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Top 13 TikTok Influencers and Why You Need to Work with Them [2024]

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 14 minute read Influencer Marketing

TikTok has firmly established itself as a major player in the social media arena. The platforms’ meteoric growth, high engagement rates, and popularity with a younger demographic have led to the rise of a new generation of social media personalities.

TikTok influencers are some of the most, well, influential, influencers on social media, especially for young millennial and generation z audiences.

Brands of all kinds and sizes can benefit hugely from collaborating with TikTok influencers, be it to grow their brand further, refresh an older brand’s image to be relevant again, or establish a new presence altogether.

So, what, exactly, makes TikTok so effective for marketing? And who are the top TikTok influencers to work with?

Today, we’re covering how TikTok grew, in just a few short years, from nothing to being one of the biggest social media sites in the world. We’re also covering who TikTok’s audience is, its’ user demographics, and, of course, the top TikTok influencers to work with!

Let’s dive right in!

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    TikTok Growth Story

    In 2016, parent company Bytedance introduced Douyin in China, and its’ global counterpart TikTok in 2017, after buying established video sharing platform

    Since then, TikTok has grown at an extraordinary rate. In just four years, they grew more than Facebook grew in 10 years!

    Between January 2018 and July 2020, TikTok increased its’ global userbase by 1157.76%. The Covid-19 pandemic helped to spur that growth on, as millions stayed home looking at their phones into 2021.

    By September 2021 TikTok was the 7th most used social media site with 1 billion monthly active users. At the end of 2021, TikTok was the number 1 most downloaded app in the world!

    Graph showing TikTok as the most downloaded app globally in September 2021 (Sensor Tower)

    TikTok is now available in more than 140 countries and 75 languages worldwide.

    Its market penetration statistics show that 37.36% of America’s 267.6 million mobile internet users now use TikTok. Globally, 22.32% of the 4.48 billion active social media users use TikTok on a regular basis.

    TikTok’s meteoric growth rate has firmly established them as a key player in the social media landscape.

    TikTok is here to stay, and it is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable marketing channels that brands can use in 2024 and beyond.

    Take a look at this informative video by Dash Hudson  to see how TikTok differs from other social media apps, and how brands can use that to their advantage for marketing and creator collaborations:


    Right, now let’s look TikTok’s user demographics and engagement rates to see just how valuable it is for brands to use TikTok in their social media marketing:

    TikTok Audience Demographics and Engagement Rates

    Influencer marketing has become a key component of the digital marketing landscape, offering massive value for brands in every niche.

    TikTok has rapidly grown into a leading social media platform, and TikTok creators have been able to gain huge numbers of highly engaged followers, creating a new generation of social media influencers.

    Many things set TikTok apart from other social media sites, but one of the most important things is how its user demographics differ from other major social media platforms.

    Let’s take a look:

    TikTok Age Demographics

    TikTok appeals most to Generation Z and younger Millennial users, especially in the USA where TikTok’s active user demographics are:

    • 25% active users are aged 10-19
    • 4% active users are aged 20-29.
    • 7% active users are aged 30-39.
    • 3% active users are aged 40-49.
    • 11% active users are aged 50+.
    TikTok Influencers - Statista 2021 Graph - TikTok Users by Age

    TikTok’s user base may be younger than social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but TikTok users are staying with the site as they age, and more older adults are joining the site.

    According to Pew Research Centre, the following percentage of adults in the USA say they have used TikTok:

    • 48% of those aged 18-29
    • 22% of those aged 30-49,
    • 14% of those aged 50–64
    • 4% of those aged 65+.

    TikTok Gender Demographics

    TikTok is a truly diverse platform, available in 140 countries and 75 languages. The platform’s gender demographics vary region to region, most notably:

    • Globally roughly 56% of TikTok users are female, and 44% are male.
    • In certain regions, the number of female users is even higher at close to 67% in the USA, 65.9% in the Philippines, and 66% in Indonesia.
    • In the Middle East, Arab and Muslim region, users are predominantly male, between 60.1% (Kuwait) and 80.7% (Pakistan). The UAE and Qatar were 70.7% and 71.8% respectively.

    TikTok Engagement Rates

    In 2021, TikTok had significantly higher engagement rates than other video-sharing apps, including Instagram and YouTube.

    According to Influencer Marketing Hub, this is true on both ends of the influencer follower-count spectrum:

    • Micro-influencer engagement rates: 17.96% on TikTok, 3.86% on Instagram, and 1.63% on YouTube.
    • Mega-influencer engagement rates: 4.96% on TikTok, 1.21% on Instagram, and just 0.37% on YouTube.

