29 Best Prospecting Tools to Skyrocket Your Sales in 2023 [Full Review]

By Adrienne Bosch43 minute read Marketing Tools

Sales prospecting is an essential process for all businesses, but manually identifying, connecting with, and engaging prospects is a time-consuming and resource-heavy process.

Luckily, there are now hundreds of prospecting tools you can use to do all the heavy lifting for you!

Using the right tools will help your prospecting be more efficient, more accurate, and more effective.

From improved targeting to gathering contact information, tracking customer interactions, and personalizing your outreach messaging across multiple channels, there is a tool for just about everything.

With so many options, finding the best tools for your needs can be challenging to say the least. And that is if you even know exactly what you’re looking for!

To make things simpler for you, we’ve evaluated dozens of different options, selected the best prospecting tools and put together this detailed review, including pros and cons, pricing, review site scores, and more.

We also cover the benefits of using prospecting tools, the main prospecting techniques to consider, and a few expert tips to make the most of your prospecting efforts!

For this review, we consulted the cold outreach experts behind Woodpecker, a leading cold email outreach platform, for their insights and some pro tips.

With access to the data behind thousands of successful outreach campaigns, they know exactly it takes to make loyal customers out of your prospects!


Let’s jump right in!

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    What Are the Benefits of B2B Prospecting Tools?

    Some of the most important advantages of using B2B prospecting tools include:

    • Targeted Outreach: These tools enable you to refine your search criteria, allowing you to focus on the prospects closest to your ideal customer profile.
    • Data Accuracy: Prospect tools provide accurate and up-to-date information about leads, reducing the chances of contacting outdated or incorrect contacts.
    • Increased Productivity: Automation features in these tools eliminate manual data entry and repetitive tasks, allowing your sales team to focus on high-value activities.
    • Personalization: Many tools offer insights into a prospect’s background, interests, and pain points, helping you tailor your outreach for better engagement.
    • Multi-channel Engagement: B2B prospecting tools often integrate with the channels you’re using to reach your prospects, such as email, social media, and phone, enabling you to connect through your prospects’ preferred channels.
    • Lead Scoring: These tools often include lead scoring features that help prioritize leads based on factors like their engagement level and fit with your offerings.
    • Data Enrichment: Enhance your existing lead data by providing additional information like custom notes, job titles, company size, and industry trends.
    • Analytics and Reporting: Many tools offer analytics dashboards that provide visibility into your sales pipeline, helping you identify bottlenecks and refine your prospecting strategies.
    • Team Collaboration: Features that facilitate collaboration among team members, enabling them to share insights, track progress, and coordinate efforts effectively.
    • Scalability: As your business grows, these tools can adapt to handle increased lead volume and support your expanding sales operations.
    • Time Zone Management: For global outreach, some tools can assist in scheduling communications based on different time zones.

    3 Sales Prospecting Techniques

    Some of the most commonly used sales prospecting techniques are:

    1.Cold Calling

    Cold calling involves reaching out to potential customers via phone without any prior contact or relationship. While it can be challenging due to potential resistance from prospects, it remains a staple in sales prospecting.

    The technique requires skilled salespeople who can quickly engage the prospect, address their pain points, and demonstrate the value of the product or service.

    Personalization and a compelling pitch are crucial for success in cold calling, as well as the ability to handle objections effectively.

    While cold calling might be seen as intrusive, when executed skillfully, it can result in valuable connections and conversions.

    2.Cold Email Outreach

    Email outreach involves sending targeted emails to potential clients. Successful email prospecting involves providing value, addressing pain points, and creating a clear call-to-action to guide the recipient’s next steps.

    Crafting compelling subject lines and relevant content is vital to capture the recipient’s attention and encourage them to engage.

    Cold email outreach tools can assist in managing email campaigns at scale while tracking open rates, click-through rates, and responses.

    Expert Tip for Email Prospecting Success

    When we spoke to the outreach experts at Woodpecker, they stressed the importance of cold email warm-up and establishing your sender reputation before you start your outreach campaigns.

    Prospecting usually comes before your fully-fledged cold email campaigns begin, and the prospecting phase is an ideal time to start getting your email tools, domains and addresses warmed up!

    If you don’t do this properly, a large percentage of the emails you send will never reach the recipients inbox at all. Instead, they will be diverted to spam or not delivered at all.

