11 Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps & Platforms in 2022

Looking for the best Shopify email marketing apps?

If you’re having trouble finding the right one for your needs, we’re here to help!

There are so many email marketing apps available, and many of them are quite similar in both features and price.

In such a sea of sameness, how do you find the right one?

Start here, because we’ve analysed the most popular and best rated Shopify apps to bring you our top picks of free and paid solutions in this guide.

Whether you’re just starting out with a campaign, or looking to take your entire email marketing strategy up to the next level, there’s a tool to suit your needs.

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    Quick Review: 6 Best Shopify Email Marketing Platforms

    Here’s a quick review of the 6 best Shopify email marketing platforms, the purpose of each, how much they cost and how we rate them. Below you can find a detail overview!

     Best Shopify Email Marketing Platforms


    Best For

    Our P2P Rating


    • Free Plan up to 500 emails p/m

    • Standard: Starts at $16 p/m

    • Pro: Starts at $59 p/m

    •  Marketers that want more than email marketing capabilities.


    SendinBlue + Shopify App

    • Free Plan up to 300 emails p/m

    • Lite: $25 p/m

    • Essential: $39 p/m

    • Premium: $66 p/m

    • Merchants that need both a powerful transactional and email re-engagement solution.



    • Free Plan up to 2000 subscribers

    • Starts at $8/month

    • Marketers who are experienced in email marketing and want to do more than just sending cart abandonment emails.



    • Lite: $9 p/m

    • Plus: $49 p/m

    • Professional: $129 p/m

    • Enterprise: $22 p/m

    • Marketers who are looking for an intelligent email marketing automation system.


    ConvertKit + Shopify App

    • Free Plan up to 500 subscribers

    • Starts at $29 p/m

    • Creators and small business owners who just need a straightforward e-commerce email marketing solution without all the frills.


    Klaviyo Marketing Automation + Shopify App

    • Free plan for up to 500 emails and 250 contacts

    • Contact for paid pricing

    • Intermediate to advanced users who are looking for a free marketing tool with more to offer. A good option if you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative.


    Quick Review: 5 Best Shopify Apps for Your Email Marketing

    You can check out a concise review of the best Shopify apps, how much they cost, what each is best for and our rating. There’s a detailed review further below.

    Best Shopify Apps for Your Email Marketing Strategy


    Best For

    Our P2P Rating

    Shogun Landing Page Builder

    • Free: 10-day trial

    • Build: $39 p/m

    • Optimise: $199 p/m

    • Building and optimising beautiful, high-conversion landing pages for multiple stores.


    Happy Birthday

    • Base: $10 p/m

    • Growth: $20 p/m

    • Established: $40 p/m

    • Custom Plans: From $50 p/m

    • Customer retention with milestone emails.



    • Lite: $3.99 p/m

    • Pro: $17.99 p/m

    • Concierge: $74.99 p/m

    • Converting visitors into customers just when they show intent to leave your site.



    • Free: 10-day trial

    • Pro: $9.99 p/m

    • Premium: $24.99 p/m

    • Customer retention and growing your email sign up list.


    Abandonment Protector

    • Free: 30-day trial

    • Basic: $8 p/m

    • Managing all your email communication in one place and improving your cart abandonment and customer retention rates.


    The Type of Emails to Include in Your Shopify Email Marketing Strategy

    Let’s start by looking at the various types of emails you must include in your strategy.

    Firstly, because knowing this upfront could affect your choice of app. Secondly, because you might find the inspiration to add a few more to your email marketing plans.

    It’s important that you know what kind of emails you need to cater for in order to narrow down your search.

    Operational and Transactional Emails

    These are all those important emails that are usually sent to the customer upon a certain action such as signing up, completing their profile, ordering products, checking their billing details and so on.

    A warm welcome email does wonders for creating that very first connection moment, but don’t let the magic fade during the rest of the on-boarding process.

    Each email should be well thought out, so craft your newsletter copy well, and be considerate when it comes to the timing and frequency of these emails.

    • Onboarding emails: welcome emails, account setup, profile personalisation
    • Billing, terms and conditions, or privacy and data agreements
    • Password confirmations
    • Receipts and statements
    • Shipping notifications

    Looking for some inspiration?

    Back in 1997, CDBaby started out as an online distributor of music by independent artists. In an effort to differentiate his company communications at some point, founder Derek Sivers sat down and unknowingly wrote one of the most legendary shipping emails in digital marketing history. This creative piece of copy received over 20,000 citations!

    Here’s what the email said:

    Milestone Emails

    Birthdays, membership anniversaries or even seasonal discounts create a level of personalisation that is not too intrusive while contributing to your retention strategy.

    Remember, you can also offer your customers a little discount when you reach a certain milestone in your business for example: company birthdays, reaching a certain membership or subscriber number milestone, and so on.

