5 Best AI Video Makers [of the12 Tested]: Full Review + Examples in 2023

In 2023, video is king. Video marketing is booming, especially for social media marketing, which is moving steadily toward placing video content front and center.

The problem is, video content is hard to create. It takes time, expertise, recording equipment, editing software, as well as actors and voice actors.

Social media may have normalized the casual selfie-video format, but it doesn’t work for everything and sometimes you just need a professional video!

And that is where AI video generators come in. AI has advanced at lightning speed and text-to-video AI video makers are flourishing.

AI video makers promise to create high-quality videos, based on some simple input data or text script, complete with great video and visuals, high-quality audio, and ultra-human sounding AI voiceovers – minutes, and for free!

But are all AI video generators as great as they sound? And can you really create a high-quality and compelling video with AI?

We wanted to find out, so we chose a selection of the top-rated AI video makers on the market, signed up, and tested them!

In this review, we look at all the tools we tested in detail, including pricing, features, and our personal experience using the AI video maker.

We also include examples of the videos we made, and our scoring for each tool so you can compare them and find the best one for you!


Let’s dive in!

The Current State of AI Video Creation in 2023

Over the last couple of years, since 2020 especially, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has advanced and evolved at a staggeringly rapid rate.

In the very simplest terms, AI uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to process and ‘learn’ from huge datasets, very quickly, by finding the patterns in that data and learning to predict and match associations within the data.

This creates a program that can create something, based on a simple prompt, that is remarkably accurate (or statistically probable, based on the input parameters) and contextually relevant.

Check out this video by IBM Technology for more on NLP and how it is used in AI:

We use AI every time we use Siri, Google, and Alexa to carry out multi-step task, based on voice prompt. Even if we give the prompt a little differently each time, the AI can still form the associations and carry out the intended task.

Text-to-speech tools like AI voiceover generators, AI copywriting tools, and popular language and grammar-checking tools like Grammarly also use AI algorithms to find errors and make complex suggestions for tone and delivery.


Check out our test results and detailed reviews here:

Various text-to-speech/image/audio algorithms evolved and we now have text-to-video algorithms, which has led to an explosion of AI video generator software and AI video editing tools.

AI video makers promise to make you a professional quality video in minutes, complete with audio, AI-generated voiceover, imagery, video footage, and compelling visual effects.

So, what exactly is an AI video generator and what can we use them for? And are they as good as they claim to be?

What is an AI Video Generator? And can you really create a video using AI?

In a nutshell, an AI video maker software tool that uses AI to automatically generate videos, based on the information the user provides.

This usually includes video script text and a storyboard and setting the parameters of the tool, such as the type of video and the format required. The AI video maker then automatically creates a video.    

What kind of videos can you create with AI?

You can use text-to-video AI software to create a wide range of videos but the most common types of videos created with AI are:

  • Animations
  • Slideshows
  • Talking heads
  • Screen recordings
  • Stock footage (b-roll) videos

What is an AI video generator? And what videos can you create with AI?

AI video maker software tool that uses AI to automatically generate videos, based on the video script text provided by the user, as well as other parameters set within the software. You can create a wide variety of videos with AI, including animations, slideshows, talking head videos with AI avatars and b-roll videos.

What can you use AI-generated videos for?

Videos created with AI can be used for a huge number of use cases, including:

  • Video ads
  • Shortform video content for social media
  • Promotional videos
  • Instructional videos for internal or external training
  • How to videos for self-service customer care
  • Interviews and Q&A videos
  • Product explainers/reviews
  • Live video demonstrations
  • Educational videos for online learning
  • Event recaps or highlight videos
  • Creative videos for entertainment
  • And more

However, there is a video, and there is a good video. And they’re not the same!

If you have ever made a video, or hired a freelancer to make you make a video, there are a lot of subtle elements that go into making a GOOD video.

So, can you create a good video using an AI video generator? A passable one? Or just a functional one that serves a purpose but won’t be fooling anyone as to its AI-generated origins?

To find out, we physically tested the top AI video makers on the market to see what they could do, and find out which ones are the best.

Here is how we selected the top AI video generators to test:

How We Chose the Best AI Video Makers to Test

There are dozens and dozens of AI video generators available, and each one claims to be better than the last. However, the quality of these platforms varies massively!

