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NFT Marketing: 9 Powerful Marketing Hacks in 2024 for Maximum Sales [+Examples ]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 23 minute read Marketing Guides

With over 80,000 Ethereum Blockchain NFT collections, it’s hard to compete against all this competition and drive attention to your NFT creations. A report by NonFungible confirms that NFT sales increased by 21000% between 2020 and 2021, giving us more than enough reason to believe this market is only going to expand.

To get ahead of your competition and secure a share in NFT sales, you need innovative NFT marketing strategies that engage your audience and take advantage of the impressive leaps of technology the NFT space offers. But it’s a lot easier said than done, and if you’re not super familiar with NFTs and NFT marketing, it can be 10x more challenging.

While you can bring in an NFT marketing agency, this isn’t an affordable option. And there’s a lot you need to consider to choose the best agency for your brand. 

We can eliminate all this hassle for you and give you the know-how and tools you need to create NFT art and successfully market your collections. We’ll cover the best and proven NFT marketing strategies, a concise step-by-step guide on creating NFT art, and a guide on how and where to sell your NFTs.

Are you ready to learn everything you need to rise above your competition in the NFT environment and sell your art for a truckload of cash? 

Let’s get started! 

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    How to Create NFT Art?

    Creating an NFT art is not an easy or quick task and requires a lot of creativity and technical knowledge of NFTs. Luckily, we can break this process down for you whether you know a bit about NFTs or are new to this environment.

    To create an NFT art, follow these steps:

    1.Research and find an NFT Marketplace

    You can do this through a simple Google search. Review NFT marketplaces and find the best one for you.

    When evaluating NFT marketplaces, there are two types you can choose, and these are:

    1. Curated NFT platforms. These platforms only work with credible and authorized artists to create and mint NFT art. Because of this, you’ll notice these platforms only have high-quality NFT projects. Curated platforms have much higher transaction fees for NFT artists. You don’t get much flexibility in the royalties you receive either.  Some examples of curated NFT platforms include Larva Labs, NBA Top Shot and SuperRare
    2. Self-service NFT platforms. Anybody can create and mint NFTs on these platforms, so there may be more low-quality work. You can choose your royalty percentages. Be aware that there are many fraudsters and imitators on marketplaces like this. A few examples of self-service platforms are NiftyGateway and MakersPlace
    NFT marketplaces

    2.Set Up a Digital Wallet

    Digital wallets store NFT transactions and cryptocurrencies (an essential part of selling NFTs). The Ethereum blockchain powers NFTs, so it would be great if you had Ether. 

    Regardless of what digital wallet you use, choose one compatible with your blockchain. Popular solutions for digital wallets include Coinbase, which has its own wallet. You can use Coinbase wallet as a Chrome extension or app, and it’s pretty simple to set up. Other solutions include Metamask, which supports Ethereum-based platforms like OpenSea and Foundation. You can also get Chrome extensions and apps for these solutions. 

    Set your wallet up once you’ve chosen an ideal solution for you. You’ll need a username and password to register your digital wallet. Users must also determine a 12-word seed phrase. Secure this phrase, and don’t forget it.

    Take measures to secure this phrase. You can’t access your crypto or NFTs in your wallet. Your digital wallet provider can’t help you with this. Some experts specialize in recovering lost passwords, but this costs an arm and a leg, and it’s not guaranteed. Make hard and digital copies of your password and store them. You’ll need this phrase to recover your wallet or use it on a new device.

    Here are some of the best digital wallets to give an idea of where to start:

    1. Math WalletThis digital wallet supports more than 70 blockchains and has a desktop and mobile app. There’s also a web browser, allowing users to access NFT marketplaces to buy and sell NFT art.
    2. MetamaskNFT buyers and creators often use Metamask because it provides easy access to NFT marketplaces. You can use also multiple addresses to buy and sell your NFTs separate from your crypto.
    3. CoinbaseYou can use Coinbases non-custodial wallet for NFTs and various other tokens. Plus, it’s easy to transfer crypto between wallets as Coinbase only requires usernames not addresses.
    4. Trust WalletTrust wallet is a popular choice among NFT buyers and sellers on mobile. You can’t do NFT transfers with Trust Wallet, but this platform makes it easy to store and handle all your assets. There are also ample third-party integrations.
    5. EnjinYou can use Enjin to hold and transfer NFTs. There’s also a marketplace to trade NFT assets where you’d have to use Enjin’s native tokens. But what really makes Enjin stand out from other digital wallets is how responsive and helpful the customer service is.

