Shopify Landing Page: Build a High-converting Page in 2022

Do you want to accelerate your brand’s sales conversions? 

You’ve come to the right place!

This article will dissect how to build a Shopify landing page that drives insane sales in 2022.

Landing pages are standalone webpages that encourage your target audience to take an action aligned with your business’s aim.

For example, if your brand’s aim is to increase sales, you want your landing page to persuade visitors to buy your products. 

Research confirms that landing pages offer brand’s an average conversion rate of 9.7%. Although landing pages are the least popular sign-up forms, they have the highest conversion rates (23%).  

Driving web traffic can be a tricky business, but building a Shopify landing page makes this a seamless process and is a safe way to maximize your conversions. 

Today we’re going to look at why landing pages are critical for your Shopify store, the different Shopify landing pages, the top examples of landing pages, the best landing page builder apps, and a few valuable tips to optimize your landing page. 

Let’s get started! 

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    What Is a Landing Page?

    This article will just be a jumble of digital marketing jargon if you don’t know what a landing page is. 

    In short, a landing page is a standalone webpage that converts your site visitors into leads. This page is where visitors “land” after clicking on a CTA (call-to-action), email, or social media ad.

    Shopify Landing Page

    A landing page has two principal components:

    1. It has a form that requests visitors’ contact details. This is usually in exchange for a desired offer. The desired offer is known as a lead magnet and includes freebies, discounts, coupons, etc. Not all landing pages offer a lead magnet.
    2. The one and only objective of a landing page is to convert site visitors into leads. Your landing page must be professionally designed and appealing because of this.

    Have a look at this landing page from Intouch Insight:

    What Is a Landing Page

    Although any webpage can be used as a landing page, and by 2018 76% of landing pages were homepages, this isn’t ideal.

    The purpose of a homepage is to welcome visitors and introduce your brand. Keep your landing page exclusive and ensure it doesn’t have a diverse range of purposes.

    Why You Need a Landing Page for Your Shopify Store

    The success of landing pages is a well-known concept in the world of digital marketing. Both businesses and marketers alike use this sales and conversions tool.

    • The singular focused notion of landing pages is better at driving conversions than product pages are. This is because product pages focus on other purposes rather than just converting visitors into leads. 
    • Creating a Shopify landing page can strongly encourage website visitors to purchase from your brand. 
    • E-commerce landing pages help keep consumers on-page for a longer duration. A recent study confirmed that 72% of website visitors are more likely to bounce after landing on a product page. That percentage is alarmingly high!
    • Using a long-form landing page instead of an above the fold landing page can increase your leads by 220%
    • The sign-up form allows you to aid your email marketing by gaining your target audience’s email addresses. 

    Not every consumer who visits your Shopify store is going to purchase something. In fact, the average rate for cart abandonment is 74%

    This figure confirms how crucial it is to instill buying confidence, trust, and a sense of “need” for the product in consumers for them to complete their purchases. 

    Building a Shopify landing page is a simple way to achieve this.

    4 Different Types of Shopify Landing Pages

    You want to approach creating your landing pages with a primary goal in mind. Your landing page will be tailored to persuade website visitors to accomplish that goal.

    There are many objectives that brands build Shopify landing pages for, such as consumer marketing or increasing brand awareness. These are a few more common goals:

    Increase Lead Generation

    It’s important to understand that not every website visitor wants to buy something from your brand. No matter how irresistible you make your product seem. 

    But this doesn’t mean those visitors are invaluable. Solve this by creating a landing page that is targeted at capturing consumers’ contact details. Don’t rely solely on lead generation software to do the trick. Use your Shopify landing page!

    Design a drip campaign to nurture consumer engagement with those leads. Doing this will make sure those consumers don’t forget about your brand.

    It’s common to use lead magnets to incentivize consumers to give you their contact details. With enough consumer marketing tactics, those leads will soon gladly purchase something from your Shopify store.

    Promote Individual Products

    Got a single product you can’t, for the life of you sell? Then you’re really going to like what I’m about to say.

    Promoting individual products allows you more freedom and space to add beneficial information, positive consumer feedback, and highlight the best features of your product. 

    You can add more valuable content in the space you have, creating more emphasis on how incredible your product is. 

    If a specific product is not leaving the shelf or you’re launching a new product, create a Shopify landing page to give it an extra boost.

    single product landing page

    Focus Attention on Brand Promotions and Discounts

    If you want your products to fly off the shelves, I would call this a mandatory landing page to create.