Some are incredible to use and produce polished, high-quality videos… And others are a glitchy mess of limitations and frighteningly enthusiastic robotic voices.

So, to find the AI video makers that were really worth testing, here are the factors we considered in our selection process:

  • User reviews
  • Third-party review site ratings
  • Features and capabilities
  • Customizations offered
  • Cost and ‘value-for-money’
  • Added value or perks (e.g., access to royalty-free digital assets)
  • Quality of support/training material

Considering the factors above, we were able to weed out the less-than-ideal tools and select the top AI video generators to test.

Here are the AI video makers we tested:

  1. Fliki.ai
  2. FlexClip
  3. Synthesia.io
  4. Lumen5
  5. GliaCloud
  6. InVideo
  7. Synthesys
  8. Pictory
  9. Rephrase.ai
  10. Designs.ai
  11. Elai.io
  12. Veed.io

AI video technology might be young but it is definitely strong and evolving fast. When we tested these AI video makers ourselves, we were quite surprised by what they could do and the quality of the final product!

That said, there were a couple of AI video generators that stood out during the testing process and emerged as having that little bit extra that gives them the edge to emerge as the best of the best.

What are the top AI video generators?

The top AI video makers include Flikli, FlexClip, Synthesia.io, Lumen5, GliaCloud, InVideo, Synthesys, Pictory, Rephrase.ai, Designs.ai, Elai.io, and Veed.io

Here is how we tested the top premium and AI video makers, to find the best of the best:

How We Tested the Top AI Video Generators to Find the Best

After selecting the top AI voice generators to test, we signed up for each one and tried them out ourselves by creating a variety of AI-generated videos.

We kept the tests as similar as we could but each tool’s features were slightly different so it wasn’t always possible to get a precise ‘apples to apples’ comparison.

That said, we evaluated all the tools against the same criteria so that while the testing differed across the tools, the final result was easily compared.

AI Video Maker Evaluation Criteria

Here are the criteria we evaluated the AI voice generators against during our test:

  1. Ease of Use: How user-friendly the interface is, how steep the learning curve is, and if you need prior experience with creating and editing videos to use it successfully.
  2. Diversity of Use Cases: the number of use cases the tool can be used for, or if it can only be used for one type of video or use, such as short-form social media videos or slideshow explainer videos.
  3. Features and the Quality of Features and Templates: how many useful features the tools provide, and the quality of those features when put into practice. More features look better but they have to be good enough to use effectively too. Poor quality features are the same as no features in some cases.
  4. Editing and Customization Options: How much the videos can be customized, visually and aurally, and how in-depth are the editing options for refining and fine-tuning the videos are.
  5. Visual Asset Quantity and Quality: how good the stock imagery, video footage, and graphics or animations the tool provides are.
  6. Video Quality: The video quality (resolution and frame rate) of the final product.
  7. Audio Quality: How clear the sound is, and how many options you have to add audio.
  8. AI Voiceover Quality: How fluent and natural the AI voiceovers sound, the number of options available, and how much customization and editing you can do to the voiceover.
  9. Professionalism and Quality of the Final Product: how good the final videos look and sound. How fluid, natural and human-made they appear to be. After all, we’re testing the AI’s capabilities too.
  10. Cost and Value-for-Money: How much the tool costs to use, what you can do with the free plan/trial, and any extra value, like access to high-quality stock images that you do not have to pay for separately, the software provides.

With the criteria above in mind, we set about using the tools to see what they could do and how good we could get the end product to be!

We signed up, wrote a short video script based on the copy on our P2P homepage, to use for the text-to-video AI video makers, and generally put them through their paces.

We have tested a wide range of AI tools now (check our reviews of the best AI Voiceover Makers and AI Copywriting Tools!) and one thing we have learned is that the final quality often comes down to careful editing.

You can use AI to do all the heavy lifting, but even the best tools need a discerning human eye (and ear) to edit and refine the final product.

Few AI tools produce something completely usable as-is, and it’s the editing and customization options that often make or break how good your final product is.

Right, let’s take a look at our detailed reviews, the results of our AI video maker tests, and some examples of the videos we created with AI.