    3.Connect Your Wallet

    After creating your digital wallet, you need to connect it to your chosen marketplace from step one. This process is often quick and simple. Most platforms have a button allowing you to do this. If you’re using the web extensions, you’ll get a pop-up notification requesting to connect your wallet and showing you how.

    Some platforms allow users to scan a QR code to set up their wallets. Be cautious when you receive pop-ups to connect your wallet randomly. Scammers use this tactic to gain access to your digital wallet. Using a reputable platform will prevent this from happening. 

    4.Start With a Collection

    Before creating your first NFT art, start a collection. Like connecting your wallet, many NFT marketplace platforms make this easy. You’ll need to name your collection and add a description of it. Include any key selling points. 

    5.Create Your NFT Tokens

    It’s time to start the fun parts and create your NFT art. You can find this option on the dashboard or menu of the platform you chose in step one. Next, upload the metadata you’ll use for your NFT tokens like a visual or audio file or a 3D file. You can name your NFT artwork after this. 

    NFT examples

    You can create two types of NFT tokens which include:

    1. A stand-alone token. These tokens are more valuable as you can only develop one copy. 
    2. Edition tokens.  Create as many artworks as you prefer and use the word edition to differentiate each copy. 

    After deciding which tokens you want to create, you can create your NFT art and add properties. Properties include the data created, category, and any other factor buyers can use to filter your artwork.

    Now you can click the “Create” button and pay the required gas fees. Gas fees range between $10 and $200. Before your NFT art goes live, choose how your royalties. But remember, some platforms would already have given you a fixed percentage of royalties to receive.

    6.List and Promote Your NFT Art

    When you list your NFT you can choose to sell it at a set price or have an auction. You’d need to have paid the gas fees before this. 

    To gain maximum traction for your NFT art, promote it using the best NFT marketing strategies we’ve provided below. 

    Summary: How to Create NFT Art?

    1. Research and find an NFT marketplace
    2. Set up a digital wallet
    3. Connect your wallet
    4. Start with a collection
    5. Create your NFT tokens
    6. List and promote your NFT art

    How and Where are NFTs are Sold

    Creators sell NFT art on NFT marketplaces such as the self-service and curated NFT platforms we discussed. The most popular NFT marketplaces include OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, MakersPlace, Mintable, and Decentraland. 

    You need to have registered an account and set up and connect a digital wallet (as explained above) before you can sell your NFTs on these platforms. There aren’t restrictions on how many NFT marketplaces you can use. However, you’ll pay gas fees every time you create and list an NFT on a marketplace.

    Creators sell NFTs in two ways. 

    Buyers Bid for NFTs

    You can choose to host an auction for your NFTs and have the highest bidder purchase your artwork. There’s no price cap on what you can earn, so auctions can help you gain impressive profits. 

    As some brands have made over $6.6 million selling one NFT artwork, auctioning your NFTs can work in your favor. You need to invest a lot of marketing and money to deliver a high-quality NFT.

    If you choose to auction a low-level NFT artwork, you risk making a loss. But you’ll find out how much your NFTs are worth. 

    You Sell Your NFT Art at a Fixed Price

    You can set a fixed for your NFT art and promote it to your audience. This is a safer and technically easier option. If you’re new to NFTs, start with this approach. If you struggle to sell your NFT art, you’ll have the opportunity to reconsider your pricing. 

    Summary: How and Where are NFTs are Sold

    NFT creators sell NFT art on dedicated marketplaces. You can choose to sell your NFT art at a fixed price or allow buyers to bid through an auction.

    9 Best NFT Marketing Strategies + Examples 

    1.Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is a common NFT marketing strategy because of how well influencers persuade buyers. Although the NFT market is booming, it’s fairly new, with only 20% of people in the US familiar with them. Influencers are your best bet for educating your audience on NFTs (which will help your conversions). 

