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Shopify Upsell Apps: Best Picks in 2024

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 15 minute read E-commerce & RetailMarketing Tools

In this article, we’re going to speak about Upselling and the Best Shopify Upsell and Cross-Sell Apps to help you successfully get the most from every consumer interaction.

Regardless of how great your online reputation is or how much profit you generate, if you don’t upsell, you’re missing out on increasing your profit margin by 10%-30%.  

Do you want to use upselling to boost your Shopify store’s sales?

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    Quick Comparison: Best Shopify Upsell Apps.

    This is just a quick comparison – scroll down to the full reviews for more on features, pros and cons, pricing packages and more!

    Best Shopify

    Upsell Apps 

    Key Features


    Our P2P Rating 


    Upsell & Cross-sell

    • Automated recommendation templates

    • Optimized for mobile and deskto

    • Real-time reporting

    • Self-learning personalization

    • Concierge onboarding

    • Free Plan

    • Paid Plans from $195/month


    Frequently Bought Together

    • Interface is fully customizable

    • Option to skip the cart page and go directly to checkout

    • Automatic discount to bundles

    • Review App integrations

    • Free Plan

    • Paid Plans from $9.99/month


    ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

    • Post-purchase upsell tracking

    • Product recommendations

    • Discount popups and countdown timers

    • Reorder button

    • Built-in templates

    • In-depth tracking and reporting 

    • Free Plan

    • Paid Plans from $7.99/month


    Candy Rack -

    One Click Upsell

    • Upsell related services e.g. gift-wrapping

    •  Create bundles e.g. frequently bought-together 

    • Automatically recommends related products

    • Freebies or free add-on services can be automatically added to cart

    • Popups are optimized for desktop and mobile

    • 14 Day Free Trial

    • Paid Plans from $29.99/month


    AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

    • Comprehensive data and analytics

    • Fast loading times

    • You can set recommedend products to be shown after purchase

    • Time-sensitive discount popups

    • Embed custom text and videos

    • Free Plan

    • Paid Plans from $7.99/month


    Candy Cart -

    In Cart Upsell

    • Automatic product recommendations

    • Upsell extra services

    •  Customizable and mobile-friendly popups

    • Users can create urgent discounts

    • 14 Day Free Trial

    • Paid Plans from $19.99/month



    • Several upsell funnels e.g. blog, website, cart etc

    • A/B testing for upsell funnels

    • Warranties and insurance as upsells

    • Advanced AI recommendation engine

    • Free Plan

    • Paid Plans from $49.99/month


    What is Upselling?

    Upselling is a sales technique that encourages consumers to spend more money subscriptions than they were going to.

    Think about the last time you were in a grocery store standing at the checkout counters.

    Remember all the candies and small goodies displayed along the ques? That grocery store was trying to upsell consumers more products so they would spend more.

    You can top-rated upsell apps for shopify stores products through your online store on your Shopify social proof checkout page, in popups, or on your product pages.

    Have a look at the example of upselling below:

    Upselling includes offering customers add-ons that might enhance the initial product they want to buy. Or offering customers more premium options that might better suit their needs while increasing their AOV.

    Using upselling will allow you to nurture your customer relations as customers will feel that you are offering them more value for what they need. And after every sale, you walk away with much more than you would of otherwise. It’s a win-win!

    Summary: What is Upselling?

    Upselling refers to marketing and sales tactics that encourage customers to buy or spend more than they initially intended to. Providing suggestions, nudges towards buying the higher-profit version of an item, and promotional offers for related items at the right place and time can lead customers to spend more or make additional impulse purchases. In addition to making more money, if you’re upselling right, your customers will feel special and like they gained additional value from your upsell.  

    Plus, upselling is A LOT easier through Shopify Upsell App Upsell Strategies, but we’ll get to those soon!

    Why Upselling Is So Important?

    The profit an e-commerce store generates determines how long the business will exist. 

    Whenever you order a Big Mac from McDonald’s, the cashier asks, “Would you like a soda and fries with that?” Think about how people say, “Yes!”.

    Now, McDonald’s has mastered upselling and boasts a network of over $150 billion. And they have survived every punch the economy has thrown since 1995.

