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12 Best Lead Generation Companies in 2024 [Guide & Full Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 23 minute read Lead GenerationMarketing Agencies

Lead generation is essential, and high-quality leads are the lifeblood of your revenue.

The problem is that lead generation can be complex, time-consuming, and costly.

And without working with professional lead generation companies, you risk losing time and money on strategies that don’t work!

This in-depth review of the top lead generation companies covers everything you need to know about hiring a great lead generation company, including the benefits and common pricing structures. 

Ready to maximize your leads?

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    How Do Lead Generation Companies Work?

    Lead generation companies create custom strategies to help businesses gain qualified leads, and then convert those leads into paying customers.

    Lead generation services aim to identify prospective leads, qualify and engage them, get them ready to engage with a salesperson, and help them convert.

    As such, the services offered by a lead gen company usually include a combination of:

    • Sales research and development
    • Inbound and outbound lead gen services
    • Lead engagement and nurturing
    • Account-based marketing
    • Appointment setting
    • CRM migration

    Most lead generation companies use a combination of inbound and outbound lead generation tactics.

    Inbound lead gen services include creative campaigns and developing content to attract prospects to your business or your website. These activities are aimed at getting members of your target audience to initiate contact with your business themselves, after being drawn in by the lead gen activity.

    Outbound lead gen services include various targeted methods of contacting your prospects, such as email, SMS, cold calling, direct mail, and PPC ads.

    B2B and B2C lead generation differ, especially when it comes to inbound marketing.

    Take a look at this video by Inbound Explained for more on B2B vs B2C inbound marketing:

    Benefits of Partnering with a Lead Generation Company

    Hiring a lead generation agency offers numerous benefits, from freeing up your sales team to close deals instead of chasing leads to optimizing your sales funnel and helping you break into new markets.

    Let’s look at some of the core advantages of using a lead generation company:

    1.Access to Specialist Experience and Expertise in Lead Generation

    Professional lead generation companies employ specialists with extensive skills and experience. They can develop and execute lead generation strategies tailored to your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    It is difficult to employ the same level of skills and experience in-house unless you have the resources to hire talent of that caliber.

    2.A Dedicated Lead Generation Team Frees Up Your In-House Resources

    A lead generation agency’s sole objective is to generate and nurture leads for your business, and they’re free to put all their energy into finding high-quality leads and encouraging them down the funnel to conversion.

    This means that your internal sales team can focus on converting those leads, developing long-term customer relationships, up-selling, and all the other things that lead to higher sales revenue.  

    3.Access to the Benefits of Top Lead Generation Software

    Lead generation software is extremely useful – if you  know what to do with it and you have the time to use it.

    Lead generation companies use high-end software, and you will benefit from their tech and their expertise without having to do it in-house.

    4.Personalized Strategies to Generate High-Value Leads

    The experts employed by lead generation companies know how to find and connect with your high-value leads that will have the biggest impact on your revenue.

    5.Expertise in a Variety of Markets and Industries

    As lead generation companies work with a variety of clients in different industries, they develop a broader set of expertise. They can help you identify untapped opportunities for your business and help you establish yourself in new markets.

    Agencies with operations in different regions can also help you expand into new geographical areas with access to local knowledge.

    12 Best Lead Generation Companies in 2024


    CandorWorks Logo


    Pune, India

    Our Score




    Established: 2009

    Location: Pune, India; London, UK; and New York, USA.

    Number of employees: 501 – 1000


    • Performance marketing
    • Prospect identification
    • Prospect data and intelligence
    • Data enrichment
    • Intent activation
    • Lead and demand generation
    • Lead qualification
    • Lead nurturing
    • Account-based marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Event participation management
    • Marketing automation support
    • Outbound Campaigns
    • Marketing List Creation


    • Undisclosed


    CandorWorks is a lead generation company for B2B technology brands and marketing agencies worldwide. It has an excellent track record and offers a full suite of data-informed services for lead generation and performance marketing.

    CandorWorks is a lead generation company and performance marketing agency for B2B technology brands.

