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Amazon Influencers: 6 Easy Ways to Find Them + Top List [2024 Review]

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 22 minute read Influencer Marketing

Working with Amazon influencers is one of the best ways to boost awareness of your brand, and increase your sales on Amazon!

Social media and influencer marketing are essential for success, especially in e-commerce. Influencers help you reach exactly the right audience for your brand and promote your products to an engaged and trusting audience.

People trust and value their recommendations, which often makes them more effective for generating sales than the advertising or content marketing put out by the brands themselves.

If you sell on Amazon, using Amazon influencers is the way to go. We’ve worked with numerous e-commerce businesses on Amazon and we have seen first-hand how Amazon influencers can impact a brand’s sales on the platform.

As members of Amazon’s Influencer Program, and with a personalized Amazon influencer storefront, they’re incentivized to generate sales on Amazon. And they’re experts at creating content that does just that!

So, how do you find influencers and Amazon influencer storefronts to promote your products and increase your sales?

With thousands of influencers out there, across many different platforms, it can seem like a huge undertaking to find the right influencers, with good Amazon storefronts, to work with.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to find successful Amazon influencers in your niche!

Today, we’re covering how to find Amazon influencers, how Amazon influencer storefronts work, and some of the top influencers to work with.


Let’s jump right in!

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    What are Amazon Influencers and What is an Amazon Influencer Storefront?

    Amazon Influencers are social media influencers, creators, YouTubers, and bloggers who participate in Amazon’s Influencer Program, which is an extension of Amazon Associates.

    As an Amazon associate, they’re able to set up a personal Amazon influencer storefront, where they feature products from different brands and Amazon sellers.

    They earn commission on purchases made through their storefront, as well as from their unique links shared on their platforms off-Amazon.

    Amazon influencer storefronts showcase video, image and text content from the influencer, and a curated collection of items that the influencer is promoting, in line with their niche and their followers’ interests.

    Influencer storefronts also feature Idea Lists, where shoppers can browse a collection of products the influencer has put together for a particular category or theme.

    Working with influencers and featuring in Amazon influencer storefronts is a great way to reap all the benefits of influencer marketing while driving sales specifically to your Amazon store!

    So, how, exactly, do you find Amazon influencers? And where do you find Amazon influencer storefronts?

    Let’s take a look at some simple ways to find the best influencers to promote your products on Amazon:

    How to Find Amazon Storefront Influencers in 6 Super Easy Ways

    Before you start looking for influencers to work with, it’s important to define what your goals are for your influencer marketing campaign, and what type of influencer will work best for your brand.


    • What do you want your collaboration with an Amazon storefront influencer to achieve? Sales? Awareness?
    • How long do you plan to work with them and what products do you want to highlight?
    • Outside of Amazon, what platform and content type is best for your target audience?
    • Do the influencer’s image, reputation and values align with your brand?
    • How big is your budget? Influencers get a commission for the sales they generate, but many still charge brands to feature them in their storefront.
    • Do you want to handle the whole process yourself, or get an agency to do it for you?

    Once you have a clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve and the type of influencer you need for the job, it’s time to find some options and reach out to them.

    Here is how to find influencers on Amazon (the super easy way!):

    1. Use an Amazon Creator Marketplace like Levanta

    Amazon creator marketplaces, like Levanta, make it easy to connect with revenue-generating Amazon influencers, track their performance, and pay commissions.

    They cater specifically to Amazon sellers and publishers, making them the simplest way to find influencers actively seeking Amazon sellers to collaborate with.

    Levanta - Amazon Influencer Platform Homepage

    Levanta offers a great selection of influencers and makes finding and connecting with the right creators for your brand about as easy as it can be.

    It also integrates directly with Amazon’s API, so all you have to do is log in with your Amazon account, and Levanta will automatically import your product details, which makes collaborating with an Amazon storefront influencer a whole lot easier!

    You can set your cost-per-sale so that you only pay a percentage of revenue (as opposed to paying per click), track affiliate performance, see 14-day attribution windows, and generate custom reports. You can also manage commissions and automate pay-outs from within the platform.

    It’s free to get started, and you can find committed Amazon influencers and begin generating revenue in a matter of days.

    2. Search and Connect with Amazon Influencers on Fiverr

    Fiverr is a marketplace for freelance gigs of every kind, with a huge database of influencers to choose from.

    A simple search will bring up influencers in every niche, on every platform – including Amazon!

