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NFT Influencers: The Best 23 to Follow in 2024 [IG, TW, YT] Ultimate Review

By Leah Clark Last updated: 15 minute read Influencer MarketingMarketing Guides

In the last two years, NFTs have exploded onto the scene! In 2020, NFT transactions exceed $300 million. In the first six months of 2021 alone, NFT sales amounted to more than $2.4 billion, and the most expensive NFT meme sold for a mind-blowing $4 million, in June 2021.

Since then, the popularity of NFTs has continued to increase and they have become more accessible, with the average NFT selling for under $200.

Many consumers worldwide, especially eSports fans, are interested in NFTs and the space has rapidly become crowded and highly competitive for NFT creators and new projects.

So, how do you, as an NFT creator, cut through the noise and get your NFT project in front of the right audience? How do you establish yourself as valuable and desirable for buyers?

The answer is NFT influencers! Working with the right influencers for your brand is the quickest and most effective way to position your project front and center!

The best NFT influencers have a huge following AND high authority in the space, making them a trusted source of information for anyone interested in NFTs.

Leveraging their influence can skyrocket your sales, and place you at the forefront of your competitors. That said, there are thousands of NFT influencers, and finding the best one for your project can be challenging to say the least!

But don’t worry, we’re here to help and we have reviewed some of the best NFT influencers to follow and collaborate with!

Ready to find your ideal NFT influencer?

Let’s jump right in!

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    What is an NFT Influencer?

    An NFT influencer has experience investing in, creating, or promoting NFTs. These influencers typically have large followings, and people look to them for advice on NFTs. Most influencers don’t provide insight into NFTs only. Followers can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies too. 

    As the most expensive NFT video sold for nearly $7 million, NFT investors need to understand this market and how to leverage it. NFTs aren’t easy to create or invest in, so connecting with an NFT influencer is pivotal to helping you make the most profitable and strategic choices. 

    How to Find NFT Influencers to Promote Your Project

    Finding the right influencers to promote your crypto marketing campaign can be a challenge. Especially finding an influencer in your specific niche, with a presence on the right platform to reach your target audience, AND experience with promoting NFTs!

    Luckily, you can use marketplaces like Fiverr to search and connect with a huge selection of influencers, in every niche, reaching every demographic imaginable, from their database.

    A quick search on Fiverr will bring up influencers that meet your exact requirements, based on the filters you apply to your search.

    Screenshot of the results for a search of NFT Influencers on Fiverr

    Once you have a selection to choose from, the platform allows you to view portfolios and see their rates and packages. This helps you see exactly which influencers have real NFT experience, in addition to their general experience as an influencer.

    Fiverr also provides reviews and ratings left by their previous clients, which is a great way to see which influencers are good to work with, and what kind of results they achieved in the past.

    Fiverr is particularly good for finding smaller influencers. Nano- and micro-influencers get the highest engagement rates and often have greater authority within their niche, which makes them more effective for driving sales than macro- and celebrity-influencers.

    When you have found the best NFT influencers to reach out to, you can message them directly from within the platform. The platform also allows you to manage the whole collaboration, from outreach to contracts and payments!

    Top 11 Twitter NFT Influencers 

    Like you find TikTok influencers, there are tonnes of NFT influencers on Twitter. These influencers vary from NFT creators to people who buy NFTs. If you have a Twitter account, follow these top 11 influencers to determine NFT trends and find the top NFT influencer for your project. 

    1. RealMissNFT

    Number of Followers: 159.7K

    Recent Projects: Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion Story


    @RealMissNFT is a crypto artist and one of the few female NFT influencers. She enjoys creating cutting-edge and innovative artwork as NFTs. Her community of followers loves her work. And there’s a lot of hype around her work in progress – Metanatics. This project allows users to create funky avatars and exist in the metaverse

    Profile Link:

    2. Cryptobaristas

    Number of Followers: 8.5k

    Recent Projects: BOBA BĀO

    Source: @cryptobaristas

    As the world’s first NFT coffee shop, @cryptobaristas has caught the attention of thousands of Twitter users. There are NFTs as avatars for the metaverse available. All these avatars have different looks and personalities. This NFT influencer also raises awareness about the coffee industry, supports reforestation efforts in Honduras, and creates NFTs for coffee lovers. 

    Profile Link:

    3. Farokh

    Number of Followers: 236.1K

    Recent Projects: Rug Radio

    Twitter NFT influencer

    Although @farokh doesn’t create NFTs, he sure does influence the NFT community. This influencer loves collecting artwork as NFTs and owns several pieces like Make Love Not War” by AlienqueenNFT and artwork from Cory Van Lew’s timepiece collection. @farokh also has rug radio, a channel to speak about investments and NFTs. 

    Profile Link:

    4. DeezeFi

    Number of Followers: 190k

    Recent Projects: NEONDAO


    @DeezeFi is the director of the Twitter channel, @fractional_art. This account collects NFTs that are art pieces in the metaverse. His project, NEONDAO makes it possible for users to create in-depth avatars with new features in the metaverse. Users can create wizards, warriors, and so much more. 

