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Top 6 Influencer Marketing Agencies: Connect with the Best Influencer Marketers Today!

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 04.01.2024 18 minute read Influencer MarketingMarketing Agencies

Finding the right influencer marketing agency for your brand can be daunting.

Influencer marketing has become a massive industry and the number of influencer agencies and platforms has grown just as fast, making it difficult to determine which agencies are the real deal.

As influencer marketing continues to fragment into ever more focused niches, many marketers and brand managers are turning to specialist agencies to help them navigate this rapidly growing industry.

So, we’ve reviewed dozens of leading influencer agencies across between Europe and America and selected the top ones – just for you!

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    Our Top List of the Influencer Marketing Agencies

    When looking for the top influencer marketing agencies, you should consider companies like Ubiquitous, Moburst, Station Entertainment, Acceleration Partners, and Hamster Garage.

    These agencies have strong track records in delivering successful influencer campaigns and offer various services to meet your influencer marketing needs.

    Whether you need TikTok specialists, full-service creative campaigns, or performance-driven strategies, these agencies stand out in the influencer marketing industry.

    1. Ubiquitous

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Ubiquitous Logo


    Los Angeles, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2020

    Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • Content creation
    • Influencer matching based on proprietary data
    • Influencer sourcing and contracting
    • One point of contact for all influencer campaigns
    • Influencer campaign strategy – full creative services
    • Influencer campaign execution, optimization, and management
    • Measurement, tracking, and analysis


    • Disney
    • Netflix
    • Amazon
    • Aerie
    • Adobe
    • American Eagle


    Ubiquitous is a full-service influencer marketing agency, with a database of more than a thousand influencers to choose from. They offer a full range of services, including creative content and data analytics, in addition to their influencer marketing services. Ubiquitous specializes in TikTok influencer campaigns and is a great choice for those targeting the young millennial and gen z demographics

    Ubiquitous, a top-listed influencer marketing agency, offers comprehensive services tailored to meet clients’ needs across various industries. 

    Specializing in influencer marketing, Ubiquitous provides influencer matching, sourcing, campaign strategy, execution, and analysis.

    With a database of over a thousand influencers, they excel in TikTok campaigns, targeting millennial and Gen Z demographics. 

    Their full-service approach includes content creation, data analytics, and dedicated project management. Ubiquitous ensures a seamless experience by serving as the single point of contact for all influencer campaigns.

    Choosing Ubiquitous guarantees expertise in influencer marketing, ensuring impactful and successful collaborations with influencers to enhance your brand’s reach and engagement.

    Screenshot of Ubiquitous Influencer Marketing Homepage

    2. Moburst

    Moburst Agency Logo


    New York, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2013

    Location: New York City and San Francisco, USA; London, UK; and Tel Aviv, Israel

    Number of Employees: 51-200


    • Influencer Marketing Strategy
    • Influencer Campaign Planning
    • Influencer Research and Recruitment
    • Creative/Content Production
    • Influencer monitoring
    • FTC and Legal Compliance
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Campaign Optimization
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Mobile Marketing
    • App Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Product Consulting 
    • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    • Media Buying 
    • Video Production 
    • Web and App Design and Development


    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Uber
    • Samsung
    • McAfee
    • Reddit
    • Calm
    • TikTok


    Moburst is a full-service performance marketing agency that offers comprehensive influencer marketing services to clients of all sizes in all industries.

    Moburst turns your influencer marketing into a performance generator, instead of just talking about impressions and engagement!

    Moburst is one of the top influencer marketing agencies and offers services tailored to meet clients’ diverse needs, from end to end. 

    Specializing in influencer marketing strategies, campaign planning, creative content production, and influencer research and recruitment, Moburst ensures that your brand’s message reaches the right audience through the right social media influencers.

    With a focus on influencer monitoring, FTC compliance, and detailed analytics and reporting, Moburst maximizes the impact of influencer campaigns on various marketing platforms. 

    Trusted by renowned brands like Google, Microsoft, and TikTok, Moburst stands out for its ability to turn influencer marketing into a performance-driven tool, emphasizing results over mere impressions and engagements.

