • NFT PR
    • Influencer Marketing


    • eToro
    • Cosmos
    • CoinStats
    • ShapeShift


    Coinbound offers a great range of brand-to-consumer engagement services. They also provide influencer marketing expertise which is ideal for any NFT and crypto business looking got secure consumer trust and raise brand awareness.

    Coinbound is all about making businesses go viral through NFT marketing and promotion. This crypto and NFT marketing agency have a small but experienced team of experts to deliver core services for NFT marketing.

    You can depend on Coinbound for the top NFT influencers on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more to maximize brand awareness for your business. 


    3.Crypto Media Hub

    Crypto Media Hub Logo

    Crypto Media Hub

    New York City, USA 10

    Our Score




    Founded: 2015

    Location: New York City, USA

    Number of employees: 10


    • Branding
    • Investor Strategy
    • Fundraising 
    • PR
    • Business Development 
    • Multimedia Production


    • SmartFi
    • Komodo
    • Tokenly
    • Nexus


    This agency can support your investor and fundraising efforts. These services are ideal for small companies looking for rapid growth. You can also benefit from branding.

    Prepared to help businesses source and secure investors and further develop their brand, Crypto Media Hub is an ideal solution for small companies. This agency will handle your PR tactics, produce and promote content for your NFT project and implement your branding. 


    Crypto Media Hub




    London, UK & Global

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: London; New York; Dubai; Vilnius; Hong Kong; and Singapore

    Number of employees: 51 – 200


    • Social Media
    • SEO
    • Paid Media
    • Paid Social
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Video Production
    • Video Marketing
    • Branding
    • Community Management
    • Blockchain Development
    • Website Development
    • Web Design
    • Mobile App Development
    • Mobile App Design


    • Bitcoin
    • Dash
    • Polkadot
    • IQONIQ
    • BankSocial
    • BitForex
    • DECENT
    • IronFX
    • Paypolitan
    • OKEX
    • Bull Perks
    • ProBit
    • Fantom
    • Hycon
    • Huobi
    • Hello Pal


    NinjaPromo is a global, full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in crypto and blockchain, FinTech, SaaS, gaming, and B2B marketing.

    NinjaPromo offers a full suite of services to cover all your marketing needs from end to end and has extensive experience working with some of the most successful brands in blockchain, such as Bitcoin and OKEX.

    As such, NinjaPromo is a leading choice for any crypto or blockchain brand, be it a start-up or an established brand looking to grow in a highly competitive and dynamic space.

    NinjaPromo is a leading, full-service digital marketing agency with a global footprint. It specializes in crypto and blockchain marketing, as well as FinTech, software/SaaS, i-gaming, and B2B marketing.

    As a full-service agency, NinjaPromo offers everything you need to promote your crypto brand across multiple channels.

    Services include social media, paid media, PR, influencer marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. NinjaPromo also offers creative services (including video production), as well as expert web and app design and development.

    For crypto marketing in particular, NinjaPromo is one of the most experienced agencies, having worked with numerous successful crypto and blockchain brands.

    They work with clients of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to global brands. NinjaPromo’s global footprint is an added advantage for crypto brands operating across multiple regions.

    NinjaPromo takes a holistic and performance-focused approach, developing customized marketing plans and strategies to achieve real, measurable results for their clients.

    They have extensive experience working with clients in the crypto space, and they’re skilled at creating agile marketing plans that can adapt quickly to changes in the highly competitive and fast-paced industry.

    Screenshot of the NinjaPromo Crypto Marketing Agency Homepage


    Bitmedia Crypto Marketing Agency Logo


    London, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2014

    Location: London, UK

    Number of Employees: 100


    • Full-service Cryptocurrency Marketing
    • Crypto Advertising Platform
    • Banner Ads (text, image, responsive, & HTML5 ads)
    • Creative Services
    • Content Writing
    • Press Releases
    • Content Distribution
    • Influencer Marketing on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Telegram, and Twitch


    • Gala Games
    • BC.GAME
    • The Sandbox
    • Decentral Games
    • EXMO
    • Dex-Trade


    Bitmedia is a full-service crypto and NFT marketing agency and a dedicated crypto ad platform. Its team has extensive experience and can fulfill your marketing needs, from A-Z.

    Bitmedia’s services include everything from launching display ad campaigns, to creative services, press releases, content distribution, and crypto and NFT influencer marketing.

    No matter what your goals are, Bitmedia has the expertise and the experience to help you achieve them.

    Bitmedia was established in 2014 by a group of digital marketing experts with a passion for crypto. It is now a full-service marketing agency and offers a specialized crypto ad marketplace.