    You can use influencers in the gaming industry or YouTube and Twitch influencers to promote your NFTs. For the perfect influencer for your NFT marketing strategy, consider:

    • The influencer’s following and engagement rates.
    • Whether the influencer has promoted products or brands like yours before.
    • How well the influencer understands the NFT industry. You can find NFT influencers, specifically, who only promote information and digital products in this space.
    • The quality of the influencer’s content.
    • If the influencer is active on platforms your target buyers are active on.

    If you need help finding the best influencer for your NFT marketing strategy, influencer marketing research tools can help you. 

    An example of influencer marketing for NFTs is a YouTube video by Giancarlo that buys tokens. In this video, this influencer reviews the top four upcoming NFT games, mentioning what NFT gaming fans can expect and why these games are worth buying.

    You can watch this video here:

    Source: Giancarlo buys tokens

    While this example of influencer marketing for NFTs isn’t only providing exposure for one brand, it can still give your NFT a boost. A video like this excites fans for an NFT before it’s launched, making it easier to convert your buyers post-launch. 

    Influencer Marketing for NFT Marketing Case Study

    SOLDOUTNFTS, an NFT marketing agency used the power of influencer marketing to help their client quickly achieve their growth hacking goals. This client had tried pretty much everything from Facebook ads to Google ads. SOLDOUTNFTS used their network of accomplished influencers in the NFT space to drive qualified traffic, helping their client gain traction.

    The results from influencer marketing for NFTs was significant, with the engagement rates increasing by just over double of what they were.

    2.Build and Nurture a Community

    Community marketing is another essential component of successful NFT marketing. Because not close to half of Americans are familiar with NFTs, developing and growing a community can help you connect NFT buyers. Community marketing for NFT projects has benefits like:

    • Your community members can share information and advice.
    • When you develop a community, you have a higher chance of converting loyal customers into brand advocates. 
    • Your audience will support each other, leaving you with less work.
    • You can give your audience a voice as not all of them may review your NFTs or provide feedback on their experience with your brand.

    To develop a community for your NFT buyers, you can do this on social platforms like Discord, Twitch, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, or Reddit

    Examples of NFT communities are endless. Let’s look at a successful example of this by OpenSea. 

    OpenSea NFT Community

    OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplace platforms for creating, buying, selling, and auctioning NFTs. NFT audiences can find NFTs in music, sports, photography, trading cards, and more. You can review the most trending NFTs available on this marketplace via their website.

    To centralize their fans, OpenSea has a Discord community. Their #News channel provides the latest trends and updates for NFTs. The #Community channel allows members to interact and share NFT news and strategies. OpenSea’s Discord also has a #Self-promotion channel, allowing NFT creators to speak about their work. 

    OpenSea for NFT marketing
    Source: mrhackerio

    Community Marketing for NFT Marketing Case Study

    When Nike launched digital sneakers as NFTs called ‘CryptoKicks’. A year later Nike bought a company, RTFKT and released the first set of 20,000 sneakers from this collaboration. The most of expensive of these CryptoKicks has sold for $130,000. When this release first hit the media, buyers bought pairs of virtual sneakers for between $5000 and $9000.

    But why would people be so willing to spend such large amounts of sneakers they can’t physically wear?

    That’s because of how well Nike has targeted, developed and nurtured their community of sneaker fans worldwide. Nike is one of the biggest sneaker brands globally who by 2017, had over 100 million loyal customers. These loyal customers spent more than three times what the average buyer spent.

    Over the years Nike has made all sorts of efforts to strengthen their community. For starters, they have a dedicated app for Nike members, they host global meetups and Nike also hosts contests, getting everybody involved in how they design their sneakers.

    3.Implement SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable way to market your NFT project. Learn SEO basics or ask an NFT marketing agency to help you with this approach. 

    SEO for NFT marketing allows search engines to find your NFTs when users search for related keywords. This tactic also works for social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

    How you decide to use SEO depends on where and how you market your NFT. The best and easiest way to do this is by creating a website with a dedicated page for your NFT art. Think about this as a product page for your NFTs. You can use on-page and off-page SEO best practices.

