Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in 2023 [Updated Europe & US Review]

Finding the right influencer marketing agency for your brand can be a daunting task.

So, we’ve reviewed dozens of leading influencer agencies between Europe and America and selected the top ones – just for you!

Influencer agencies and platforms have more than doubled in two years. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that marketers experience “overchoice” caused by having too many options.

As influencer marketing continues to become more and more fragmented, many marketers and brand managers are turning to specialist agencies to help them navigate this rapidly growing industry.

These agencies provide an array of influencer marketing services such as:

From storytelling specialists to full-service agencies, check out our list of Top Influencer Agencies in Europe and America.

Let’s get started.

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    7 Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in North America

    1. Ubiquitous

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Ubiquitous Logo


    Los Angeles, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2020

    Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • Content creation
    • Influencer matching based on proprietary data
    • Influencer sourcing and contracting
    • One point of contact for all influencer campaigns
    • Influencer campaign strategy – full creative services
    • Influencer campaign execution, optimization, and management
    • Measurement, tracking, and analysis


    • Disney
    • Netflix
    • Amazon
    • Aerie
    • Adobe
    • American Eagle


    Ubiquitous is a full-service influencer marketing agency, with a database of more than a thousand influencers to choose from. They offer a full range of services, including creative content and data analytics, in addition to their influencer marketing services. Ubiquitous specializes in TikTok influencer campaigns and is a great choice for those targeting the young millennial and gen z demographics

    Ubiquitous is an up-and-coming, full-service influencer marketing agency (who have garnered the interest of TechCrunch) that specializes in TikTok influencer marketing.

    Ubiquitous boasts a fully vertically-integrated platform, in-house creative services, proprietary data analysis, and a roster of over a thousand influencers touting more than 2.5 billion followers in total. 

    Screenshot of Ubiquitous Influencer Marketing Homepage

    2. Moburst

    Moburst Agency Logo


    New York, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2013

    Location: New York City and San Francisco, USA; London, UK; and Tel Aviv, Israel

    Number of Employees: 51-200


    • Influencer Marketing Strategy
    • Influencer Campaign Planning
    • Influencer Research and Recruitment
    • Creative/Content Production
    • Influencer monitoring
    • FTC and Legal Compliance
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Campaign Optimization
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Mobile Marketing
    • App Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Product Consulting 
    • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    • Media Buying 
    • Video Production 
    • Web and App Design and Development


    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Uber
    • Samsung
    • McAfee
    • Reddit
    • Calm
    • TikTok


    Moburst is a full-service performance marketing agency that offers comprehensive influencer marketing services to clients of all sizes in all industries.

    Moburst turns your influencer marketing into a performance generator, instead of just talking about impressions and engagement!

    Moburst is a full-service, mobile-first digital marketing agency. It offers a full suite of digital marketing services for everything from mobile marketing to creative content creation and influencer marketing.

    Moburst takes a creative but data-driven approach to marketing, with a strong emphasis on continual optimization and improvement.

    Their influencer marketing services include planning and strategy development, influencer research, outreach, and recruitment, legal compliance, content curation and production, and campaign monitoring and optimization.

    As such, Moburst can offer a turnkey influencer marketing solution, or they can step in to take care of the aspects you cannot cater to in-house. They work with influencers on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest.

    Moburst Agency Homepage

    3. Station Entertainment

    Station Entertainment Influencer Marketing Agency Logo

    Station Entertainment

    Wilmington, NC, USA 11 – 50

    Our Score



    Founded: 2021

    Location: Wilmington, North Carolina; Oceanside, California, USA; and Mexico City, Mexico

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
    • Influencer Matchmaking
    • Content Creation Strategy
    • Influencer Marketing Consulting
    • TikTok Marketing
    • YouTube Marketing
    • Full Service Creative Campaigns


    • Beyond Paint
    • Native
    • LiquidIV
    • Squarespace
    • Athletic Greens
    • Walmart
    • Amazon


    Station Entertainment is a full-service influencer marketing agency, specializing in outcome-focused influencer campaigns across TikTok, YouTube, Podcasts, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Meta (Facebook).

    Station Entertainment will handle your influencer marketing from A to Z, including a customized strategy, recruiting the perfect influencers for your brand, and comprehensive campaign management.

    If you’re looking for an influencer agency with a passionate team that is creative, strategic, and results-oriented – Station Entertainment is a great choice!

    Station Entertainment is a top influencer marketing agency based in Wilmington, North Carolina, with offices in California and Mexico.

    Its team brings together passion and expertise from a variety of backgrounds including creative strategy, high-stakes negotiations, and helping startups thrive.