    Screenshot of the Fiverr search results for "Amazon Influencers"

    The platform allows you to filter your search results to find the best fit for your niche, and then browse portfolios and see rates/packages the individual Amazon storefront influencers offer.

    It also shows you the reviews and ratings left by brands who have worked with them, which is a great way to see which influencers are good to work with and get results for their partners.

    With Fiverr, you can connect using the platform’s messaging system and then handle contracts and payment outside the platform, or you do it all from within the platform.

    Fiverr uses an escrow payment system, so you only pay for services you have received and can handle any disputes before payment is released to the influencer.

    3. Find Creators and Influencers on Amazon

    When you’re looking for Amazon influencers, there are several ways to them directly on Amazon. You can go to the  #FoundItOnAmazon page and explore categories and posts from Amazon storefront influencers there.

    Amazon Influencers - Screenshot of the Amazon Finds #founditonamazon page

    In addition to the content they feature on their Amazon influencer storefront, influencers also have their website or social media handles listed on their public storefront.

    Take a look at their social media to see the type of content they post, how many followers they have, how much engagement they’re getting, and who is engaging the most with their posts. This will give you a good idea of how well they will fit with your brand and if your audiences are the same.

    Another way to find influencers on Amazon is to check out who is live-streaming on Amazon Live. These influencers are streaming reviews and recommendations, and actively interacting with their audience.

    Screenshot of Amazon Influencers live streaming on the Amazon Live page

    While they’re streaming, you can see how many people are watching and commenting to get a feel for how engaged their audience is.

    You can see which ones are in your niche, and then check out their influencer storefront and their off-Amazon platforms, like Instagram and YouTube.

    Amazon also features creators on their Amazon Live homepage. These tend to be mega influencers and celebrities, so they’re not ideal for every brand but they’re definitely worth taking a look at too.

    Any influencer in the Amazon Influencer Program is motivated to sell your Amazon products!

    If you want to know how to find an Amazon influencer storefront on app, you can check out various ways here.

    4. Work Backwards from Your Audience

    Define the audience you want to reach, find them and then see who they’re following to find the types of influencers that will work best for your brand.

    Any type of influencer can promote your Amazon store, and you can find them outside of Amazon on their social media channels, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

    Influencer marketing works best when your target audiences overlap. Knowing who your audience is and who they’re following can give you a very good idea of which influencers will resonate with them.

    Take a look at which of your channels has the most followers, and which segment of your followers engages the most with your posts there. Then take a look at who is following you, and who they’re following.

    That will point you in the right direction and help you narrow down your search.

    Choose an influencer who produces the kind of content your target audience engages with; on the platform your audience is most active on.

    5. Use Hashtags to Find Influencers in Your Niche

    Hashtags help people find the content they’re looking for and engage on the topics that interest them. They’re also a great way to find influencers posting content in your niche!

    If you’re wondering how to find influencers on Amazon that are posting on other social media platforms, search hashtags related to your brand and your niche and see who is getting a lot of engagement on their posts about those topics.

    Hashtags like #founditonamazon, #amazonfinds, #amazoninfluencer, and #amazonambassador will help you find influencers working specifically on Amazon campaigns.

    Screenshot of the #FoundItOnAmazon search result on Instagram

    You can also search hashtags that are only used on sponsored content, like #sponsored #ad #spon to find posts from influencers being paid for the post.

    Branded hashtags are great for finding influencers. If you have one, search it and see which influencers are using it. If you don’t have one, check out your competitors’ hashtags and see which influencers are promoting them.

    6. Use Influencer Marketplaces and Platforms

    Influencer marketing is huge and there are dozens of influencer marketplaces and platforms, and influencer marketing agencies, that will help you find and connect with influencers in your niche.

    Using a dedicated tool or platform takes the leg work out of influencer discovery, which can save you a huge amount of time. Most also offer information to verify the influencer’s credibility and metrics like their reach and engagement rates.

    This video by Intellifluence shows you how using discovery on their platform works:

    Marketplaces, platforms, and tools also offer ways for you to monitor and manage your influencer campaign, once you have found the right one to collaborate with.

    These ‘self-service solutions’ give you the tools to find, connect, and partner with influencers, as well as manage your campaign with them.

    Influencer marketing agencies, on the other hand, know how to find influencers on Amzaon for you and then handle the whole campaign.