    If all else fails and you don’t want to bring in an NFT marketing agency, consider asking an SEO expert for help. 

    SEO for NFT Marketing Example

    A great example of how an NFT collection successfully used SEO for NFTs is the LaCollection. When users search the term “NFT Collection” (which is pretty broad), they’ll find LaCollection as the first NFT collection on the second page of Google’s search engine results. Considering “NFT Collection” is a widely searched term, this is quite impressive. Also, remember, the first articles that would pop up are guides like this one. So, ranking first on Google’s second page results is SEO done well.

    4.Research and Pick the Best NFTs Platforms

    So we recently mentioned OpenSea, one of the biggest and most popular NFT marketplaces. Look for NFT platforms like this to promote and sell your NFT art. NFT collectors go to these sites specifically to look for NFT art, putting your work right in the forefront of potential buyers.

    You can use as many NFT platforms as you’d like to promote and sell your NFT art. When evaluating NFT platforms, look at factors like:

    • How reputable the website is.
    • Whether the website has a successful track record of selling NFT art.
    • How easy the platform is to navigate.

    Because we’ve already looked at OpenSea as an NFT marketplace, we’ll receive a different example – Rarible. 

    NFT Platforms for NFT Marketing Example

    Rarible has NFT art in just about every category. Users can easily search for a collection, item, or user via a search bar on the homepage.

    Members on Rarible can also find an activity log of what other users are buying. You can find a community on this website where members can find roadmaps, blog articles and connect with other users on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and Instagram.

    Rarible for NFT marketing

    To get started on Rarible, you can create a free account. After creating your account and verifying your email address, you can start promoting and selling your NFTs. 

    5.Discord Marketing

    Discord is a term that’s come up a lot so far because it’s a popular social platform for NFT buyers, collectors, and creators. And that’s why it’s an excellent idea to leverage Discord. 

    Whether you choose to have a community on Reddit or YouTube, you should undoubtedly have an NFT Discord channel. Many NFT Discord servers have thousands of members, and you can achieve this for your brand by using these tips:

    1. Use a welcome message: Create a warm and exciting message to welcome your server members. Give your audience a brief idea about your project and your NFT marketing team. Your welcome message goes at the top of your Discord server template. Some NFT servers use a bot that sends automated messages to users for this. 
    2. Create and enforce community rules: Community rules for your Discord channel are vital to ensure you maintain a safe space for your users. Put your community rules in a pinned message and monitor your servers’ channels to ensure users follow these rules. 
    3. Maintain the general chat: Like creating Discord rules for your community, you need to maintain your server’s general chat to ensure users respect each other. You can answer users’ questions too and grow the interaction among your users. 
    4. Create an FAQ channel: Your server members will have a lot of questions about your NFT project and what to expect. Create an FAQ channel to give information about your team, your launch date, and where to get more information. Think of any more questions your members may ask and include answers. 
    5. Create a channel explaining how to mint and buy your NFTs: You may have many NFT beginners wanting to get in on your NFT art. Create guides explaining how users can mint and buy your NFTs post-launch. 
    6. Collaborate with other communities: You’ll find many more NFT servers besides yours on Discord, and it’s an excellent idea to connect with them. Doing this will help you secure relationships in this space while exposing your project to more interested collectors, creatives and buyers.
    7. Expand your data on target audience demographics: Evaluating the data on community members in your server will help you gather more valuable data on your target buyers. Discord can let you know where your members are located, allowing you to better target your NFT marketing tactics. Also, pay attention to Discord data like your retention rates and how well members engage with other media.
    8. Respond to inquiries: Your server members are going to have a lot of questions, and to keep them engaged, you need to answer them promptly. Set notifications for your Discord channel so you never miss a question. Answer questions privately to give your members dedicated and personalized attention. If you notice the same question pops up several time, add this question to your FAQ channel.
    9. Offer giveaways and discounts: Because you’re able to better centralize targeted buyers, Discord servers are the best spaces to offer discounts and giveaways. Not only does this engage and excite your Discord members, but it gives new leads incentive to join your server.
    10. Determine Discord community goals: Last but certainly not least, you need to develop Discord community goals once you get your server set up. These goals will help you determine how well you’re maintaining  your Discord channel and which aspects you need to improve.

