6 Best Online Course Platforms for Creators in 2020-2021

Online learning and training have become an essential part of every online business.

Creating and selling online courses can be very profitable and rewarding as well, many professionals achieved 6 and 7 figure incomes through their online courses.

The whole elearning market is expected to exceed $300 Billion by 2025, and that includes both individuals and corporations spending more and more into online learning. 

Moreover, with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, there was a surge in demand for online courses that are here to stay.

And it makes sense, the Coronavirus pandemic has locked doors of offices, factories, markets, schools and colleges and people are forced to stay inside their homes.

Online course platforms have opened up hundreds of windows for e-learning either for students and young learners or professionals or simply people who felt the need to improve and enrich their skills.

On the other hand, this unprecedented crisis, devastating for a lot of sectors, accelerated the business opportunity that was already there for creators and entrepreneurs who wanted to share their knowledge and make money out of it.

There has never been a better time to join the growing industry of eLearning especially in this pandemic world!

    The online course business model

    There are many reasons why you should create an online course business instead of any other business.

    The most important one is the fact that as trends show, there is a lot of future due to the exploding popularity and demand in selling online courses.

    Online courses are essentially digital downloads, far more premium than ebooks, and can be priced accordingly. Also, no stock is required, and no shipping processes or costs.

    Online courses are flexible since they can consist of text, video, audio or file downloads and any combination of these types of content. Online courses are easily accessible and instantly or on demand, from anywhere and on any device.

    Most importantly, the online course business model is a scalable venture. The marginal cost for delivering one extra unit is nearly zero at least from a certain volume and above.

    To get started with your online course empire, you will have to choose the right platform to host your content first. This article will show you the 5 best online course platforms for creators in 2020! 

    What you should consider when choosing online course platforms? 

    Deciding on any online course platform is not a straightforward decision because it all depends on what you are after. In this respect, it doesn’t always come down to capabilities but what you expect the platform will do for you.

    Here’s the categories you should consider when choosing the platform for your online courses and live training!

    Course Creation

    Make sure the platform has the features you need for your content, including: video content, live integration, digital downloads, student discussion etc.

    Website Building

    Next category in which every course platform needs to be assessed is the website building capabilities, the branding and design.

    You might need to check on the landing page design, custom domain, lead captures, HTML & CSS custom code etc.

    Sales & Marketing

    When all of your content and pages are ready to go, you will need to start marketing your courses.

    You’ll have to look closer at the features of payment gateway, membership/subscription, Coupons, Discounts & Promotions, Integrations with marketing & analytics tracking tools, Affiliate reporting etc.

    School Administration

    Next in line is administration. Whether you are a course creator looking to better understand your students & sales, an HR manager or trainer interested in seeing the progress of your students or customize the experience of your users, the administration side is immensely important.

    Check out the feature of Dashboards, Sales data reporting, Data exports, Manual enrollments of students, Customizable sign-up fields etc.


    Last but not least, the pricing. Choose the platform that fits into your budget and trial period. Starting from the free trial and lower pricing plan can be a good idea to test the functions you need for the platform.

    6 Best Online Course Platforms for Creators in 2020 


    LearnWorlds is the top learning platform for creating, managing and selling your online courses. It is a scalable platform that grows with your needs and provides an excellent e-learning experience at all levels, from a small business to a growing company.

    LearnWorlds comes with all the basic features but also distinctive functionality, such as interactive video, interactive ebooks, built-in community and true white label.

    Learnsworld screenshot

    Key Features 

    • Full website builder with a blog
    • Interactive Videos with subtitles and transcripts
    • Interactive Ebooks
    • SCORM & HTML5 support
    • White-labelling and the ability to create your fully-branded website 
    • Built-in social network
    • Advanced student management and analytics
    • Custom iOS/Android App (for an extra fee) 

    If you are already running a business or plan to grow to more than a side-income business, then, you need a more professional platform that you can host your e-learning business, membership site or digital products.