    In addition to staggeringly high global engagement rates, Statista states that when TikTok influencers from the USA are separated from the global figures, their engagement rates are 2.13% higher than the global average.

    TikTok’s Top Performing Content Categories

    • Entertainment
    • Dance
    • Pranks
    • Fitness and Sport
    • Home Renovations and DIY
    • Beauty and Skincare
    • Fashion
    • Cooking and Recipes
    • Lifehacks and Advice
    • Pets
    • Outdoors
    TikTok Influencers - Backlinko Bar Chart - Top TikTok Categories

    Top 10 TikTok Influencers

    1.Charli D’Amelio: @charlidamelio

    TikTok: @charlidamelio

    Followers: 135.1 M

    Country: USA

    Charli started her TikTok journey in 2019 and went on to rapidly become the ‘queen of TikTok’ with 135+ million subscribers!

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Charli D Amelio

    She posts lighthearted content focused on beauty, fashion, and ‘a day in the life’ videos. Her popularity and success have skyrocketed her to fame and she’s been part of events like the Super Bowl, where she created the “J Lo Super Bowl Challenge”.

    Charli and her sister Dixie frequently do collaborations with each other, other TikTok influencers, and, of course, brands. They also have a podcast called ‘2 Chix’, and more recently a family reality show on Hulu.

    2.Bella Poarch: @bellapoarch

    TikTok: @bellapoarch

    Followers: 87.8 M

    Country: USA

    Filipina-American Bella Poarch shot to fame when one of her lip-synching videos went viral in 2020. She gained over 10 million followers that month, and the video broke records for likes and comments with more than 50 million likes and 1.7 million comments.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Bella Poarch

    Since then, she has gone on to close a record deal, establish a successful music career, and work with major brands. Her content focuses on music, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. On average, Bella Poarch’s videos get over 40 million views.

    3.Addison Rae: @addisonre

    TikTok: @addisonre

    Followers: 86.5 M

    Country: USA

    Addison Rae is one of the original queens of TikTok. Her fun and engaging content focuses on beauty, fashion, with plenty of dancing, lip-synching and funny challenges.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Addison Rae

    Addison has augmented her TikTok stardom by branching out onto Instagram and YouTube, where she’s garnered a sizable following. She also does a weekly podcast with her mum and has released her own beauty product line called Item Beauty. She’s worked with beauty brands like L’Oréal, and fashion brands like Reebok. 

    4.Dixie D’Amelio: @dixiedamelio

    TikTok: @dixiedamelio

    Followers: 56.9 M

    Country: USA

    Dixie D’Amelio is Chari D’Amelio’s older sister. She is famous for her music career and her YouTube series called ‘The Early Late Night Show’, as well as for dating popular TikToker Noah Beck.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Dixie D Amelio

    Alongside her sister, she’s worked with major brands like Hollister and Morphe. The two also have a podcast, and more recently a Hulu reality show. Dixie frequently collaborates with other influencers, including her boyfriend Noah Becker.

    5.Michael Le: @justmaiko

    TikTok: @justmaiko

    Followers: 51.5 M

    Country: USA

    Choreographer and dancer Michael Le was already well known on before it became TikTok. He is now one of the most popular male TikTok influencers on the platform, with over 50 million followers. He also has a huge following on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Michael Le

    Michael Le posts dance clips, dance tutorials, and challenges. He has worked with brands like McDonald’s, Invisalign, and Amazon. For brand collaborations, he is the go-to influencer for branded hashtag challenges.

    6.Noah Beck: @noahbeck

    TikTok: @noahbeck

    Followers: 32.3 M

    Country: USA

    Noah Beck is another TikTok influencer who rocketed to fame seemingly overnight. Before becoming a full-time social media personality, he was a soccer player, and his content is mainly focused on lifestyle and sports, as well as some pranks and comedy.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Noah Beck

    He was a member of Sway House, where he collaborated with other popular made TikTok influencers. He is considered a very ‘brand safe’ influencer to work with and has worked with several top fashion brands.

    7.Niana Guerrero: @nianaguerrero

    TikTok: @nianaguerrero

    Followers: 29.6 M

    Country: Philippines

    Niana Guerrero is one of the top TikTok influencers in the Philippines. She is best known for her dance videos and prank vlogs.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Niana Guerro

    Niana and her brother Ranz Kyle form the dancing duo known as Ranz and Niana, and have appeared on the cover of NYLON Manila.  She has collaborated with K-Pop star SOMI and brands like Petron Corp. and HP Asia.