    Moburst Agency Homepage

    3. Station Entertainment

    Station Entertainment Influencer Marketing Agency Logo

    Station Entertainment

    Wilmington, NC, USA 11 – 50

    Our Score



    Founded: 2021

    Location: Wilmington, North Carolina; Oceanside, California, USA; and Mexico City, Mexico

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
    • Influencer Matchmaking
    • Content Creation Strategy
    • Influencer Marketing Consulting
    • TikTok Marketing
    • YouTube Marketing
    • Full Service Creative Campaigns


    • Beyond Paint
    • Native
    • LiquidIV
    • Squarespace
    • Athletic Greens
    • Walmart
    • Amazon


    Station Entertainment is a full-service influencer marketing agency, specializing in outcome-focused influencer campaigns across TikTok, YouTube, Podcasts, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Meta (Facebook).

    Station Entertainment will handle your influencer marketing from A to Z, including a customized strategy, recruiting the perfect influencers for your brand, and comprehensive campaign management.

    If you’re looking for an influencer agency with a passionate team that is creative, strategic, and results-oriented – Station Entertainment is a great choice!

    Station Entertainment, a top influencer marketing agency, offers comprehensive influencer campaigns across various social media platforms. 

    Specializing in TikTok marketing and content creation strategy, Station Entertainment provides outcome-focused influencer campaigns for brands looking to excel in influencer marketing.

    With noteable clients like Beyond Paint and Walmart, Station Entertainment stands out among influencer marketing agencies delivering top-notch services. 

    They handle everything from influencer matchmaking to full-service creative campaigns, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients.

    If you’re looking for a creative, strategic, and results-oriented influencer marketing agency, Station Entertainment is a fantastic choice. 

    Trust them to manage your influencer marketing needs effectively and efficiently.

    Station Entertainment Influencer Marketing Agency Homepage

    4. Acceleration Partners

    Acceleration Partners Logo

    Acceleration Partners


    Our Score



    Founded: 2007

    Location: Global, with hubs on three continents and employees in more than nine countries.

    Number of employees: 350+


    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Partner Marketing
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Publisher Development
    • Full Program Management
    • Global/Regional Management
    • Program Design
    • Partnership Optimization
    • Partner Recruitment
    • Compliance & Fraud Monitoring
    • Data & Analysis
    • AP Vision


    • Grove Collaborative
    • Noom
    • Purple Carrot 
    • Redbubble
    • Vividseats
    • P.Volve


    Acceleration Partners is an award-winning agency with an impressive track record and a global footprint – they know exactly how to develop, run, optimize and scale your influencer marketing program. Their experience, expertise, and technology allow them to build scalable, data-informed, and outcome-based programs and provide fully integrated, strategic, and transparent influencer program management.

    Acceleration Partners is an award-winning, global partnership marketing agency with extensive expertise in influencer, affiliate, and B2B marketing, as well as content and mass media marketing.

    They provide fully integrated, strategic, and transparent influencer program management, and their in-house Publisher Development team actively finds and verifies the best partners for your program.

    If you’re seeking an award-winning influencer marketing agency with a global footprint and an impressive track record, look no further than Acceleration Partners. This agency specializes in affiliate marketing, partner marketing, and customer acquisition.

    With over 350 employees spread across nine countries and three continents, Acceleration Partners offers services like affiliate marketing, partner recruitment, and program design. 

    They’ve worked with notable clients such as Grove Collaborative, Noom, and Purple Carrot.

    Acceleration Partners stands out for its ability to effectively develop, optimize, and scale influencer marketing campaigns. 

    Their strategic approach, data-driven insights, and transparent program management ensure that your influencer campaigns deliver tangible results and drive business growth.

    Acceleration Partners’ is a client-centric agency, and their global teams have all the experience, expertise, and technology needed to help you grow and scale your influencer marketing program for measurable, meaningful results.  

