22 Best B2B Lead Generation Software To Use in 2023 [Full Review]

By Nick Becker21 minute read Marketing Tools

“Lead generation is a breeze,” said not a single business owner, marketing manager, or anyone involved in this process. Ever.

Regardless of the complex challenges businesses have to overcome, lead generation is still a critical aspect that directly influences the B2B bottom line.

According to the statistics, 65% of businesses say that generating quality leads is their biggest marketing challenge. With the rising competition for companies and the abundance of options for prospects, it’s getting harder to generate and then nurture leads every single day.

However, business owners share that the lack of resources like time, staff, and money are the greatest barriers that stop them from succeeding with their lead generation campaigns.

Lead generation software can be a sweet remedy for those organizations that are eager to implement robust lead generation tactics and get quality leads with less effort.

Today, companies that are using automation increase their lead generation by 80% and boost conversion by 77%.

So, if you would like to attract more leads to your business and turn them into your brand’s best defenders, you can take a shortcut and make use of the lead generation tools that benefit organizations in many ways.

But before we move onto the recommendations of top apps, let us explain what strategies work best and give you examples of successful lead generation campaigns:

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    Quick Comparison – Best B2B Lead Generation Software

    This is just a quick comparison – scroll down to the full reviews for more detail on each software!

    Best B2B Lead Generation Software


    Our P2P Rating 


    • 14-day trial available for $1

    • Starter: $49/mo

    • Business: $79/mo

    • Premium: $199/mo 



    • A free trial is available 

    • Standard: $37/mo

    • Pro: $79/mo

    • Advanced: $321/mo



    • A free plan is available

    • Starter: $49/mo

    • Growth: $99/mo

    • Pro: $199/mo

    • Enterprise: $399/mo



    • No monthly subscription

    • Transactional fees: 2% for payments up to $40, and 5% for payments over $40



    • Basic: $79 per year

    • Plus: $199 per year

    • Pro: $399 per year

    • Elite Bundle: $599 per year



    • A free version is available

    • Premium: $63/mo


    Octopus CRM

    • A free trial is available

    • Starter: $9.99/mo

    • Pro: $14.99/mo

    • Advanced: $21.99/mo

    • Unlimited: $39.99/mo



    • A free trial is available

    • Paid plan: $99/mo per account



    • Essentials: $35/mo

    • Professional: $50/mo

    • Premium: starts at $70/mo



    • Get started for free

    • Starter: $40/mo - $480/yr 

    • Pro: $800/mo - $9,600/yr

    • Enterprise: $3,200/mo - $38,400/yr



    • Beginner: 9$/mo*

    • Plus: 19$/mo*

    • Pro: 29$/mo* 

    • Growth: 49$/mo*

    • *billed annually


    Agile CRM

    • Free for 10 users (limited features)

    • Starter: $14.99/mo, $9.99/yr and $8.99/2yrs

    • Regular: $49.99/mo, $39.99/yr and $29.99/2yrs

    • Enterprise: $79.99/mo, $64.99/yr and $47.99/2yrs

    • *Prices per user per month – billed monthly, yearly, and once in 2 years


    Turnstile by Wistia

    • Free for businesses just getting started

    • Pro: $99/mo

    • Advanced: Rate is arranged with the company individually


    D&B Hoovers

    • Free trials available (no other pricing information provided)



    • Launch: $80/mo

    • Optimize: $120/mo

    • Accelerate: $200/mo

    • Scale: $300/mo



    • Starter: $975/mo

    • Standard, Professional, Ultimate: contact sales



    • Essential: $79/mo and $69/yr with $25/mo per additional user*

    • Business: $129/mo and $105/yr $230/mo per additional user*

    • *Paid Annually


    Lead Rebel

    • Free Trail: 14 Days

    • Lite: €29/month for 10 recognitions per day on up to two websites

    • Standard: €79/month for 60 recognitions per day on up to 4 websites

    • Premium: €229/month for unlimited recognitions per day on unlimited number of websites



    • Pricing on Request



    • Free Trial: 14 Days

    • Standard: $12/month per team member, billed annually

    • Premium: $20/month per team member, billed annually

    • Enterprise: Custom pricing



    • Sales Suite for Unlimited Users – Billed annually with a 12 months for 10 months deal: From $33/month for 1000 credits and 5000 unique recipients, to  $482/month for100 000 credits and 100 000 unique recipients.