    Email warmup is essential for high deliverability, so this is a step in the process that you can’t afford to skip!

    Check out this video by Woodpecker.co to learn more about email warm-up and building your sender reputation:

    3.Social Selling

    Social selling leverages social media platforms to identify, connect with, and engage potential customers.

    You can use platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to build relationships, share valuable content, and establish credibility in your industry.

    By commenting on relevant posts, sharing insightful articles, and initiating meaningful conversations, salespeople can gradually nurture prospects and position themselves as trusted advisors.

    Social selling is about building a strong online presence and demonstrating expertise, which can lead to inbound inquiries and warmer leads.

    It’s important to strike a balance between professional engagement and respecting the social nature of these platforms. Prospecting tools that double as social media marketing tools are essential for successful social media prospecting.

    Sales Prospecting Qualification

    So, you’ve got a list of potential leads, but how do you know which ones are worth your time?

    To help you filter out prospects that are most likely to convert, consider the following:

    • Needs: Understand the prospect’s pain points, challenges, and goals to determine whether your product or service can address their needs.
    • Budget: Assess if the prospect has the financial resources to invest in your solution and if your offering fits within their budget.
    • Decision-making authority: Identify who holds the decision-making power within the prospect’s organization and whether they are involved in the buying process.
    • Timeline and urgency: Determine the prospect’s timeline for making a decision and whether there’s an immediate need for your solution.
    • Fit with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Compare the prospect’s characteristics, industry, size, and other relevant factors with your ideal customer profile to ensure a good fit.
    • Competition awareness: Understand if the prospect is actively evaluating other solutions and their awareness of your competitors.
    • Previous interactions: Consider any prior engagement the prospect has had with your company, such as attending webinars or downloading resources.
    • Scalability Potential: Assess whether the prospect’s needs align with your company’s capabilities and if there’s potential for a long-term, scalable relationship.
    • Alignment with Sales Process: Ensure the prospect is aligned with your sales process stages and will likely progress through the funnel.
    • Value Proposition Fit: Confirm that your value proposition resonates with the prospect and solves their specific pain points.
    • Data Validation: Verify the accuracy of the prospect’s contact and company information to ensure effective communication.

    Systematically qualifying sales prospects using these criteria means you can optimize your efforts and focus on the prospects most likely to convert.

    If you want to learn even more about sales prospecting qualification, check out this video by Patrick Dang:

    Mini Bonus Recommendation: Our 4 Best Cold Outreach Tools to Connect with Qualified Prospects

    Successful prospecting leads to sales outreach but which tools are the best when it comes to communicating with your now-qualified prospects?

    Here are 4 outreach tools we recommend:

    Bonus: Best Tools for Prospecting Outreach

    Why Choose This Tool?

    Our P2P Rating 


    Best for Cold Email Outreach

    Woodpecker is a leading cold email outreach solution, and one of the best tools for B2B cold email outreach.

    It offers everything from automated domain and email warm-up to personalization, triggered email sequences, and detailed reporting and analytics for your cold email outreach.

    Specifically engineered for cold emails and follow-ups, Woodpecker seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Office 365, and Exchange accounts, as well as tools like Zapier and Salesforce.

    Woodpecker is one of the few cold email outreach solutions that encompasses all aspects of your campaigns, from the technical and practical things ensuring high deliverability, to the creative things like advanced personalization with adaptable snippet-based conditions for swift customization.



    Best for Social Selling & Inbound Prospecting

    SocialPilot is a 360-degree social media marketing tool that you can use to schedule your social media posts, leverage real-time updates to optimize your content, and invite team members to collaborate.

    SocialPilot integrates with hundreds of apps, including all social media platforms, Canva, Zapier, and Slack.

    You can customize your social media posts, monitor performance with robust tracking and analytics, and create customized reports.



    Best for Cold Calling

    Pipedrive is a leading CRM tool and web-based cold calling software that is designed with sales prospecting in mind.

    It offers excellent integrations, keeps detailed records of all your calls and prospect interaction on other channels.

    You can create online forms to gather leads, collaborate with team members, set reminders, and make notes for each prospect so that you never miss an opportunity to connect, or an opportunity to provide a highly customized experience for your prospects.

    Pipedrive offers useful lead segmentation features that make your prospecting efforts easier. You can filter and sort your leads to create customized lists for personalized communications.