    Passion is a big part of their ethos, and they pride themselves on bringing passionate creators and brands together, to create hugely effective and highly memorable influencer campaigns.

    They work with brands of all sizes, from budding startups to household names, and develop customized strategies to address each client’s unique needs and achieve tangible results.

    Station Entertainment will handle your influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z, including strategy, influencer matchmaking, and full campaign management.

    Specializing in influencer campaigns on TikTok, YouTube, Podcasts, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Meta (Facebook), Station Entertainment creates precisely targeted campaigns that achieve measurable results from awareness to conversions.

    Station Entertainment Influencer Marketing Agency Homepage

    4. Acceleration Partners

    Acceleration Partners Logo

    Acceleration Partners


    Our Score



    Founded: 2007

    Location: Global, with hubs on three continents and employees in more than nine countries.

    Number of employees: 350+


    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Partner Marketing
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Publisher Development
    • Full Program Management
    • Global/Regional Management
    • Program Design
    • Partnership Optimization
    • Partner Recruitment
    • Compliance & Fraud Monitoring
    • Data & Analysis
    • AP Vision


    • Grove Collaborative
    • Noom
    • Purple Carrot 
    • Redbubble
    • Vividseats
    • P.Volve


    Acceleration Partners is an award-winning agency with an impressive track record and a global footprint – they know exactly how to develop, run, optimize and scale your influencer marketing program. Their experience, expertise, and technology allow them to build scalable, data-informed, and outcome-based programs and provide fully integrated, strategic, and transparent influencer program management.

    Acceleration Partners is an award-winning, global partnership marketing agency with extensive expertise in influencer, affiliate, and B2B marketing, as well as content and mass media marketing.

    They provide fully integrated, strategic, and transparent influencer program management, and their in-house Publisher Development team actively finds and verifies the best partners for your program.

    Acceleration Partners can handle everything, including compliance and monitoring and advanced analysis and optimization, using their proprietary APVision technology to process data from thousands of publishers across multiple platforms and partner networks.

    Acceleration Partners takes a collaborative approach and you can be confident that your influencer marketing strategy is built around your brand’s unique needs.

    You can rely on them to thoughtfully and strategically recruit the best influencers for your brand, build a data-driven strategy to drive measurable outcomes that are meaningful to your business, and support your brand’s goals with a dynamic range of capabilities and high-touch client service.

    They create outcome-based influencer marketing programs that are designed to scale and can be fully integrated with existing affiliate programs, making it easy to analyze consolidated performance data.

    Acceleration Partners’ is a client-centric agency, and their global teams have all the experience, expertise, and technology needed to help you grow and scale your influencer marketing program for measurable, meaningful results.  

    Screenshot of the Acceleration Partners Agency Homepage

    5. The Influencer Marketing Factory

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - The Influencer Marketing Factory Logo

    The Influencer Marketing Factory

    Miami, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2018

    Location: Miami, Florida and New York City, New York, USA

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • Influencer identification and search
    • Influencer strategy
    • Contracting
    • Tracking, reporting, and analytics
    • Content management
    • Target audience identification
    • Content guidelines


    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Universal Music Group
    • Unilever
    • Amazon
    • Warner Music Group
    • Sony Music
    • SnapChat
    • UnitedHealth Group
    • Bud Light
    • F’real
    • Ablo
    • Grubhub
    • Benq
    • Hilton
    • Bumble
    • Vestiaire Collective
    • Brandt
    • UniCredit
    • Brisk
    • Pentel
    • Mountain Dew


    The Influencer Marketing Factory is a top influencer marketing agency. They specialize in TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube campaigns, and they offer a full set of services from strategy and planning to identifying influencers and running the whole campaign. They also offer content creation services for even more effective influencer campaigns.  

    Influencer marketing factory

    The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global, full-service influencer marketing agency that helps brands get in front of Gen Z & Millennials on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This agency supports great clients such as Google, Sony Music, Hilton, Snapchat, Bud Light, and many more.

    Influencer factory case studies

    6. Hamster Garage

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Hamster Garage Logo

    Hamster Garage

    Chicago, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2019

    Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • End-to-end Influencer program management
    • Strategy
    • Influencer discovery, outreach, and activation
    • Contracting
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Performance marketing


    • Animoto
    • Air BnB
    • Bump Boxes
    • Turo
    • Bloomscape
    • Canva
    • Cube
    • Filmr
    • Invideo 
    • Lookout


    Hamster Garage takes a unique approach to influencer marketing.  They combine influencer marketing with elements of performance marketing and ensure that everything is carefully tracked and measured so that you get the most value from your campaigns.  

