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LGBTQ+ Influencers: The Ultimate 21 to follow in 2024 [Updated Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 21 minute read Influencer Marketing

LGBTQ+ influencers are a MUST-HAVE to connect with these audiences. These influencers have the credibility and reach to promote your business and share your values.

LGBTQ+ influencers support movements they’re passionate about and share their personal experiences and journeys, emotionally relating to buyers. 

This approach works because these influencers form strong relationships with their audiences and know what users want.

For example, 39% of LGBTQ+ consumers love entertainment content, while 30% enjoy posting content about themselves. 

Your LGBTQ+ influencer will know what your target buyers want to see, and the more online presence they have, the quicker users will trust your brand!

We don’t expect you to find the best LGBTQ+ influencers in 2024 yourself! 

So, we’ve researched and found the ultimate LGBTQ+ influencers, what niche they specialize in and why you should work with them.


Let’s go!

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    21 LGBTQ+ Influencers to follow in 2024

    LGBTQ+ influencers are fantastic for influencer marketing campaigns aimed at these audiences.

    These are the best LGBTQ+ influencers in 2022:

    1.Tom Daley

    Tom Daley is an adventurous and free-spirited LGBTQ+ influencer that goes by the pronouns he/him. With millions of followers, Tom posts content for the sports niche, and you can find him crocheting (which he loves very much), underwater diving, and gyming.

    Tom Daley__LGBTQ+ influencers
    Source: Instagram

    There are loads of fun posts on Tom’s Instagram, and he actively supports and raises awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. Sports and lifestyle brands will be glad to know that Tom is an Adidas ambassador, and was on the front page of “Gay Times”! Tom has also published a book offering beginners tips on creating funky crochet designs.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Tom Daley's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 3.2m

    Connect with Tom:

    Instagram: @tomdaley

    2.Ash Hardell

    Ash Hardell is a creative LGBTQ+ influencer who invests her time in raising awareness about the LGBTQ+ community and the problems they face. This influencer also shares her takes and experiences on trauma, transphobia, homophobia, and similar realities.

    Ash Hardell_LGBTQ+ influencers

    Ash’s followers love her Instagram content because she shares a big part of her everyday life and speaks about topics personal to her audience. For more engaging and customer-centric content, Ash has a thriving YouTube channel with a following of almost one million subscribers.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Ash Hardell's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 127k

    YouTube: 640k

    Connect with Ash:

    Instagram: @ashhardell

    YouTube: Ash Hardell

    3.Dodie Clark

    Dodie Clark is a talented and passionate LGBTQ+ influencer sharing content on music, arts, and culture. Users can find her music on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Her Instagram account is littered with high-quality, timeless photography that reflects a lot of Dodie’s personality.

    Dodie Clark_LGBTQ+ influencers
    Source: Instagram

    Although Dodie’s Instagram account has less content on LGBTQ+ community updates and events, like many other influencers in this space, she expresses herself through her art and music. Dodie is the influencer you want to work with to create an emotional connection with your audience that shares artistic qualities.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Dodie Clark Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 1.1m

    Connect with Dodie:

    Instagram: @doddleoddle

    4.Hannah Hart

    Hannah Hart is a performance artist, chef, talented bard, and beloved geek! She posts motivational and inspiring content while promoting lifestyles like gym and healthy eating. Hannah shares most of her life through Instagram, and followers can find pictures of her dogs, passions, and daily life.

    Hannah Hart_LGBTQ+ influencers

    Hannah is the perfect LGBTQ+ influencer for lifestyle brands. She is the author of many books, including a memoir and cookbook, and she has a podcast to raise awareness about being queer. Hannah also has a YouTube channel sharing her secret recipes, passions, and LGBTQ+ experience and advice.

    Hannah Hart influencer
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 1m

    Connect with Hannah:

    Instagram: @harto

    5.Jameela Jamil

    Jameela Jamil is an activist promoting mental health and trans awareness. As a die-hard feminist, Jameela shares content on her journey in the LGBTQ+ community and how she’s managed her mental health over the years. Like many bold LGBTQ+ influencers, Jameela shares her opinions on controversial topics and has made numerous media features.