    Consumers often love discounts and promotions (as consumers we can all confirm this) making this a landing page that pretty much guarantees success.

    Chances are, consumers will either act on your landing page and buy the discounted/promoted product/s. Or, they will give you their contact information for you to notify them of future discounts/promotions. 

    Ideally, you want consumers to do both.

    Discount landing page

    Advertise a Category

    If you have a specific product category that you’d like to promote, create a landing page for it!

    Doing this allows you to provide your consumers with added information on your category. You can recommend similar product lines and promote the “best-sellers” too. This will motivate consumers to spend more time exploring your store. 

    Keep in mind that this landing page allows you to inform visitors about your products and advertise your products while keeping visitors in your Shopify store. 

    product catalogue landing page

    4 Different Methods to Create Shopify Landing Pages

    There are many ways you can go about building your Shopify landing page. However, most brands build Shopify landing pages using one of these four methods.

    Create a Landing Page Through Shopify’s Landing Page Builder

    Need a quick and reliable way to build your landing page? Simply go to Shopify’s store and purchase a landing page builder app!

    You can design engaging landing pages, product pages, and more using these beginner-friendly drag-and-drop programs. 

    Plus, you can effortlessly integrate CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tools, analytics accounts, email automation, and the list continues.

    We’ll be discussing the best of these Shopify landing page builders soon, so keep scrolling!

    Create a Landing Page Using Third-Party Software

    If you’re looking for more creative freedom in building your Shopify landing page, I’d suggest you bring in third-party software.

    Like Shopify’s landing page builders, these third-party programs also have drag-and-drop editors. But the common issue with using third-party software is how much more expensive these apps are compared to Shopify’s.

    Additionally, it’s more complicated to use third-party software, as there are many technical functions you will have to solve on your own. Like integrating an analytics account.

    I wouldn’t suggest this option unless you know what you’re doing from the get-go.

    Create a Free Shopify Landing Page Template

    You can create a landing page template within your Shopify theme. This method is complicated and requires technical knowledge about building a landing page template in Shopify.

    But there are also many advantages building a landing page template offers. Firstly, you don’t have to pay a single cent to create the template, and you can customize it as much as you’d like. 

    Secondly, consistency is key, and the landing page template will perfectly suit the rest of your webpages. 

    Thirdly, you can deliver an experience tailored to your brand and target audience.

    Convert Your Product Collection Pages Into Landing Pages

    Have a seasonal promotion or huge sale going on? Simply turn your product collection pages into landing pages! 

    This method makes designing your landing pages and writing the content quicker and simpler. Most consumers know their way around product collection pages, removing any confusion or friction for site visitors. 

    Furthermore, converting your product collection pages into landing pages will swiftly get your audience to where they want to be on your site. This also means the distance to the “add to cart” button is much shorter.

    Source: Elize UX

    4 Examples of High Converting Shopify Landing Pages

    Pretty Litter

    Earlier, we discussed how powerful long-form landing pages are, and Pretty Litter flaunts an excellent example of a long-form landing page done right.

    Pretty Litter Landing Page

    These are the factors Pretty Litter has included in their landing page, making them a top example:

    • Incorporating social proof by showing their reviews. This instills trust in website visitors as it confirms that so many other consumers love their product. 
    • They offer a discount and add urgency around it to get consumers to act quickly.
    • If you scroll down, you’ll notice they add valuable information about the benefits of their product. Consumers will instantly get the idea that Pretty Litter has experience in their industry.
    • Later down the landing page, Pretty Litter shows clients how they can save through subscribing to their products.
    • Before the end of the landing page, they add a veterinarian seal of approval and a positive word from a real-life veterinarian.

    One Page Love

    Although this landing page is not as long as Pretty Litter’s, it still demonstrates what a fantastic landing page looks like.

    One Page Love Landing Page

    This is why One Page Love’s landing page leads a notable example:

    • They use a timer to create a sense of urgency around their product.
    • Lower down the landing page, they include testimonials and positive client feedback.
    • For those who don’t want to buy the book, they can subscribe to receive one tip per day for 100 days, for free. What a genius idea!
    • One Page Love uses bold colors and fonts to grab and keep the attention of website visitors.


    When it comes to stellar landing pages, Shopify themselves lead by example.