    Best for LinkedIn Outreach

    LinkedHelper is for B2B sales prospecting and lead generation on LinkedIn.

    It automates sending connection requests to prospects, allowing you to rapidly expand your network.

    Message sequences let you engage with connections via automated follow-ups.

    It offers data extraction, making it easier to gather contact information from LinkedIn, and data enrichment to give you more details for personalized communication.


    Right, let’s get into the full reviews of the best B2C and B2B prospecting tools:

    29 Best Prospecting Tools for B2B and B2C Businesses

    Whether you’re looking for sales prospecting tools for lead generation, B2B prospecting tools, or tools for B2C and D2C prospecting, the perfect tool for your needs is on this list:


    Struggling to find promising prospects in these challenging times? Imagine a tool that simplifies your work with just one click. That’s AeroLeads for you, a platform designed to boost your business growth.

    AeroLeads empowers you to collect valuable lead information, from phone numbers to email addresses. And the best part? You can pull prospects directly from LinkedIn!

    It’s a great B2B prospecting tool that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, and more, offering a curated CSV file for easy use.

    Aeroleads Homepage
    Source: AeroLeads

    Pros & Cons


    • Find prospects easily by uncovering relevant prospects, complete with contact information
    • East integration with tools like Salesforce and MailChimp
    • Tailor-made pricing options make it a cost effective solution


    • Limited options on the free plan might mean you have to upgrade to get the full functionality you need
    • Newcomers might need some time to navigate and master the tool’s many features


    • Flexible business and enterprise options start at $49 and go up to $499, enabling you to choose the right fit for your prospecting endeavors

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4/5 – 60 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.5/5 – 37 reviews

    Website: AeroLeads .com


    Cognism is a goldmine of global B2B information, and is one of the best sales prospecting tools for lead generation.

    Imagine having access to a rich database filled with company and contact details, including B2B emails and highly accurate mobile phone numbers. With Cognism, reaching the right prospects at the perfect time becomes a reality.

    With its user-friendly filters and intent data, Cognism Prospector offers insights that align with your sales triggers. But that’s not all! It integrates seamlessly with major CRMs and sales engagement tools like Salesforce, Outreach, and HubSpot, erasing the tedious manual work involved in data exporting.

    Plus, its handy Chrome extension works in harmony with LinkedIn, enriching your prospect lists.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the Cognism Homepage
    Source: Cognism

    Pros & Cons


    • Global B2B Reach: Cognism brings the world to your fingertips with its extensive and compliant database.
    • Innovative Filtering Options: With sales triggers and intent data, you connect with prospects when they’re most receptive.
    • Hassle-Free Integration: Sync with Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot, and more, and bid farewell to manual data exporting.
    • LinkedIn Enrichment: Utilize the Cognism Chrome extension to enhance your LinkedIn prospect lists.


    • Custom Pricing: While offering unrestricted access, pricing details are custom and may require direct consultation.
    • Potential Learning Curve: Though feature-rich, newcomers might need some time to fully explore all the offerings.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with Cognism to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.7/5 – 465 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.5/5 – 33 reviews

    Website: cognism.com

    3.LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Introducing LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a game-changer in the realm of sales prospecting. It’s more than a tool; it’s your personal guide to building and nurturing relationships with prospects, even without their contact information.

    Imagine staying in the loop, always connected, and focusing your energy on the right prospects.

    That’s what LinkedIn Sales Navigator brings to the table. It’s not just LinkedIn; it’s LinkedIn on steroids, designed specifically for salespeople.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Homepage
    Source: LinkedIn

    Pros & Cons


    • Build and Grow Relationships: LinkedIn Sales Navigator empowers you to create and foster connections with prospects effortlessly.
    • Access to a Vast Network: Tap into the world’s largest professional network with 860M+ members across 200 countries and territories.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Find the right decision-makers, close larger deals, and influence revenue with powerful statistics and actionable insights.


    • Subscription Cost: Starting at $79.99/month, it may be a significant investment for small businesses or individual sales professionals.
    • Potential Complexity: With a wealth of features, it might take some time for newcomers to navigate and fully utilize the platform.


    • Pricing begins at $79.99/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.3/5 – 1728 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.5/5 – 116 reviews



    Welcome to Ring.io, where communication meets innovation. If you’re looking to supercharge your reps’ productivity, then Ring.io might be the key you’ve been searching for.