    Its team of experienced experts can take care of all your marketing, from A to Z. This includes everything from paid ad campaigns, to creative services, press releases, content distribution, and influencer marketing.

    Bitmedia’s specialized marketplace for crypto ads matches advertisers and relevant publishers for more effective paid ad campaigns. The platform is comprehensive but still simple to use, and ads are highly customizable, allowing you to customize your targeting, timing, creative content, and budget from one place.

    Ad formats include text ads, responsive ads, image ads, and HTML5 ads. The platform also offers features for tracking and reporting to monitor your campaigns.

    All-in-all, Bitmedia offers a robust set of services, from a DIY, paid ad platform to managed services for all aspects of crypto and NFT marketing.

    Screenshot of the Bitmedia Crypto Marketing Agency Homepage



    Edinburgh, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: Edinburgh, UK

    Number of employees: 15


    • PR
    • Digital Advertising
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Fundraising
    • Content Production
    • Investor Relations
    • Business Development


    • BankEx
    • NagaCoin
    • Crypto Ping
    • Crypviser


    Byzantium can help your business from the beginning stages of crypto and NFT marketing until you’ve reached your desired results. Whether you’re a new business or you want to expand your business, this agency offers the full package. If you’re looking for the best crypto marketing agency in the UK, Byzantium is well worth checking out.

    If you’re looking for an NFT agency in the UK that can help you from the start of your NFT project to the finish, Byzantium is your best bet. This agency offers support for sourcing NFT project investors, maintaining them, developing your NFT project, and nurturing your public image. Byzantium provides a long list of marketing services. You can also rely on this agency for technical and creative input for any NFT and crypto project.

    byzantium homepage

    7.Bitcoin Marketing Team

    BMT Logo

    Bitcoin Marketing Team

    Dublin,UK 10

    Our Score




    Founded: 2014

    Location: Dublin, UK

    Number of employees: 10


    • Website Optimization
    • Analytics and Data
    • Crypto Recruitment
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Marketing
    • PR
    • Email Marketing


    • Bitcoin Play
    • Aventus
    • Coin Mate
    • LocalCoinSwap


    Bitcoin Marketing Team is an end-to-end solution for businesses in crypto and NFT marketing. From the analytics and data available, you can understand your target market more clearly and personalise your NFT marketing strategy and service delivery.

    As one of Europe’s oldest and best crypto marketing agencies, Bitcoin Marketing Team has a wide range of services and renowned clients. Besides developing a foolproof NFT marketing strategy for your brand, this agency will ensure it goes viral, and you achieve your desired key performance indicators (KPIs). Another excellent aspect of this agency is they provide detailed analytics to guide your NFT marketing strategy.


    8.Blockchain PR

    Blockchain PR Logo

    Blockchain PR

    California, USA 10

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: California, USA

    Number of employees: 10


    • Social Media Marketing
    • PR
    • Design
    • Ideation
    • Growth Strategy


    • BitFinance
    • Wings
    • Nem


    Blockchain offers ideation services, which are innovative and a great addition to your creative process. If you want to focus on streamlining your creative strategy and have your business stand out from the crowd, this is likely the best crypto marketing agency for you.

    This agency offers creative services. Blockchain PR will guide you through a robust and tailored creative process while optimizing your workflow and growth efforts. This agency will also use innovative design elements to make your NFT project unique. 

    Blockchain PR_ crypto marketing agencies

    9.Paragon PR


    Paragon PR

    New Jersey, USA 18

    Our Score




    Founded: 2012

    Location: New Jersey, USA

    Number of employees: 18



    • Baton
    • CanDeal
    • Chainanalysis
    • Siepe


    You can benefit from growth hacking, thought leadership, and branding services. What makes Paragon PR different from it’s competitors is that they offer sales support to maximise your bottom line.

    Paragon PR is very similar to Melrose PR. Yet, this crypto and NFT marketing agency also include sales support in their service delivery. This entails competitive positioning, a sales toolkit tailored to your business and they’ll advise you on and host promotions for your brand. 

    Paragon_crypto marketing agencies




    Florida, USA 28

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: Florida, USA

    Number of employees: 28


    • NFT Consulting and Promoting
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Blockchain Consulting
    • Web Development 
    • De-fi Creation


    • Starly
    • NewsCrypto
    • Locklet
    • ABCC


    De-fi creation and NFT and Blockchain consulting are ideal services for every business. New businesses in the NFT and crypto space can also benefit from the consulting services to understand how to achieve success in this space.

    ICODA doesn’t focus a lot on the PR and brand engagement aspect of a crypto or NFT project but on the actual project itself. If you have an idea but no knowledge, resources, or infrastructure to bring that project to life, this is the NFT agency you go to. ICODA can advise you on the best blockchain trends and strategies for your business and help you develop NFTs that sell. 

