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8 Best Employee Advocacy Platforms to Succeed in 2024 [Detailed Review]

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 22 minute read Employee AdvocacyMarketing Tools

Employee advocacy platforms are essential for running a successful advocacy program!

More and more businesses are harnessing the power of their employees to act as ambassadors and gain huge benefits in organic reach, improved trust, and brand awareness, and boost sales.

The problem is that an employee advocacy program is hugely challenging to put together, manage and track if you don’t have the right software to help you do it!

That’s why we have reviewed the best employee advocacy platforms for you to use in 2024 to make it a little easier to find the right one for your unique needs.

We cover how they can help your employee advocacy program succeed, key features and functions, pricing, and the pros and cons of each platform so that you can easily select the best one for your business.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

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    Quick Review: 8 Best Employee Advocacy Platforms

    This is a quick comparison of the best employee advocacy platforms in 2024:

    Best Employee

    Advocacy Platforms


    Review Site Ratings

    P2P Rating

    Clearview Social

    • Contact for quote

    • G2: 4.6/5


    Dynamic Signal

    • Contact for quote

    • G2: 4.1/5



    • Contact for quote

    • G2: 4.6/5


    Hootsuite Amplify

    • Contact for quote

    • G2: 4.4/5



    • Contact for quote

    • G2: 4.6/5


    Easy Advocacy by

    Agora Pulse

    • Free Forever

    • Product Hunt: 5.0/5



    • Contact for quote

    •  G2: 4.5/5


    Post Beyond

    • Contact for quote

    • G2: 4.6/5


    Keep scrolling to read the full reviews, including pros and cons, features, pricing, and more!

    What Are Employee Advocacy Platforms?

    In simple terms, employee advocacy platforms are software solutions that enable you to implement and execute an employee advocacy program for your business.

    Much like ambassador and affiliate marketing, employee advocacy makes use of individuals endorsing and sharing content relating to your business on their personal social media channels. In this case, the advocates are the business’ own employees.

    Employee advocacy programs focus on social media and are a great way to increase your brand’s organic reach. They’re also a great way to leverage word of mouth and the increased trust factor that exists when someone we know personally shares an opinion or recommendation.

    Employee advocacy programs involve encouraging employees to share content that promotes the company, directly or indirectly, on their social media channels and with their personal and professional connections.

    This is a little more complicated than it sounds!

    Creating quality content internally and finding and curating external content that is relevant, good quality and places your company in a good light can be very challenging.

    As can getting all that content to your employees for them to share, making sure they’re actually sharing it, and tracking the progress of the campaign as a whole.

    However, a good employee advocacy platform will make the whole process much, much easier!

    Employee advocacy platforms streamline the whole process from creating and collating content to sharing it with the right employees at the right time, to personalizing and customizing the content for authenticity, and, finally, to tracking the performance and efficacy of the program.

    They offer integration with most major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    They allow you to create a curated library or feed of content for employees to access and share and they offer analytics to help you measure and track performance.

    In addition, many platforms offer gamification, challenges, and competitions (which you can choose to incentivize if you wish) to build friendly competition and keep employees engaged and actively participating in the program.   

    Summary: What is an Employee Advocacy Platform?

    An employee advocacy platform is a software solution designed to establish and implement an employee advocacy program. A good employee advocacy platform can handle all the required processes, including content creation, moderation, customization, and sharing between the company and employees, as well as between employees and their social media channels. It will also provide tracking, analytics, and features to increase engagement, like gamification and challenges.

    advocacy platforms is soft.

    How We Evaluated the Best Employee Advocacy Platforms

    When we evaluate the best employee advocacy platforms, we look at various factors that speak to the quality of the platform.

    We aim to determine which ones give the best value to their users, are the most user-friendly and the most versatile so that users can make the most of what the platform has to offer.

    When assessing each of the various options available, we take into consideration:  

    • Expert user reviews
    • Our personal experience with the platform
    • Demos and trials
    • Pricing
    • Features, functions and integrations
    • Added value

    This is how we find the best employee advocacy platforms to present to you. We aggregate all this information and boil it down to just the important things so that we can present you with a simple way to compare the various options.   