    • Email Only/Drip Campaigns: $28/month – 10 000 unique recipients (no other limitations)



    • Free Trial: 7 Days

    • Starter: $25 per user per month

    • Pro: $49 per user per month

    • Custom: Custom pricing for large organizations with complex needs


    Best B2B Lead Generation Tactics

    Like all marketing efforts, the goal of B2B marketing is to sell. But how B2B marketers attract leads, nurture them, and finalize the deal can differ drastically to other types of marketing.

    However, don’t rely on the stigma that B2C lead generation marketing should be emotional, while B2B should operate exclusively with logical facts.

    It’s not always the case, which is why a successful lead generating strategy will involve extensive research of the target audience first.   

    As you are building a lead generation strategy, you need to consider that the B2B sales cycle is more time-consuming.

    You need to provide more value with educational content and create an environment for a seamless transition from one stage of the funnel to another.

    So, what tactics might help business owners bring more leads into their business and nurture them into customers?

    Lets delve on the most popular lead generation strategies and take a look at the most successful tactics with examples:

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is not dead. It’s been working for over 20 years and is still appearing in the top spot of the most effective lead generating strategies for B2B companies.

    Probably, the easiest way to get new leads is to offer something free in exchange for an email address. One of the biggest benefits of this strategy is that people already made the first step towards you rather than your competitors and had some communication with your company.

    Those who have received your free material are more inclined to become your customers than the ones who have never had any interaction with you.

    For instance, Nick Kolenda, a writer on psychology and marketing, actively uses this strategy. As you appear on the home page of his website, you are suggested to pick either free guides or paid courses. 

    Free guides vs course

    As you hit free guides, you are offered a list of materials you can view and download. To download the file, you need to enter your first name and email. The data will then be used to send you emails.

    OPTIN form

    Content Marketing

    Quality content is a great lead-generator for B2B businesses. Content marketing:

    • Improves SEO ranking so more prospects could find your website;
    • Increases brand awareness and builds trust with cold leads;
    • Allows you to experiment with different forms of content (infographics, interactive content, quizzes, etc)
    • Allows you to organically carry new leads through all stages of the sales funnel.
    • Provides educational materials that prove your expertise.

    However, there’s one more thing. According to statistics, about 80% of B2B leads prefer self-education first, before they jump into the buying process. This means that people have become more careful with their purchasing decisions and need proof that their investment will pay off.

    Good content covers the lead’s requirements and if the content strategy is carried out right, the ‘cold lead to customer’ transition is guaranteed.

    For this reason, almost every business produces tons of valuable content. For instance, Grammarly, the digital writing tool, runs a blog to update its users with new software features, share writing or grammar tips, and more. 

    When implementing content marketing strategies, you should not omit a perfect opportunity to ‘vote’ for your page on other resources through backlinks.

    Social Media Marketing

    You can drive more new leads to your business by creating a well thought out strategy. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter might become a great source for the prospects that might fall in love with your brand or business. Social media content is also a great way for people to find ‘proof’ that you’re a worthy company to give their hard-earned money to.

    Even though there is a notion that social media works effectively only for B2C segments, let us disagree. Social media is great for B2B! General Electric Company (GE), the digital industrial company that specializes in aircraft, healthcare, power generation, and more, dispels this myth.

    They manage to run an interesting account, showing the backstage of complicated engineering processes. GE also works with influencers allowing them to take virtual tours over facilities.

    GE twitter

    These are just three channels for capturing leads (there are far more!!!), but efforts that stand behind every strategy are huge.

    Summary: Three Key B2B Lead Generation Tactics Are:

    1. Email Marketing
    2. Content Marketing
    3. Social Media Marketing

    Luckily, there are tools that allow optimizing lead generation through all channels and make it a cake walk!

    How Can Automation Facilitate B2B Lead Generation?

    Running a B2B business becomes easier when lead generation processes are automated. Using specific software to capture leads helps you work smarter, faster and more effectively. Here’s why:

    Top Benefits of Using B2B Lead Generation Tools:

    • Spend the time to close the sale rather than gathering information about prospects;
    • Find leads faster and keep contact information accurate;
    • Define successful marketing strategies and analyze why others failed;
    • Upscale easily as your business needs grow;
    • Access a larger audience effectively targeting your message; and
    • Exclude human-related errors and ensure smooth lead generation strategy implementation.

