9 Best Digital Creative Agencies in North America and UK [2023 Full Review]

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In a world of abundance, branding plays a bigger role than ever before. Businesses that don’t invest resources in accurate and informative branding and storytelling are losing out big time.

While branding might seem to only require basic design skills, it’s actually more complex and is best left to the pros.

So, if you thought about hiring a creative agency that understands the digital world, you landed in the right place.

There are many digital creative agencies that claim to master branding but only a few truly do.

We did the heavy lifting and reviewed dozens of digital creative agencies to present you with the ones we liked the most. Plus, we have a detailed guide for choosing the best agency for your brand.

At the end of this article you will know the digital creative agency you need and how to find them.


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    What Services Does a Digital Creative Agency Offer

    Your digital creative agency needs to capture your brand’s story through visual and interactive elements. Most agencies offer services like web design and development, graphic design, and storytelling to accomplish this. 

    Let’s inspect each of the mentioned services.

    Web Design and Development 

    94% of customers’ first impressions relate to a website’s design. Considering you have as little as 7 seconds to make a first impression, your web design is essential. Your agency should understand how to express your brand through your web design while clearly outlining the call-to-action (CTA). 

    While we focus on web design, let’s not forget web development. You may think DIYing it and using a pre-made template for your website does the trick. But this won’t cut it. You need a properly coded, responsive, mobile-adaptive website to keep your consumers on your website and encourage them to take your desired action.

    Source: Envato

    Graphic Design

    Your digital creative agency will handle all your graphic design components. Agencies do this to engage your target audience aesthetically. These agencies can design and create captivating logos, entertaining animations, and information-packed infographics. 

    Hiring a digital creative agency in North America or the UK takes the guesswork out of graphic design. Instead, you can rely on top-quality designs to promote your company and keep your audience engaged. 


    Every successful brand has a gripping story that emotionally connects the businesses’ offerings to its target audience. Because of this, a digital creative agency will curate authentic, concise stories that positively reflect a brand’s values and culture.

    A digital creative agency will know how to add enough personality to brands’ stories while highlighting how that brand can add value to their target audience’s lives. These agencies will also prove why consumers can trust that brand, and why that brand offers the services they do.

    Digital creative agency_stats
    Source: thedrum.com

    Storytelling for all businesses is paramount to develop loyal customers as it builds credibility around a business. Without coming off like a salesperson, storytelling allows organizations to increase awareness and achieve their desired conversion rates.


    5 Best Digital Creative Agencies in North America

    1.Traina Design

    Traina Design is a full-service, creative services agency that’s all about raising the bar for branding and creative specializations. This agency has received several accolades from Under Consideration, Logo Lounge, and American Advertising Awards, to name a few.

    The Traina Design comprises seasoned writers, designers, developers, strategies, and account experts. This digital creative services agency in North America is the ideal solution for businesses that need an all-rounder agency. 

    Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 2005

    Location: San Diego, United States 

    Number of employees: 30-50

    Top clients include: Brooklyn Brewery, ResMed, Picture 


    • Brand strategy
    • Logo design
    • Brand style guide
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Content strategy
    • Mobile-responsive development
    • Packaging
    • Analytics

    Rating: 4.9/5

    Website: https://trainadesign.com/

    2.Lounge Lizard

    As a second full-service marketing agency in North America, Lounge Lizard has been around for a very long time. In this time, the agency has developed an impressive and extensive portfolio of renowned clients. Lounge Lizard can help your business from developing key customer-centric strategies to optimizing SEO, and maintaining your website.

    Businesses only looking for a few creative services aren’t Lounge Lizard’s target client. However, you can request only the services you need. 

    Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 1998

    Location: New York, Long Island, Washington DC, Nashville, United States 

    Number of employees: 30-50

    Top clients include: Honeywell, Canon, KORG


    • Mobile app development
    • SEO
    • Logo design
    • Identity design
    • Interactive design
    • Social media
    • Web development and design

    Rating: 4.7/5

    Website: https://www.loungelizard.com/

    3.The Bureau of Small Projects

    With over a decade of proven experience, The Bureau of Small Projects primarily works with non-profits. However, don’t be fooled, this agency has its fair share of “big industry” names in its portfolio. For content creation, branding, web development, and marketing, this agency has established seven-step processes for each. 

    Essentially, this digital creative services agency in North America is fully equipped. Plus, it also has rewards and affiliations with Forbes, Codeable, and AIGA. 

    Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 2013

    Location: San Diego, United States 

    Number of employees: 40-60

    Top clients include: The Imagista, Everyone Matters, Fascination Lab


    • Web design and development
    • Reporting 
    • Logo design
    • Identify design
    • Social media
    • Content strategy
    • SEO

    Rating: 5/5

    Website: https://www.smallprojectsbureau.com/


    Digital Creative Agency_Neuelane
    Source: neuelane.com

    Being a relatively new digital creative services agency, Neuelane has a network of happy clients. This agency can help you create competitive marketing, content, social media, and branding strategy. Neuelane will also help identify your brand, and promote it through the appropriate channels. 

    The downsides to this digital creative services agency in North America are that it’s new to the game, and the team is small. 

    Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 2017

    Location: Florida, United States 

    Number of employees: 10

    Top clients include: Pincho Factory, Blessed Beauty, The Tax Team


    • Reporting
    • Content strategy
    • Logo design
    • Identity design
    • Interviews
    • Online surveys
    • Social media
    • SEO

    Rating: 4.6/5

    Website: https://neuelane.com/


    In its 10 years of existence, ThreeSixtyEight is a fantastic, full-service digital creative services agency in North America. Most of this agency’s work has been for small businesses, helping them with video & motion graphics, social media marketing, brand identity, and web development.

    For its top clients, ThreeSixtyEight has increased brand awareness by 16% over three weeks, and achieved over 200 press mentions. 

    Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 1980

    Location: Louisiana, United States 

    Number of employees: 30-50

    Top clients include: Bluejackeeter, Rakuten Ready, 10 Days


    • Content strategy
    • SEO
    • Social media
    • Identity design
    • Reporting
    • Research and insights
    • Web development and design 

    Rating: 4.9/5

    Website: https://threesixtyeight.com/

    Summary: Top Digital Creative Agencies in the USA include:

    • Traina Design
    • Lounge Lizard
    • The Bureau of Small Things
    • Neuelane
    • ThreeSixtyEight

    4 Best Digital Creative Agencies in the UK


    Established almost five decades ago, Rhapsody helps businesses of all sizes develop and maintain a successful marketing strategy. The agency focuses on four disciplines: creative, consultancy, content production, and content natives. Although its headquarters are in London, you can find offices in Madrid, Warsaw, and Poland.

    Rhapsody’s website focuses more on visual aesthetics than delivering obvious information. This design may show their style of web design. 

     Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 1987

    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Number of employees: 100-150

    Top clients include: Huawei, Thames & Hudson, Adobe 


    • Campaign strategy
    • Social media
    • Identify design
    • Logo design
    • Customized technology solutions
    • Copywriting

    Rating: 5/5

    Website: https://www.rhapsodymedia.com/

    2.Jask Creative

    Jask Creative has a great selection of creative services to suit any business. This digital creative services agency will help you maintain positive PR, create a marketing strategy to drive customer appreciation, and manage your campaigns. This agency has worked with a list of industry favorites too.

    The teams of Jask Creative might not be big. However, professional photographers, developers, content creators, branding experts, and videographers form the team. 

     Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 2002

    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Number of employees: 40-60

    Top clients include: Umbro, Poundland, CRL Stone 


    • Email marketing
    • Web development and design
    • Print management
    • PR
    • Content strategy
    • Photography marketing 
    • Video marketing

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Website: https://www.jaskcreative.co.uk/

    3.Our Own Brand

    Our Own Brand marketing
    Source: ourownbrand.co

    Despite its infancy in the digital creative services industry, Our Own Brand is a top choice for a well-rounded marketing agency. This agency can handle every aspect of your digital creative strategy and your entire marketing campaign. Our Own Brand heavily focuses on capturing your brand using fewer words, and more visually inclined content.

    In its 3 years of servicing business of all kinds, Our Own Brand has racked up more clients than most agencies. 

    Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 2018

    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Number of employees: 10-30

    Top clients include: CAT, Rolling Stones Carnaby Street, Hackett 


    • Rebranding
    • Visual identity
    • Brand workshops
    • Media buying
    • Animation
    • Social media
    • Photography
    • Web development and design

    Rating: 5/5

    Website: https://www.ourownbrand.co/

    4.Appetite Creative Solutions

    Unlike many other digital creative services agencies, Appetite Creative Solutions specializes in a few focus areas. This agency has received multiple awards for two years in a row. The agency also follows a very progressive, in-with-the-trends culture. This culture may reflect the agency’s innovative techniques and strategies. 

