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Shopify Marketing: Scaling Your Shopify Store in 2024

This concise guide will reveal how to scale your Shopify sales through the countless Shopify marketing features available. Any brand can use Shopify marketing, and this method equips you with all you need to:


-Easily implement a marketing strategy and leverage email marketing.

-Create high-converting landing pages and use social proof to double your sales.

-Increase your earnings through affiliate marketing and product upsells.

-Use SMS marketing to see the conversion rates you desire.


If all this sounds like what you need, continue reading for a breakdown of how Shopify marketing makes this possible. Ready? Let’s get into it!


How Shopify Makes Marketing Easier

Shopify has various features and functions to make marketing much simpler for your brand. You don’t need coding or marketing experience to use Shopify marketing techniques. 

Shopify Offers Marketing-Related, Built-in Apps 

Using Shopify, you don’t have to scourge the web to find marketing apps to reach your desired conversion rates. Shopify conveniently has hundreds of marketing apps for your Shopify marketing strategy.

 You can easily find these apps through Shopify’s marketplace, where you’ll also find reviews and a media gallery flaunting the apps’ best features.

You can Optimize Shopify Themes for Increased Conversion Rates 

Shopify themes offer various customization options to help you personalize your marketing efforts to your audience. 

This is a huge advantage because your business won’t look like any other, and you can express your value proposition accurately. Shopify users can also replicate themes, download themes for future use and update older themes. 

Shopify Compass is an Invaluable Toolkit

Shopify Compass is the next best thing for successful Shopify marketing. This jam-packed toolkit offers on-demand video courses and lectures. 

You can also access frameworks, tips, and tools that renowned business owners have used before. This is an ideal solution for any business to receive expert marketing advice.

Businesses can Save Money through Robust SEO Features 

Finding an SEO expert takes time, and with so many business operations to oversee, you don’t have enough of it. Fortunately, Shopify has built-in SEO functions to ensure users find your store. 

This feature also eliminates the guesswork of having to make your store SEO-friendly. You can simply rely on Shopify’s advanced functions to do the job.

Generate More Sales with Email Marketing

Operational and Transactional Emails

These are the emails you send customers after they take a certain action, such as making an order or signing up.

These emails are crucial as they mark the first interaction between your business and your customers. Each email should be well-thought-out because of this. 

Examples of Operational and Transactional Emails:

-Password confirmation emails

-Shipping notification emails

-Welcome emails 

Milestone Emails

Milestone emails are a fantastic method to keep consumers engaged and retained.

You send these emails when your business reaches a milestone, like an anniversary or gaining your first 1000 subscribers. Most businesses offer discounts or coupons in these emails. 

Examples of Milestone Emails:

-Achievement or seasonal-based rewards

-Membership anniversaries

-Company birthday celebrations 

Retention Emails

Having to find new consumers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones.

That’s why we have retention emails. You can send retention emails to re-engage users or offer them a discount for purchasing from your Shopify store. 

Examples of Retention Emails:

-Cart abandonment emails

-Sales announcements


Learn more about Email Marketing for Shopify and the Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

Build Landing Pages on Shopify

Landing pages are the best way to increase your leads, flaunt your promotions, and engage consumers.

There is so much you need to know about Shopify landing pages and why they are imperative to your business’s success. 

Why You Need Landing Pages

-Landing pages are better at driving conversion rates as this is the dedicated purpose of these pages.

-Personalized landing pages strongly encourage consumers to make a purchase.

-E-commerce landing pages keep consumers on-page for more time.

-Long-form landing pages can skyrocket your conversions.

-You can optimize your email marketing through sign-up forms on landing pages. 

Types of Shopify Landing Pages

-Lead Generation Pages: These pages capture consumers’ details. You can use lead magnets to encourage consumers to give you their contact information. 

-Individual Product Pages: For new products or products that won’t sell, you can promote them through these landing pages. 

-Promotions and Discounts Pages: You can dedicate an entire landing page for a promotion or discount. 

-Category Pages: Businesses can use these landing pages to promote a product category. 

4 Methods for Creating Shopify Landing Pages

1.Use Shopify’s Landing Page Builder: There are various advanced landing page builders available on Shopify’s marketplace. 

2.Use Third-party Software: You can integrate third-party software with Shopify and build landing pages. 

3.Use a Free Shopify Landing Page Template: Shopify themes allow you to develop a free landing page template. 

4.Convert Product Pages into Landing Pages: If you have seasonal sales or a huge promotion, simply use your product pages as landing pages. 


Tips for High-Converting Landing Pages

-Use social proof. 

-Create clear and concise content.

-Add headlines that drive curiosity.

-Talk like a human.

-Use a mobile-adaptive landing page.

-Ensure the “money-back” guarantee is clear and visible.

-Use an attractive theme.

-Optimize your page loading times.

-Ensure your landing page is SEO-friendly. 

-Control where your readers look.

Shopify Landing Page

Maximize Sales Through More Reviews

Reviews work wonders for any business, and because of this, Shopify has several review apps for your business. This is why you need reviews for your Shopify store and the best Shopify review apps in to collect them. 

6 Reasons Why Review Apps are Crucial for Shopify

1.Reviews Increase SEO: Actively responding to your reviews sends a signal to Google and this improves your search ranking. 

2.Social Proof Converts: Positive online reviews can multiply your conversion rate.

3.Gain Insight Into Your Consumers: Reviews reveal what consumers like and don’t like about your business. 

4.Happy Customers will Do the Marketing: Positive customer reviews will encourage other consumers to purchase from your brand, with little marketing effort from you. 

5.Reviews Help Decision-Making: Reviews show consumers what to expect from your businesses. This helps them make purchasing decisions. 

6.Reviews Generate more Reviews: Customers will feel encouraged to leave reviews after reading authentic reviews6


Find the best review app for Shopify in our full review. 