Here are our reviews of the AI video makers we liked the most:

Verdict: The 5 Best AI Video Generators That We Tested (Free & Paid)


Pictory is a great free AI video generator. It offers a robust set of video creation features, from text to video, to converting blogs to video from a URL, and editing existing videos.

AI Video Makers - Screenshot of Pictor's homepage

When we tested Pictory, what immediately stood out was that they provide support in the form of explanatory pop-ups, video tutorials, and video walk-throughs of every feature, as you use it. While the other tools we tested were very user-friendly and easy to figure out, having step-by-step guidance and tips speed up your process.

Pictory is set out in a very simple and clean way, with an easy-to-use feature menu along the side. From there, you can edit the video/imagery, add music, add an AI voiceover or upload your own, and edit the text and all the elements.

Pictory provides a comprehensive media library of video and music, and the search and filter feature makes it easy to narrow down your search and find exactly what you want. The media library also lets you save items you like and keeps a useful ‘recent’ tab. Using Pictory’s media library was one of the best things about the software and it really sped up the editing process too.

In terms of customizations and editing options, there isn’t much you can’t do with Pictory! You can customize colors, add branding assets and upload your own video or audio to use.

The one area where Pictory fell a little short was the quality of the AI voiceovers. It took a while to find one that sounded fairly natural and while you can adjust the speech rate, there were no options to edit the voiceover’s tone or alter pronunciation/emphasis.

All in all, we were very impressed with Pictory and what it can do, how easy it was to use, and the quality of the final product:

Main Features

  • Script to video
  • Convert blog posts to videos via URL
  • Text video editing
  • Create video highlights
  • Add auto-captions to videos
  • Transcribe videos to text
  • Create video summaries from long videos

Pictory’s Pricing

  • Free Trial: Limited to 3 video projects (10 min each)
  • Standard: $19/user per month – 10 videos
  • Premium: $39/user per month – 60 videos
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing – custom video quantity

Score against our criteria

  • Ease of Use: 9/10
  • Diversity of Use Cases: 8/10
  • Features and the Quality of Features and Templates: 8/10
  • Editing and Customization Options: 8/10
  • Visual Asset Quantity and Quality: 8/10
  • Video Quality: 9/10
  • Audio Quality: 9/10
  • AI Voiceover Quality: 6/10
  • Professionalism and Quality of the Final Product: 7/10
  • Cost and Value-for-Money: 8/10

Final Score: 88/100 (4.4/5)

Website: pictory.ai


FlexClip is a really good free AI video generator. Using it is very easy and a lot like working in Canva, with searchable options from a menu sidebar, templates, and easy customizations.

AI Video Makers - Screenshot of FlexClip homepage

We made a simple slideshow video on FlexClip using a standard template, and were impressed by easy it was to do, and the level of customization offered. We could use our custom colors and upload our logo, and edit each slide extensively.

You can adjust the basics like text size, font, and colors and you can also add stock images and audio, or you can upload your own audio or images/video.

You can also edit things like the aspect ratio, the duration of each slide, the audio for each slide and where the audio transitions fall in relation to the visuals.

This level of customization means that you can use FlexClip to throw together a quick video using a pre-made template, or you can create a unique video, custom to your brand.

In terms of editing, the level of control you have means you can create a video that is as polished and professional as your heart desires.

FliexClip has an impressive library of stock media assets and some very slick and professional-looking templates. They also have templates for social media videos, so you can create an Instagram reel, TikTok or YouTube video that is pre-set to the right aspect ratio, etc.

You can download your videos or embed/share videos directly from within FlexClip. Video resolution is from 480 up to 1080. However, on the free plan, you can only download high-resolution videos with their watermark on them. You have to be on a paid plan to remove the watermark.

Our overall impression of FlexClip was that it’s super easy to use, and offers great templates, media assets, and editing options. It also offers a high level of customization options, including your custom brand colors and assets.