    With its standout Salesforce Dialer, it’s not just about making calls; it’s about making connections that count.

    Integrate Ring.io with major CRM platforms, and suddenly mundane tasks become exciting. Click-to-call, automatic activity logging, and voicemail automation become part of your daily workflow.

    And the best part? You can visualize the conversion ratios in percentages, putting the power of data at your fingertips.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the Ring.io Homepage
    Source: Ring.io

    Pros & Cons


    • Seamless CRM Integration: Whether it’s Salesforce, Hubspot, or Zendesk, Ring.io fits like a glove, bringing all communication activities under one roof.
    • Power Dialer for Efficiency: Increase outbound call efficiency and save time with the robust power dialer feature.
    • Click-to-Call & Voicemail Automation: Make calls straight from your browser and pre-record voicemails for a more streamlined process.
    • Business SMS Capabilities: Send and receive text messages using your business phone numbers for a cohesive communication strategy.


    • Learning Curve for New Users: With a plethora of features, it might take some time for new users to fully master the platform.
    • Potential Integration Challenges: While designed to integrate with major CRMs, there might be challenges with less common platforms.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with Ring.io to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.3/5 – 36 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.1/5 – 19 reviews

    Website: Ring.io

    5.Close CRM

    If you’ve been yearning for a CRM that speaks your language, then meet Close, a multichannel platform designed with the scaling sales team in mind. Forget the labyrinthine systems and embrace the future of CRM, where every touchpoint is a stepping stone towards closing the deal.

    Close isn’t just a name; it’s a mission. With automatically tracked touchpoints on a visual timeline and productivity tools like task reminders, it’s all about getting you closer to that handshake or celebratory “deal closed” notification.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the Close Homepage
    Source: Close

    Pros & Cons


    • A Multichannel Approach: Whether it’s email, text, or call, Close unites them all on your desktop, turning confusion into coherence.
    • Power Dialer & Task Reminders: Reach more leads, follow up more often, and never miss an opportunity with Close’s innovative features.
    • Built-in Call Coaching: Sales leaders can coach reps within the CRM, potentially doubling performance. It’s mentoring, modernized.
    • Tailored for SMBs: Close focuses solely on the needs of small to mid-sized businesses and scaling teams. No overpaying for unnecessary frills.


    • Learning Curve: Though designed for simplicity, some users might find it takes time to fully explore all the features and tools.
    • Pricing for Smaller Teams: Starting at $35/month, it may be an investment for very small teams or individual sales professionals.


    • Pricing begins at $35/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.6/5 – 667 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 – 115 reviews



    Welcome to the era of smart LinkedIn prospecting, where automation meets sophistication, sales research tools are at your finger tips, and where Dripify takes center stage.

    Are you a LinkedIn aficionado seeking to supercharge your lead generation? Look no further; Dripify is here to redefine your LinkedIn outreach.

    This isn’t just another tool; it’s an ecosystem where LinkedIn prospecting becomes a well-choreographed dance. With Dripify, you can build customized drip campaigns, import leads, and create sequences with triggers and delays that resonate with your audience.

    Dripify Homepage
    Source: Dripify

    Pros & Cons


    • Advanced LinkedIn Automation: From prospecting campaigns to team collaboration, Dripify offers a bouquet of automated LinkedIn actions.
    • Smart Inbox & Analytics: Respond to leads quickly via the smart inbox feature, and dive into advanced analytics for insights you can act on.
    • Complete Autopilot: Yes, you read it right! Dripify runs even if you close your browser or switch off your device. It’s prospecting that never sleeps.
    • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with LinkedIn Basic, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite accounts.


    • Pricing for Individual Users: Starting at $39/month, it may be a consideration for individual users or very small teams.
    • Learning Curve: With a range of advanced features, it might require some time to fully utilize the platform’s capabilities.


    • Pricing starts at $39/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.5/5 – 152 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.6/5 – 86 reviews



    In an era where data-driven decisions are the linchpin of successful marketing and sales strategies, Lusha stands out as a beacon of quality and precision in your prospecting toolkit.

    Lusha is not just a tool; it’s a partner in your go-to-market journey, offering fresh and dynamic insights that cut through the noise and connect you to the right people at the right time.

    But beyond features and functions, Lusha is about trust.