    If you’re looking for some Discord servers as inspiration for NFT marketing on Discord, here are the top 15 NFT Discord servers:

    1. Rarible
    2. Decentraland
    3. Mekaverse
    4. NFT
    5. VeeFriends
    6. Hangout Cafe
    7. OpenSea
    8. Crypto Baristas
    9. CrypToadz
    10. Enter
    11. Dribblie
    12. R/NFT Community
    13. Nouns
    14. Larva Labs
    15. Meta Generation

    Discord for NFT Marketing Case Study

    The Galaktic Gang NFT collection leveraged Discord and Twitter to grow a thriving loyal community of buyers. This NFT collection  used a series of engagement campaigns to hype thier Discord community, one of which include creating emojis of their artworks for Discord. With all these growth hacking and engagement tactics for Discord, the Galaktic Gang NFT collection generated 432 Ether worth of mint sales.

    This NFT collection also garnered 1693 Ether more NFT sales on OpenSea with just below 3000 NFT owners thus far.

    6.Leverage Blogging and Guest Posts

    Blogging is an effective way to push buyers through your sales funnel at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Create blog posts to inform, engage and convince potential buyers to purchase your NFT art. 

    People wanting to get into collecting or buying NFTs have questions about them, and your blog posts can answer them. It’s also a strategic way to implement SEO tactics and get Google’s search engines to find your content. 

    Another way you can promote blog content about your NFT niche is through guest posting. Guest posting is a marketing strategy where brands reach out to other websites in their industry and contribute to their websites.

    Guest posting works when you work with publications that have a wider reach than you. And it’s a win-win NFT marketing strategy because you can get exposure and marketing for your NFTs and the publication get’s more content. 

    Blogging for NFT Marketing Example

    A clear example of using blogging for NFT marketing, is an article by NFTCulture reviewing an NFT project called GrimBogs by BedBugs. This article is information and concise while providing NFT buyers and collectors with all they need to know about this project and why it’s worth investing in. If you want to convince potential buyers through your sales funnel, giving them helpful information through a blog article is an excellent solution.

    7.Launch an NFT Giveaway

    Everybody loves giveaways, and it’s a great way to create hype for your NFT art. Many brands like Tall Neck Tribe have used giveaways. Let’s look at how Tall Neck Tribe used a giveaway for NFT marketing. 

    Tall Neck Tribe Giveaway

    This is an NFT Ethereum project hosting a giveaway back in November. Three winners walked away with a collection of 6666 pieces from 17 different NFT artists. 

    It was free to enter this giveaway, and users had to do three simple steps (like and retweet, follow their Twitter account, and tag friends).

    This giveaway only ran for 48 hours, creating urgency for people to join! 

    While this NFT project only awarded three winners, it received much more followers and engagements because of this giveaway. 

    Giveaway for NFT Marketing strategies
    Source: Twitter

    When planning a social media contest or giveaway, use these takeaways from Tall Neck Tribe:

    • Make it easy and quick for users to enter the giveaway.
    • Offer a valuable prize.
    • Create urgency for users to take their desired actions quickly. 

    Giveaways for NFT Marketing Case Study

    If you’ve heard of NFT projects that have rapidly reached success, Moonbirds is sure to come up. This NFT collection hosted a Twitter and Discord raffle, prompting NFT buyers to enter by minting one of the artworks – a moonbird. This project progressed to ramp up their efforts by partnering with popular influencers in the NFT space like Bankless, Time Ferries and ZenAcademy.

    But what makes this NFT giveaway unique is that Moonbirds anybody could enter this raffle and it was super easy to do so. The project also used fun (and a little controversial) messages to inform entrees who didn’t win and those that did.

    If you didn’t get picked to enter the raffle this is what you’d see…

    Moonbird giveaway for NFT marketing


    However, if Moonbirds did pick you to contest in the raffle, you’d get a message more along the lines of….