    • Birthday wishes + a coupon or voucher
    • Membership anniversaries
    • Seasonal or achievement-based rewards

    Retention Emails

    This is where you can really have some fun, especially if you have an editorial streak and can offer great content and curated products for certain customers.

    Retention emails are important because engaging with existing customers is much cheaper than approaching new customers. In fact, it’s 5x cheaper!

    You can also send out important surveys to gather information about customer satisfaction, product reviews, demographic details, and other important customer information.

    We recommend making use of audience segmentation tools or even a persona generator to take a deeper dive into understanding your customers.

    Re-activation emails are a great way to connect with inactive customers who might’ve signed up at one point but didn’t make any purchases in a while (or at all). You can offer to assist them with setting up a full profile, ask if they’re still interested, or offer them a voucher to make that first purchase a little sweeter.


    “80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention”



    Here are a few types of retention emails that can be found on advanced Shopify email marketing strategies.

    • Newsletters
    • Seasonal offers
    • Special curations
    • Sales announcements
    • Discounts
    • Reminders
    • Surveys
    • Inspiration
    • How-to product guides
    • Testimonials
    • Re-engagement emails
    • Cart abandonment emails
    Cart abandonment
    Image: Klaviyo


    1. Operational and Transactional Emails
    2. Milestone Emails
    3. Retention Emails

    6 Best Shopify Email Marketing Platforms


    Omnisend screenshot
    Image source: Omnisend

    Omnisend was built for e-commerce from day one. Therefore, it integrates with almost all of the e-commerce tools you might be using (other than Shopify). It has tailored its suite of features to ensure your Shopify business has what it needs to grow. And similar to ActiveCampaign, Omnisend has more than just email capabilities. It supports SMS marketing and will enhance your paid advertisement activities by using the data from your store.

    The thing we like the most about Omnisend is the forms. Omnisend makes it extremely easy for e-commerce businesses to collect new emails. Omnisend competes with all the enterprise-level email platforms for an affordable price.


    • Drag & drop email editor.
    • Easy to use forms & popups builder.
    • Powerful Segmentation tools.
    • Dozens of integrations with other e-commerce tools.
    • Very affordable for its capabilities/ value for money.
    • Great reporting.


    • It takes a bit of time to learn the system.
    • Only a few email templates to choose from.

    Best for: Marketers that want more than email marketing capabilities.

    Pricing: Free for up to 500 emails a month, Standard: Starts at $16/month,  Pro: Starts at $59/month.

    Website: omnisend.com

    2.SendinBlue + Shopify App

    Magento Email Marketing: SendinBlue
    Image source: https://www.sendinblue.com/features/email-marketing/

    Don’t forget about making the most of your transactional emails. SendinBlue takes care of those operational, transactional, engagement emails, and SMSes all in one place.

    You can easily sync your customer data from Shopify to your SendinBlue email marketing account, design your automation workflows, design your emails and send them off without needing any coding experience.

    SendinBlue offers a free Shopify app that will make creating email automation flows and launching email campaigns a breeze.


    • You can get started with a free account.
    • Manage transactional emails and engagement emails for a more personalised customer experience.
    • Optimise deliverability of transactional emails (to avoid the spam folder).
    • Cart abandonment triggers.
    • Real-time analytics and heat map.
    • SMS integration.


    • Not the best when it comes to customer support.
    • Steep learning curve when it comes to automation builders.
    • Some reviewers noted that the template selection is quite limited.

    Best for: Merchants that need both a powerful transactional and email re-engagement solution.

    Price: Free option for up to 300 emails a day, Lite: $25 p/month, Essential $39 p/month, Premium: $66 p/month.

    Website: https://www.sendinblue.com/


    moosend screenshot

    Moosend is a powerful email marketing automation platform that allows businesses of all sizes to create, manage, and execute their email campaigns.  

    The top features of the software include email analytics, A/B testing, drag and drop email editor, and list segmentation. Besides, it provides advanced personalization capabilities with its templates and also helps build ultrafast landing pages.

    Connecting Moosend to your Shopify store is just a matter of minutes. The process does not require any coding experience and you can get started with little effort. You can select actions from your Shopify store as triggers for your automated campaigns.

    Data from your Shopify store is directly recorded and stored where you can create specific mailing lists that target only the most qualified leads.

    You can also set up automated email sequences for payments, new orders, canceled orders, and abandoned carts.

    This also helps you better understand the pain points and help retain as many customers as possible.


    • The automation capabilities on Moosend are unmatchable.
    • The free plan provides eight different workflow options.
    • The software provides unlimited emails for up to 1000 contacts.
    • The newsletters are easy to make with a lot of built-in, customizable templates.


    • The white label functionality has some bugs that need to be fixed.
    • The software has very limited analytics capabilities.