    But not all lead generation apps are made equal. When picking the software for your business, make sure it has a user-friendly interface so your team members can use it without any coding background or specialized training.

    Of course, there are plenty of other tools you already use to run your business, so check integration because you’ll want to share data between these platforms.

    Also, different B2B lead generation apps have various features and could help you reach specific goals. Find the ones that are best aligned to your specific objectives.

    22 Best B2B Lead Generation Software to Use in 2023


    Upviral_lead generation software

    What’s a successful lead generation strategy without the help of sweepstakes, rewards, and competitions? Upviral allows businesses to quickly and easily create sweepstakes, giveaways, and waiting lists.

    Using this tool, you’ll benefit from a wide range of sweepstake templates, the smart leaderboard to encourage customers to participate, and you can mix and match sweepstakes and rewards.

    Not forgetting that users can also create unique rewards, set unlockable milestones, share their content to social media, and use an authentic tracking system. 

    Upviral Pricing

    • 14-day trial available for $1. 
    • Starter: $49/mo
    • Business: $79/mo
    • Premium: $199/mo 

    Website: https://upviral.com/


    Landing pages are an excellent B2B lead generation mechanism, and Leadpages makes it possible to build high-converting landing pages effortlessly.

    Lead generation software_LeadPages

    You can also build code-free websites, and you can connect your landing pages to your email account and CRM software. Leadpages offers pre-built templates, analytics, and data tracking. Plus, the web pages have rapid loading times, and you don’t need any coding knowledge.

    Leadpages Pricing

    • A free trial is available 
    • Standard: $37/mo
    • Pro: $79/mo
    • Advanced: $321/mo

    Website: https://www.leadpages.com/


    This lead generation tool helps users attain email addresses. Yes, it’s that simple!

    Hunter.io_lead generation software

    All you need to do is enter a website’s domain, and the tool will find the website owner’s email address. You can find email addresses in bulk. And you can find out if an email address exists through the email verifier function.

    You can add Hunter.io as a Chrome extension, and this software is extremely lightweight. 

    Hunter.io Pricing

    • A free plan is available
    • Starter: $49/mo
    • Growth: $99/mo
    • Pro: $199/mo
    • Enterprise: $399/mo

    Website: https://hunter.io/


    Although Fiverr is not a lead generation software as such, it’s an excellent marketplace to source B2B lead generation experts.

    Lead generation software_Fiverr

    So many experts on Fivver want to help businesses optimize their lead generation strategy. And it only takes a few minutes to get started.

    All you need to do is sign-up, add the relevant details on your profile, and then you’re good to go! Finding a professional on Fivver is as easy as using the search tool, and messaging potential candidates. In the case of dispute, you can reach out to Fivver’s support for help. 

    Fiverr Pricing

    • There is no monthly subscription. But you will have to pay transactional fees: 2% for payments up to $40, and 5% for payments above $40. 

    Website: Check all the lead generation gigs on Fiverr now


    If you’re looking for a powerful WordPress plugin to build B2B landing pages that convert, look no further than Seedprod. 


    This B2B lead generation software offers a simple drag-and-drop editor, pre-built templates, subscriber management, and spam protection. There are also various premium integrations like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and MailChimp. 

    Seedprod has a wide selection of fonts, and you can customize the CSS. When it comes to lead generation tactics, Seedprod has you covered. 

    Seedprod Pricing

    • Basic: $79 per year
    • Plus: $199 per year
    • Pro: $399 per year
    • Elite Bundle: $599 per year

    Website: https://www.seedprod.com/


    For a seamless B2B lead generation software strategy, Leadfeeder is an ideal choice. This lead generation software reveals your website visitors, how they reached your website, and what they’re looking for.

    lead generation software_leadfeeder

    You can create segmented customer lists from your website visitors, and they are scored based on their web activity. Conveniently, you can export phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles, which are ample resources for B2B lead generation. 

    Leadfeeder also allows businesses to create data reports and integrate this tool with their favorite CRM software like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.

    Leadfeeder Pricing

    • A free version is available.
    • Premium: $63/mo

    Website: https://www.leadfeeder.com/

    7.Octopus CRM

    For lead generation and digital marketing as a whole, efficiency is key. You want to ensure that all your functions are working as efficiently as possible to drive more results. This where Octopus CRM comes in. 