    Icoda_crypto marketing agencies




    Prestwich, UK 15

    Our Score




    Founded: 2013

    Location: Prestwich, UK

    Number of employees: 15


    • Market Research
    • Digital Production
    • Brand Partnerships
    • Email Marketing
    • Website Development and Design
    • Website Security


    • Beauty Bay
    • Expedia
    • Funding Circle
    • Peli


    This agency can help you develop an optimized website driven toward conversions and establish valuable partnerships. If you’ve just started your business and want a clearer idea of the market and your target audience, FireCask can help you.

    FireCask has been in the NFT and crypto game for some time and has developed an impressive portfolio because of that. Not only does this NFT agency offer everything you need to design, develop and market NFTs in the crypto space, but there are other vital service offerings too. For example, FireCask can help you design, develop, maintain and secure your website while managing your PR and social media tactics. 

    FireCask_crypto marketing agencies

    12.Lunar Strategy

    Lunar Strategy__Logo

    Luna Strategy

    Lisbon, UK 16

    Our Score




    Founded: 2019

    Location: Lisbon, UK

    Number of employees: 16



    • Game Starter
    • Dark Frontiers
    • PixelPix
    • Nobility Token


    This NFT agency is a great solution for businesses involved in metaverse marketing and gaming. The community marketing services will make it possible for your brand to grow a loyal and invested consumer base that interact with one another and promote your business.

    Lunar Strategy is a well-known in NFT advertising and considered the crypto marketing agency in the UK with clients in the gaming industry. This agency has worked with tonnes of metaverses. If your business wants to get into metaverse marketing, this is the agency for you. You can also depend on Lunar Strategy for PR and brand engagement and communications. 

    Lunar Strategy

    How to Choose the Right Crypto Marketing Agency to Use for Your Project

    Choosing the right crypto marketing agency requires a thorough evaluation of their expertise, reputation, services, and the agency’s alignment with your project’s goals and values.

    Here are some key things to consider when you’re choosing the best agency for your crypto project:  

    • Expertise in Crypto Marketing: Evaluate the agency’s expertise in the crypto industry, including their understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the latest market trends.
    • Reputation: Research the agency’s reputation and track record by looking at client testimonials, reviews, and case studies.
    • Transparency: Choose an agency that is upfront about costs, timelines, reporting, and how they will communicate with you.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the agency understands and complies with the legal and regulatory requirements in the crypto space, which can vary significantly by region.
    • Crypto Marketing Services Offered: At a minimum, the agency should offer social media management, public relations, community engagement, influencer partnerships, and paid advertising.
    • Crypto Industry Connections: Check if the agency has established connections with key players in the crypto industry, including exchanges, influencers, and media outlets.
    • How They Measure Their Results: Discuss the agency’s approach to measuring success and ROI. Ensure they track relevant metrics like user acquisition, engagement, and conversions.
    • Communication and Collaboration: Assess their responsiveness and willingness to collaborate closely with your team, as effective teamwork is crucial in crypto marketing.
    • Data Security: Discuss data security measures and privacy practices, especially when handling sensitive information related to your crypto project.
    • Contracts and Terms: Carefully review the agency’s contracts, terms, and any potential exit strategies to protect your interests.
    • The X Factor: Your agency is going to be a huge part of your journey with this crypto project, and it’s important that you choose people you can work with long-term. Speak to a few agencies before you commit, and choose one that aligns with your values and your company culture.

    Wrapping Up

    Choosing a crypto and NFT marketing agency is difficult, but take your time and carefully review your options. Many of the agencies on this list also provide free consultations. This is an excellent way to determine how the agency can help you and which NFT marketing services they offer without spending a dime. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a crypto marketing agency?

    A crypto marketing agency helps small and large businesses in the NFT, crypto, and blockchain spaces. These agencies offer NFT marketing services like social media marketing, business development, PR, and growth hacking to skyrocket these businesses. Read this article to find out how to choose the best crypto marketing agencies and which are the best in the UK and North America.

    How to choose an NFT agency?

    When choosing an NFT agency, there are various factors to consider. These factors include how much the agency charges, which clients they've worked with, and what level of PR, business development, and content production services they offer. This article has the top factors to evaluate a crypto and NFT marketing agency and the best agencies in the UK and North America.

    Why should I get a crypto marketing agency?

    You should get a crypto marketing agency to help you grow your business, reach new consumers and develop NFTs that customers want to buy. These agencies have seasoned professionals and offer the perfect services to help your business achieve this. Read this article for the top crypto marketing agencies and how to choose the best one for your business.


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