    In an age where privacy and security are paramount, Lusha’s commitment to compliance sets it apart. Whether it’s GDPR, CCPA, or the highest international privacy standards, Lusha ensures that your operations are not just effective but ethical.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the Lusha Homepage
    Source: Lusha

    Pros & Cons


    • High-Quality Data & Insights: Lusha delivers fresh and accurate data, ensuring that your outreach is always relevant and timely.
    • Easy Integration: With simple Salesforce and API integrations, Lusha seamlessly fits into your existing workflow.
    • Automated CRM Enrichment: Keep your database up-to-date with ongoing, automated enrichment, saving precious time.
    • Compliance Assurance: Fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and accredited under ISO 27701, Lusha adheres to the highest international privacy standards.


    • Limited Free Plan: The free plan might offer restricted access to some features, pushing users towards paid options.
    • Learning Curve: While intuitive, some users may find the initial setup and utilization slightly challenging.


    • Pricing starts at $39/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.3/5 – 1375 reviews
    • Capterra: 4/5 – 382 reviews

    Website lusha.com

    8.G2 Crowd

    Meet G2, the behemoth of the B2B tech marketplace, and a trusted haven for software reviews. With a staggering 80 million people flocking to G2.com annually, it’s not just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where software and services come to life.

    Whether you’re looking to establish your market presence, drive awareness, or engage with in-market buyers, G2 offers a stage to spotlight your brand, all based on authentic user reviews and valuable social proof.

    G2 Homepage
    Source: G2

    Pros & Cons


    • Largest and Most Trusted Software Marketplace: G2 is a name synonymous with credibility and reach in the tech world.
    • Authentic User Reviews: Real insights from real users, offering an unfiltered view of various software and services.
    • Build Brand Presence: Claim your profile, tell your story, and let G2 amplify your unique value to millions of in-market software buyers.


    • Potential Complexity: With so many features and options, navigating the platform might be overwhelming for newcomers.
    • Competitive Landscape: Standing out among the vast array of software and services might require strategic planning and investment.
    • Limited Customization: There may be restrictions on profile customization, limiting the ways to showcase your unique brand.


    • Contact G2 for Pricing

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: n/a
    • Capterra: n/a

    Website: G2.com


    As businesses strive to scale and understand the driving forces behind their sales, tools like CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) become essential.

    CTM isn’t just another tracking tool; it’s a conversation analytics provider that empowers marketers with the data they need to make informed strategy decisions.

    With an impressive clientele that includes names like The Washington Post and Verizon Connect, CTM has made its mark as an industry leader, recognized by top software publications like G2 and Capterra.

    CallTrackingMetrics Homepage
    Source: CallTrackingMetrics

    Pros & Cons


    • Conversion Tracking: CTM’s conversion tracking feature allows you to identify trends and understand what resonates with your audience.
    • Automated, Customized Actions: Create responsive and tailored customer experiences with automated actions based on customer responses.
    • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate CTM with core marketing tools like Google Ads and Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoom, and Facebook.
    • Experienced Leadership: As one of the earliest call tracking providers, CTM’s husband and wife founders, Todd and Laure Fisher, bring a wealth of experience to the platform.


    • Potential Complexity: The range of features might seem overwhelming for newcomers, necessitating training or support.
    • Cost Consideration: Depending on your business’s needs, pricing might be a factor to evaluate in comparison to other solutions.


    • Pricing starts at $39/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.5/5 – 683 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.6/5 – 103 reviews



    The platform’s strength lies in its adaptability. Whether it’s building a custom pipeline to suit the unique contours of your business or fostering genuine connections with customers, SalesLoft gives you the tools to craft a sales experience that resonates.

    Data-driven insights guide every step of the way, providing a roadmap to success. With SalesLoft, you’re not merely guessing; you’re making informed decisions bolstered by actionable intelligence.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the SalesLoft Homepage
    Source: SalesLoft

    Pros & Cons


    • Custom Pipeline Management: Design your sales pipeline according to your unique needs and manage deals with unparalleled efficiency.
    • Enhanced Engagement: SalesLoft offers tools to create genuine connections with customers, making engagement seamless and impactful.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Understand your next move and get the coaching and insights required to win, backed by solid data.
    • Broad Application: From SDRs to managers, SalesLoft is built for the entire revenue organization, optimizing the complete customer journey.