    Working with companies worldwide, it offers a full suite of lead generation and prospect identification services across multiple regions.

    CandorWorks takes a data-informed and performance-focused approach, drawing on advanced data analysis techniques and extensive databases to identify the most promising leads for your business.

    CandorWorks offers lead nurturing and various other services designed to help you make sales and develop lasting customer relationships.

    Screenshot of the CandorWorks Lead Generation Company Homepage


    Cience_best lead generation companies


    Solana Beach, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2015

    Location: HQ in California with offices in Colorado and Kentucky, United States, Manila, Philippines and Kyiv, Russia

    Number of Employees: 1760


    • Sales lead lists
    • Sales orchestration technology
    • Marketing and sales funnel optimization and visuals
    • Multi-channel outbound marketing


    • Yamaha
    • Microsoft
    • Google


    Opt for Cience because this lead generation company has worked with top-tier clients like Google and Uber. Cience also provides high-level lead generation solutions for multi-channel outbound marketing, sales technology, and detailed lead lists.

    Cience provides the ultimate B2B lead generation software and services. They’ve worked with over 2500 companies to generate qualified leads. A few of these companies include tech giants like Google and Microsoft. Cience takes a custom and strategic approach to help you expand your lead generation through multichannel outbound marketing. You can count on this company to find the best sales opportunities for your business and optimize your pipeline.

    Cience_lead generation companies


    Callbox_lead generation companies


    Encino, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2015

    Location: HQ in California with offices in Colorado and Kentucky, United States, Manila, Philippines and Kyiv, Russia

    Number of Employees: 1760


    • ABM marketing
    • Virtual event marketing
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Custom sale tech stacks


    • Alima Technologies
    • LexisNexis
    • Intrepid Advisors


    Callbox is a fantastic solution for B2B medium and large businesses looking for lead generation companies. This company will handle all your lead generation efforts from appointment scheduling, attracting and converting new prospects, and building customer relationships.

    Trusted to scale business from brands around the globe, Callbox provides more than the typical lead generation company. This company combines traditional and digital marketing strategies for maximum lead generation. Callbox will host an event to raise brand awareness for your brand, attract new prospects and engage with your existing customer base. You can also use this company to manage and schedule appointments and find the best sales tech stack to optimize your workflow.

    Call box_lead generation companies


    RocketReach Logo


    Bellevue, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2016

    Location: HQ in Washington with offices in New York, United States

    Number of Employees: 94


    • Bulk lead email and contact detail lookups
    • Seamless integration to your CRM platform 
    • Key insights into company data
    • Talent recruitment 


    • Disney
    • Adobe
    • Intel


    RocketReach works for B2B and B2C companies looking for expert lead generation strategies. This company will help you find the contact details of targeted leads and provides detailed information about those leads. You can also work with RocketReach to find the best talent for your company.

    Can’t find valid contact details for your leads? Want detailed information about your target decision-makers? RocketReach is the solution for you! Unlike other lead generation companies, RocketReach uses the world’s largest and most accurate database to find direct dials and emails. You can integrate third-party apps to import data, connect APIs, and use bulk searches to cover more ground. RocketReach also provides dozens of search criteria, making it easier to find the details you need.

    RocketReach_lead generation companies

    5.Social Bloom

    SocialBloom_best lead generation companies

    Social Bloom

    Rochester, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2020

    Location: Minnesota, United States

    Number of Employees: 12


    • Cold email marketing campaigns
    • Cold calling campaigns
    • Manual ICP research to find qualified leads
    • Multichannel search for wider lead pools


    • N/A


    Do you need to boost your cold calling strategies? Social Bloom is the perfect choice for you! This lead generation company provides solutions like cold calling and cold emailing to help you engage and secure quality prospects. You can also rely on Social Bloom for in-depth customer and campaign tracking.

    Social Bloom is all about helping you generate more valuable leads in your pipeline. You can work with this lead generation company to develop cold calling and email marketing campaigns. Social Bloom will help you find the best approach for your campaigns while setting SMART goals. This company can also manage and track all your customer communication strategies and send different content to audience segments for accurate targeting.