    We have tried to include something of value for everyone so that you can easily choose the best option for your business!

    Summary: How We Evaluated the Best Employee Advocacy Platforms

    • User reviews
    • Personal experience
    • Demos and trials
    • Cost
    • Features and integrations
    • Added value

    The 8 Best Employee Advocacy Platforms

    1.Clearview Social

    Screenshot of the Clearview Social homepage

    Clearview Social’s employee advocacy platform makes it easy for you to provide content for your team to share from their individual LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

    It is an incredibly simple and easy-to-use platform that offers easy prompts, email or Slack reminders to share content, and an easy one-click activation feature to ‘share all’ with one click.

    Clearview Social takes care of your post scheduling. It provides an algorithmic auto-scheduling tool called PeakTime, which uses AI to strategically share posts so that they go live at the optimal time for engagement on each platform.

    The platform allows you to create curated content collections to share with your employees, along with suggested headlines and captions. This helps you control the messaging around your brand and optimize captions with relevant hashtags and keywords while making it super simple to share.

    Clearview Social provides valuable data and reporting to track posts’ engagement and reach and see the ‘earned media value’ of your efforts.

    It also offers gamification features with a leaderboard to keep employees engaged and motivated.

    All in all, Clearview Social is a robust tool that is simple and easy to use but still offers everything you need for a strong employee advocacy program.

    Pros and Cons


    • Simple and easy to use, easy to schedule content sharing
    • Automatically queues and posts at the best posting times for engagement on different channels
    • Share All – one-click sharing for multiple items across numerous channels
    • Gamification features with a leaderboard and reports on activity
    • Detailed data and reporting on shares, clicks, and earned media value
    • Prompts and reminders for employees to share content via email or Slack
    • Acts as a centralized database for all content shared by the organization and its members
    • Option to auto-share company articles to a LinkedIn account without needing approval each time
    • You can tag other users on Twitter and LinkedIn in your posts
    • You can create curated lists of articles, suggested headlines, and other information for your employees, which makes it easier for them to share content effectively and on-message
    • Allows multiple users to collaborate on campaigns within the platform
    • Customer support is quick, friendly, and knowledgeable
    • Scalable solution that you can use for any staff size


    • Does not currently post to Instagram automatically
    • It can be time-consuming to search through old posts and delete obsolete/unwanted content
    • Limited to specific social media platforms only
    • It can be pricey for small budgets

    G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6/5

    Our Score: 4.5/5

    Pricing: Not provided – contact them for a demo and quotation


    2.Dynamic Signal

    Employee advocacy platforms – Screenshot of the Dynamic Signal Homepage

    Dynamic Signal is a powerful company-employee communication tool. It connects to more social media platforms than many other options, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo, Xing, BlogSpot, Tumblr, and WordPress blogs.

    Dynamic Signal is offered in 12 different languages, making it a great option for international organizations. It also integrates with platforms like Salesforce, Slack, Adobe, and Oracle for improved integration with an organization’s existing internal communication channels. 

    The platform helps organizations create curated and controlled employee advocacy programs. It’s gamification features breed friendly competition and drive engagement by users.  

    Admins can post relevant content, internal and external, for users to share and can control what users see and what they can share. Admins can also write different versions of messages and captions, which then appear for randomly selected employees to keep the content unique and differentiated between different users.   

    The platform offers reporting and analytics for analyzing the reach of different employees and gives insight into the kind of content to be shared by individual employees for maximum effect, based on their reach and audience niche.