    • Complexity for New Users: The platform’s robust features and customization options may present a learning curve for new or less tech-savvy users.
    • Pricing Ambiguity: The custom pricing structure might lack transparency for some businesses, making budget planning more challenging.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with SalesLoft to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.5/5 – 3699 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.3/5 – 202 reviews

    Website salesloft.com

    11.Active Campaign

    In the crowded field of sales prospecting tools for lead generation, ActiveCampaign emerges as a robust platform tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.

    This versatile tool focuses on enhancing customer relationships by employing the power of automation. It doesn’t just stop at sending emails; it orchestrates a symphony of communication across multiple channels, making it one of the best prospecting tools we have seen.

    ActiveCampaign’s appeal lies in its ability to create custom email marketing sequences that resonate with the target audience. From building newsletters to triggering specific campaigns, it offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for engaging leads.

    With a focus on sales research tools, the platform integrates effortlessly with over 300 platforms, reflecting its commitment to seamless functionality.

    ActiveCampaign Homepage
    Source: Active Campaign

    Pros & Cons


    • Multi-Channel Engagement: It supports email, messaging, chat, text, and social media, ensuring a well-rounded communication strategy.
    • Powerful Sales Automation: ActiveCampaign is among the B2B prospecting tools that free up time by automating sales processes, optimizing the way leads are captured, qualified, and engaged.
    • CRM Integration: With a CRM that aggregates information across all channels, it personalizes sales experiences and invests effort in connections most likely to convert.
    • Affordability: Starting from just $9/month, it offers a budget-friendly solution.


    • Learning Curve: The wide array of features may require some time for new users to get accustomed to.
    • Integration Complexity: While it offers numerous integrations, some users may find the setup process for specific platforms challenging.


    • Pricing starts at $9/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.6/5 – 1466 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.6./5 – 2226 reviews


    12.Chorus by ZoomInfo

    Chorus by ZoomInfo stands out as a Conversation Intelligence platform that leverages AI to unlock insights and take control of the sales process.

    As a B2B prospecting tool free from manual limitations, Chorus is designed to serve both large corporations and small businesses.

    So, Chorus brings the power of AI to the sales table, offering a fresh perspective on customer engagement.

    From tracking sales cycles to automating note-taking, CRM population, and more, Chorus opens up avenues of efficiency and effectiveness, making it one of the best prospecting tools of 2023.

    Chorus Homepage
    Source: Chorus

    Pros & Cons


    • AI-Powered Insights: Chorus uses proactive AI-powered recommendations to provide revenue teams with unparalleled visibility, maximizing revenue.
    • Multi-Channel Analysis: It captures and analyzes all customer interactions across phone calls, video meetings, and email, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior.
    • Integration with ZoomInfo: The integration with the ZoomInfo platform enables capturing the voice of the customer for better strategic decisions.
    • Adaptable to Various Business Sizes: Chorus is used by large corporations like Zoom and Adobe but is also suitable for small businesses.


    • Pricing Transparency: Custom pricing plans may lead to confusion and require direct contact with the company for clarification.
    • Complexity: The range of features and AI-driven insights might be overwhelming for some users, particularly those new to conversation intelligence tools.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with Chorus to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.5/5 – 2893 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.6/5 – 64 reviews



    DocSend, a tool designed for sharing and managing documents, has emerged as a crucial asset for businesses aiming to grow through efficiency and security.

    It’s not just about sharing; it’s about sharing with control and intelligence, giving you the ability to steer your content to the right destination.

    The need for secure and efficient document sharing is common across various industries, including finance, fundraising, sales, marketing, business development, and recruiting. In a world where information flows at breakneck speed, DocSend offers a reliable and robust platform for managing this flow.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the DocSend Homepage
    Source: DocSend

    Pros & Cons


    • Link-Based Sharing System: DocSend’s powerful link-based system allows unique security preferences for each user, enhancing content control.
    • Content Analysis: Analyze your content and overall performance, providing valuable insights into how your documents are used.
    • Virtual Deal Rooms: Create modern virtual deal rooms for secure and efficient collaboration.
    • Affordable Pricing: With pricing starting from $10/month, it offers an economical solution for businesses.


    • Limited Sales Features: DocSend, while great for sharing documents, is not built to be actively added into your sales pipeline.
    • No Integration: Cannot integrate with other software used in the prospecting process.