    If you’re looking for an edgy and passionate LGBTQ+ influencer, Jameela is top of the line! Besides being an influencer, she’s more commonly known as a British actress and presenter, having been in several series, movies, and shows. However, she has sparked some bad PR for her outspoken personality and strong opinions.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Jameel Jamila's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 3.7m

    Connect with Jameela:

    Instagram: @jameelajamil

    6.Parker Kit Hill

    First and foremost, do you know Rhianna follows this LGBTQ+ influencer? Yep, it shows how much authority, credibility, and popularity Parker Kit Hill has! As a fashion influencer, Parker’s content features luxury travel spots across the globe, and fine cuisine and shares his everyday life.

    Parker Hill
    Source: Instagram

    Parker has promoted many top-tier fashion brands, including Prada and Dior. Being a model and LGBTQ+ activist, Parker is the perfect fit for businesses needing a trusted voice in the fashion and culture space.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Parker Kit Hill's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 534k

    Connect with Parker:

    Instagram: @parkerkithill

    7.Daniel Franzese

    Daniel Franzese is a light-hearted, humorous LGBTQ+ influencer that loves to uplift his followers. He shares personal experiences being in the LGBTQ+ community and how he overcome weight loss and mental health issues to be his best self. Daniel is also a podcast host and loves to help his followers lead healthy lives.

    Daniel Franzese
    Source: Instagram

    This LGBTQ+ influencer is the ultimate jokester, and his stand-up comedy confirms it! Daniel loves being in front of the camera and is also a beloved drag queen. There’s loads of content on LGBTQ+ awareness events and drag shows across Daniel’s Instagram profile.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Daniel Franzese's Instagram Profile

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 142k

    Connect with Daniel:

    Instagram: @whatsupdanny

    8.Miss Peppermint

    As an actress, singer, and the mother of all drag queens, Miss Peppermint has an established presence in the LGBTQ+ community. She recently did her first mini-tour in July and shares her passions and experiences through singing and songwriting.

    Source: Instagram

    Miss Peppermint raises awareness about various LGBTQ+ campaigns and events and actively supports the Black Lives Matter movement. While many may get caught up in Miss Peppermint’s extra extroverted and forthcoming personality, this influencer does her best to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community and shares her opinions on topics she believes in.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Miss Pepper Mint's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 699k

    Connect with Miss Peppermint:

    Instagram: @peppermint247

    9.Chella Man

    Going with the pronouns he/him, Chella Man is an Asian curator, director, artist, and philosopher. This LGBTQ+ influencer is also deaf, motivating him to share content on the deaf and LGBTQ+ communities. He shares a lot of lifestyle content on Instagram and prides himself on his innovative sense of fashion and art.

    Chella Man_influencers
    Source: Instagram

    You can find some of Chella’s art pieces in several galleries in New York City and walk his first runway show. Chella has a few breathtaking mural pieces too, and a clothing line. This is the LGBTQ+ influencer you want to work with for creative audiences.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Chella Man's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 448k

    Connect with Chella:

    Instagram: @chellaman

    10.Alexander Joseph Begnel

    Alexander Joseph Begnel may not have a massive Instagram following, but followers love his funny TikTok videos and outspoken personality. This LGBTQ+ influencer is certainly not shy to express himself and often participates in sponsorships and advertising campaigns.

    Alex Begs
    Source: Instagram

    With active audiences on TikTok and Instagram, Alex is an influencer for paid sponsorships. He posts relatable lifestyle content and is most likely Avril Lavigne’s #1 fan.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Alex Begnel's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 101k

    Connect with Alexander:

    Instagram: @alexbegs

    11.Kenny Ethan Jones

    Kenny Ethan Jones is an LGBTQ+ influencer like no other. While some of us may cringe talking about mensuration, Kenny was the poster child for an entire campaign! He speaks a lot about his sexuality and what he experiences being trans.

    Source: Instagram

    With so much depth, it’s no surprise that Kenny is a writer and activist. He’s contributed to many campaigns to drive sexual awareness with brands like Durex and Mermaids. And as if he couldn’t get any more talented, Kenny is a model too and aims to prove that the fashion industry can be diverse!