    With the right strategy, this can be possible for an e-commerce store too. Because upselling increases the AOV of your customers, you can focus on turning your existing customers into brand ambassadors instead of trying to gain new customers.

    This is especially beneficial for your Shopify Upsell App Integration store, as according to OutboundEngine, acquiring a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing one.

    Furthermore, upselling is 68% more affordable than acquiring a new customer.

    Upselling includes promoting related products that might be add-ons or more expensive than what your customer initially wants to buy. This sales technique will also help you gain more insight into what your customers prefer. 

    After the first purchase, there is a 27% chance a customer might return to your store. And after the third purchase, those chances rise to 54%, but there is no real guarantee they’ll return.

    However, using Shopify Upsell App features maximizes your profit from the very first purchase to the last.

    But that’s not all. Unfortunately, on average, only 2% of website visitors will convert on their first visit. The other 98% won’t purchase from your shopify upsell app pricing

    With such little chance of getting shopify upsell app reviews website visitors to purchase something, it only makes sense to ensure that customer is spending the most they can afford. 

    Shopify upsell apps make it possible for brands to focus on getting the most value from existing clients while staying in tune with their ever-changing trends and preferences. 

    Source: Fred Lam

    7 Best Shopify Upsell Apps for Your Store

    1.Recommend: Upsell & Cross-sell

    Recommend's promotional image
    Image Source

    Using Amazon’s recommendation technology, this Shopify upsell app alternatives turns online stores into a powerful recommendation engine.

    Recommending products to customers eliminates the risk of customers not finding what they need and going to a competitor instead.

    Also, this allows you to showcase more of your products as extras that customers can buy. 

    Not to mention that recommended products form 31% of an online store’s revenue

    With that figure in your mind, let’s look at Recommend’s most attractive features:

    Main Features

    • Automated recommendation templates. Read-to-go templates for product bundles, promoting a category, and more. 
    • Optimized for mobile and desktop. 
    • Real-time reporting. You can track all the important metrics such as your AOV, ROI (Return On Investment), conversions, sales, and much more in real-time.
    • Self-learning personalization. Powered by Amazon personalize, this app gets smarter the more recommendations you run.
    • Concierge Onboarding. You can have an expert help you start and customize your first product recommendations. 


    • A free plan is available.
    • The Essential Plan is $195 p/m.
    • The Growth Plan is $495 p/m
    • The Enterprise Plan is $1450 p/m


    • Clear and sufficient reporting data.
    • Amazon’s recommendation technology makes the functionality and performance powerful.
    • In-depth features adapt to online stores as they grow.
    • The algorithm for data and analytics is very accurate.
    • The support team is helpful and highly responsive.


    • Requires a steep learning curve and is not beginner-friendly
    • The pricing structure is unaffordable for small businesses and startups.
    • There is too much of a difference in page views between pricing plans.


    Shopify App Store Rating: 5 stars/ 8 reviews

    2.Frequently Bought Together

    Source: Code Black Belt

    The Frequently Bought Together app is one of the most popular Shopify upsell apps. This app accesses your store’s database to view your purchase history. It then creates a memory graph with products that are usually bought together. 

    Using this shopify upsell app benefits, you can increase your AOV by encouraging customers to buy more products that might complement their initial purchase. 

    Let’s have a look at this app’s primary features. 

    Main Features

    • The user interface is fully customizable. 
    • Customers have an option to skip the cart page and go directly to checkout. 
    • Manual and automatic recommendations for each product. 
    • You can add an automatic discount to bundles. Discounts can be percentages, fixed amounts, free shipping, or the cheapest item for free. 
    • Integration with review apps such as reviews, yotpo reviews, and ali reviews.


    • A Free plan is available.
    • The Professional Plan is $9.99 p/m.
    • The Enterprise Plan is $19.99 p/m.


    • Affordable pricing. 
    • The free trial provides enough time to test the app.
    • The configuration is easy. 
    • Help from the support team is effective and fast.


    • Features and functions are too basic for larger businesses.
    • Users have reported having technical issues with the app.

