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19 Best Food Influencers to Promote Your Product in 2024 [TikTok & IG]

By Adrienne Bosch Last updated: 20 minute read Influencer Marketing

Food brings us all together, regardless of where we live or what language we speak.

Add social media and you have food influencers – one of the most effective channels to use to promote your products to an engaged, trusting and enthusiastic audience!

There are millions of great food influencers on Instagram and TikTok and it can be really difficult to find the best ones to work with, which is we have compiled this list of the best food influencers to work with in 2024.

To make it even easier, we have included their follower count, typical engagement rates, and the type of food-content they specialize in.

Ready to discover them?

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    Why Influencers are the Best Channel to Promote Food

    We all love food, right? It makes us feel good, helps us relax, and brings people together.

    What’s more, whether a carb-binge or a healthy diet, food preparation and consumption make up a large part of our day.

    Infographic of Number-of-monthly-active-users-on-Instagram
    Source: Omnicore

    And for many of us, anything we can do to make it more enjoyable is essential. That’s why foodie influencers have grown so prominent in the last few years, sharing their tips, tricks, and final products with the world.

    These influencers have massive audiences that trust them to recommend and promote the best products – so they hold a lot of sway.

    So, if you want to get people interested in your food or product, one of the fastest and most reliable ways to do so is to use the power of food influencers.

    If you want to learn more about understanding food influencers, check out this video by ACM SIGCHI:

    Summary: Why influencers are the best channel to promote food

    Food influencers have grown prominent in the last few years, sharing their tips, tricks, and final products with the world. They have massive audiences that trust them to recommend and promote only the best products – so they hold a lot of sway with their followers and are therefore a good place to promote your products.

    10 Top Instagram Food Influencers

    1. Sarah Brunella – @sarah_fel

    Sarah Brunella, a Swiss photographer and baker, has 118k followers on her Instagram page.

    Sarah Brunella Instagram
    Source: @sarah_fel

    She is a talented photographer, so she knows how to make use of beautiful settings and plate food in a way that makes it look great.

    One thing that makes her different from other influencers in the same space is that her Instagram feed is about food and photography and how they can be used together to create stunning and tasty arrays.

    Food Influencer Sarah Brunella Instagram Post
    Source: @sarah_fel

    Followers: 118k

    Typical Engagement: 2.8k likes, 750 comments

    Specialty:  Food and Photography

    2. Ashley Alexander –  @gatherandfeast

    Ashley Alexander is a popular Instagram influencer with over 317k followers on her platform.

    Ashley Alexander-Food-Influencers-Instagram
    Source: @gatherandfeast

    She mainly promotes baking and sweet foods, sharing her recipes with her loyal fanbase on a regular basis.

    Moreover, her Instagram page is chock-full of mouth-watering culinary photos of the meals she prepares, enough to make anyone crave those delicious baked goods.

    Food Influencer Ashley Alexander Instagram Post
    Source: @gatherandfeast

    Followers: 317k

    Typical Engagement: 3k likes, 800 comments

    Specialty: Baking and Sweet Foods

    3. Francesca – @plantifullybased

    Francesca is a vegan food influencer with 123k followers on Instagram.

    Francesca-Food-Influencers Instagram
    Source: @plantifullybased

    She is a proud vegan who shares vegan cooking recipes and photographs on Instagram.

    Sharing some of her creations on her YouTube channel, she develops a broad range of cuisine creations, including salads, main courses, and desserts.

     Food Influencer Francesca Instagram Post
    Source: @plantifullybased

    Followers: 123k

    Typical Engagement: 3.5k likes, 1k comments

    Specialty: Vegan Meals & Recipes

    4. Charles Lee – @chasoldboy

    Charles Lee is a rare find, one of only a few male food influencers, with 61k followers on Instagram.

    Charles Lee Instagram - Copy
    Source: @chasoldboy

    He is mostly focused on meat and meat-related dishes, sharing his recipes and final product photos on his Instagram page.

    However, he has been known to occasionally make a vegan or vegetarian dish, which he happily shares with his followers.

    Food Influencer Charles Lee Instagram Post
    Source: @chasoldboy

    Followers: 61k

    Typical Engagement: 900 likes, 150 comments

    Specialty: Meat and Meat-related Dishes

    5. Caitlin Greene – @starinfinitefood

    Caitlin Greene, a private chef and food stylist from Boston, has over 123k followers on Instagram.