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Kenny Jones' Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 86.1k

    Connect with Kenny:

    Instagram: @kennyethanjones

    12.Munroe Bergdorf

    Fashion is Munroe Bergdorf’s second name, and she does a stellar job of it too! As the new contributing editor of Britsh Vogue, it’s clear that Munroe has successfully established her voice in the fashion industry. Besides trending outfits, Munroe shares a lot of content o LGBTQ+ and sexuality awareness.

    Source: Instagram

    Like Kenny, Munroe spends her time supporting LGBTQ+ movements like Mermaid and shares her thoughts on many controversial topics. And in case you haven’t watched it, Munroe has a lead role in the series Queerpiphany.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Munroe Bergdorf's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 555k

    Connect with Munroe:

    Instagram: @munroebergdorf

    13.Ericka Hart

    Ericka Hart is a UK LGBTQ+ influencer that talks about uncomfortable topics to normalize sexuality and being transgender. She is a writer, sex educator, model, activist, and breast cancer survivor. Ericka shares wholesome, inspiring content that teaches her audience about sex and the LGBTQ+ community.

    Erika Hart
    Source: Instagram

    For a confident and passionate LGBTQ+ influencer, Ericka is a fantastic choice. She’s not afraid to share her natural self and opinions and connects with her audience through emotional lifestyle content. Ericka shares her breast cancer surgery journey and helps people understand and love themselves. Ericka has a podcast too, where you can learn about similar concepts.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Erika Hart's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 469k

    Connect with Erika:

    Instagram: @ihartericka

    14.Rox on a Journey

    Rox on a Journey is a lifestyle and travel Instagram blog. Based in the Netherlands, Rox shares content about her adventures, relationships, queer challenges, and how she aims to impact the LGBTQ+ community.

    Once Upon a Journey_influencers
    Source: Instagram

    Something that makes Rox on a Journey different from other influencers on this list, is the emotional and sentimental appeal of her posts. Users follow her to keep updated with her next travel destinations and experiences and how she navigates life as a proud LGBTQ+ woman.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Rox on a Journey's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 104k

    Connect with Once Upon a Journey:

    Instagram: @roxonajourney

    15.Nikita Dragun

    Although she’s been the subject of many scandals and controversies, Nikita Dragun remains a beloved YouTube personality and transgender influencer. This LGBTQ+ influencer loves fashion, and most of her content covers lifestyle and travel.

    Nikita Dragun
    Source: Instagram

    Nikita is an LGBTQ+ influencer for travel, lifestyle, and beauty brands. Her photos are flooded with adoring comments, pointing out her signature style, bold looks, and outgoing personality. In 2022, Nikita launched her first beauty line – Dragun Beauty.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Nikita Dragun's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 8.8m

    Connect with Nikita:

    Instagram: @nikitadragun

    16.Hawk Snipes

    Being a model, LGBTQ+ activist, artist, and actress sound exhausting, but Hawk Snipes makes it look easy! Users follow her for lifestyle, fashion, and travel content. She also shares her thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community and has promoted brands like Steve Madden and Warby Parker.

    Hawk Snipes
    Source: Instagram

    Keeping her followers engaged, Hawk Snipes posts fun content like makeup challenges, shopping trips, makeup reviews, and clothing hauls. She owns a clothing line too and contributes to NYC pride – an organization for pride events and BTFA Collective – a collection of art pieces from black, LGBTQ+ artists.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Mx B Hawk Snipes' Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 36.7k

    Connect with Hawk:

    Instagram: @bhawksnipes

    17.Anna Zoe

    Anna Zoe is a top LGBTQ+ influencer for small businesses wanting to engage writing and art audiences. Although she has a nano following, Anna extends her online presence to Twitter and posts lifestyle content, sharing her LGBTQ+ journey.

    LGBTA+ influencers_Anna Zoe
    Source: Instagram

    Anna loves to rock colorful outfits and often shares her favorite book collections. She also shares advice and her personal experiences with learning disabilities and mental health, making her easily relatable.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Anna Zoe's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 611

    Connect with Anna:

    Instagram: @annazoequirke

    18.Char Ellesse

    Dubbing herself the “unapologetic queer black woman of your dreams”, Char Ellesse is all about lifestyle, self-care, and being genuine. She doesn’t hesitate to share eye-brow-raising content and motivates her audience to embrace themselves without social constraints. Char also speaks on socially impactful topics, and many media platforms have welcomed her thoughts.