    Shopify landing page example

    This is what makes Shopify’s landing page stand out:

    • They prove their online reputation by presenting how many businesses trust them.
    • A free trial encourages consumers to provide their email addresses. Even if consumers don’t buy a Shopify plan, Shopify can still market to them via email. 
    • They include attractive features of their product.
    • Shopify adds a word of approvement from an industry CEO to solidify their competence.


    Simplicity is the theme in this example of Wincs’ landing page. Although the page is short, Winc relays the entire message clearly and appealingly.

    Winc Landing Page

    The reasons that make Wincs’ landing page an awesome example:

    • They welcome visitors with a discount on the first order. 
    • Scrolling further down, you’ll notice they highlight the most beneficial aspects of their brand in a simple, playful way.
    • Winc’s concludes the landing page with a catchy word of recommendation from Forbes, proving their admiration.

    6 Best Shopify Apps For Building Your Landing Page

    Remember, I told you we’d look at the best Shopify apps to build your Shopify landing page? That’s what we’re going to discuss now!

    Shogun Landing Page Builder

    Shogun Shopify Landing Page Builder

    App store ranking: 4.8 stars out of 5 (2319 reviews)

    If you know your way around Shopify or have a large business, Shogun is designed for you. This app intensely focuses on CRO and provides a range of features such as:

    • Tracks various aspects of your online store. This includes your click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, page performance, and much more!
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Mobile-friendly 
    • Quick page loading times 
    • User-friendly interface

    However, Shogun is not a cheap app! Although a free trial is available, it doesn’t take the shock away from the highest plan priced at $149 p/m, the lowest at $39 p/m, and the middle plan at $99 p/m.

    Shogun Pricing

    The Good:

    Shogun offers world-class service (no, it’s not an exaggeration, their service is phenomenal!), and the smooth functionality requires no coding experience. There are also many customizations you can make to your theme, making it personal to your brand.

    The Bad:

    The price is impractical for small businesses and individuals, and even for more established companies, you have to be 100% sure. Customers have complained about having issues with the app not completely uninstalling from their site, causing technical errors.


    Pagefly Landing Page Builder

    Pagefly Landing Page

    App store ranking: 4.9 stars out of 5 (4381 reviews)

    The easy-to-use features and direct navigation makes Pagefly a strong landing page builder competitor. Focusing on lead generation and form creation, Pagefly enables its users with countless advanced features, including:

    • Template library offering many visually appealing themes
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Easily integrates with other tools
    • Over 50 unique elements available

    As if Pagefly could be any better, this app has a free plan too! The lowest plan starts at $19 p/m, the middle plan is reasonably at $39 p/m, and the highest is $99 p/m. Compared to Shogun, these prices are a breeze!

    Pagefly Pricing

    The Good:

    Pagefly is economical and offers a broad range of features that make building a Shopify landing page easy. The free plan may be limited, but offers a temporary choice to smaller businesses and individuals.

    The Bad:

    The lower plans are very restrictive, which may not work for some businesses.


    LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

    Layouthub Page Builder

    App store ranking: 5 stars out of 5 (1105 reviews)

    Boasting a full five stars, LayoutHub is without question, one of the best Shopify landing page builders around. These are a few of the features LayoutHub offers:

    • Comprehensive template library with many high-quality designs
    • Integration with many Shopify apps is simple 
    • Mobile optimized themes 
    • Drag-and-drop-editor

    To top LayoutHub off, they offer a free plan. Or you can choose between the highest plan for $59 p/m, the middle plan for $29 p/m, and the lowest plan for $14 p/m. They also offer an option to bill you per year with a slightly discounted monthly price.

    LayoutHub Pricing

    The Good:

    Helpful, quick customer support and advanced features are possible through LayoutHub, all at an affordable price. They made this app available for businesses of all sizes and trades.

    The Bad:

    Aside from a few technical errors reported that might not even be caused by the app, there aren’t many downsides to LayoutHub. 


    GemPages Flexible Page Builder

    gempages landing page builder

    App store ranking: 4.9 stars out of 5 (2051 reviews)

    Gempages focuses its efforts mainly on optimizing page loading times and providing top-quality usability. Using Gempages, you have access to these features:

    • Many tutorials found in the app
    • Mini-apps are available
    • Over 50 pre-designed templates
    • Drag-and-drop-editor 
    • Third-party integration is possible

    Unfortunately, Gempages doesn’t offer a free plan. But the cheapest plan is $15 p/m, the middle plan is $29 p/m, and the most expensive plan is $59 p/m.