    Hamster Garage is a leading influencer marketing agency servicing leading global brands like Airbnb, Canva, and Turo. 

    Coming from an in-house background at Airbnb, the Hamster Garage team works with top brands to make influencer marketing work on a performance basis. HG leverages tracking and payment platforms to measure ROI on campaigns, focusing on sales and leads rather than solely capturing engagement. As a top choice for performance marketing teams across the globe, Hamster Garage acts as an extension of your brand. 

    Hamster Garage Agency Homepage

    Hidden Content

    7. Everywhere

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Everywhere Logo


    Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2009

    Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    Number of Employees: 500+


    • Influencer campaign strategy development
    • Influencer discovery, outreach, and onboarding
    • Campaign execution and management
    • Tracking, analytics, and reporting


    • Coca-Cola
    • CNN
    • Red Bull
    • Qualcomm
    • IMAX


    Everywhere is an award-winning influencer marketing agency, which is part of MWW, a global marketing organization with a huge bank of experience and expertise to draw from. 

    Everywhere is a multi-award-winning influencer marketing agency with an experienced in-house team of social media and influencer marketing specialists. Everywhere is now a part of MikeWorldWide (MWW), a global PR and marketing agency. 

    Everywhere Agency

    3 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Europe

    1. IMA Agency

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - IMA Logo


    Amsterdam, North Holland

    Our Score



    Founded: 2010

    Location: Amsterdam, North Holland. New York City and Los Angeles, USA. London, UK. Singapore. São Paulo, Brazil. Shanghai, China.

    Number of Employees: 51 – 200


    • Influencer marketing strategies
    • Influencer matchmaking – discovery and outreach
    • Influencer Content strategies
    • Influencer Campaign management
    • Tracking & measurement
    • Social media advertising
    • Production and content creation
    • Contracts, legal, and compliance
    • Payment and transaction services


    • TomTom
    • Diesel
    • Moncler
    • Philips
    • Paramount Pictures
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • HelloFresh
    • OMRON


    IMA provides a full-service, end-to-end influencer marketing solution. They will handle everything from concept, strategy and planning to creative content creation, contracting and compliance auditing. IMA has worked with international brands, across a wide range of industries, and produces effective, creative campaigns.  

    IMA Agency is a full-service influencer marketing agency with a team of in-house strategists, content producers, designers, analysts, and other specialists. The agency provides a true end-to-end influencer marketing service for clients such as Nivea Men, Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear, and Samsung.

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - IMA

    IMA Case Study: Nivea x Real Madrid Influencer Campaign

    2. Storyboard Agency

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Storyboard Agency Logo

    Storyboard Agency

    Amsterdam, North Holland

    Our Score



    Founded: 2013

    Location: Amsterdam, North Holland. 

    Number of Employees: 11 – 51


    • Influencer strategy development
    • Storytelling campaign development
    • Content curation and production
    • Influencer validation and activation
    • Strategic research, analysis, operations, tooling, and measurement services
    • Co-creative campaigns that work with influencers to benefit both parties


    • White Claw
    • Max Factor
    • Vedett
    • Zorg en Zekerheid
    • Sportlife
    • Duvel


    Storyboard emphasizes storytelling and the use of creative content to develop memorable, impactful influencer marketing campaigns. They offer a full suite of influencer marketing services, along with story development and content production and curation. Storyboard will also develop co-creative campaigns with individual influencers.  

    Storyboard is an award-winning content and influencer agency. The full-service agency specializes in storytelling, branded content, social media strategy, and integrated influencer marketing campaigns. Top clients include Jack Daniels, ASICS, and Tele2.

    Storyboard Agency

    3. Tanke

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Tanke Logo


    Paris, France

    Our Score



    Founded: 2014

    Location: Paris, France

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • Influencer campaign strategy and development
    • Market and data analysis
    • Creative Approach to Co-creating with influencers
    • Influencer campaign management from end-to-end
    • Measurement, tracking, and data analysis


    • Bourjois
    • Gucci
    • L’Occitane en Provence
    • OPI
    • Calvin Klein
    • Dior
    • Cerruti
    • Universal
    • Hugo Boss
    • M Weston
    • Paramount
    • Lacoste
    • Ibis
    • L’Oréal
    • Burberry
    • Warner Bros
    • Samsung
    • Rimmel
    • Arthus-Bertrand
    • Treca
    • Adidas


    Tanke is creative and results driven agency. They have worked with global brands and leverage their immense network of influencers and partners to deploy campaigns in more than 14 countries, for truly global campaigns. They’re an excellent choice for brands that need to reach a diverse audience, in numerous locations. 