    • Pricing starts at $10/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.6/5 – 472 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.6/5 – 59 reviews



    Engagebay, the world’s #1 affordable all-in-one marketing, sales, and support CRM software, has become an essential tool for over 29,500 growing companies globally.

    Its aim is to help businesses acquire, engage, nurture web visitors, and convert them into satisfied customers, ultimately growing businesses exponentially.

    The platform is designed with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, offering a myriad of features, including marketing automation, email marketing, free live chat software, powerful helpdesk software, landing pages, and much more.

    Engagebay stands out as a simple, affordable solution that integrates every facet of customer engagement.

    Engagebay Homepage
    Source: Engagebay

    Pros & Cons


    • All-in-One CRM: Integrates marketing, sales, and support, offering a seamless, comprehensive solution.
    • Marketing Automation: Facilitates email marketing, lead capture, and customer engagement.
    • Versatility: Includes various tools for different needs, enhancing its functionality.
    • Free Options: Offers a free version, allowing businesses to explore its features without initial investment.


    • Complexity for New Users: The plethora of features might be overwhelming to new users.
    • Integration Challenges: Some users may face difficulties integrating EngageBay with other platforms.
    • Limited Customization: May have limitations in customization options for specific needs.


    • Pricing starts at Free

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.4/5 – 204 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 – 509 reviews



    Canva, a platform designed to make visual content creation accessible to anyone, offers an incredibly user-friendly solution for those in need of social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more.

    Whether you’re an individual with a flair for creativity or a business aiming to stand out in the digital world, Canva provides the tools to create stunning visual content.

    What sets Canva apart is its simple drag-and-drop interface, accompanied by a vast library of fonts, illustrations, stock photography, video and audio content.

    This arsenal of creative assets, combined with the power to include content from the web, allows users to take an idea and turn it into something eye-catching and professional. Available on the web, iOS, and Android, Canva serves as a secret design weapon for social media, print materials, and beyond.

    Canva Homepage
    Source: Canva

    Pros & Cons


    • User-Friendly Interface: The simple drag-and-drop interface allows anyone to create professional designs.
    • Rich Content Library: Offers a wide range of fonts, illustrations, photography, videos, and audio content.
    • Multi-Platform Availability: Canva is accessible on the web, iOS, and Android, enhancing its convenience.
    • Free Options: Provides free access with various design capabilities, making it affordable for all.


    • Limited Advanced Features: Professionals might find advanced design features lacking.
    • Compatibility Issues: Some users may experience issues when exporting designs to different formats.
    • Subscription Costs: While offering free access, some premium features might require a subscription.


    • Pricing starts at Free

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.7/5 – 4242 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 – 11318 reviews



    Coupler.io, a universal tool designed for seamless connectivity, serves as a bridge to connect different applications to platforms like Google Sheets, Excel, and BigQuery. Whether it’s for analytics, reporting, or data backup, Coupler.io stands out as a versatile solution that caters to various business needs.

    The power of Coupler.io lies in its ability to automate data exports from multiple sources on a custom schedule. For instance, connecting Salesforce to Google Sheets for self-updating dashboards is just one of the endless possibilities.

    What’s more, it’s not confined to supported destinations, allowing integration with data visualization tools like Google Data Studio and Tableau.

    Beyond analytics and reporting, Coupler.io’s periodic data export functionality creates self-updating backup copies, ensuring data safety.

    Coupler.io Homepage
    Source: Coupler.io

    Pros & Cons


    • Universal Integration: Connect different apps to Google Sheets, Excel, and BigQuery, facilitating data flow.
    • Automated Data Exports: Automate data exports from various sources on a custom schedule, enhancing efficiency.
    • Self-Updating Dashboards: Build dynamic dashboards that update as per your needs.
    • Free Access: Offers free access to various features, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes.


    • Learning Curve: May require some time to understand and utilize its full potential.
    • Limited Advanced Integration: Some complex integrations might not be supported.
    • Dependence on Supported Apps: The functionality might be limited to the supported apps and destinations.


    • Pricing starts at Free

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.9/5 – 30 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.9/5 – 33 reviews

    Website: coupler.io


    Gong, the Revenue Intelligence Platform, is a powerful asset for businesses aiming to increase revenue through real-time insights and strategic adaptation.

    By providing updates on sales conversions and customer reactions, Gong empowers businesses to understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions.