    8.Jason Coffee: @jasoncoffee

    TikTok: @jasoncoffee

    Followers: 21.6 M

    Country: USA

    Jason real-last-name-a-mystery Coffee is one of the top TikTok influencers posting about family life, and of course, coffee. His content is focused on this family’s antics, with his wife and children. Jason has a sizable following on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as over 20 million followers on TikTok.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Jason Coffee

    His children, Payton and Caleb are also on TikTok, with millions of followers of their own too. Collaborations with the Coffee family are a great opportunity for fun, wholesome, family-oriented brands.

    9.Jeon Changha: @chang._.a

    TikTok: @chang._.a

    Followers: 20.3 M

    Country: Korea

    Jeon Changha is one of the top Korean TikTok Influencers and singers. The singer’s TikTok career began in 2018 and he’s never looked back. In 2020 he was the official mascot of Hallyu Korea’s ‘Hallyu Com-on Swiss 2020’ competition.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Jeon Changha

    Jeon also has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube. His content includes videos of him dancing, singing cover songs, or pranking his friends. He also does comedy vlogs and a variety of funny videos. Some of his notable collaborations include Korea’s top pop stars, DKB and Cherry Bullet.

    10.Sarah Magusara: @sarahmagusara

    TikTok: @sarahmagusara

    Followers: 17.4 M

    Country: Australia

    Phillipino-Australian TikTok influencer Sarah Magusara is most famous for her dance videos, great choreography skills, and her lip-syncing videos. She also posts content that relates to her being a mom and her passion for fitness.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Sarah Magusara

    Sarah is a versatile influencer to collaborate with. Her content on TikTok and YouTube encompasses everything from dance to fitness, makeup tutorials, and developmental learning activities for toddlers.

    11.Holly Hubert: @hollyh

    TikTok:  @hollyh

    Followers: 16.1 M

    Country: England, UK

    With over 16 million followers, Holly H is considered the top TikTok influencer from London, UK. She was famous on Vine and before she became a TikTok star, where her goofy, light-hearted and very engaging content captured the hearts of more than 16 million subscribers.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Holly H

    Holly H frequently collaborates with other TikTokers and works with top brands like Disney and Pretty Little Thing.

    12.Alexa Jade: @the.navarose

    TikTok: @the.navarose

    Followers: 5.6 M

    Country: USA

    Top TikTok influencer Alexa Jade (aka Nava Rose) is one of the most successful influencers in the super-competitive fashion niche on TikTok.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Nava Rose

    Her passion for unique, quirky fashion and her eye for styling has made her one of the most in-demand influencers for major fashion brands to work with. She’s worked with brands like ASOS, Reebok, and DSW.

    Her content is all about fashion and styling, with a hugely popular Q&A series that teaches her followers how to style hard-to-style colors and trends.

    13.John Merry: @beeautygoddess

    TikTok: @beeautygoddess

    Followers: 1.7 M

    Country: Nigeria

    When it comes to the top TikTok Influencers in Nigeria, John Merry (aka Beeauty Goddess) has to top the list.

    Screenshot from Instagram of TikTok Influencer Beauty Goddess

    Her 1.7 million followers adore her fashion and beauty content, which ranges from casual looks to high glam. She was named Pulse’s TikTok Influencer of the Year in 2021 and works with many different brands and artists.

    Summary: The Top TikTok Influencers in 2024 Are:

    • Charli D’Amelio
    • Bella Poarch
    • Addison Rae
    • Dixie D’Amelio
    • Michael Le
    • Noah Beck
    • Niana Guerrero
    • Jason Coffee
    • Jeon Changha
    • Sarah Magusara
    • Holly Hubert
    • Alexa Jade
    • John Merry

    Final Thoughts on Working with TikTok Influencers

    TikTok influencers hold the keys to the young millennial and generation z marketing kingdom!

    TikTok is one of the biggest platforms, with over a billion active monthly users. It is also the platform with the most active audience and the highest engagement rates.

    Collaborating with these content creators for your next influencer marketing campaign is guaranteed to help you reach your marketing goals!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are TikTok Influencers?

    TikTok Influencers are content creators and social media personalities that have a substantial following on TikTok. Many TikTok Influencers are also influencers on other social media platforms. Like other platforms, TikTok Influencers can be categorized, based on the size of their following, as anything from nano-influencers to mega-influencers and celebrities. Read the full article for the top TikTok influencers currently on the platform.

    Who has the most followers on TikTok?

    As of January 2024, Charli D’Amelio is considered to be the biggest TikTok influencer with over 135 million followers. Check out the full article for more on the top TikTok influencers in 2024, both male and female, from across the world.

    Does TikTok have high engagement rates?

    Yes. TikTok has significantly higher engagement rates than other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This makes it an especially valuable marketing channel. Check out the full article for more on TikTok's engagement rates and how they compare to other social media sites.


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