    SocialBloom_lead generation companies


    Unbound_lead generation companies


    San Francisco, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: California, United States

    Number of Employees: 277


    • ABM
    • Appointment setting
    • Lead screening
    • Lead nurturing
    • Customer research
    • AI and automation


    • IBM
    • Microsoft
    • Salesforce


    Unbound is a top lead generation company for B2B businesses. This company has achieved several impressive B2B lead generation milestones and offers nothing short of expert solutions. Unbound delivers ABM, AI and automation marketing and lead screening and nurturing.

    Unbound has expert lead generation services that drive results for B2B brands. This lead generation company has generated almost two million leads and reached over 60 million targeted prospects. Unbound has also launched over 9500 lead generation campaigns and boasts a 98% client satisfaction rate. Working with Unbound will expose your business to a lead generation funnel tailored to your brand and proven to work. Unbound will also track and measure your analytics to ensure you targeted the best prospects.

    Unbound B2B
    Source: Unbound B2B


    Belkins_lead generation companies


    Dover, DE, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: Dover, Delaware, with offices in Chicago and Denver, USA; Kyiv, Ukraine; and Warsaw, Poland

    Number of employees: 200 – 500


    • B2B Lead Development
    • Lead Research
    • Lead Qualification
    • Lead Management
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Sales Development
    • Market Research
    • Qualified Appointment Setting
    • Outbound Sales Strategy
    • Outbound Marketing
    • LinkedIn Influencer Program
    • Data Science & Consulting


    • Cengage
    • Sekisui Products
    • CitrusAd
    • OmniCharge
    • Citcon
    • Donorbox


    Belkins is a leading B2B lead generation agency that leverages state-of-the-art technology and data-driven strategies for lead generation. It also boasts a squad of experienced sales professionals to assist in successfully closing deals

    Belkins is an award-winning B2B lead generation agency. It operates in 50+ industries and simplifies the lead acquisition process for B2B firms to maximize their sales potential.

    It offers a full suite of services to meet your needs at every stage of your sales journey, from demand generation to lead nurturing and appointment setting.

    Belkins offers customized solutions designed to meet each client’s individual goals, and move the needle in the most meaningful way for that client.

    With a sizable sales team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge tech, Belkins has served over 1000 clients, with an impressive 95% retention rate.

    Belkins clinched the #1 appointment setting agency title for five consecutive years and garnered numerous accolades from Inc. Magazine, Clutch, The Stevie Awards, G2, and more.

    Screenshot of the Belkins Lead Generation Agency Homepage




    San Francisco, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2016

    Location: California, United States

    Number of Employees: 16


    • Lead screening
    • Cold calling
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Sales outsourcing
    • Outbound call center
    • Telemarketing 


    • Airbnb
    • Sotheby’s
    • LG


    If you’re a B2B or B2C company wanting to scale through lead generation, look no further than Upcall. Email marketing, SMS marketing, email marketing, and event management are just a few of Upcall’s services. Upcall has worked with impressive clients like Airbnb, Hotel Tonight, and LG.

    Upcall is a lead generation company built on sales professionals in the top 3% and expert lead generation technology. You can trust Upcall to curate content for email, phone, and SMS marketing. Using intuitive software Upcall tracks and monitors your lead generation analytics to refine your strategies based on customer interactions. But that’s far from it. Upcall also offers telemarketing, upselling and cross selling, event management, and follow-up and appointment scheduling. Upcall is a top solution to scale your business.

    Upcall_lead generation companies
    Source: Upcall

    9.Overdrive Interactive

    Overdrive Logo_lead generation companies

    Overdrive Interactive

    Allston, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2001

    Location: Massachusetts, United States

    Number of Employees: 75


    • ABM
    • SEO
    • Social media marketing
    • Media Buying
    • Content marketing
    • Salesforce consulting


    • John Hancock
    • Harley Davidson
    • Dell


    Overdrive Interactive works for B2B and B2C lead generation. For B2B brands, Overdrive Interactive delivers ABM and top-tier B2B lead generation technology. B2C brands can leverage customer analytics, social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO.