    Screenshot of the Acceleration Partners Agency Homepage

    5. Hamster Garage

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - Hamster Garage Logo

    Hamster Garage

    Chicago, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2019

    Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • End-to-end Influencer program management
    • Strategy
    • Influencer discovery, outreach, and activation
    • Contracting
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Performance marketing


    • Animoto
    • Air BnB
    • Bump Boxes
    • Turo
    • Bloomscape
    • Canva
    • Cube
    • Filmr
    • Invideo 
    • Lookout


    Hamster Garage takes a unique approach to influencer marketing.  They combine influencer marketing with elements of performance marketing and ensure that everything is carefully tracked and measured so that you get the most value from your campaigns.  

    Hamster Garage offers a unique approach to influencer marketing, blending elements of performance marketing to meticulously track and measure campaign success for maximum value. 

    Hamster Garage provides end-to-end influencer marketing agency services, incluing influencer program management, strategy development, influencer discovery, outreach, activation, contracting, monitoring, reporting, and performance marketing.

    Their focus on tracking and reporting ensures that you have clear insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

    By combining influencer marketing with performance marketing techniques, Hamster Garage stands out in the industry for its commitment to delivering measurable results.

    If you’re looking for a partner that prioritizes data-driven decision-making and comprehensive campaign management, Hamster Garage could be the right choice for your influencer marketing needs.

    Hamster Garage Agency Homepage

    Hidden Content

    6. The Influencer Marketing Factory

    Influencer Marketing Agencies - The Influencer Marketing Factory Logo

    The Influencer Marketing Factory

    Miami, USA

    Our Score



    Founded: 2018

    Location: Miami, Florida and New York City, New York, USA

    Number of Employees: 11 – 50


    • Influencer identification and search
    • Influencer strategy
    • Contracting
    • Tracking, reporting, and analytics
    • Content management
    • Target audience identification
    • Content guidelines


    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Universal Music Group
    • Unilever
    • Amazon
    • Warner Music Group
    • Sony Music
    • SnapChat
    • UnitedHealth Group
    • Bud Light
    • F’real
    • Ablo
    • Grubhub
    • Benq
    • Hilton
    • Bumble
    • Vestiaire Collective
    • Brandt
    • UniCredit
    • Brisk
    • Pentel
    • Mountain Dew


    The Influencer Marketing Factory is a top influencer marketing agency. They specialize in TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube campaigns, and they offer a full set of services from strategy and planning to identifying influencers and running the whole campaign. They also offer content creation services for even more effective influencer campaigns.  

    Influencer marketing factory

    Influencer Marketing Factory is a top agency specializing in TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube campaigns.

    Influencer Marketing Factory is recognized as one of the best influencer marketing agencies. It offers a full range of services, from strategy development to content creation. 

    They excel in influencer identification, strategy, contracting, tracking, reporting, analytics, and content management. 

    If you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency that delivers results and creates engaging content, the Influencer Marketing Factory is a top choice.

    Influencer factory case studies


    Influencer Marketing Agencies vs. Traditional Digital Marketing Agencies: What is the Difference?

    In marketing, Influencer Marketing Agencies distinguish themselves from Digital Marketing Agencies through their specialized focus on leveraging influencers’ reach and impact to promote brands and products.

    While digital marketing agencies cover a broader spectrum of online marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, email marketing, and social media management, influencer marketing agencies concentrate on collaborating with influencers to authentically endorse brands.

    These agencies excel in forming partnerships with influencers who resonate with target audiences, creating genuine content that drives engagement and conversions. 

    By harnessing the power of influencers, they have built expertise in tap into a unique form of social proof and credibility that traditional digital marketing agencies might not have the ability or experience to achieve as effectively.

    The Ever Growing Impact of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    Influencer marketing’s impact is skyrocketing. 

    In the last five years, the global market size of influencer marketing went from $6.5 billion to $21.1 billion in 2023, and is expected to reach $24 billion in 2024. 

    Influencer marketing has become a key digital marketing channel, with some surveys revealing that over 90% of respondents had used or were currently using influencers in their marketing.