    Octopus CRM_Lead generation software

    This CRM tool is an all-inclusive LinkedIn automation software, making lead generation on LinkedIn ten times easier. You can send personalized connection requests and messages in bulk. Businesses can also build complex, automated funnel campaigns, and they have access to vast support material.

    To top it off, Octopus CRM provides detailed data and tracking statistics on your performance. You can integrate this tool with Zapier, HubSpot, and Google Docs.

    Octopus CRM Pricing

    • A free trial is available.
    • Starter: $9.99/mo
    • Pro: $14.99/mo
    • Advanced: $21.99/mo
    • Unlimited: $39.99/mo

    Website: https://octopuscrm.io/


    Lead generation software_Expandi.io

    Like Octopus CRM, Expandi.io helps businesses create automated lead generation strategies for LinkedIn. 

    You’ll receive your own country-based IP address, and you can set smart limits. This tool also allows users to create delays between actions, personalize their messages, create campaigns with follow-ups, and manage multiple accounts.

    Expandi.io has countless support materials on how to use this tool and LinkedIn effectively for lead generation.  

    Expandi.io Pricing

    • A free trial is available.
    • The paid plan is $99/mo per account. 

    Website: https://expandi.io/


    Using this lead generation tool, you can create attractive, engaging lead forms and surveys. You have access to the countless ready-made form, survey, quiz, and poll templates. 

    Lead generation software_Typeform

    Not to mention this tool also integrates with a reasonable amount of software, like Slack, Zapier, Salesforce, and MailChimp. You can customize the templates to suit your brand, and you can share your forms via email marketing, on your website, or via a link. 

    Typeform also allows you to track your forms and evaluate which one works best. A tool like this is ideal for any lead generation strategy.

    Typeform Pricing

    • Essentials: $35/mo
    • Professional: $50/mo
    • Premium: starts at $70/mo

    Website: https://www.typeform.com/


    This is probably the first tool that springs to mind when people ask about lead generation software. This tool helps capture, nurture and segment leads, and allows running inbound marketing campaigns.

    You can manage social media accounts, connect with customers, deliver flawless customer support, close deals, create automation workflows, and much more with this tool. They also offer a free CRM system meant to help you organize, manage, and approach your leads in a more efficient way. 

    HubSpot Pricing

    • Get started for free
    • Starter: $40/mo and $480/yr 
    • Professional: $800/mo and $9,600/yr
    • Enterprise: $3,200/mo and $38,400/yr

    Website: https://www.hubspot.com


    The OptinMonster toolkit enables your organization to grow the email list from your website traffic and reach more potential customers. It works great for B2B e-commerce, bloggers, marketing agencies, SaaS companies, and small businesses.

    The software makes it easier to capture and convert new leads through adjustable opt-in forms. It also contributes to the decrease of cart abandonment and an increase in the site conversion. 

    OptinMonster Pricing

    • Beginner: 9$/mo (billed annually)
    • Plus: 19$/mo (billed annually)
    • Pro: 29$/mo (billed annually)
    • Growth: 49$/mo (billed annually)

    Website: https://optinmonster.com

    12.Agile CRM

    This cloud-based all-in-one software helps small and medium-sized businesses capture leads, build stronger relationships with them, and run more effective marketing campaigns at a small business price.

    You can thrive and make the full use of your online presence with features like contact management, project management, marketing automation, and more.

    But the most important thing is that it allows you to create forms and pop-up windows for personalized lead generation. It easily integrates with other tools your company might need to run successful lead generation campaigns.

    Agile CRM Pricing

    • Free for 10 users with limited features
    • Starter: $14.99/mo, $9.99/yr and $8.99/2yrs
    • Regular: $49.99/mo, $39.99/yr and $29.99/2yrs
    • Enterprise: $79.99/mo, $64.99/yr and $47.99/2yrs
    • (Prices per user per month – billed monthly, yearly, and once in 2 years)

    Website: https://www.agilecrm.com

    13.Turnstile by Wistia

    Turnstile is an app offered by Wistia, the company delivering video-hosting services. This feature allows your business to collect qualified leads right from your videos. It works like this: a website visitor watches a video, you add a pop-up at the beginning, middle, or end of the video offering to fill out the form asking for the email or phone number.

    wistia screenshot

    You can integrate this software with any email marketing tool plus other advanced options.