    Besides the main offices in London, you can also pay Appetite Creative Solutions a visit in Madrid and Dubai. Also, note that this agency is passionate about and eagerly promotes feminism. 

    Agency Snapshot

    Founded: 2015

    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Number of employees: 20-40

    Top clients include: AdNami, J2, Hybrid Theory


    • Packing
    • Identity design
    • Web development and design
    • Paid advertising 
    • Social media

    Rating: 4.8/5

    Website: https://www.appetitecreative.com/

    Summary: Best Digital Creative Agencies in the UK include:

    • Rhapsody
    • Jask Creative
    • Our Own Brand
    • Appetite Creative Solutions

    How to Evaluate a Digital Creative Agency 

    There is so much to evaluate for the best digital creative agency for your business. Making this much easier for you, here are the top tips to consider for choosing a digital creative agency. 

    1. Social proof: The digital creative agency’s online reputation will reveal if the agency is reliable. To confirm this, check the agencies’ websites for social proof elements or their social media accounts to read client experiences. The ideal digital creative agency will many satisfied clients showcased through testimonials and case studies.
    2. Website function and design: Remember we spoke about the importance of web design and development as a creative service? Well, your digital creative agency should have a quick-responding and appealing website. The page loading times shouldn’t take a while, and navigating around the site should be simple.
    3. Team members: As creative services describe a diverse set of expertise, your digital creative services agency should have professionals of all kinds. Instead of choosing an agency whose members have limited skills, pick one with a team of seasoned professionals specializing in different aspects of creative marketing.
    4. Agency portfolio: Stick with agencies that have a sizeable portfolio. You don’t want your business to be an agency’s “lab rat”. So pick one who has proven expertise in this industry. The type of clients your digital creative services agency is just as important.
    5. Agency values and culture: The values and culture your agency promotes must align with those of your business. Choosing an agency with similar values and culture as your business will increase the chances of a promising relationship.
    6. Agency guarantees: Avoid digital creative services agencies that make unrealistic promises. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and that goes unsaid in this case. 
    7. Easily contactable: Can you seamlessly reach out to the agency, or is it a nightmare? Does the agency take two days or two weeks to respond? Are there many ways of contacting the agency or just one? These are all vital questions to ask as you want a helpful agency that’s readily available.
    8. Services cost: Besides opting for a digital creative agency that accommodates your budget, determine if an agency offers enough good quality services. You don’t want to hire other contractors to fulfill tasks the agency doesn’t specialize in. Choose an agency that offers you everything you need within your budget.
    9. Full service or specialization: Some digital creative services agencies will offer a 360 solution to marketing by providing more than creative services. However, your business might not need those additional offerings. Evaluate whether you’ll be mostly paying for services valuable to your business or not. 
    10. Reporting and Updates: As the client, it’s not your job to hound down a digital creative services agency for updates on their progress. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, the agency must send you a report of all their past efforts.

    Final Thoughts and Our Two Top Picks

    For any business, big or small, it’s crucial to have a full-proof creative strategy in place. Creativity is one of the most vital factors of how customers respond to and engage in marketing techniques. 

    In North America, our favorite digital creative services agency is Traina Design. This digital creative services agency is fantastic because it offers ample indispensable services for businesses. This agency has a notably great reputation too. The team is also not too big or not too small, so clients can receive quicker responses and more customized service. 

    For the digital creative services agencies in the UK, our best choice is Our Own Brand. Businesses who choose this agency can expect a full range of expertise perfect for creative marketing. Our Own Brand also has 2 more offices located around the world. 

    Each agency we reviewed, in its own respect, offers valuable services. However, not all agencies will work for all businesses. Ensure you follow this review to the T, and you apply your own realistic reasoning. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a digital creative agency do?

    A digital creative agency helps businesses develop and maintain creative strategies and techniques. Much of the creative services these agencies offer include graphic design, web development, and design, and content writing. Read this full article for more details on these services, the best digital creative agencies in North America, and the UK, and more!

    How do digital creative agencies make money?

    A digital creative agency will make money by charging clients for its services. Many agencies allow you to customize your plan to accommodate your budget and charge additional fees for extra services. Read this article to find out the best digital creative agencies in the UK, and North America, what these agencies offer, how to choose one for your business, and our favorite picks.

    Why do you need a digital creative agency?

    Every business should have a professional digital creative agency to take the guesswork out of creative marketing. These agencies have the best software, techniques, and industry connections to help your brand engage its ideal buyers and persuade them to take your desired action. To find out more information about the best digital creative agencies in the UK, and North America, read this article.

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