    Moonbird giveaway

    NFT buyers loved Moonbirds’ raffle so much, they share countless positive remarks on Twitter.

    Moonbirds giveaway comments

    The results from this giveaway was jaw-dropping. Moonbirds’ sold more NFTs in one week than what NFT collections like Azuki and Bored Apes generated in one month. After one week of launching the Moonbirds collection, this giveaway helped bring in more than $400 million, making Moonbirds the fastest NFT collection to achieve bluechip status.

    8.Use Blockchain Networks for Advertising

    We’ve spoken about using social platforms like Discord, Facebook, and Twitter for your NFT marketing strategies. However, Blockchain networks can be just as effective, if not more. 

    Blockchain networks have better-targeted audiences than social platforms for NFT marketing. Because this is what Blockchain is primarily about. It’s also affordable to use Blockchain networks for advertising your NFT project.

    These are the top Blockchain networks to target for your NFT art:

    1. A-ADS
    2. Adshares
    3. CoinAd
    4. Cointraffic
    5. Ad Dragon

    Blockchain Advertising for NFT Marketing Example

    Coinbase users can shop NFTs from some of the most popular NFT artists and collections. Buyers can find NFT projects like World of Women Galaxy, Imaginary Ones and Quirkies. Like these NFT projects, you can use Blockchain networks like Coinbase to make your NFT art easily accessible to millions of buyers worldwide.

    9.Develop and Promote Immersive Videos

    The NFT world is all about leveraging next-generation technology to provide an immersive experience to your buyers. And because of this, you should engage potential NFT buyers and collectors through high-quality videos that capture the experience you want to deliver.

    Validating this, Nasdaq wrote an entire blog article titled, “Videos Represent the Most Compelling Use Case for NFTs – Here’s Why”. Marketing your NFT project through text and image content is a staple part of any NFT marketing strategy, and videos should certainly not be forgotten.

    When you’re video marketing for the NFT project you should:

    • Emphasis on who your brand is and your values.
    • Share your drives and objects.
    • Highlight the unique parts of your NFT project.
    • Use fun and innovative technology like 3D for video marketing to bring viewers into your world.

    Video Marketing for NFT Marketing Case Study

    The World of Women NFT collection was designed to support and promote inclusion and diversity. The infamous NFT influencer, Gary Vee posted an Instagram video hyping up this NFT collection.

    Thanks to an influencers endorsement from Gary Vee and a creative and immersive video, World of Women went from 3 Ether to 20 Ether in record time.

    Summary: 9 Best NFT Marketing Strategies + Examples

    1. Influencer Marketing
    2. Community Marketing
    3. Implement SEO
    4. Research and Pick the Best NFTs Platforms
    5. Discord Marketing
    6. Leverage Blogging and Guest Posts
    7. Launch an NFT Giveaway
    8. Use Blockchain Networks for Advertising
    9. Develop and Promote Immersive Videos


    While it’s not quick to create NFT art, and you need starting funds, once you understand how this ecosystem works, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. There’s a lot of competition in the NFT environment, with less than 50% of Americans interested in these digital tokens. The best way to develop a successful NFT project is by following our best NFT marketing strategies and NFT marketing examples outlined above. These are proven strategies that every NFT beginner can use to gain traction quickly in this market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you make NFTs?

    To create an NFT artwork, you need to research the best NFT marketplace for your brand. After this, you can set up and connect a digital wallet. You'll connect this wallet to your chosen marketplace. Next, you'll start with an NFT collection and then create your NFT tokens, list and promote them. Read this article for more details on how to create NFTs and the top NFT marketing strategies and NFT marketing examples in 2024.

    How do you buy and sell NFTs?

    You can sell NFTs through an auction or determining a set price. NFT creators sell their digital artworks through NFT marketplaces, where buyers go to buy NFTs. Read this article to find out how to create NFTs, and the top NFT marketing strategies to help secure profits in 2024.

    How do you promote an NFT project?

    To promote an NFT project, use influencer marketing, community marketing, Discord marketing and leverage immersive videos, blog posts and guest post opportunities. This article has more of the best NFT marketing strategies and how and where to sell NFTs.


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