    Tanke is a creative influencer marketing agency. With their automation-based influencer software called “adMingle”, they are able to mobilize large numbers of influencers for a wide range of activations from product samples to content amplification. Through their network of agencies and partners, their clients are able to tap into over 14 countries for global campaigns. Top clients include Dior, Burberry, Malibu, Google, and Gucci.

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Tanke

    Tanke Case Study: Gucci

    Gucci influencer marketing campaign by Tanke:
    Tanke agency campaign example
     Image via @tankeagency.

    Tips and Best Practices for Working with Influencers

    Whether you’re working directly with influencers or through influencer marketing agencies, it is important to follow a guideline. Best practices and guidelines are there to protect you, your clients, and the influencers themselves.

    Spend some extra time on planning and budgeting:

    • Define your campaign objectives.
    • Make sure your campaign follows your country’s advertising and sponsorship laws.
    • Set aside a budget before you identify and reach out to influencers.
    • Your budget and campaign objectives will help you decide on what type of influencer you should work with. But, if you need a thorough review on the pros and cons, check our ultimate review of macro vs micro influencers.

    Review each influencer’s profile by looking at the following:

    • Content: Are their posts of high quality? Are the hashtags relevant? Is it authentic?
    • Audience: Does their audience look like the right group for you?
    • Promotions: How many sponsored posts do they run per month/week? Are there any obvious competitors?
    • Engagement rate: Is their engagement rate high enough for what you want to achieve?
    • Personality: Do they make a good brand fit?

    Write a detailed brief, it’s worth it!

    • Include some background on the brand or product.
    • Add a budget or budget range.
    • Include detailed campaign objects and KPIs and clear deadlines.
    • Align your campaign brief to the influencer’s strengths (e.g., generating awareness vs. creating beautiful imagery).
    • Try and give each influencer a unique URL to track their click-throughs.

    Pay attention to your communication before, during, and after:

    • Your first contact should be warm and personalized.
    • Before the campaign kicks off, arm your influencers with all the necessary material they need (images, hashtags, keywords, visual style guides etc.).
    • During the campaign: monitor, engage, and motivate them.
    • After the campaign: reach out to gather any reports and give them constructive feedback.
    • Use surveys or feedback forms to gather learnings and insights.
    • Pay your influencers on time, or risk reputational damage – it’s as simple as that!
    • Make a note of any influencers who stood out for the right reasons, and look at ways to build longer-term relationships with them for future campaigns.

    If this all sounds like too much to handle, don’t worry; just turn to one of the world-class influencer marketing agencies listed above. You could also empower your own team with the help of influencer relationship management tools to automate certain parts of your campaign. Most of these tools also have the added benefit of being linked to massive influencer networks.

    [Infographic] The Rise of Influencer Marketing

     Just how big is influencer marketing really? And how big is it going to get? This infographic from Grand View Research truly puts things into perspective.

    Source: Grand View Research

    Wrapping Up – Not All Influencer Marketing Agencies are the Same

    In conclusion, we know that marketers are feeling the burden of operating in a constantly changing environment. And while most influencer marketing agencies offer similar services, it is important to know which areas they truly specialize in.

    This could mean using multiple solution providers: from those with large influencer networks to those who specialize in crafting strong brand stories. If you have the budget, an experienced full-service influencer marketing agency might just be the answer to your prayers.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What influencer marketing agencies offer/provide?

    Influencer marketing agencies are perfectly poised to effectively manage the dynamic relationship between brands and social media channels and influencers and to help brand managers navigate their way through influencer marketing campaigns. Such as understanding how to reach out to Gen Z and Millennials on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Read on further in our post about what the top influencer marketing agencies offer clients today.

    How to select your influencer marketing agency?

    Find an influencer marketing agency that has a firm grip on the latest social media marketing trends. They shouldn’t be stuck in past trends! Also, a great agency will not “leave all your eggs in one basket” but will use multiple social media channels and influencers to increase traffic. Take a peek at our post to see what makes the top 10 influencer marketing agencies the best in the industry.

    What are the best influencer marketing agencies?

    In America, the best influencer marketing agencies include Ubiquitous, Moburst, The Station Entertainment, Acceleration Partners, Hamster Garage and The Influencer Marketing Factory. The top influencer marketing agencies in Europe Include IMA, Storyboard, and Tanke. Read the full review to find out more about each agency, including services, specialties and our unique agency rating score.