    Caitlin-Greene-Food-Influencers Instagram
    Source: @starinfinitefood

    She is categorized under “healthy food influencers” because her main focus is sharing her delicious and healthy recipes and techniques.

    Further, Caitlin has written a cooking blog and book, where she shares even more of her wonderful food.

    Food Influencer Caitlin Greene Instagram Post
    Source: @starinfinitefood

    Followers: 123k

    Typical Engagement: 4k likes, 900 comments

    Specialty: Healthy Food

    6. Sylwia – @obiaddlataty

    Sylwia, a talented Polish cheff, shares her simple yet exquisite dishes, ranging from breakfasts to desserts, on her Instagram feed to her 323k followers.

    Sylwia Instagram
    Source: @obiaddlataty

    Sylwia also has a blog where she posts breakfast, lunch, and supper recipes. She launched the blog to share the ordinary recipes she cooks for her family with the rest of the world.

    Instagram Post by Food Influencer Sylwia
    Source: @obiaddlataty

    Followers: 323k

    Typical Engagement: 5.6k likes, 1.7k comments

    Specialty: Easy-to-Make-Food

    7. Dorie Greenspan – @doriegreenspan

    Dorie Greenspan is a popular column writer and dessert enthusiast with 141k Instagram followers.

    Dorie Greenspan,  Instagram
    Source: @doriegreenspan

    She has been writing for a long time and has written two books, “Everyday Dorie” and “Dorie’s Cookies.” Further, she often writes for the magazine the New York Times puts out.

    On her well-known Instagram page, mostly relating to desserts, she posts recipes and pictures, both her own and those made by other people.

    Instagram Post by Food Influencer Dorie Greenspan
    Source: @doriegreenspan

    Followers: 141k

    Typical Engagement: 1.7k likes, 575 comments

    Specialty: Desserts

    8. Anna Lindberg – @memysmoothiesandlife

    Anna Lindberg is a Swedish smoothy-lover with 85k Instagram followers.

    Anna Lindberg Instagram
    Source: @memysmoothiesandlife

    What sets Anna apart is her content. She only posts about smoothies and ice cream Sundays and absolutely nothing else. This makes her Instagram feed look like a child’s dream come true.

    Her blog “Me My smoothies and Life” follows exactly the same theme, adding to her list of wonderful creations.

    Instagram Post by Food Influencer Anna Lindberg
    Source: @memysmoothiesandlife

    Followers: 85k

    Typical Engagement: 500 likes, 75 comments

    Specialty: Smoothies and Ice Cream Sundays

    9. Pauline – @lavieplaisirs

    Pauline is a French content creator who shares healthy and tasty recipes for French food as well as beautiful pictures of the food she makes, with 53k followers on Instagram.

    Pauline Instagram
    Source: @lavieplaisirs

    She really likes avocados and puts them in almost all of her recipes, making her stand out from the crowd. Further, she is not just a great cook; she is also an excellent photographer.

    Anyone who likes food and photography used together should follow her Instagram page, because it is stunning and makes you crave whatever it is that she’s made.

    Instagram Post by Food Influencer Pauline
    Source: @lavieplaisirs

    Followers: 53k

    Typical Engagement: 2k likes, 450 comments

    Specialty: Health Food & French Foods

    10. Ashley – @bakerbynature

    Ashley, with over 740k Instagram followers, is a very popular baker and food influencer.

    Ashley Instagram
    Source: @bakerbynature

    Ashley is a professional baker who often tries new combinations of ingredients in her baked goods and posts links to her recipes on Instagram.

    She runs the popular food blog “BAKER by NATURE,” where she posts all of her recipes and gives clear instructions on how to make them.

    She doesn’t post any recipes on Instagram. Instead, she uses it to share mouth-watering photos of food and tells her followers to check out her website for the written instructions.

    Instagram Post by Food Influencer Ashley
    Source: @bakerbynature

    Followers: 740k

    Typical Engagement: 7k likes, 1.6k comments

    Specialty: Baked Goods and Recipes

    Summary: 10 Top Instagram food influencers

    1. Sarah Brunella
    2. Ashley Alexander
    3. Francesca
    4. Charles Lee
    5. Caitlin Greene
    6. Sylwia
    7. Dorie Greenspan
    8. Anna Lindberg
    9. Pauline
    10. Ashley

    9 Top TikTok Food Influencers

    1. Aurora Cavallo – @cooker.girl

    @cooker.girl, or Aurora Cavallo, is an Italian food lover and chef, making everything from main courses to pastries, who shares her cooking with her 868k TikTok followers.

    cooker.girl TikTok
    Source: @cooker.girl

    When she was 14 years old, her grandparents encouraged her when she told them she wanted to start a career in the kitchen.