    Overdrive Interactive can help your business build a unique and customer-centric buying journey. You can research, target, and monitor top-tier accounts through ABM led by seasoned experts. For brand awareness, visibility, and increased interest, Overdrive Interactive can run media buying, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing campaigns. All these strategies are based on your customer analytics and what would attract and convert ideal prospects. If you use Salesforce’s CRM, you’re in luck because Overdrive Interactive provides expert consulting and technology solutions compatible with Salesforce.


    10.Martal Group

    Martal Group_best lead generation companies

    Martal Group

    Oakville, United States 

    Our Score




    Founded: 2009

    Location: HQ and offices in California, United States

    Number of Employees: 82


    • Customer research
    • Outbound marketing
    • Sales qualified leads
    • Marketing qualified leads
    • Lead nurturing campaigns
    • Inbound leads
    • Content marketing


    • Bosch
    • Clickworker
    • Halo


    Martal Group is another top-class B2B lead generation company with expertise in SMS marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and email marketing. This company has over 100 sales executives and a long list of clients like Zoho, Micro Focus, and Clickworker.

    Martal Group has over 100 US sales executives to help brands of all kinds maximize their lead generation strategies. This lead generation company conducts extensive customer data to design campaigns to attract and convert qualified prospects. Martal Group uses B2B social platforms like LinkedIn, SMS, and email to develop and deploy personalized outbound marketing and know how to nurture your leads with tailored tactics. You can trust Martal Group to boost your online reputation and increase your visibility with expert SEO.

    Martal Group_lead generation companies


    Cleverly_top lead generation companies


    Los Angeles, United States

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Location: California, United States

    Number of Employees: 23


    • White label lead generation
    • LinkedIn lead generation
    • LinkedIn recruiting
    • SEO
    • Content marketing
    • Personalized outreach
    • A/B testing


    • Hulu
    • Google
    • Uber


    Cleverly is one of the best lead generation companies specializing in LinkedIn marketing. You can work with Cleverly to build lead generation strategies like A/B testing campaigns, SEO, and data-driven customer insights. Cleverly also provides white label lead generation for branded tactics!

    Cleverly is a pro at LinkedIn lead generation strategies. Once your campaign has started, Cleverly will help you generate loads of quality leads and teach you how to become a sales expert on LinkedIn. You’ll benefit from personalized and data-driven content. in-depth SEO and white label lead generation to put your brand in front of brands that will convert. You can use Cleverly for customer communication, customer engagement, and A/B testing campaigns.

    Cleverly_lead generation companies


    SalesAR_best lead generation companies


    London, United Kingdom

    Our Score




    Founded: 2019

    Location: England, United Kingdom

    Number of Employees: 43


    • Appointment setting
    • Anti-spam campaign
    • Customer research
    • Client outreach
    • Lead validity check


    • ActiveCloud
    • SPD Ukraine
    • FogStream


    SalesAR helps B2B businesses close deals as quickly as possible! To achieve this, SalesAR offers services like appointment setting, anti-spam campaigns to optimize deliverability, client outreach campaigns, and in-depth analytics for data-driven sales decisions.

    SalesAR is all about helping B2B brands close quality deals quickly and successfully. Using B2B technology and vast industry experience, Sales AR will develop tailored anti-spam campaigns and client outreach marketing strategies. You can rely on in-depth insights and analytics and professional data-driven advice base on what will attract targeted prospects.

    SalesAR_lead generation companies

    Summary – Best Lead Generation Companies:

    1. CandorWorks
    2. Cience
    3. Callbox
    4. RocketReach
    5. Social Bloom
    6. Unbound
    7. Belkins
    8. Upcall
    9. Overdrive Interactive
    10. Martal Group
    11. Cleverly
    12. SalesAR

    Lead Generation Company Pricing Structures

    Lead generation companies have various pricing structures depending on the company and project. The most common types of lead generation pricing structures are monthly retainers, monthly retainers, and performance-only and performance-only pricing.