The downsides of FlexClip include:

  • Having to be on a paid plan to download HD and remove the watermark
  • Downloading the videos was a bit slow and options were not immediately clear
  • The tool is geared towards video editing, and the creation of more simple videos

Main Features

  • Video editor tools
  • Video maker tools
  • Video conversion and resizing tools
  • Screen recorder
  • Gif maker
  • Meme maker
  • 1000s of video templates
  • Extensive library of royalty-free images, music/audio, and stock video footage
  • Custom branding options

FlexClip’s Pricing

  • Free Plan: limited to 12 projects and 480p SD downloads
  • Basic: $6.99/m
  • Plus: $13.99/m
  • Business: $20.99/m

Score against our criteria

  • Ease of Use: 9/10
  • Diversity of Use Cases: 7/10
  • Features and the Quality of Features and Templates: 7/10
  • Editing and Customization Options: 8/10
  • Visual Asset Quantity and Quality: 8/10
  • Video Quality: 10/10
  • Audio Quality: 10/10
  • AI Voiceover Quality: 0/10 (you can upload your own voiceover to use though)
  • Professionalism and Quality of the Final Product: 7/10
  • Cost and Value-for-Money: 8/10

Final Score: 74/100 (3.7/5)

Website: FlexClip


Elai’s AI video generator is a really good tool for creating videos with AI voiceovers and AI ‘talking head’ avatars that narrate the video.

AI Video Makers - Screenshot of Elai homepage

Elai works much like the other AI video makers on this list but we were impressed with the quality of the AI avatars and how natural some of the AI voices sounded. We were also impressed with the many options they have for custom avatars from a photo and custom voiceovers based on your own voice.

One of the challenges with AI video makers and other AI tools is that the same media assets are available to everyone, so your arch-nemesis can use the same voice or avatar as you, and you can’t do anything about it. Creating custom avatars and voices gives you a way to keep your branding unique.

We could have done a lot more to this video in terms of customizations and editing to refine the final outcome but it’s really not bad for a video created entirely with AI, using a stock template and our own video script!

Elai offers a lot of features and the software is easy to navigate. However, we did find that the editor was a bit laggy at times and the editing options for the individual elements were a bit clumsy to work with. These are small things and the quality of the finished product was worth the minor frustration.

Main Features

  • Online video builder
  • Text-to-video
  • URL to video
  • PPT to video
  • Automatic translations
  • 25+ AI avatars
  • 120+ languages
  • Create your own AI avatar
  • Cartoon AI avatars

Elai’s Pricing

  • Free Plan: limited to 1 minute free
  • Basic: from $29/m for 15 video minutes
  • Advanced: from $99/m for 50 video minutes
  • Corporate: custom pricing

Score against our criteria

  • Ease of Use: 6/10
  • Diversity of Use Cases: 6/10
  • Features and the Quality of Features and Templates: 7/10
  • Editing and Customization Options: 6/10
  • Visual Asset Quantity and Quality: 6/10
  • Video Quality: 7/10
  • Audio Quality: 8/10
  • AI Voiceover Quality: 8/10
  • Professionalism and Quality of the Final Product: 7/10
  • Cost and Value-for-Money: 6/10

Final Score: 67/100 (3.4/5)

Website: Elai.io


InVideo is a great free AI video generator that offers text-to-video, pre-made video templates, and a huge stock media library.

AI Video Makers - Screenshot of InVideo homepage

It is very simple to use, and there was virtually no learning curve as the dashboard is user-friendly and creating videos with InVideo is a simple, step-by-step process.

We tried out both the templates and the text-to-video function, both of which were surprisingly quick and simple.

The templates are easy to navigate and you can set filters for the aspect ratio, video type and industry (we selected ‘landscape’, ‘ads’ and ‘professional services’ for this test).

After setting the filters we were presented with a selection of templates to choose from:

AI Video Makers - Screenshot of InVideo Templates

Ranging from b-roll stock footage to animations, each template includes background music and the option to change the aspect ratio.

InVideo’s used a simple drag-and-drop editor and you can customize the text, fonts, colors, and logos, as well as the background media and the music.

There is an option to upload audio if you have a voiceover to use, or you can automatically generate an AI voiceover (which was not the best quality, however) from the text in each scene.

When we tested the text-to-video generator, it took quite a while to load a very short script and we had some lagging when we added and removed images and audio.

However, it worked much the same as using the templates and we were able to create a high-quality video in a short time.

All in all, we were impressed with the quality of the video we could create with InVideo, and how quick and easy it was to do.