    Profile Link:

    5. Ohhshiny

    Number of Followers: 129k

    Recent Projects: DIGITAL

    NFT on twitter

    @ohhshiny teamed up with two more NFT influencers to develop DIGITAL. This is a company dedicated to investing and growing the metaverse. @ohhshiny expresses his passion for NFTs through promoting NFT creators, sharing NFT and crypto trends, and sharing opinions on the evolution of NFTs. 

    Profile Link:

    6. Dikasso

    Number of Followers: 23k

    Dikasso_NFT influencer

    Circling back to NFT creators, let’s talk about @Dikasso_. Not only does this NFT influencer produce tonnes of NFTs, but he is also a VR artist. @Dikasso_ collects NFTs too, and his collection includes artwork from Rarible, Based Fish Mafia, and Tide Estates. While @Dikasso_ doesn’t call himself an influencer, his large community of followers would disagree. 

    Profile Link:

    7. j1mmy.eth

    Number of Followers: 118k

    Recent Projects: Avastars, nameless, TokenSmart


    @j1mmyeth is the founder and CEO of NFT42. This company provides a range of NFT solutions, including life-like avatars built on Ethereum and tools for brands to launch and manage their own NFTs. Users who follow this NFT influencer will also know that NFT42 oversees the most active NFT community and offers mini-competitions built on Ethereum in the metaverse. 

    Profile Link:

    8. Nounsdao

    Number of Followers: 43k

    Recent Projects: Noun 223


    Essentially @nounsdao is an NFT that’s become a meme. To expand its reach and awareness, this brand has started several campaigns awarding users in the NFT space to make creations pairing their signature glasses. Plus, ads for the Super Bowl featured these red shades.  

    Profile Link:

    9. Richerd.eth

    Number of Followers: 145K

    Recent Projects:

    NFT influencers on Twitter

    @richerd co-found Manifold to equip NFT creators with the tools they need. This software works with OpenSea, and creators can develop collections of NFTs with ease of navigation. @richerd brings a lot of awareness to the security of NFTs and the influence of crypto and NFTs on physical issues. 

    Profile Link:

    10. Beanie

    Number of Followers: 182k

    Recent Projects: None

    Beanie_NFT influencers Twitter

    Rather than creating or collecting NFTs, @beaniemaxi focuses on providing information about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and trading. Twitter users flock to @beaniemaxi for advice on how to sell NFTs, invest in NFTs, and how physical world trends affect the metaverse. 

    Profile Link:

    11. Gremplin

    Number of Followers: 57K

    Recent Projects: Artwork for VoltronNFT

    Gremplin_NFT on Twitter

    @supergremplin is a beloved NFT influencer who creates funky artwork. This NFT influencer does a great job of promoting other creators in his space, and you can find his creations on his linktree. @supergremplin also provides information on NFTs and crypto trends. 

    Profile Link:

    Top 7 Instagram NFT Influencers 

    Like most influencers, NFT influencers also populate Instagram. However, many of these influencers don’t focus on NFTs solely and provide information about an array of digital investments. This makes sense as people who trade NFTs are most likely into crypto and blockchain.

    1. Mark Cuban

    Number of Followers: 17.M

    Recent Projects: None

    Mark Cuban_Investor

    Mark Cuban is a big shark (mind the pun), in the world of crypto, NFTs and investors. Before considering NFTs, Cuban focused on crypto, but the quickly rising NFT market caught this investor’s attention. People love Mark Cuban because of his feature on Shark Tank, his financial and personal advice, and his strategic investments. 

    Profile Link:

    2. GmoneyNFT

    Number of Followers: 41K

    Recent Projects: Puerto Rico’s Home in the Metaverse


    GmoneyNFT doesn’t create NFTs but makes a lot of effort to provide his followers with updated information about NFTs and the metaverse. This influencer also hosts events in the metaverse and donates the profit to various foundations. Gmoney NFT has propped himself as an authoritative figure in the metaverse. 

    Profile Link:

    3. PranksyNFT

    Number of Followers: 21K

    Recent Projects: NFTBoxes 


    As another of the few female NFT influencers, PranksyNFt is quite dynamic. She’s the founder of NFTBoxes, a company that provides custom boxes to users filled with NFT collectibles. Talented artists have created these NFT boxes, and users can find keys (they’d need to find more for a bigger prize), and tonnes of artworks. 

    Profile Link:

    4. Artchick

    Number of Followers: 3.9k

    Artchick_NFT influencers

    Artchick is an NFT creator, motivational speaker, UX designer, and painter. She’s known to promote and celebrate other NFT artists and photographers, designers, and painters in the physical world. Besides her jaw-dropping digital painting, Artchick also designs physical clothing with unique patterns and designs. 