Improve Conversion Rates with Social Proof

How Does Social Proof Work for E-commerce?  

Social proof is how you give your E-commerce customers social assurance about your brand. 

When your customers find other consumers, like them, buying and enjoying your products, they will be encouraged to make a purchase. 

Consumers will feel that your site is credible, trustworthy and offers products that suit their needs. 

The more credibility you can create for your E-commerce store, the more buying confidence new and existing customers will have. 

How to Use Social Proof for Your E-commerce Store?

-Add testimonials and reviews on your landing pages.

-Show logos for brands or experts that use your products.

-Display user-generated content on your website.

-Display the number of purchases made.

-Emphasize your endorsements.

-Use the “best-seller” or “popular choice” banners.

-Use product recommendations.

-Add full names or profile photos for reviews to prove authenticity.

-Indicate low stock and use timers.

Social Proof apps

Reduce Marketing Budget By Building an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get well-known influencers to sell your product. Let’s find out why affiliate marketing is critical and the best Shopify affiliate marketing apps. 

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

-Scale your Business: Affiliate marketing allows you to connect with people passionate about selling your product quickly. 

-Affiliates are Determined: Selling your products is the source of revenue for affiliates. So they will be determined to make sales. 

-Multi-channel Marketing: Affiliates will use several marketing channels that suit you and them. 

-Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Affiliate will spread the word about your business. 

-Easy to Measure and Manage: You can seamlessly track and measure your affiliate marketing program through Shopify apps. 


Steps to Build your Affiliate Program in Shopify

1.Outline your Strategy: Define your goals, objectives, budget, and incentives. 

2.Pick the Best Tool: Find out what tools your competitors use, read reviews and try demos to find the best tool for you. 

3.Create a Communicate Plan: Determine how you are going to communicate with your affiliates.  

4.Recruit your Affiliates: Create criteria for your ideal affiliates and find them. 

5.Track and Manage: Stay ahead of your affiliate program through tracking and manage your KPIs.

5_affiliate marketing benefits-01

Increase Basket Size with Upselling

Upselling your products is a strategic marketing technique to get consumers to buy more than they were planning to. This is why upselling is vital. Plus, the best Shopify upsell apps for your brand. 

Why Upselling Is So Important? 

-Upselling increases the average order value (AOV) of your consumers and this can help turn them into brand ambassadors. 

-Rather than acquiring new customers, you can have your existing customer spend more money. 

-Upselling gives you an insight into what your consumers prefer and need as they choose to buy upsell products because of this. 

-Instead of waiting for customers to return, upselling ensures your business gets the maximum value from every customer interaction. 

-Most web visitors might not make a purchase. However, with upselling, you can get the web visitors that do purchase to spend enough for those who don’t. 

-Brands can nurture their customer relations by offering consumers more value and providing them with everything they need. Even if the consumer didn’t anticipate buying those items.

6_why upselling is so important-01

Learn how to increase your shop basket size with those apps.

Incorporate SMS Marketing to Convert More  

SMS marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customers, and Shopify makes SMS marketing easy! Let’s find out why you need to use SMS marketing to Shopify, how to use SMS marketing, and the top SMS marketing apps.  

Why Use SMS Marketing for Shopify?

-SMS marketing offers a global reach to help you find more consumers. 

-Consumers have to give their permission for SMS marketing which makes this a highly targeted marketing channel.

-Users will receive SMS marketing content instantly.

-There are no bounce rates for SMS marketing.

-Users spend a lot of time on their phones. So you can expect high open and conversion rates.

-You can save tonnes of time through SMS marketing automation.

-SMS marketing encourages word-of-mouth marketing as users will share the word about your promotions and discounts.

-Managing and tracking SMS marketing is simple. 

How to Use SMS Marketing for Shopify?

1.Understand SMS Marketing Terminology: Understand the difference between a shortcode and keyword to make informed decisions for SMS marketing. 

2.Learn About TCPA and GDPR Compliance: Learn these regulations for SMS marketing to ensure your practices are legal and ethical. 

3.Develop an SMS Marketing Strategy: Determine your objectives, your value proposition, and how to combine SMS marketing software with other tools. 

4.Choose a Shopify SMS Marketing App: Evaluate apps to find the perfect Shopify SMS marketing app for your business. 

4.Start Building your SMS List: Use various marketing techniques like email marketing to build your SMS list. 

5.Manage, Track and Improve your SMS List: Track essential metrics for SMS marketing and your KPIs to determine if you’ve achieved your objectives.

Sms Shopify

Final Words

Every brand should use Shopify marketing as a reliable way to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and conversion rates.

Shopify makes marketing effortless for companies of all sizes, and you can use email marketing and landing pages to accelerate your revenue. This platform also lets you optimize your performance through social proof and online reviews.

Businesses can use affiliate marketing too, and upsell products to maximize every customer interaction.

Plus, your business can leverage SMS marketing to see a rise in conversion rates.

With Shopify marketing, there are endless possibilities for your brand, and this guide shows you how. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing allows you to generate more sales, engage your customers and build loyal consumers. There are various types of emails you can use to double your conversions. To find out the different types of emails, and how they can help your business, read this article.

Why do you need store reviews?

Reviews are crucial because they give more insight into your customers and help consumers make a purchasing decision. Your reviews will also act as social proof and prove your credibility while letting happy customers do your marketing for you. Read this article to find out more about how reviews can help your businesses, and more!

How do I increase how much customers spend?

Use upselling to increase your consumers’ basket size. This marketing technique allows you to maximize your profits from every customer interaction while adding value to your consumers. By upselling products that make it easier for your customers to accomplish what they need, you are serving both parties. This article reveals more on why upselling is crucial and how to use it for your business.