That said, some things were not that good too:

  • Downloading/exporting is only available for paid plans
  • You have to upgrade to a paid plan to remove the InVideo watermark
  • The automatically generated AI voiceovers sounded robotic and we could not edit them
  • InVideo’s text-to-video function was a bit slow for us

Main Features

  • Online video editing
  • Intro and outro maker
  • Video slideshow maker
  • Video ad maker
  • 5000+ video templates
  • 3M+ media asset library
  • YouTube intro maker
  • Birthday video maker
  • Instagram video editor
  • Invitation maker

InVideo’s Pricing

  • Free forever plan
  • Business: $30/m
  • Unlimited: $60/m

Score against our criteria

  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Diversity of Use Cases: 7/10
  • Features and the Quality of Features and Templates: 7/10
  • Editing and Customization Options: 8/10
  • Visual Asset Quantity and Quality: 8/10
  • Video Quality: 8/10
  • Audio Quality: 8/10
  • AI Voiceover Quality: 4/10
  • Professionalism and Quality of the Final Product: 7/10
  • Cost and Value-for-Money: 7/10

Final Score: 72/100 (3.6/5)

Website: invideo.io


Designs.ai is a creative AI software that you can use to do everything from creating your logos and brand graphics to creating videos from text and pre-made templates.

AI Video Makers - Screenshot of Designs.ai homepage

It is very easy to use, and the process is so straightforward you think there must be a catch somewhere, but that only comes when you try to download your video on the free trial (turns out you can sign up for a paid plan and use it free for a month though).

We tested both the video templates and the text-to-video video maker, and we were pleasantly surprised by how much we could do with the software!

The text-to-video generator is just a few steps – adding your script, choosing a category/industry, choosing an AI voice for your voiceover, and setting your text colors. We could use our custom colors, so we added those and it applied them to each scene.

From there, it uses the words in your script to match some relevant footage to the scene and boom! you have a neat little video that doesn’t need much editing at all.

Here is the video we made in Designs.ai:

If you do need to edit it though, you can change the music, the AI voice, and the words in the script for each scene, add or remove the text on the screen, add subtitles, and change any of the video clips or images.

Using the editor is so simple that at first, it seemed like the editing features must be quite limited but when you’re physically using the AI video maker it becomes clear that everything you need is there. From effects and transitions to custom fonts and audio, you can adjust just about everything.

The one thing that was a challenge was that there is no way to edit the AI voiceover in terms of speech rate, tone, or pronunciation. While the voice sounded quite natural and convincing, we had to change the script text to take out the word ‘into’ because that one word, sounded very strange and robotic.

We also had to accept being called ‘Peer to Peer’ and not ‘P2P’ because we couldn’t alter the pronunciation (in retrospect, changing the words to ‘pee two pee’ might have worked but that kind of workaround is cumbersome at best).

All in all, we were very impressed with the Designs.ai video maker. It is very simple and straightforward to use, offers both video templates and text-to-video, extensive editing and customization options, and has a great library of free images and video footage.

However, there were a few things we did not love:

  • You can’t download the video clips and images you use to make the video without signing up for a paid plan.
  • The editor did some odd things, like stop showing the video/images for each scene when you preview the video in the editor.
  • The download (mp4) quality is not great if you choose 720p, and some of the effects/onscreen text wasn’t as crisp and clear as they should be.

That said, these issues are pretty minor in the scheme of things and you can easily mitigate them with some additional editing and small tweaks to the content.

Main Features

  • AI video maker
  • Extensive library of free images and video
  • Text to video and video templates
  • AI voiceovers with a wide range of voices and accents
  • AI Logo maker
  • AI Design maker
  • AI Speech maker


  • Free Plan (limited use, no visual assets can be downloaded)
  • Basic: $29/m
  • Pro: $69/m
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Score against our criteria

  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Diversity of Use Cases: 7/10
  • Features and the Quality of Features and Templates: 7/10
  • Editing and Customization Options: 7/10
  • Visual Asset Quantity and Quality: 6/10
  • Video Quality: 6/10
  • Audio Quality: 8/10
  • AI Voiceover Quality: 7/10
  • Professionalism and Quality of the final product: 6/10
  • Cost and Value-for-Money: 6/10

Final Score: 67/100 (3.4/5)

Website: Designs.ai

Which AI video makers are the best?