    As of 2024, 66% of brands are increasing their influencer marketing budgets, which shows that we are far from the fall of the influencer! 

    The LTK platform attracts millions of shoppers monthly, driving close to $4 billion in annual sales, which are all influencer-driven sales. 

    An influencer’s ability to connect personally with followers presents a unique opportunity for brands to build meaningful consumer relationships. 

    This growing influence demands that influencer strategies be incorporated into overall marketing plans.

    Working with dedicated influencer marketing agencies specializing in influencer identification, authentic content creation, and platform-tailored execution are crucial for brands to maximize ROI and cultivate lasting consumer connections.

    Agencies vs Influencer Marketing Platforms 

    Brands that want to take a more hands-on approach can leverage cutting-edge influencer marketplaces and platforms instead of choosing an agency to work with. 

    Influencer platforms allow you to identify the perfect influencers, curate authentic content, and execute tailored campaigns across various social media platforms. 

    These marketplaces provide invaluable services, from influencer discovery and campaign management to performance tracking and optimization, driving higher engagement, brand awareness, and increased sales.

    Influencers’ ability to forge genuine connections with their followers presents a unique opportunity for brands to cultivate lasting consumer relationships. 

    This growing influence highlights the importance of strategically incorporating influencer marketing into overall marketing plans.

    As the demand for influencer marketing skyrockets, leveraging top influencer marketing platforms will be crucial for brands to effectively manage their campaigns, maximize ROI and forge meaningful connections with consumers in an increasingly crowded digital landscape.

    Top Influencer Marketing Strategies to Get Results

    Influencer marketing is a versatile tool that can achieve various objectives, from boosting brand awareness and credibility to driving sales and educating customers.

    Beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury leveraged influencers to showcase products and rapidly amplify its presence. 

    Watchmaker Daniel Wellington partnered with influencers to establish a trendy, aspirational brand among younger audiences. 

    Lululemon tapped into yoga instructors and fitness influencers, fostering a community of brand evangelists.

    So, what’s the secret sauce? What influencer marketing strategies really work?

    Successful influencer collaborations often hinge on strategic partnerships that authentically resonate. 

    Leveraging micro-influencers with highly engaged niche followings can yield impressive results. 

    Creating genuine collaborations where the influencer’s values align with your brand ethos establishes credibility and trust. 

    Interactive campaigns encouraging user-generated content boost engagement and virality. 

    Storytelling through influencers’ authentic product/service experiences forges deeper audience connections.

    Tracking KPIs allows real-time optimization. 

    These proven strategies consistently deliver successful influencer marketing outcomes by fostering authentic brand-audience relationships.

    Which Influencers Are the Best to Work With?

    Different influencers operate uniquely. Some are affiliate-focused, like Amazon influencers, while others are niche fanatics, like tech YouTubers. 

    Understanding their focus and audience alignment is key, as well as carefully considering the specific outcomes you want your influencer marketing to achieve

    Below are some handy resources for finding influences that are platform and category-specific!

    Select the Right Creators for Influencer Partnerships 

    When partnering with influencers, several key factors must be considered to ensure a successful collaboration.

    1. Firstly, align the influencer’s audience with your target demographic to maximize impact. Authenticity is crucial; ensure the influencer’s values resonate with your brand.
    2. Clear communication is critical; establish expectations regarding content, posting schedules, and deliverables upfront. Transparency on compensation and contractual terms builds trust.
    3. Evaluate the influencer’s engagement rates and past collaborations to gauge effectiveness. Assess their content quality and style to ensure it aligns with your brand aesthetics.
    4. Lastly, long-term partnerships should be considered for sustained brand visibility and loyalty. By carefully considering these factors, you can prepare the stage for a fruitful influencer partnership.

    Use Influencer Management Platforms and Tools

    Effective influencer marketing campaigns require strategic management of partnerships, making an Influencer Management Tool an invaluable asset. 

    These centralized platforms streamline the collaboration process, from influencer discovery to campaign execution and performance tracking.