    Pros and Cons


    • Quick and efficient for communicating with employees, even international teams.
    • Allows for separate leader boards, streams, accounts, etc. that can all be managed from one place.
    • Intuitive and easy to use interface, easy to share posts and easy for each employee to find relevant posts to share with their networks.
    • Gamification makes it fun and competitive for employees, which keeps them engaged.
    • Shares internal news and accomplishments within the company, keeping employees in the loop and up to date. 
    • Easy-to-use templates for posts, newsletters and email notifications.
    • Customization allows for targeted messages to specific teams or groups of employees.
    • Great after-sales support and assistance. Weekly ‘customer success’ meetings to keep customers in the loop and up to date.
    • The platform looks very professional, which boosts trust in the product.
    • Reporting function records outreach metrics effectively.
    • Their weekly customer success meetings keep us in the know.
    • Consistent upgrades and innovation that keeps the tool current with other apps.
    • While it can get complicated, Dynamic Signal allows for very advanced targeting of content to team members by location, role, shift, and more.
    • Native video sharing and embedding of YouTube videos is a great way to easily introduce a blend of content mediums.
    • Some users felt it was geared more towards internal communications than social sharing tools.


    • Messages come from one email address, which cannot be changed.
    • Occasional bugs and glitches that impacted connectivity.
    • Can be difficult to tag people on LinkedIn/Facebook.
    • If used with Workday, the Workday log in credentials is needed to log in.
    • Customer service could be improved in some areas.
    • Some users noted that there had been some recent availability concerns regarding server errors, etc. that had caused some frustration.
    • In terms of functionality, the back-end of the platform is complicated and difficult for some users to manage.
    • The differences in targeting between posts and broadcasts can be confusing.
    • Unexpected pricing increases.
    • Does not have an internal calendar for upcoming dates and events.
    • The steps required to update the app is quite cumbersome, especially for the Apple store.

    G2 Crowd Rating: 4.1/5

    Our Score: 4.6/5

    Pricing: Not provided – contact them for a demo and quotation



    Employee advocacy platforms – Screenshot of the Smarp Homepage

    Geared for large organizations, Smarp facilitates effective communication and employee advocacy processes for enterprise businesses.

    It allows for the creation, collation and delivery of personalized content to individuals, teams and groups within the organization.

    Site curators put together the internal and external content they wish their employee advocates to share. They can then control the content streams, the order of appearance and schedule links and content to be made available to employees at the best times for them to share it.

    Employees then share to their own social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Xing, VK, and Weibo. Individual post captions can be edited by employees to maintain their personal and individual style or tone.  

    Smarp offers gamification and incentives to keep employees engaged and interested. Companies can make their own prizes or incentives based on performance and participation.

    The reporting and analytics of the platform allow employees to view metrics that help them keep track of their performance. Admins can access broad level data and then filter down to see performance statistics by employee and by individual post. 

    Pros and Cons


    • The easy and intuitive handling and the fast overview over all relevant topics.
    • Post titles can be pre-filled by the content publisher, which saves time and makes it easy to use. This feature uses the right number of characters for the channel it will be shared to.
    • User friendly, quick, and easy interface for employees to use.
    • Analytics features allow for reporting to track the progress and effectiveness of different campaigns.
    • Easy way for employees to access the latest company news and share it through their social channels.
    • Provides weekly updates sent to staff on what’s new/what to share, ability to track performance.
    • Automation features make it self-sufficient, from proposing content to automated update emails for the users, and ensures engagement.
    • Enterprise package offers groups, teams, channels, and channel manager features, making it a great option for organizations that require a customizable and scalable platform.


    • Some users found that it disconnected their accounts and they needed to log in again frequently.
    • Inviting team members is a manual task, which can be time-consuming for larger teams.
    • Sorting and searching to find older posts is difficult.
    • Some android users had trouble connecting.
    • That you can only upload urls for sharing externally.
    • Doesn’t integrate with Social Sprout for those using it.
    • Image loading can be slow or buggy.
    • Leader board customization can be complicated.
    • Points on the leader board are based on shares rather than engagement.
    • The platform could be more dynamic/integrated with the social platforms it supports, which would allow for things like tagging on LinkedIn.

    G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6/5

    Our Score: 4.8/5

    Pricing: Not provided – contact them for a demo and quotation


    4.Hootsuite Amplify

    Screenshot of the HootSuite Amplify Homepage

    HootSuite Amplify is an employee advocacy platform that is an add-on to the HootSuite social media management platform.