    21 Best Amazon Influencers – 2024 List

    1. Leticia Gardner

    Leticia Gardener is a mega-influencer with 1.7M followers on TikTok, 423k followers on Instagram, and 14k subscribers on YouTube.

    Her content is focused on fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and family. She’s married to ex NFL player Rod Gardner, who is also an influencer, and she owns Totalbody21, which is a fitness lifestyle brand.

    Screenshot of Leticia Garder Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Fitness, Home Décor, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Men’s Gifts, Pets

    Amazon Storefront: Leticia Gardner


    2. Holland Smith Paterno

    Holland Smith Paterno is a blogger and fashion micro-influencer with 58k followers on TikTok and 19.1k followers on Instagram.

    She posts fashion and lifestyle content, with everything from recipes to Amazon fashion ‘must-haves’. Her style is sophisticated but accessible, and her content is beautifully styled with a very recognizable aesthetic.

    Screenshot of Holland Smith Paterno Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Fashion, Beauty, Home

    Amazon Storefront: Holland Smith Styling


    3. The Ohio Girl Jaz

    Jaz is a fashion and beauty micro-influencer, with 39.7k followers on Instagram and a much smaller following on YouTube and TikTok. Her style is casual, affordable, and somewhat boho.

    Jaz has worked with big brands like Walmart and many smaller fashion boutiques. She creates beautifully styled and polished images for her Instagram, and regularly posts video reviews and ‘Amazon hauls’.

    Screenshot of The Ohio Girl Jaz Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Fashion, Travel, Beauty

    Amazon Storefront: Theohiogirljaz


    4. Ashley Marquez

    Ashely Marquez is one of Amazon’s top influencers. She is a teacher and focuses on creative teaching and motivational content, as well as fashion, kids, and lifestyle content.

    Ashely is a macro-influencer, with 298k followers on Instagram, 51k followers on Facebook, and 41.7k followers on Pinterest.

    Her style is wholesome, clean, and casual. Most of her content is focused on teaching and learning in positive, motivational ways.

    Screenshot of Ashley Marquez's Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Education, Home, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty

    Amazon Storefront: Teach Create Motivate


    5. Laura Fuentes

    Laura Fuentes is an author, blogger, and mom with a passion for cooking, health, and wellness. In addition to her blog, her @momables Instagram account has 51.6k followers.

    She posts health-food content like recipes, clean eating meal plans, and information on low-carb and intermittent fasting diets.

    Laura is a hugely successful Influencer, promoting the products and ingredients she uses for her recipes and home, lifestyle, and kids’ products.

    Screenshot of Laura Fuentes' Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Health & Wellness, Kids & Baby, Kitchen & Cooking

    Amazon Storefront: MOMables


    6. Brad Kowitz

    Brad Kowitz is an Influencer who started as an Amazon Affiliate but became an influencer when this YouTube channel took off.

    He now has 467K subscribers on YouTube, 149k followers on Instagram, and 43k followers on Facebook. His content is focused on travel, off-road adventures, fitness, camping, photography, and tech.

    Screenshot of Brad Kowitz Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Off-road & Camping Gear, Fitness, Photography

    Amazon Storefront: TrailRecon


    7. Justin Braun

    Justin Braun is a YouTuber with 16.9K subscribers, 7k followers on Facebook, 3.8k followers on Instagram.

    He posts high-energy content, focused on off-road adventures, vehicle mods, workshop tools, and tech.

    He promotes Amazon products in his videos, driving traffic and sales to his affiliate partners on Amazon.

    Screenshot of Justin Braun's Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Tools, 3D Printing, Off-road Supplies, Vehicle Mods, and More

    Amazon Storefront: Overtime Garage


    8. Jalissa Queen

    Jalissa Queen is a top Amazon Influencer and her content is focused on product reviews. She has 16.6k followers on Instagram and 1.25k subscribers on YouTube.

    She is a professional freelance photographer, which shows in the quality of her content.  She provides detailed reviews of beauty, fashion, and tech products.

    Screenshot of Jalissa Queen's Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Photography and More

    Amazon Storefront: Jalissa_Queen


    9. Jamye Hunter

    Jamye Hunter is a fitness, fashion, and beauty influencer with 49.7K followers on TikTok and 10.5k followers on Instagram.

    She has a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and is ex-U.S. Army National Guard. She posts military content, as well as her fitness and fashion content.