    Since then, her grandmothers have been the most devoted fans of her comforting food.

    By a wide by, the most successful piece of work that she has published on the site is titled “carbonara with a surprise finish.”

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer cooker.girl
    Source: @cooker.girl

    Followers: 868k

    Typical Engagement: 150k likes, 1.7k comments

    Specialty: Everything from Main Courses to Pastries

    2. Andrea Capodanno- @andreacapodanno

    Andrea Capodanno, who hails from Monza, is a dedicated vegan who uses his popular TikTok profile to promote his vegan dishes with his audience of more than 341k followers.

    Andrea Capodanno TikTok
    Source: @andreacapodanno

    This young man, who is 25 years old, presents his vegan dishes in a soothing and unhurried manner in his videos, which makes them not only informational but also generally comfortable to watch.

    All of his recipes are not only visually appealing and delicious, but more importantly, they are simple to recreate at home.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer Andrea Capodanno
    Source: @andreacapodanno

    Followers: 341k

    Typical Engagement: 8k likes, 200 comments

    Specialty: Vegan Food & Vegan Recipes

    3. Gianluca Conte – @itsqcp

    Gianluca Conte, or @itsqcp, gained the title “Pasta Guy” when his TikTok video of spaghetti with meatballs received over a million views.

    itsqcp TikTok
    Source: @itsqcp

    Now, that small record seems very far away, thanks to his popular dishes like his homemade ravioli and rigatoni Alla Gricia, which have reached 20.2 million and 14.3 million views, respectively.

    Gianluca records all of his cooking videos using yelled recipes with slightly Italian imprints, muscles in full display, a charming grin, and his unmistakable Italian-American background always on display.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer itsqcp
    Source: @itsqcp

    Followers: 10.8M

    Typical Engagement: 800k likes, 2k comments

    Specialty: Italian Food & Recipes

    4. Emily Daniels – @wholesomehedonista

    With 348k followers on TikTok, Emily Daniels, better known as @wholesomehedonista, is considered to be among the most fashionable of all the food influencers on TikTok.

    Source: @wholesomehedonista

    The other defining characteristic of this Brighton native, who is now 26 years old, is bringing together the realms of health and pleasure.

    Her cuisine is rich and decadent, yet it is prepared with nutritious and natural ingredients, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is delicious.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer wholesomehedonista
    Source: @wholesomehedonista

    Followers: 348k

    Typical Engagement: 1k likes,50 comments

    Specialty: Healthy Food & Recipes

    5. Emily Mariko – @emilymariko

    Emily Mariko shares her recipes with her 11.8 million followers, transforming rice and salmon into the coolest and most essential foods in the diets of tiktokers around the world.

    emilymariko TikTok
    Source: @emilymariko

    The 30-year-old Japanese-Californian Tiktoker and YouTuber from the Bay Area is the most mesmerizing food influencer.

    You can’t help but pause in front of the screen as you watch her open the fridge and pick out items, cut up leftover grilled salmon, spray soy sauce or kimchi on the dish, slice up an avocado, and finally, taste her meal. Everything is simple, clean, and understated.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer emilymariko
    Source: @emilymariko

    Followers: 11.8M

    Typical Engagement: 158k likes, 750 comments

    Specialty: Japanese Food & Recipes

    6. Diletta Secco-  @dilettasecco

    This young Tuscan girl who learned to love cooking from her grandmother has now grown her TikTok following, amassing 1.2M loyal followers on the platform.

    dilettasecco TikTok
    Source: @dilettasecco

    Like all of her other recipes, her croccantella recipe has become a TikTok hit.

    She says that her favorite recipes are “the easy ones, the ones that anyone can make, the ones for a tired mom or dad who comes home from work and needs to cook supper in a few minutes, or for students away from home who want something simple but pleasant to make.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer dilettasecco
    Source: @dilettasecco

    Followers: 1.2M

    Typical Engagement: 50k likes, 200 comments

    Specialty: Simple and Easy-to-Make Food

    7. Lisa Kitahara – @okonomikitchen

    Lisa Kitahara, who goes by the handle @okonomikitchen, started making simple vegan foods like smoothies, pasta dishes, and salads and posting them on her TikTok page, which now has 874K followers as.

    okonomikitchen TikTok
    Source: @okonomikitchen

    When she got to college, she was lonely and homesick, so she turned her mom’s food and the dishes she grew up with into vegan versions and shared them on TikTok.