    These are the top lead generation company pricing structures:

    1.Monthly Retainer

    Monthly retainers are the most common among lead generation companies. In these contracts, businesses pay lead generation companies a fixed monthly fee. Your contract can last for three, six, or 12 months. Some lead generation companies may be more flexible in your contract length.

    How much your monthly retainer depends on the lead generation company you choose and what services you need. 

    The pros of a monthly retainer are:

    • The perfect option for a long-standing project.
    • You know how much you have to budget for every month.
    • Straightforward contract and payment agreement.

    The cons of a monthly retainer are:

    • Risk of paying for services you don’t need in the long run.
    • Must work with a super reputable lead generation company. 
    • Requires steady monthly income to pay for services. Not ideal for small businesses.
    lead generation companies stats
    Source: eSales

    2.Retainer + Performance Component

    Some lead generation companies offer variety in their price structures. You can develop a standard retainer contract and add performance-based pricing for some aspects. 

    Let’s assume your main goal is to boost your social media presence, but this welcomes other marketing strategies like PPC ads or content marketing. A lead generation company will charge a fixed retainer for the long-term goal (social media). For all the “extra” services, the company will charge you based on performance. 

    Lead generation companies also offer retainer and performance-based pricing to provide flexibility for your business. 

    The pros of a monthly retainer and performance-based pricing are:

    • Easier to tailor services to what your business needs.
    • Added confidence that lead generations will drive results through performance-based services.
    • Flexibility for how you can structure your contract agreement.

    The cons of a monthly retainer and performance-based pricing are:

    • Complex contract terms and agreements.
    • A wider range of KPIs to track and evaluate.
    • Lack of surety in how much expenses to budget every month. 

    3.Performance Only

    You can find lead generation companies offering only performance-based services. A performance-only pricing structure means you’ll pay per lead. 

    Performance-based contracts are often much shorter than retainer contracts. These contracts are all about delivering results and working for short-term objectives.

    The pros of performance-only pricing are:

    • Lead generation companies must drive leads to get paid.
    • The perfect option for small projects or ad hoc. 
    • It’s best for small businesses that can’t afford monthly retainers.

    The cons of performance-only pricing are:

    • Lead generation companies may focus more on quantity over quality to get paid more.
    • Not all companies offer a guarantee that generated leads will convert.
    • It’s difficult to find a credible and experienced performance lead generation company. 
    Lead generation companies stats__
    Source: brandongaill

    Summary: Lead Generation Company Pricing Structures

    1. Monthly retainer
    2. Monthly retainer + performance
    3. Performance only


    Lead generation companies are valuable to help B2B and B2C businesses generate quality leads. These companies offer expert services like SEO, ABM, database management, and appointment setting to engage and convert prospects.

    Some of the best lead generation companies include RocketReach, Upcall, Overdrive, and Social Bloom. Work with any of the best lead generation companies reviewed here to raise brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and secure higher revenue!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do lead generation companies work?

    Lead generation companies help brands maximize their leads and persuade them to conversion. These companies offer valuable lead generation services like SEO, ABM, database management and appointment setting. Read this article to find out how lead generation companies can help your business and the best companies in 2024.

    What price structures do lead generation companies use?

    The pricing structures that lead generation companies offer include a monthly retainer, a monthly retainer and performance-only and performance-only pricing structures. Read our full article for more on what pricing structure will be best for your business and detailed reviews of the top lead generation companies to work with.

    What are the best lead generation companies in 2024?

    The top lead generation companies include:
    - CandorWorks
    - Cience
    - Callbox
    - RocketReach
    - Social Bloom
    - Unbound
    - Belkins
    - Upcall
    - Overdrive Interactive
    - Martal Group
    - Cleverly
    - SalesAR
    Read the full review to learn more about the top lead generation agencies and the services they offer.

    Are lead generation companies worth it?

    Yes. Professional lead generation companies deliver qualified leads, making it easier for your sales team to make sales and reducing the amount of time and other resources spent on leads that do not convert. Read the full review to learn more about the benefits of hiring a lead generation company, how much lead generation costs, and the different lead generation pricing structures.


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