    Jamye - Just Gotta Have This Amazon Storefront

    Niche: Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Military

    Amazon Storefront: Jamye’s Just Gotta Have Its


    10. Chelsweets

    Chelsey is an accountant turned professional baker and cake decorator. She has an impressive social media following on all platforms, with 2m followers on TikTok, 1.2m followers on Instagram, 739k followers on Facebook, 279k subscribers on YouTube, and 70.8k followers on Pinterest.

    Chelsweets is a valuable influencer for FMCG brands. Her content focuses on baking and icing tutorials, where she promotes the Amazon tools and kitchenware she uses in her process, as well as special ingredients and the equipment she uses to record her content.

    Screenshot of Chelsweets' Amazon Influencer StorefrontScreenshot of Jalissa Queen's Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Kitchen, Baking & Confectionary, Food

    Amazon Storefront: Chelsweets


    11. TbonesTech

    Tyler TbonesTech is a YouTuber with 66.1k subscribers. He also has 3,3k followers on Twitter and 1,4k followers on Instagram.

    Tyler is a filmographer and photographer with high authority in his niche. He posts reviews and unboxing videos of film and photography equipment and other tech (and shades) on this YouTube channel.

    He promotes Amazon products in his videos, and as he is something of an expert in his field, his recommendations hold a lot of sway with his followers.

    Screenshot of TbonesTech Amazon Influencer StorefrontScreenshot of Jalissa Queen's Amazon Influencer Storefront

    Niche: Technology, Film and Photographic Equipment, Sunglasses

    Amazon Storefront: Shade Review / Tbonestech Store Front


    12. Nancy Basile

    Pennsylvania native Nancy Basile has established herself as a prominent figure in the prints industry, with 1,2k Instagram followers.

    Both the Cartoon Network and the Warner Bros. websites have highlighted her downloadable printables, allowing her to expand her reach.

    She discusses new and classic TV series and movies, as well as what to watch, on her blog. Therefore, Nancy is a great choice if your target demographic includes film aficionados or anyone who loves prints.

    Nancy Basile Amazon page

    Niche: Entertainment, printables, animation

    Amazon Storefront: Nancy Basile

    Website: Media Medusa – What to Watch with Nancy Basile

    13. Koree Ream

    Koree Ream is a popular cross-fit instructor with 10k Instagram followers.

    She predominantly promotes fitness and exercise amazon products on her social media pages, focusing on affiliate marketing.

    Koree Ream is an excellent choice if your company has a focus on physical fitness or exercise equipment, as her followers trust in her judgment when it comes to choosing their equipment.

    Koree Ream

    Niche: Fitness & Mental Health

    Amazon Storefront: Kickinitwithkoree

    Website:  kickinitwithkoree

    14. Justin Sunseri

    Justin Sunseri, who has over 20k Instagram followers and 1k YouTube subscribers, is the presenter of the widely listened-to Polyvagal podcast, and is a unique type of influencer. His particular area of expertise in counseling, trauma and motivational content is what separates him from other influencers.

    He is a licensed professional who promotes self-help books and guides for couples seeking therapy or counseling. In this case, Justin is the perfect influencer if this is your preferred genre.


    Niche: Healing & Trauma + Motivational Guides

    Amazon Storefront: JustinLMFT

    Website:  Justin LMFT

    15. Mako Ccino

    Mako Ccino has made a successful career on YouTube, with over 2M subscribers on her channel.

    In addition, Ccino is an artist above everything, with a focus on watercolor painting.

    She offers various courses and training in the different watercolor painting techniques on her website. Moreover, she promotes specific Amazon products in her pieces of training, and because she is an expert in her field, her students are likely to buy the products she promotes.


    Niche: Art Supplies

    Amazon Storefront: makoccino

    Website:  Mako Ccino

    16. Trisha Hershberger

    Trisha Hershberger is a mom and YouTuber with 145k subscribers and 178k Instagram followers.

    She created a career out of her passions, gaming, and fashion, growing her following throughout the years.

    Trisha promotes various Amazon products related to her content and lifestyle and would be a great fit for a company looking to tap into the GirlGamer market.

    Trisha Hershberger

    Niche: Tech, Gaming & Geekchic Fashion

    Amazon Storefront:  Trisha Hershberger

    Website:  Trisha Hershberger

    17. Mark Reinfeld

    Mark Reinfeld has over 20 years of expertise in preparing innovative vegan and raw food, as well as teaching these subjects. So it only makes sense for him to advertise cooking equipment.

    Because he has more than 70,000 followers across all of his social media channels, this influencer is an excellent choice for retailers in the culinary sector, particularly those that operate in the vegan niche.