After testing all the top AI video makers, we selected the best of the best:

  • Pictory
  • FlexClip
  • InVideo
  • Rephrase.ai
  • Designs.ai
  • Elai.io

Honourable Mentions: Other Top AI Video Makers Worth Considering

Overall, we were impressed with the quality and dexterity of all the AI video makers we tested. They all offer robust features, and most provide great customizations and in-depth editing options.

When you have a lot of good options, the best choice is the one that is best for you, and that comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

If you’re still looking for the right AI video maker after reading the reviews above, here are the ‘top contenders’ that we tested and recommend checking out on your own:


Fliki is a popular AI video and voiceover generator that is incredibly easy to use and offers a lot on the free plan/trial. You can create b-roll videos from a text script, created scene-by-scene, with an accompanying AI voiceover. Fliki’s main strengths are the quality of the AI voices and how easy it is to use. For simple stock footage videos with a voiceover, Fliki is a great choice, however the editing and customization options were very limited in comparison to the other Ai video makers on this list.


Synthesys is another advanced AI video generator that is especially good for videos that need a high-quality AI voiceover and AI avatar. The only reason Sythesys did not make the top 5 was because of accessibility (no free plan or trial) and the fact that it requires more know-how than the other tools. It is a great option for professionals, who have a bit of video experience, and need professional-quality videos/voices.


Rephrase.ai is another great option that was very nice to use but it’s very much geared toward AI avatars and AI voiceovers. It is better suited to professionals who have a specific use case in mind, such as stages of a sales funnel or customer support. Rephrase also has a challenging on-boarding process, where you have to schedule a demo with a sales rep before you can find out about pricing.


Synthesia is a leading AI video generator that provides AI video creation, voiceovers, and avatars. We loved everything about Synthesia except for the pricing. If you need a good voiceover and customized AI avatar, Sythesia is a great choice but it will cost you more than other tools offering similar features.


Veed is a really AI video editing tool. It offers a great range of editing options and if you need to edit or alter existing videos, Veed is a cost-effective and robust choice. However, we found Veed to be better suited to editing videos than creating them.


Lumen5 is a great tool for talking-head videos and converting blogs to videos. But that’s it. The limited use cases are what held Lumen5 back in this review.


GliaCound had some rave reviews so we were excited to test it. However, our experience wasn’t that amazing and we found it to be better suited to editing than creating videos, and it had limited use cases. Other than that, GliaCloud is certainly worth checking out.

And That’s a Wrap! Final Thoughts on the Best AI Video Makers in 2023

To recap, we were very impressed with what the top AI video makers can do and the quality of the videos we made with AI.

All the tools we tested were good, but five stood out as the best:

  • Pictory: Best for compelling b-roll videos
  • FlexClip: Best for straightforward slideshow videos
  • InVideo: Best for good video templates
  • Elai: Best for Text to Video, AI voiceovers, and Avatars
  • ai: Best for customizations and in-depth editing options

These tools are all great tools but the right one for you will come down to personal preference and what you need it to do for you.

You may need to test a couple of them yourself but we’re confident that the perfect AI video maker for you is on this list!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI generate videos?

Yes. AI video makers use an AI Text-to-Video algorithm to create a video based on the text script provided by the user. AI video generators can create videos with animations, video footage, AI voiceovers, background music, subtitles, and various effects and graphics. Some AI video makers can also generate videos based on blog posts or other long-form content. Read the full review to learn more about AI video makers and what they can do.

How can I make an AI video for free?

Most of the top AI video generators offer a free plan or free trial that allows you to use the software and create a video using AI for free. Read the full review to learn more about AI video makers and find a list of the best free and paid AI video generators.

What is the best AI video generator?

The top AI video generators are:
- Pictory
- FlexClip
- Synthesia.io
- Lumen5
- GliaCloud
- InVideo
- Synthesys
- Rephrase.ai
- Designs.ai
- Flikli
- Elai.io
- Veed.io
Read the full review to learn more about the best AI video makers and see some examples of the videos we created when we tested these AI video generators ourselves.


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