    Trial: 30-day free trial


    Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9 stars/1670 reviews

    3.ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

    Source: Stilyo

    ReConvert is a sophisticated Shopify upsell app that allows users so much more to upsell. Using this app, brands can create highly professional Thank You pages and upsells at the checkout page.

    Thank You pages give you more opportunity and space to upsell to your customers while giving them a positive user experience. Let’s examine the salient features of this app. 

    Main Features

    • Post-purchase upsell tracking. 
    • Product recommendations.
    • Discount popup. And countdown timer. 
    • Reorder button. 
    • Built-in templates.
    • In-depth tracking of metrics such as conversions, upsells, sales, and so forth.


    • A Free plan is available.
    • The Pro Thank You Page Plan is $7.99 p/m.
    • The MVP Thank You Page Plan is $14.99 p/m.
    • The VIP Thank You Page Plan is $29.99 p/m. 


    • The pricing is budget-friendly.
    • This app offers not only upselling features but offers more consumer engagement, and conversion optimization features too. 
    • Users can customize this app in several ways for personalization.
    • The customer service is excellent, and always ready to help.


    • Extra non-upselling features might be excessive for some businesses.
    • Navigation and configuration can be complicated.

    Trial: 30-day free trial


    Shopify App Store Rating: 5 stars/ 2148

    4.Candy Rack-One Click Upsell

    If you’re searching for a one-click upsell popup window that is mobile-adaptive and allows you to maximize your earnings, CandyRack is your best bet. 

    Popups are a wonderful way to grab your visitor’s attention. And offer them an upsell before they exit your site, before they confirm a purchase, when they linger on a section of your store. Or they’ve just arrived at your store. 

    Thinking about using Candy Rack for high-converting popups? These are their best features:

    Main Features

    • You can upsell related services like gift-wrapping. You determine the price of each service.
    • Upsell bundles such as frequently bought-together items. 
    • Upsell related products. The AI algorithm automatically determines these products.
    • Free gifts, products, or services are automatically added to customers’ carts. 
    • Popups are optimized for desktop and mobile.


    • The Basic Shopify Plan is $29.99 p/m.
    • The Standard Shopify Plan is $49.99 p/m.
    • The Advanced Shopify Plan is $99.99 p/m. 
    • The Shopify Plus Plan is $199.99 p/m. 


    • The free trial gives brand’s a chance to test the app out before committing to a paid plan. 
    • The performance is smooth, and the functionality is reliable and responsive. 
    • Users can rely on fast and friendly customer support.
    • Configuring this Shopify upsell app is quick and easy. 


    • The features are too restrictive for the pricing structure. 

    Trial: 14-day free trial


    Shopify App Store Rating: 5 stars/ 212 reviews

    5.AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

    Source: eComet Apps

    Similar to ReConvert, AfterSell focuses on delivering high-quality, attractive Thank You pages. This helps boost your AOV and keep a smile on your customers’ faces. 

    Using this Shopify upsell app, you can provide a unique, personalized post-shopping experience for your customers, giving them more reason to return to your store.

    Check out AfterSell’s most essential features.

    Main Features

    • You can choose recommended products to be promoted to customers after they’ve made a purchase.
    • Time-sensitive discount popups. 
    • Comprehensive data and analytics on Thank You page.
    • Fast loading times.
    • Embed custom text and videos to encourage upsells. 


    • A Free plan is available for store orders between 0-50.
    • The lowest plan is $7.99 p/m for store orders between 51-100.
    • The middle plan is $14.99 p/m for store orders between 101-200.
    • The highest plan is $24.99 p/m for store orders between 201-500.


    • The free plan is ideal for small businesses and startups. 
    • Paid plans are economical. 
    • Users can set triggers for the Thank You page.
    • Setting up and using this app is seamless.


    • Features might not be as detailed as large businesses would prefer.
    • Users have reported a few technical issues.

    Trial: 30-day free trial


    Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9 stars/ 97 reviews

    6.Candy Cart-In Cart Upsell

    Candy Cart specializes in creating upsells for the cart page before customers check out. With this Shopify upsell app, users can add popups with time-sensitive discounts to their cart pages to upsell products. 

    Additionally, fully automatic upsells are available, along with well-designed popups. Let’s see what their principal features are.  