    Best for: Marketers who are experienced in email marketing and want to do more than just sending cart abandonment emails.

    Pricing: Free for up to 2000 subscribers. Then starts at $8/month.

    Website: moosend.com


    Video source: ActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign offers a very powerful marketing automation platform, and its Shopify integration makes it even easier to sync your customers between your Shopify and ActiveCampaign accounts.

    Although ActiveCampaign excels in email marketing, it does not stop there. It offers you a home for all your digital marketing activities. From smart paid advertising to SMS and much more.


    • Great segmentation capabilities with the ability to sync customers to different lists.
    • Powerful, easy-to-use automation builders – Their flagship feature in our opinion.
    • Great customer support.
    • The Best Email Deliverability in the market.
    • Easy to switch from another email platform due to their free migration service.


    • The email editor functionality is quite limited.
    • A steep learning curve, especially in the workflow setup.
    • The price difference between packages is quite high.

    Best for: Marketers who are looking for an intelligent email marketing automation system.

    Pricing: Lite: $9, Plus: $49, Professional: $129, Enterprise: $22

    Website: https://www.activecampaign.com/

    5.ConvertKit + Shopify App

    ConvertKit website

    ConvertKit is a very affordable email marketing software that is very well suitable for artists, musicians, and other creatives that are selling goods on Shopify.

    Their user-friendly, visual interface offers a clean and uncomplicated solution for selling your products.

    And, while it is geared towards people who are not very tech-savvy, it also offers some great advanced features such as visual automation builders and integration with over 90 platforms and providers.

    ConvertKit was recently featured in Capterra’s Top 20 Marketing Automation Software for 2020.


    • User-friendly.
    • Great customer service.
    • Free migration service.
    • Free online course to upskill on email marketing.
    • Landing page builder.
    • No coding required – great for beginners.


    • Due to its simplicity, the visual editors might feel limited for more advanced users.

    Best for: Creators and small business owners who just need a straightforward e-commerce email marketing solution without all the frills.

    Pricing: Free for up to 500 subscribers, Complete option starts at $29 p/month.

    Website: https://convertkit.com/

    6.Klaviyo Marketing Automation + Shopify App

    Image via Klaviyo.com

    Klaviyo is a really powerful email marketing and automation tool which offers a 360-degree view of customers and a full suite of features. This is one of the best free email marketing apps on Shopify.

    With Klaviyo, you can segment and analyse your customers, improve your personalisation, automate certain messages, and increase your ROI.


    • A free tier with unlimited A/B testing.
    • Powerful data and analytics.
    • Integrates with Facebook and Instagram advertising.
    • ROI-based tracking and reporting.
    • Integrates with other major ecommerce platforms.


    • The free tier only allows for a maximum of 500 emails and up to 250 contacts, charges apply on top of this.
    • The pricing for additional charges is not provided up front on their website.
    • Less than perfect customer service so be prepared to wait a while for a response.
    • Many reviewers noted that sometimes their campaigns took 24-hrs to review by Klaviyo – so keep this mind and set up your campaigns early.

    Best for: Intermediate to advanced users who are looking for a free marketing tool with more to offer. A good option if you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative.

    Pricing: Free for up to 500 emails and 250 contacts

    Website: klaviyo.com

    5 Best Shopify Apps for Your Email Marketing Strategy

    1.Shogun Landing Page Builder

    Shogun: Shopify Email Marketing apps
    Image via Shopify

    Shogun Landing Page Builder is one of the most highly rated apps on Shopify. They’re a Shopify Plus partner, meaning that they’re among the best in class as far as app integration services go. No coding is required and there are customisable pre-made templates available.


    • International support team.
    • Analytics dashboard included.
    • Great SEO features.
    • Scheduled publishing.
    • Able to manage multiple stores.
    • Integrates with other major ecommerce platforms.


    • Some reviewers noted a limitation on the mobile and tablet templates which means you might require a little coding help if you want to create something more unique for mobile users.

    Best for: Building and optimising beautiful, high-conversion landing pages for multiple stores.

    Price: Build option: $39 p/month , Optimise option: $199 p/month

    Trial: 10-day free trial

    Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9/5 based on 1838 reviews

    2.Happy Birthday Email Discounts

    Video via Union Works

    The name says it all. Happy Birthday Email is a great app for sending out those milestone emails for birthdays. You can capture birthdays via Shopify POS, create a birthday email, customise and automate the send.


    • Great for customer loyalty and retention.
    • An easy to use interface.
    • The app integrates with many other service providers such as Mailchimp and Omnisend.

    Cons: This app scores 5 stars on the Shopify app store, and so far we haven’t picked up a single con!

    Best for: Customer retention with milestone emails.