    LearnWorlds is the right choice for growing your business into a profitable enterprise. It is an easy to use learning platform that gives you the ability to offer the best learning experience to your students, employees and customers.

    It also offers all the tools you will need to create, manage, sell and deliver your online education, but also customize the look and feel of it to work well with your brand.


    Get started with LearnWorlds for 24$/month. Start your 1 month FREE TRIAL

    Learnsworld pricing


    Teachable is well known for the all-in-one platform of online course creators and coaching business.

    With more than 10,000 users, it’s an easy to use platform with basically everything you need to start your boutique online course business.

    Teachable screenshot

    Key features 

    • Unlimited video
    • Unlimited courses
    • Unlimited hosting
    • Integrated payment processing
    • Student management


    Teachable starts from 29$/month. 

    Teachable pricing


    Thinkific aims to enable professional course creators and midsized businesses.

    Thinkific customers range from entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses looking to grow their companies with education for their audiences.

    Thinkific screenshot

    Key features 

    • 1000+ integrations with marketing tools
    • Membership and Subscription option 
    • Drag & Drop site
    • Custom HTML & CSS


    Thinkfic starting from 0$/month with free course only 

    Thinkfic pricing


    Kajabi is an all-in-one marketing automation platform with added capabilities to sell digital products and courses.

    Kajabi has a special focus on email marketing automation and upsell capabilities. If you’re looking for marketing focused platform for your online courses, Kajabi can be a good fit for you!

    Kajabi screenshot

    Key features 

    • Drag & Drop landing page builder
    • Unlimited landing page
    • Live events page
    • Unlimited emails
    • Strong marketing integrations


    Kajabi starting with 119$/month with 14-day free trial

    Kajabi pricing


    Podia on the other hand is more suited to solopreneurs and creators that are just starting out and aim to provide downloadables or simple embedded videos. Podia has a focus on membership and community features rather than learning experience.

    If you’re switching from Patreon and mainly providing digital downloads to your students or supporters, then Podia can be right for you!

    Key Features 

    • Digital downloads
    • Unlimited membership plans / levels
    • Pre-launch courses
    • Live customer support


    Starting from 39$/month with 14 days free trial 

    Podia pricing


    Gurucan is a new all-in-one tool for creators to create, sell and promote a variety of digital products, including online courses. It is available on iOS and Android with an admin panel toupload, manage content, and handle customer relationships.

    Mobile app and web platform are available in one pricing plan and live video streaming is built directly into the platform.

    Gurucan online platform

    Key features

    ● Mobile app
    ● White label app
    ● Online course builder


    Starting from 26$/month with 7 days free trial
    White label app for an online course can be created starting at $2988.

    Gurucan pricing

    Final thoughts 

    We have reviewed 5 different platforms for creating, hosting and selling online courses. It seems that there is a best online course platform for different needs and with different price points. 

    Overall, and according to the 5 basic criteria that we set, Course Creation, Website Building, Sales & Marketing, School Administration and Pricing,  LearnWorlds is the best choice for growing your business into a profitable enterprise. It is an easy to use learning platform that gives you the ability to offer the best learning experience to your students, employees, and customers.

    It also offers all the tools you will need to create, manage, sell and deliver your online training, but also customize the look and feel of it to work well with your brand.

    And remember, a business is a living entity. It needs nurturing so it can grow over time. Having your first launch and sales is only the beginning. Learning from your first project, go back and improve your processes, bring more people on and work to optimize your sales funnel.

    Then, you can go on to publish your second course, and then the next and the next…

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to this: No one knows your business better than you do. Also, no one knows what it needs for it to keep going, and to become a big success in the online world.

    Having said that, you still need to update your knowledge in the online strategies and business models and incorporate useful techniques and marketing tactics that will help your business thrive in the new normal. 

    Creating and selling your online courses is the way to go forward. The growing e-learning trends are here to stay.

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