    Lisa’s favorite experiments are vegan egg yolk, eggplant eel, and Natto dishes, a traditional Japanese meal prepared from fermented soybeans that many people are unfamiliar with or are scared to try.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer okonomikitchen
    Source: @okonomikitchen

    Followers: 874K

    Typical Engagement: 20k likes, 170 comments

    Specialty: Vegan Food, Health Food, Unusual/Experimental Meals

    8. Alessio Pellizzoni – @alessio.pellizzoni

    Alessio Pellizzoni has conquered over 874K TikTok followers with his simple and delectable meals, which are ideal for an out-of-town university student.

    alessio.pellizzoni TikTok
    Source: @alessio.pellizzoni

    “I cook badly, and I’m not funny, but everyone has their defects, come on,” Alessio introduces himself to his followers with these few words and a dash of cynicism.

    He labels his meals creatively, such as the spaccodevasto hamburger, Gigi Hadid’s pasta, spaghetti all’assassina, and potato skin chips.

    His distinguishing feature? “Shaky shaky” is a term he uses whenever he needs to beat, emulsify, or combine anything.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer alessio.pellizzoni
    Source: @alessio.pellizzoni

    Followers: 874K

    Typical Engagement: 22k likes, 115 comments

    Specialty: Italian Food

    9. Annalisa – @littleveganwitch

    Annalisa, also known as @littleveganwitch, has developed a 52k-strong following on TikTok, where she demonstrates how traditional regional Italian food can coexist with a vegan diet.

    littleveganwitch TikTok
    Source: @littleveganwitch

    In addition, the tiny vegan witch with the bangs provides brief advice on how to lead a sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle in between each dish.

    Her specialties include vegan Nutella, a cream created from cannellini beans, coconut oil, and cocoa powder, as well as seadas, pici with artichokes, and vegan Seitan with Cannonau, a reimagining of the traditional Barbagia meal based on wild pig.

    TikTok Post by Food Influencer littleveganwitch
    Source: @littleveganwitch

    Followers: 874K

    Typical Engagement: 2k likes, 30 comments

    Specialty: Vegan Food, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Meals

    Summary: 9 TikTok food influencers

    1. Aurora Cavallo
    2. Andrea Capodanno
    3. Gianluca Conte
    4. Emily Daniels
    5. Emily Mariko
    6. Diletta Secco
    7. Lisa Kitahara
    8. Alessio Pellizzoni
    9. Annalisa

    Final Thoughts on the Top Food Influencers to Promote Your Products

    And there you have it – the top food influencers on Instagram and TikTok to work with!

    Working together with a food influencer to market your food-related product is a fantastic option if you are wanting to increase sales.

    They already have a significant platform, and their fans put a lot of trust in the advice they provide. Further, they will be an extremely helpful instrument in spreading the news about your goods across the world!

    So, if you want to work with a food influencer, any of the ones from our list would be a great addition to your marketing campaign. Just pick the influencer that fits your brand and product the best.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I find a food influencer?

    To find a food influencer, you can take a look at our list of the best TikTok and Instagram food bloggers and influencers covered in this article. From there, you simply need to pick the one that best fits your brand and product! Check out the full list for the best food influencers to work with in 2024.

    What does a food influencer actually do?

    Some influencers come up with their own recipes and post photos and directions online. Others promote local restaurants and take pictures of chef-prepared dishes that make your mouth water. And other people mix food and travel by flying all over the world to find the best meal in each country. However they go about it, they post and promote food related content to a loyal fanbase that values their endorsements. Read the full guide for list of the top food influencers to work with.

    How big is the influencer marketing industry?

    In 2024, the Influencer Marketing Industry is expected to be worth $16.4 billion, and there is no doubt that influencer marketing is hugely profitable. The market grew from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion by 2020, and reached $13.8 billion in 2021, demonstrating consistent growth. In marketing, influencer marketing has become a hugely effective marketing channel across all industries. Check out our selection of the best food influencers to work with in 2024.


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