    Price: Base Plan: $10 p/month, Growth Plan: $20 p/month, Established Plan: $40 p/month, Custom Plans: From $50 p/month

    Trial: 30-day free trial

    Shopify App Store Rating: 5/5 based on 101 reviews


    Video via OptinMate

    Are you facing challenges when it comes to converting visitors into customers? Then we recommend trying OptinMate. This app allows you to create pop-ups, slide-ins and sticky bars to engage visitors before they consider shopping elsewhere.

    These pop-ups can be triggered by certain behaviours such as on-exit intent, on-click, and so on – all without needing to code anything. The tiered plans are great for a growing business so that you can upgrade as you expand.


    • Easy-to-use interface.
    • Affordable entry-level plan.
    • Customisable time delays for popups.
    • Realtime analytics.
    • Affordable entry-level tier.
    • A/B split testing.
    • Integrates with Mailchimp.


    • Less than stellar customer support, but it appears that they are improving.
    • Some reviewers encountered buggy pop-ups that were difficult to troubleshoot.

    Best for: Converting visitors into customers just when they show intent to leave your site.

    Price: Lite plan: $3.99, Pro plan: $17.99, Concierge plan: $74.99 p/month

    Trial: 7-Day free trial

    Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9/5 based on 211 reviews


    Spin a Sale: Shopify Email Marketing Apps
    Image via Shopify

    Spin-a-Sale offers a refreshing take on the subscriber pop-up for something really fun and interactive. The pop-up offers visitors a chance to enter their email address and when the wheel spins, they have a chance of winning a prize – just like a nostalgic TV game show!

    What’s great about this email marketing app is that it really delivers when it comes to increasing your sign-up rate. It is fully customisable, giving you full control over the prizes so that you can offer more than just discounts.


    • Fun and interactive.
    • User-friendly and quick to set up.
    • Proven results from hundreds of customers.
    • Customisable features.
    • Responsive.


    • The cheapest plan doesn’t offer unique customer discounts so these can potentially be abused.
    • The price jump from the Pro to Premium plan can become a barrier to upgrading for better features.

    Best for: Customer retention and growing your email sign up list.

    Pricing: Pro Plan: $9.99 p/month, Premium Plan: $24.99 p/month

    Trial: 10-day free trial

    Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9/5 based on 1096 reviews


    Working on Your Email Marketing Strategy? Check Out Our:

    Guide to Best Cold Email Software for 2022


    5.Abandonment Protector

    Video via Chillaps

    Abandonment Protector is a great tool for keeping up customer engagement and preventing cart abandonment with a range of clever pop-ups. You can use this app to re-engage your customers at the first sign of them intending to leave the checkout process.

    And there’s so much more to offer! Abandonment Protector will help you take care of operational and transactional emails, as well as newsletter and other retention email sequences.


    • Easy to use (drag and drop editing).
    • Many pre-made templates on offer.
    • Full email automation.
    • Proven improvement in abandonment recovery rates.
    • No subscriber limit on their basic plan.


    • Inconsistent quality when it comes to customer support, however this looks to be improving.
    • The basic plan only allows a maximum of 3,000 emails so if you have a larger requirement additional charges will be applied.

    Best for: Managing all your email communication in one place and improving your cart abandonment and customer retention rates.

    Pricing: Basic Plan: $8 p/month

    Trial: 30-day free trial

    Shopify App Store Rating: 4.8/5 based on 248 reviews


    “The overall average open rate for basket abandonment emails is 40.14%, with a click through rate of 28.64%”





    When it comes to choosing the right tool for your Shopify email marketing strategy, it’s important to first outline exactly what your needs and objectives are, and then decide on what features you’re looking for.

    Don’t forget to check if you’re using all the features available to you on other apps or software that you have already purchased.

    Reading reviews is a great way to get a general sense of what other marketers and Shopify merchants experienced with the app. However, we highly recommend that you put in the effort to really make use of the free trials in order to find the perfect match.

    And remember: some tools are great at doing just one thing really well, while others can offer a large suite of average features. Pick your apps for what they do really well!

    Our top picks:

    For small businesses: Klaviyo for its generous free tier and wide range of features.

    For enterprise businesses: Shogun for building high-quality landing pages at scale.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What emails must I send my customers?

    Firstly, you should send operational and transactional emails. These are the emails sent after a particular customer action, such as signing in or ordering products. You can also send milestone emails for birthdays or anniversaires. See what other emails are sent in our detailed post, including what the best email marketing apps are, to get you going!

    What are the best email marketing platform for commerce?

    Here are the best email marketing platforms for ecommerce: Klaviyo, ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign. Take a look at our detailed article on the best platforms and apps for your email marketing.

    What are the best Shopify apps for email marketing?

    The top Shopify apps for email marketing are Shogun Landing Page Builder and Happy Birthday Email Discounts. Check out our full list of the top 5 Shopify apps for email marketing, by following our article.


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