    It is designed to help you manage your employee advocacy program effectively by providing a library of curated posts for employees to access and share on their own social media channels.

    The platform enables social media admins to specify and remind employees about content they want them to share and when. It also offers robust analytics to see which posts are garnering the most engagement and which employees they belong to.

    HootSuite Amplify uses a clean and intuitive, mobile-first interface. It is easy to use and makes participation in the employee advocacy program very easy for employees.

    It allows for scheduling, provides a visual calendar for employees to see when their posts will go out, and integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Pros and Cons


    • Very intuitive, easy to use, and schedule posts. 
    • Analytics show which posts are performing better on which channels and platforms, as well as engagement on different posts and platforms.
    • Allows for comparison with competitors.
    • Desktop and mobile versions available.
    • The mobile app is very effective and intuitive.
    • Automatically shortens links, which saves time.
    • Allows for keyword search on Twitter.
    • The visual calendar is a great way to plan posts, it also shows how many posts are scheduled for each date and can be filtered to check that a particular channel has been chosen.
    • Works well with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


    • Glitches with tagging on some platforms, especially Twitter.
    • Doesn’t allow for multiple images/graphics when sharing to Instagram. Sometimes the images on Instagram are cropped off to fit.
    • Some users found the interface to be cluttered or dated and not that easy to navigate. Some users found it to be confusing and overwhelming at first because there are a lot of functions.
    • Customer support can be slow to reply.
    • Connected accounts disconnect often and need to be logged into again.
    • The analytics are not very user-friendly in terms of titles and filters. Limited capabilities for tracking specific activities, keywords, or hashtags. 
    • Some users mentioned prohibitive costs.
    • Doesn’t work smoothly with YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.
    • Some users found that the integration with multiple social media networks made it confusing and complex.
    • Inbox can be difficult to use when replying to Facebook messages.

    G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4/5

    Our Score: 3.7/5

    Pricing: Not provided – contact them for a demo and quotation



    Employee advocacy platforms – Screenshot of the Sociabble Homepage

    Sociabble offers solutions for internal communication, employee advocacy, and employee engagement. The platform aggregates content from various sources, including official company content and user-generated content, into a curated feed of relevant material for employees to share on their social media accounts.

    The content is personalized and can be organized into themed channels. Companies can also extend the platforms use to their partners, affiliates, and external influencers.

    Sociabble offers gamification to keep employees engaged and competitive, with incentives, surveys, and quizzes. Users can also create their own content within Sociabble and share it with groups or on their social media accounts. Admins can create challenges to incentivize employees to create quality content or campaigns.

    Pros and Cons


    • Collates all content into one place so that it is easy to find and share.
    • Gamification helps keep employees engaged and participating.
    • Filters the content shown to employees, which saves time finding relevant content for them to share.
    • Simple, intuitive, easy to use interface. Easy to set up and end-users need minimal training.
    • Great customer service that offers thoughtful and helpful post-sales support.
    • It works well with Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn and Instagram can be challenging.
    • Provides suggested captions, which users can edit to make them authentic.
    • The basic purpose and configuration of the platform are very straight-forward but it can be customized for higher-level usage.
    • Allows for more customization than competitors.
    • You can form channels/groups for specific purposes and ensure you cater to the interests of your audience.
    • Automated and customized newsletters for specific audiences
    • Integration with tools like Feedly and Trees.
    • Mobile app is available.
    • Each customer gets a ‘Customer Success Manager’ to help them make the most of the platform and keep users engaged.
    • Gamification and reward system keeps employees engaged and competitive.


    • There are some limitations for customizing the content in the different channels of the platform.
    • Analytics (leads form and code not certified with Google). Can’t measure engagement for a particular month/week. No unique URLs so hard to tell if a post was shared from the platform or not.
    • Tagging needs to be done manually, can’t automatically tag the company or individuals.
    • Some customizations and new features are only available at an extra cost.
    • Gamification is geared towards adding new users (and thus paid for seats for Sociabble), rather than incentives to promote specific campaigns by existing users.
    • Some users experienced difficulties with autorenewal and difficulty giving notice on their contacts.