    Turnstile by Wistia Pricing

    • Free for businesses just getting started
    • Pro: $99/mo
    • Advanced: Rate is arranged with the company individually

    Website: https://wistia.com/product/turnstile

    14.D&B Hoovers

    The D&B Hoovers toolkit from Dun and Bradstreet provides business owners with insights on critical business processes, including B2B lead generation.

    The app will help learn more about the market and identify key prospects, as well as define their key challenges, get access to qualified leads, and analyze the performance and success of the whole campaign.

    D&B Hoovers Pricing

    • Free trials available (no other pricing information provided)

    Website: https://www.dnb.com/products/marketing-sales/dnb-hoovers/sales-leads.html


    This software will convert your landing page or website visitors into customers. It allows you to adjust pop-ups and sticky bars so you can present relevant offers to a specific, targeted, group.

    This means your offer will become more attractive and you’ll generate more leads from your existing web pages.

    unbounce screenshot

    You can make use of pop ups for lead generation, promoting coupons, special offers, or new product releases.

    The system works to customize notifications, depending on the keywords the visitor uses to find the product. Unbounce is a great app to convert website traffic into new leads.

    Unbounce Pricing

    • Launch: $80/mo
    • Optimize: $120/mo
    • Accelerate: $200/mo
    • Scale: $300/mo

    Website: https://unbounce.com


    This B2B lead generation software is a great solution if you need help identifying your target audience, engaging your accounts, and measuring the results.

    The software will spot your target audience, create a profile of an ideal buyer/client and will automatically reach them through ads and emails.

    The service range includes ICP identification, target account and contact selection, account-based targeting and re-targeting, personalized ads, campaign analytics and more.

    RollWorks Pricing

    • Starter: $975/mo
    • Standard, Professional, Ultimate: contact sales

    Website: https://www.rollworks.com  


    If you are starting your business from scratch or need a new base of leads, Email Finder by Prospect.io will do the job for you. It uses algorithms to find new leads and get their email addresses if you know their name or company domain.

    Prospect.io screenshot

    You can do operations in bulk or get the email address for just one person who might be potentially interested in your products or services. It also gives you access to a wide range of templates you can use to reach leads at the right moment.

    Prospect.io Pricing

    • Essential: $79/mo and $69/yr with $25/mo per additional user (paid annually)
    • Business: $129/mo and $105/yr $230/mo per additional user (paid annually)

    Website: https://prospect.io  

    18.Lead Rebel

    Lead Rebel is a dedicated B2B lead generation software that identifies your website traffic and provides you with their information so that you can proactively reach warm leads.

    The software provides insights like where visitors came from, what they looked at on your site, and where you can reach them via email or social networks.

    B2B Lead Generation Software - Screenshot of the Lead Rebel Homepage

    They have an extensive global database of businesses and company info that is reliable and up to date so you can know exactly who to reach, where and when. Lead Rebel integrates as a CRM, to allow you to manage and automate your connections and email marketing.

    Lead Rebel Pricing

    • Free Trail: 14 Days
    • Lite: €29/month for 10 recognitions per day on up to two websites
    • Standard: €79/month for 60 recognitions per day on up to 4 websites
    • Premium: €229/month for unlimited recognitions per day on unlimited number of websites

    Website: https://leadrebel.io


    Prospector by Cognism is a B2B lead generation, outbound automation and data processing service. Their software is available as a chrome extension and will allow you to search through their database to quickly and easily find your prefect leads.

    B2B Lead Generation Software - Screenshot of the Cognism Homepage

    They have a database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies, which gives their B2B clients a great way to prospect leads from a GDPR compliant source.  

    The software allows for integration with other platforms, and can function as more than a database builder for qualified leads. It can help you fine tune your data-driven marketing strategies and manage all aspects of each campaign.

    Cognism Pricing

    Website: https://www.cognism.com


    HelpCrunch is an all-in-one communication solution for businesses. They allow businesses to use one centralised platform to manage communication via multiple channels, in real time.

    B2B Lead Generation Software - Screenshot of the HelpCrunch homepage

    This B2B lead generation software also offers insight into customer profiles, which allows for precise personalization and targeted communication. This helps businesses generate leads, manage them and convert.