    Gempages Pricing

    The Good:

    Gempages offers the fastest CDN (Content Delivery Network) and lazy loading. The features are refined and users can also find guides and tips in the app.

    The Bad:

    Most users report the app becoming overly complicated and a delay in the customer service depending on the time-zone you’re in.




    If you’re looking for a unique landing page builder, Leadpages is a brilliant choice. This software has a large network of satisfied users and although it’s not available on Shopify’s store, you can integrate the two. Here are a few of Leadpages’ features:

    • Lead backup/ CSV download
    • Page grouping
    • SEO-adaptive landing pages.
    • Drag-and-drop-editor 
    • Real-time optimization tips

    I wouldn’t call Leadpages budget-friendly as the lowest plan starts at $27 p/m, the middle plan is $59 p/m and the highest is $239 p/m. On the bright side, they offer a 14-day free trial (phew!).

    Leadpages pricing

    The Good:

    The page building elements work similarly to WordPress, making it easier for most people to get accustomed to. No HMTL knowledge or experience is required to bring videos and images to life. Many of the features can be customized.

    The Bad:

    Layout options for landing pages are restrictive. Leadpages lacks enough native intergrations and the monthly price might not be worth it in the long haul.



    Source: Unbounce

    Unbounce is well-known for thier establishment in the digital marketing industry as one of the most reliable apps for professional landing pages. To use Unbounce in Shopify you will have to integrate these apps. These are a few of Ubounce’s features:

    • Over 100 different landing page templates.
    • Clone and edit entire pages.
    • Customized mobile pages.
    • Drag-and-drop-editor
    • A/B testing
    • Smart traffic

    Like Leadpages, Unbounce is not economical. The lowest plan starts at $80 p/m. The next plan is a whopping $120 p/m, followed by a plan for $200 p/m. And if you haven’t had a heart attack yet the highest plan is $300 p/m.

    Unbounce pricing

    The Good:

    Unbounce is a highly sophiscated landing page builder tool which is also suprisingly easy to use. There is a vast range of intergrations to enhance your Shopify landing page.

    The Bad:

    Mobile compatibility for landing pages requires work. Unbounce also needs to consider making the scheduling tool more intuitive.


    10 Tips to Build a Landing Page That Boosts Sales

    • Use tons of social proof. This includes positive consumer feedback, testimonials, an industry expert’s approval, and so forth. 
    • Only use clear and concise content. To make information more digestible or to showcase the features of your product, use bullet points. And forget the fluff!
    • Use a headline that peaks curiosity. 90% of web visitors will read your CTA if they read and like your headline. 
    • Talk like a human. Forget sounding unapproachable or super-brainy. Use a conversational tone throughout your landing page. 
    • Make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly. Only 50% of landing pages are mobile-friendly, proving how common this mistake is.
    • Make the “Money-back guarantee” as clear as possible. Most e-commerce stores offer a money-back guarantee, so make sure you do too! 
    • Use an appealing theme as it takes users 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website. This opinion will determine whether users leave or stay on your site.
    • Don’t neglect your page loading times. Think a one-second delay will have any effect on your website? According to Neil Patel, that can decrease conversions by 7%. 
    • Consider an SEO-friendly design. Improving your site’s SEO can also be done through landing pages. Use a minimal design and valid XHTML + CSS for SEO.
    • Control where your readers look. Use vibrant colors, bold fonts, and even videos to control where viewers look. This will also keep them from bouncing. On the topic of videos, this form of content is an important addition to the success of any landing page. Videos give your consumers a clear picture of what your brand is about and consumers absolutely love them!
    Videos for Shopify Landing pages

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to create a landing page through Shopify?

    There are 4 ways you can create a Shopify landing page which includes using Shopify's Landing Page Builder, creating a landing page using Third-party software, creating a Shopify template, or converting your product collection pages into landing pages. Read our full article to find out how each of these methods work to get the best landing pages for your business!

    What are landing pages?

    Landing pages convert website visitors into leads. There are various purposes businesses use landing pages. Read this article to find out what the common purposes for landing pages are, the different types of Shopify landing pages, and the best Shopify apps to build your landing page.

    Why are landing pages important?

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