Marketing Email Course


We’ve put together a 5-day email course that will cover everything you need to know about the latest trend in marketing. This easy-to-follow course will help take your business to new heights. Sign up today!

What You'll Be Learning

DAY 1 - Ambassador Marketing Introduction

We want to teach you how to harness the power of ambassador marketing with minimum effort and limited budget.
We will start at the beginning;

– What is Ambassador Marketing?

– How you can measure the success of your program by using the K factor
– How to test if your brand is ready for ambassador marketing before you start

DAY 2 - Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

The focus of this lesson will be on your future brand ambassadors:

– How do brand ambassadors differ from Influencers?

– How to find brand ambassadors

– The criteria you should use in order to find and pick the best brand ambassadors for you

DAY 3 - Creating An Ambassador Program

So, what is a brand ambassador program exactly? We’ll also go over:

– The different types of ambassador programs

Our 11-step formula to create your unique program

– What KPIs you should use to track the performance

DAY 4 - Brand Ambassador Compensation & Engagment

What should you offer your brand ambassadors and how do you keep them engaged?
In this lesson you will learn:

– The different methods to compensate your brand ambassadors

– How to keep your brand ambassador engaged

– Best practices by leading brands to spark your imagination

DAY 5 - Promotion Tactics & Key Takeaways

On the last day of the course you will:

– Discover tips to promote your program page

– Go over the key takeaways of this course that will make your brand a success

Complete this ambassador marketing course to become an industry leader in your field!

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