    Once a lead has converted, the software allows for effective re-engagement to increase repeat sales and keep customers engaged.   

    HelpCrunch Pricing

    • Free Trial: 14 Days
    • Standard: $12/month per team member, billed annually
    • Premium: $20/month per team member, billed annually
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    Website: https://helpcrunch.com


    Snov.io is a CRM, marketing and sales platform that automates outreach and provides a range of tools for lead generation and email marketing.

    B2B Lead Generation Software - Screenshot of the Snov.io homepage

    The software helps you find your target audience, gather qualified data and find the right ways to communicate with your prospects. It allows for email verification and tracking to streamline the process.

    Snov.io offers over 2000 integrations, so you can use it with all the other software you already use for CRM, marketing and sales.  

    Snov.io Pricing

    • Sales Suite for Unlimited Users – Billed annually with a 12 months for 10 months deal:
    • S: $33/month – 1000 credits, 5000 unique recipients
    • M: $66/month – 5000 credits, 10 000 unique recipients
    • L: $141/month – 20 000 credits, 30 000 unique recipients
    • XL: $241/month – 50 000 credits, 50 000 unique recipients
    • XXL: $482/month – 100 000 credits, 100 000 unique recipients
    • Email Only/Drip Campaigns: $28/month – 10 000 unique recipients (no other limitations)

    Website: https://snov.io


    Novocall is a platform that integrates business and marketing functions with phone call functions to improve efficiency of call campaigns and integrate them into web and social campaigns.

    Novoall uses call attributes for campaigns, call tracking, automated call routing, contact databases to provide a full solution for anyone who needs to talk to clients on the phone.

    B2B Lead Generation Software - Screenshot of the Novocall Homepage

    This B2B lead generation software allows you embed a click-to-call widget onto your website, social media and ad campaigns.

    It also allows you to run cold call campaigns through the platform, which automates the process and makes it much more efficient. The software integrates with a number of CRM and analytics platforms so you can link your campaigns.

    Novocall Pricing

    • Free Trial: 7 Days
    • Starter: $25 per user per month
    • Pro: $49 per user per month
    • Custom: Custom pricing for large organizations with complex needs

    Website: https://novocall.co

    Summary: The Best B2B Lead Generation Software in 2023:

    1. UpViral
    2. Leadpages
    3. Hunter.io
    4. Fiverr
    5. Seedprod
    6. Leadfeeder
    7. Octopus CRM
    8. Expandi.io
    9. Typeform
    10. HubSpot
    11. OptinMonster
    12. Agile CRM
    13. Turnstile/Wistia
    14. D&B Hoovers
    15. Unbounce
    16. RollWorks
    17. Prospect.io
    18. Lead Rebel
    19. Cognism
    20. HelpCrunch
    21. Snov.io
    22. Novocall

    Final Words

    There are plenty of B2B lead generation software options available. So which one is the best?

    There’s no canned answer here. It all depends on your budget, team size, workflow, the goals you need to achieve, features you are looking for, and more. As you find out your needs, the choice will be much easier. 

    If you find it challenging to settle for one software, you can always test multiple options as most of them have a free trial. Give every app that interests you a try and then decide based on your experience and results you get.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a bit of ultimate advice for successful lead generation?

    It is usually challenging to come up with an ultimate recipe for success in any sphere, but we are happy to announce that we have one here! The core of lead generation is human interaction, and this is the primary source to draw inspiration for your profitable lead generation. Any efficient kind of networking or distributing content is yet another chance of reaching your lead generation goals.

    Any special tips on content for blogging?

    The great thing about implementing blogging for lead generation is that you may tailor the content to your platform; hence, your business as a whole. You will get more visibility on the internet and win customers’ trust. After winning the trust as mentioned above, the vital goal is to sustain your audience’s interest with valuable and high-quality
    content. It is also essential to resist the temptation of overloading your blog posts with
    direct promotions and calls for purchases.

    How to put together a base of leads from scratch?

    If you are launching a business and just getting on with testing the waters out there, finding leads might be the first, quite demotivational obstacle. Expanding your influence
    and getting leads through means of modern lead generation tools should be your first option. Pop-up windows, email lists of potential customers - you name it. Nowadays,
    having lead generation tools in your arsenal is simply indispensable.


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