    Vegan Fusion

    Niche:Cooking, Cooking equipment, Vegan

    Amazon Storefront:  Vegan Fusion

    Website:  Chef Mark Reinfeld: Vegan Culinary Trainings & Consulting

    18. Nicole Sposato-Torres

    Nicole is a resident of the state of New York and the mother of two children.

    Her social media channels are full of postings about different baby goods and general parenting advice. Her evaluations are often published on well-known review websites such as

    In addition, Amazon has officially designated her as a product tester; making her reviews more credible.

    It's All In My Head

    Niche:  Kids & Babies, Food

    Amazon Storefront:  It’s All In My Head

    Website:   Nicole Sposato-Torres

    19. Brennen Bailey

    Brennen Bailey is a Washington-based young micro-influencer with 3,7k Instagram followers.

    This professional photographer’s work has appeared on the Instagram feeds of firms such as Wildwood Eyewear and Discount Glasses.

    He would be a valuable addition to any business that uses graphic content marketing.


    Niche: Photography

    Amazon Storefront:  Essentials

    Website:  Brennen Bailey

    20. Felicia Day

    Felicia Day is an actor, writer, and creator of web series with over 1.5 million Instagram followers and 2,6 million Twitter followers.

    She is a member of the Amazon Influencer Program’s Hall of Fame and a big Hollywood name that is widely known.  While the actress’ Amazon business mostly advertises baby items, she is also a sci-fi fan. As a result, businesses can take advantage of her diverse interests.


    Niche: Baby Products, Books

    Amazon Storefront:  Felicia Day

    Website:  feliciaday

    21. What’s Up Moms

    As it has over 3,4 million subscribers, What’s Up Moms is considered one of the most successful channels on YouTube.

    It is a channel that was developed just for mothers by mothers.

    They advertise cooking utensils, cookbooks, motherhood accessories, and children’s goods on Amazon. Due to their popularity, they hold a lot of sway when recommending certain products over others.

    What’s Up Moms

    Niche: Parenting, Kitchenware, Arts & Crafts, Kid’s Toys

    Amazon Storefront: whatsupmoms

    Website:  WhatsUpMoms

    Wrapping Up

    Influencer marketing is hugely valuable for e-commerce brands and vendors. Influencers can help get your brand or store in front of your target audience, increase awareness of your brand, and, most importantly, drive sales.

    If you sell on Amazon, using an influencer that is part of the Amazon Influencer Program is the way to go! They’re incentivized to sell Amazon products, have dedicated Amazon influencer storefronts, and they are professionals when it comes to creating content that drives people to Amazon to make a purchase.

    Today, we have covered how to find Amazon influencers to promote your products and how Amazon influencer storefronts work, how to find amazon influencer storefronts, and looked at some of the top influencers to work with.

    Are you ready to dive in and start collaborating with influencers?

    Check out these useful resources for more on influencer marketing:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Amazon Influencer?

    An Amazon Influencer is a Social Media Influencer, Creator, YouTuber, or Blogger participating in the Amazon Influencer Program. They earn commission on the Amazon sales they generate and have storefronts on Amazon where they feature products they're promoting. They also promote products off-Amazon, on their social media platforms. Check the full article for more on Amazon Influencers.

    How to find influencers on Amazon?

    You can search for Amazon Influencers on the Fiverr marketplace, or search the Amazon Finds (#founditonamazon) page, or look at Amazon Live to find influencers live streaming on Amazon. If you're a brand looking for Amazon Influencers to promote your products, you can use hashtags to find them on social media, or you can use influencer marketplaces and platforms. Read the full article to find out how to find Amazon Influencers.

    Who is eligible to be in the Amazon Influencer Program?

    Any type of influencer may participate in the Amazon Influencer Program, as long as they have a meaningful social media presence. To qualify, Amazon requires that they have at least one YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook account. Check out the full article to find out more about how the Amazon Influencer Program works, and how to find Amazon Influencers.

    What is an Amazon influencer storefront?

    As part of the Amazon Influencer Program, Amazon influencer's get a personal storefront on Amazon, where they can feature their content and promote their favorite products. Influencer storefronts on Amazon can include image, text and video content, and allow the influencer to create Idea Lists, which are curated collections of products the influencer is promoting for a particular category or theme. Read the full guide to learn more about Amazon storefronts, and how to find Amazon influencer storefronts.


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