    LGBTA+ influencers_Ellese Char
    Source: Instagram

    As a model, activities, and queer black woman, Char has contributed to the LGBTQ+ community and promoted inclusivity and equality. You can find her featured on podcast episodes like @dontcallmeexoticpod and she’s made several features in print media like newspapers and magazines.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Ellesse Char's Instagram Profile
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 63.7k

    Connect with Char:

    Instagram: @ellessechar


    Need an edgy, eccentric fashion-forward LGBTQ+ influencer? Alok is all that and more. As an author, speaker, poet, and comedian, Alok has built many channels for sharing their thoughts and experiences in the LGBTQ+ community. They have been featured on the cover of the fashion magazine – Atmos.

    LGBTA+ influencers_Alok
    Source: Instagram

    But magazines are the least of Alok’s concerns, as they’ve featured in loads of live shows around Germany. On their Instagram, you can find content on Alok’s tours, book reports, comedy shorts, poetry, and their opinions on social and cultural problems globally.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Alok's Website Image of Alok
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 1m

    YouTube: 1.79K

    Connect with ALOK:

    Instagram: @alokvmenon

    YouTube: ALOK


    20.Matt Bernstein

    Matt Bernstein is a beauty and pop culture fanatic! With an atheistically-pleasing Instagram feed, he posts about LGBTQ+ awareness campaigns and social and political opinions regarding inclusivity and diversity. Users love Matt’s content because it’s impactful and reflective. Matt also has authority and credibility in the LGBTQ+ environment.

    LGBTQ+ _Matt
    Source: Instagram

    Matt is one of the best LGBTQ+ influencers for brands that want to raise awareness about social, political, or environmental problems. You should also work with this influencer if you’re promoting unpopular perspectives or going against biased opinions.

    Screenshot of LGBTQ+ influencer Matt Bernstein's YouTube Channel
    Image Source

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 1.2m

    YouTube: 45.7K

    Connect with Matt:

    Instagram: @mattxiv

    YouTube: matt bernstein

    21.Jessica & Claudia

    Jessica and Claudia are LGBTQ+ couples who share what they love through Instagram – parenting, LGBTQ+ awareness, self-love, and living with disabilities. Their journey as a family won the hearts of thousands of followers. They’re the ideal influencers for parenting and lifestyle brands. Their funny, relatable video ads are less salesy and more organic marketing.

    Jessica and Claude_LGBTQ+ influencers
    Source: Instagram

    Another attractive feature of this super awesome LGBTQ+ duo is Jessica’s fairytale-like wardrobe. Her style gives this couple a signature look, and it only gets better once the emotional appeal of their love story kicks in. Jessica and Claudia have already partnered with brands like H&M Kids and Ocado.

    Jessica and Claude
    Source: Instagram

    Number of followers:

    Instagram: 186k

    Connect with Jessica & Claudia:

    Instagram: @jessieandclaud


    There are LGBTQ+ influencers of all backgrounds and niches to connect with your audience. Many LGBTQ+ influencers have worked with renowned brands and have authority among their followers. You can find nano, micro, and macro LGBTQ+ influencers to promote your brand, share your values and help you become a thought leader in the LGBTQ+ marketing environment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an LGBTQ+ influencer?

    An LGBTQ+ influencer is an influencer with authority among LGBTQ+ audiences. These influencers raise awareness about and support the LGBTQ+ community. Read this article for the best LGBTQ+ influencers in 2024, and why you should work with them.

    What are the best LGBTQ+ fashion influencers?

    The best LGBTQ+ influencers in fashion include Parker Kit Hill, Chella Man, Munroe Bergdorf, Hawk Snipes and ALOK. These influencers are known for their signature styles and iconic outfits. This article covers the best LGBTQ+ influencers in 2024, what niche they specialize in and why brands should choose them.

    What are the best LGBTQ+ lifestyle influencers?

    The best LGBTQ+ influencers for lifestyle marketing include Jessica and Claudia, Hannah Hart, Ericka Hart, Once Upon a Journey and Nikita Drugen. Read this full article for more details on the best LGBTQ+ influencers in lifestyle, fashion, health and more!



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