    G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6/5

    Our Score: 4.7/5

    Pricing: Not provided – contact them for a demo and quotation


    6.Easy Advocacy by Agora Pulse

    Easy Advocacy by Agora Pulse is a great starter package that is completely free! It is a quick and simple to use the platform, that makes sharing content super simple for employee advocates.

    Easy Advocacy allows for ‘campaigns’ to be set up and then emailed to a distribution list of employees or affiliates. They receive an email with links and suggested captions to use when sharing to their social media accounts.

    Sharing from the email is easy and straightforward and the platform supports sharing to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or via email.

    Easy Advocacy provides gamification and a visual leader board that shows which campaigns and which employees are garnering the most traffic and engagement.

    Pros and Cons


    • One of the very few employee advocacy platforms that is completely free to use.
    • Allows for complete control of the material being sent out to employees for sharing.
    • Allows users to modify captions and wording to keep their tone and authenticity.
    • Great for individual campaigns, especially for promoting specific events.
    • Very easy to use, simple, and straight forward user interface.
    • Unlimited number of distribution lists and campaigns.
    • Supports sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest platforms.


    • Does not support sharing to Instagram.
    • Limited reporting and analytics.
    • Distribution lists need to be manually uploaded, which can be time-consuming.
    • Assembling content for sharing needs to be done by one or two people and users cant suggest or create content within the platform.

    Product Hunt Rating: 5/5

    Our Score: 3.5/5

    Pricing: Free



    Employee advocacy platforms – Screenshot of the EveryoneSocial Homepage

    EveryoneSocial is an employee advocacy platform for social selling. The platform makes it easy to collate and share content with employees, who can then share it to their personal Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Xing, Wechat, and Slack accounts, as well as their email contacts.

    One of EveryoneSocial’s strengths is its focus on employee engagement. It collects data from employees and then modifies its interface to keep them engaged. The platform features a leader board for gamification and incentives so that employees can see where they stand in the rankings. It also allows users to create their own content and they can add feeds and blogs that interest them too.

    Content can be controlled by blacklisting or marking certain items as ‘read-only’ so that it cant be shared if it is inappropriate for the company’s image. Sharable content can be shared as-is from the platform or modified by users as they wish. It also features an extensive set of analytics tools to monitor employee advocacy and provides detailed reports.

    Pros and Cons


    • Approved content can be tagged for importance so that users know which content to focus on. Scheduling allows for posts to be pre-scheduled to post at preferred times.
    • Gamification and the visual leader board keep users engaged and informed as to the progress and value of their posts.
    • Very simple and user-friendly interface – no need for any training. Each feature is meaningful and precise.
    • Quick and easy to use, streamlined and easy to schedule posts ahead of time.
    • The integrations with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Point Systems for sharing the content over social media.
    • Works well for large enterprises as well as smaller organizations. 
    • Metrics and analytics allow for informed decisions around strategy and can even inform hiring choices.


    • Some users found it to be slow for browsing and buggy at times. 
    • Others found that recent content was easy to find but searching for older or more specific content was challenging. Does not have a keyword or hashtag search function.
    • Filtering could be improved to be able to filter out all posts that have not yet been shared rather than having to scroll through all posts.
    • The analytics view could also be enriched with additional charts to keep track of the evolution of the interactions with your post and extract some more meaningful trends and insights for better posting.
    • The platform does not automatically post at optimized times for maximum attention, which varies for different social media channels.
    • Some users found that customer service was quick to respond but that bugs took a long time to be fixed.
    • Mobile App occasionally gets stuck when sharing content.
    • Sharing across all social channels can be limited by the APIs on popular channels like Instagram.
    • Only supports small size images.