    Influencer Management Tools, like those reviewed and approved by us, offer vital features to boost campaign success:

    • Influencer search and vetting to identify perfect brand-audience fits
    • Campaign planning and guideline communication
    • Content creation monitoring and approval workflow
    • Real-time performance metric tracking
    • Streamlined influencer payments and contracts

    By leveraging such a tool, brands can efficiently manage influencer outreach, ensure aligned content, optimize campaigns with data-driven insights, and maintain organized collaborative relationships – ultimately maximizing ROI.

    As influencer marketing rapidly evolves, having the right management platform tailored to their needs is crucial for brands to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive impactful, authentic influencer collaborations that resonate with target audiences.

    Lean into Brand to Brand Collaborations

    Brand collaborations are when brands team up to jointly promote their products or create a ‘cross-over’ product that they both promote to their separate but closely aligned audiences. 

    Occasionally, brand collaborations can include relevant influencers to promote products/services to their engaged audiences as well. 

    Key benefits include expanded reach, increased awareness/credibility, authentic storytelling, and driving sales.

    Vet brand partners based on audience relevance and brand alignment in terms of your values and the brand image you wish to portray. Set clear expectations around deliverables, timelines, and compensation.

    Successful collaborations require mutually beneficial brand relationships built on aligned values—track performance metrics to optimize and inform future partnerships.

    With a strategic approach, brands leverage authentic voices to connect with audiences and drive business growth, via other brands and influencers alike.

    Latest Influencer Marketing Trends 2024

    Stay ahead in influencer marketing by staying updated on the latest trends shaping the industry. 

    Here are two key trends from our recent article on the Top Influencer Marketing Trends in 2024:

    • Video content continues to dominate, with short-form videos gaining popularity on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.
    • Authenticity remains key, driving the shift towards micro and nano influencers with more genuine connections with their audiences.

    Check out the full article for more on the latest trends driving results in the influencer industry and how to leverage them in your own campaigns. 

    Wrapping Up – Not All Influencer Marketing Agencies Are the Same.

    In conclusion, marketers are feeling the burden of operating in a constantly changing environment. While most influencer marketing agencies offer similar services, it is important to know which areas they truly specialize in.

    This could mean using multiple solution providers, from those with large influencer networks to those who specialize in crafting strong brand stories. If you have the budget, an experienced full-service influencer marketing agency might answer your prayers.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Criteria Do I Consider When Selecting an Influencer Marketing Agency?

    When selecting an influencer marketing agency, consider factors like expertise, reputation, pricing, past campaigns, and industry alignment. Ensure they understand your brand and goals, communicate effectively, and provide transparent reporting. Trust your instincts.

    How Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Measure the Success of Their Campaigns?

    Influencer marketing agencies track metrics like engagement rates, conversions, reach, and brand sentiment to measure campaign success. They analyze data to evaluate ROI and adjust strategies. Success is gauged through meaningful interactions and impact on brand goals.

    Can Influencer Marketing Agencies Help With Influencer Fraud Detection?

    Yes, influencer marketing agencies can help with influencer fraud detection. They utilize tools like AI algorithms to identify fake followers and engagement, ensuring your campaigns reach real audiences and deliver genuine results.

    Are There Specific Industries or Niches That Certain Influencer Marketing Agencies Specialize In?

    Some influencer marketing agencies specialize in specific industries or niches. These agencies tailor their strategies to cater to clients' unique needs in areas like fashion, beauty, technology, or lifestyle.

    How Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Handle Influencer Contracts and Negotiations?

    When working with influencer marketing agencies, they handle influencer contracts and negotiations to secure partnerships. Clear terms, deliverables, and compensation are agreed upon, ensuring both parties understand expectations and benefits. Trust the process for successful collaborations.

    What Are Social Media Influencers?

    Social Media Influencers are content creators with a dedicated following on one or more social platforms. They range from micro-influencers with niche, highly engaged audiences (ideal for building credibility/driving sales) to macro-influencers with broader reach (influential for awareness and brand positioning).