    5. Mattmedved

    Number of Followers: 83K

    Recent Projects: Perspective

    mattmedved_Instagram NFT

    While this NFT influencer does his fair share of creating for developing NFTs, he primarily provides advice on NFT investments and how to go about it. Instagram users follow Mattmedved to understand how crypto and NFTs work, what professionals in these spaces do and how to break into this virtual world. 

    Profile Link:

    6. garyvee

    Number of Followers: 9.8M

    Recent Projects: veefriends

    garyvee_NFT influencer

    Garyvee developed his project, veefriends, to create a community and knowledge base for all NFT rookies and professionals. Users can also view his NFT collections and attend education sessions to expand their knowledge of the metaverse. Aside from providing NFT guidance, garyvee also creates NFTs. 

    Profile Link:

    7. Snoop Dogg

    Number of Followers: 70M

    Recent Projects: Nyan Dogg and Hazy Nyan Cat 

    Snoop dogg_NFTs

    Yes, even Snoop Dogg has broken into the NFT scene, and very eagerly too. He recently admitted he’d been saving digital tokens under an alias, amounting to $17 million in NFT holdings. The primary ambition for Snoop Dogg in the world of NFTs is to convert Death Row Records into the first NFT musical label. Do you think he can do it? 

    Profile Link:

    Top 5 YouTube NFT Influencers 

    If you keep up with gaming influencers, perhaps you’ve come across NFT influencers on YouTube. NFT influencers on YouTube provide how-to videos. These videos teach users the basics and advanced concepts of NFTs. 

    If you prefer NFT influencers who take a more hands-on approach, consider the top 5 NFT influencers on YouTube. 

    1. RyandCrypto 

    Number of Followers: 41k

    Recent Projects: None

    Source: RyandCrypto

    Instead of creating NFT projects, this YouTube channel shares information about NFT projects. You can find out which are the best to invest in too. Users learn how to multiply their profits through NFT projects, and RyandCrypto loves to fund creations they see potential in. RyandCrypto also provides information on NFT news and trends. 

    Profile Link:

    2. The Bitcoin Express

    Number of Followers: 170k 

    Recent Projects: None 

    Source: The Bitcoin Express

    For crypto and NFT newbies and professionals, The Bitcoin Express will help you expand your understanding of this universe. This YouTube channel breaks down Ethereum, privacy, and security in the metaverse and the latest news regarding these concepts. You can also learn about blockchain and yield farming. 

    Profile Link:

    3. Giancarlo buys tokens 

    Number of Followers: 95k

    Recent Projects: None

    Source: Giancarlo buys tokens

    The two YouTube channels before provided information on a lot more than NFTs. Yet this channel is only about NFTs. Some popular topics this NFT influencer has dissected include free NFT tools, the top free NFTs, and how to buy tonnes more NFTs in 2024. 

    Profile Link:

    4. JRNY Crypto

    Number of Followers: 665k

    Recent Projects: JRNY.Club

    Source: JRNY Crypto

    If you’re looking for an NFT influencer who can give you all you need on crypto and NFT investment strategies, look no further. JRNY Club, founded by Tony, is a hub for NFT creators to develop NFTs, communicate with other NFT lovers, share news, and sell NFTs. There are also multiple NFTs on sale. 

    Profile Link:

    5. NFT Times

    Number of Followers: 47K

    Recent Projects: None

    Source: NFT Times

    Specializing in digital marketing for almost a decade and supporting artists, musicians, and other digital influencers, the owner of this channel, Mr Fungible knows loads about NFTs. You can get advice on how to avoid common NFT mistakes, how to make NFTs more attractive for free and free NFT tools. 

    Profile Link:


    NFT influencers are becoming more and more popular as the metaverse expands. People interested in NFT trading desire more knowledge on how to go about this and seek out influencers because of this. There are all kinds of NFT influencers, some teaching NFT creation and others explaining how to invest in NFTs.

    You can follow various NFT influencers, depending on what you want to learn and how you want to use NFT marketing. The sooner you get into NFTs and the metaverse, the quicker you can start generating a profit from it. So, what are you waiting for? 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who are the best NFT influencers on YouTube?

    The best NFT influencers on YouTube include NFT Times, JRNY Crypto, RyandCrypto, The Bitcoin Express, and Giancarlo buys tokens. These influencers provide the best advice on how to invest in and create NFTs. Many YouTube NFT influencers also provide advice for trading crypto. This article speaks about the best NFT influencers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

    Who are the top NFT influencers to follow?

    The top NFT influencers to follow include Garyvee, Snoop Dogg, Beanie, Mark Cuban, Ohhshiny and so many more! Read this article to find out the best NFT influencers for Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Plus, what these influencers have worked on.

    The top NFT influencers on Twitter?

    There are various NFT influencers on Twitter, like RealMissNFT, Farokh, Dikasso, and Gremplin. You can also find NFT influencers on Instagram and YouTube. Read this article to find out who the top NFT influencers are on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.



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