    G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5/5

    Our Score: 4.2/5

    Pricing: Not provided – contact them for a demo and quotation


    8.Post Beyond

    Screenshot of the PostBeyond Homepage

    PostBeyond is one of the most comprehensive employee advocacy platforms, which also offers brand resource management, employer branding, process management, and social selling.

    As an employee advocacy platform, it requires the company to assemble and curate a content library from various internal and external online sources.

    Curators can then segment employees into teams or groups and share different combinations of content with them. Employees can use their mobile devices or phones to check the feed within the platform and share content items on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    PostBeyond offers robust reporting and one of the metrics they use is the ‘earned media value’ of a campaign, which tells the company what that would have cost them if they were advertising using paid social media. This is useful for calculating ROI and informing strategy and employee incentives to participate.  

    Pros and Cons


    • All content is vetted and approved by the company before they’re available for employees to share.
    • Allows for scheduling to specific dates and times and automatically provides a suggested caption for each post, which can be edited by each user.
    • Very user-friendly, simple, and clearly set out interface. 
    • Suggests external articles that are related to the industry and the articles are displayed in a structured manner, making it easy to find them and share.  
    • Gamification and ranking make it a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience.
    • Provides an analysis of each share to help users better engage with their social media audience.
    • Very customizable so niche users within the organization can get relevant content to share.
    • CS/Development teams are flexible, responsive and accommodating when specific functions or features are needed.
    • Great customer support and after-sales service.


    • View options in the user interface are limited.
    • Limited number of supported social media platforms. 
    • Users can’t search for previous posts and finding older articles can be difficult.
    • Most shared articles are displayed by the total number of shares and can’t be filtered by timeframe to see the most shared in the last week or month.
    • Page loading can be slow.
    • Topics could be broader to allow for more individuality between users’ posts.
    • Does not immediately notify users that a post has been successfully shared and they need to reload the page to check.
    • Tagging people on social media posts has to be done after posting, by editing the post on the social media channel rather than from within the platform.
    • Load times on the user-end are sometimes times slow.

    G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6/5

    Our Score: 4.5/5

    Pricing: None provided – contact them for a custom quote


    Conclusions and Our Two Top Picks

    In conclusion, there are many great employee advocacy platforms to choose from. They vary in terms of their core functions and features, the social media channels they support and the other software they integrate with.

    We selected and reviewed the 10 best employee advocacy platforms and have tried to include a wide range of options so that there is bound to be a solution for your unique needs.

    Of the 10 employee advocacy platforms we reviewed here, these are our two top picks:

    Top Pick #1: Best Employee Advocacy Platform for Small-Medium Businesses

    Sociabble – is a robust employee advocacy platform that offers performance and lead tracking, gamification, content aggregation, moderation and sharing to several different social media channels. User reviews noted that Sociabble provides great customer support that is personalized and helps them make the most of what the platform has to offer.  

    Top Pick #2: Best Employee Advocacy Platform for Big Businesses

    Smarp – is a an employee advocacy platform designed for large organizations. It offers a range of features that allow for the customization and personalization, targeting, scheduling and prioritizing of posts. The platform allows sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Xing, VK, and Weibo. It also offers gamification to keep employees engaged. Smarp offers robust analytics and reporting, which are essential for building successful campaigns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are employee advocacy platforms?

    Employee advocacy platforms are software solutions that enable you to implement and execute an employee advocacy program for your business. Check out the full review for more info on the best solutions available.

    What do employee advocacy platforms do?

    Employee advocacy platforms streamline the process from creating and collating content to sharing it with the right employees at the right time, personalizing and customizing the content for authenticity and, finally, to tracking the performance and efficacy of the program. They offer integration with most major social media platforms. Some platforms also offer gamification to build friendly competition and keep employees engaged and actively participating in the program.

    What are the best employee advocacy platforms?

    The best employee advocacy platforms include Clearview Social, Dynamic Signal, Smarp, Hootsuite Amplify, Sociabble, Easy Advocacy, EveryoneSocial and Post Beyond. Check out the full article for detailed reviews of each option.

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