    Main Features

    • Automatic product recommendations based on the AI’s algorithm. 
    • Upsell extra services. 
    • Popups are highly customizable and mobile-friendly. 
    • Users can create urgent discounts to convince customers to purchase a product. 


    • The Basic Shopify Plan is $19.99 p/m.
    • The Standard Shopify Plan is $29.99 p/m.
    • The Advanced Shopify Plan is $49.99 p/m.
    • The Shopify Plus Plan is $99.99 p/m.


    • The template designs are simple and stylish.  
    • The support team is quick and responsive. 
    • Navigation and setting up are great for beginners.
    • The functionality is responsive and convenient.


    • The prices might be too expensive for some small businesses. 
    • The features are only effective for pre-purchase upselling, not post-purchase upselling, which may not work for some brands.

    Trial: 14-day free trial

    Shopify App Store Rating: 5 stars/ 10 reviews


    Source: Conversion Bear

    Shopify Store Review: 4.9/5 stars

    Honeycomb is all about providing brands with the essentials to increase your AOV, ROI, and overall brand loyalty. With this app, users can enjoy an exclusive AI engine and triggered upsell funnels.

    This Shopify upsell app promotes itself as a beginner-friendly tool that can be quickly set up and efficiently used to expand your bottom line. Sounds like something you need? Here are Honeycomb’s leading features:

    Main Features

    • Several upsell funnels such as blog upsell funnels, cart page upsell funnels, web page upsell funnels, and more!
    • A/B testing for upsell funnels to find out which funnel works best for your brand. 
    • Warranties and insurance for upsells.
    • Users can create up to 3 upsells per funnel. 
    • Advanced AI recommendation engine. This system scans your store’s purchase history to provide suggested upsell offers. 


    • A Free Plan is available. 
    • The Silver Plan is $49.99 p/m.
    • The Gold Plan is $99.99 p/m.
    • The Platinum Plan is $149.99 p/m.


    • The free plan will provide small businesses with everything they need for upselling.  
    • The features are highly sophisticated, making it possible for brands to expand and still use Honeycomb. 
    • This app is very beginner-friendly and requires no developer knowledge at all.
    • Honeycomb’s customer service is extremely helpful and will always take the extra step. 


    • The free trial is too short. Brands can’t get a full gauge of what the app offers within a week.
    • The paid plans are not affordable for small businesses. 
    • Configuration can be time-consuming.

    Trial: 7-day free trial


    Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9 stars/ 311 reviews

    Final Thoughts on Shopify Upsell Apps and Our 2 Top Picks

    Now that you know what the best Shopify upsell apps for 202 are, let’s discuss our best picks for small businesses and large enterprises:

    Best Shopify Upsell App for Small Businesses: ReConvert.

    First, for small businesses, our favorite Shopify upsell app is… drumroll, please… ReConvert! ReConvert offers everything a small business needs to upsell their products and increase their AOV successfully. The 30-day free trial is enough time to get acquainted with this shopify upsell app analytics, and the free plan is a great option for small businesses.

    However, the paid plans aren’t too pricey either, and small businesses can enjoy reliable functionality, while the advanced automation does most of the work!

    Best Shopify Upsell App for Big Businesses: Honeycomb.

    Now for large enterprises! Our favorite Shopify app is… Honeycomb. Honeycomb offers advanced features that allow online stores to deploy several upsells for different aspects of their business.

    Professional features, the sophisticated AI engine, and Honeycomb’s effortless requirements make this Shopify upsell app customization perfect for large enterprises.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is upselling?

    Upselling is a sales technique that encourages customers to spend more money than they were planning on spending. Read this article for the best Shopify upsell apps to maximize your revenue, how much they cost, and the pros and cons.

    Why is upselling important?

    Upselling helps your brand understand what your consumers want, capitalize on every customer interaction, and recommend products to your consumers that will help them solve a pain point. Read our article to find which Shopify upsell apps are the best and which app will work best for you.

    What is the best Shopify upsell apps?

    This depends on the nature of your business and what you require. Read our article to find out what the 7 best Shopify apps are and our favorite picks for small businesses and large businesses.


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