    In a dynamic market environment, understanding and reacting to customer interactions can spell success or failure. Gong’s proprietary and patented AI technology captures these interactions, enabling businesses to align strategies, increase visibility, and drive successful outcomes.

    From Morningstar Inc. to Shopify and LinkedIn, thousands of innovative companies trust Gong to illuminate their customer reality.


    Gomg Homepage
    Source: Gong

    Pros & Cons


    • Real-Time Insights: Provides real-time updates on sales conversions and customer reactions, enabling quick and informed decisions.
    • AI-Powered Understanding: Uses AI technology to accurately analyze customer interactions and align strategies.
    • Reputation and Trust: Ranked #1 on G2’s ‘Top 100 Best Software Products’ list for 2021 and 2022, reflecting quality and reliability.
    • Customization: Offers custom pricing plans to suit various business needs.


    • Complexity: May require specialized understanding or training to fully utilize its capabilities.
    • Limited Integration: Integration with other tools might be restricted or require additional work.
    • Pricing Transparency: Lack of transparent pricing information may make it difficult for some businesses to assess affordability.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with Gong to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.7/5 – 5213 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.8/5 – 525 reviews


    18.Voila Norbert

    In the world of sales and marketing, finding the right email address can be a crucial step towards success. Voila Norbert, an intelligent email finder, simplifies this process, ensuring that your messages reach the right inboxes.

    This tool is about more than just finding emails; it’s about verifying, enriching, and enhancing the quality of your outreach.

    Voila Norbert offers an 8-step verification process to maintain the sender’s reputation and ensures that emails are sent to accurate addresses.

    Whether it’s for sales, recruiting, business development, PR, or marketing, Voila Norbert finds corporate emails of decision-makers at scale and enriches them with valuable data such as job roles, locations, social media profiles, and more.

    Voila Norbert Homepage
    Source: Voila Norbert

    Pros & Cons


    • Email Finding: Provides any email address against first name, last name, and company name/website, making outreach more targeted.
    • 8-Step Verification Process: Ensures that emails are sent to accurate addresses, maintaining the sender’s reputation.
    • Data Enrichment: Enriches your list with additional data such as job roles, locations, and social media profiles, enhancing the quality of leads.
    • Versatility: Suitable for professionals across various fields including sales, recruiting, business development, PR, and marketing.


    • Pricing Transparency: Lack of transparent pricing information may create obstacles for potential users.
    • Limited Integration: Might not integrate smoothly with other sales and marketing tools.
    • Specific Use Case: Primarily focused on email finding and verification, lacking broader functionality.


    • Not Listed

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.6/5 – 46 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.3/5 – 14 reviews



    In the complex and highly competitive world of B2B sales, having the right information at your fingertips can make all the difference. Vainu is designed to be that essential tool, providing comprehensive and up-to-date data on over 140 million companies globally.

    It’s not just about data; it’s about actionable insights that can transform your sales and marketing initiatives.

    Vainu’s platform specializes in gathering, analyzing, and compiling data from millions of sources. This includes firmographics, technographics, trigger events, and unique proprietary data points that can’t be found elsewhere.

    Whether you’re looking to clean your CRM’s data, find companies that match your ideal customer profile, or enhance your marketing workflows, Vainu offers the tools to make it happen.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the Vainu Homepage
    Source: Vainu

    Pros & Cons


    • Comprehensive Company Profiles: Vainu offers over 75M+ company profiles enriched with valuable details, including firmographics, technographics, and industry classifications.
    • CRM Integration: Plug-and-play CRM Connectors with platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Dynamics CRMs enable smooth integration of insights.
    • GDPR Compliance: Adheres to GDPR compliance rules, ensuring the ethical handling of human-verified decision-maker data.


    • Regional Focus: Best coverage is primarily in the Nordics, and some features might be specific to Finnish and Swedish markets.
    • Pricing Transparency: Lack of transparent pricing details may hinder potential users.
    • Learning Curve: The extensive range of features may require a steeper learning curve for new users.


    • Not Listed

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.6/5 – 197 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.3/5 – 41 reviews


    20.Grammarly Business

    Grammarly, a pioneer in AI-enabled writing assistance, has become synonymous with effective and error-free communication. Whether it’s a simple email, a complex report, or a critical business proposal, Grammarly ensures that your writing is clear, concise, and free from common mistakes.

    It’s not just about correctness; it’s about enhancing your voice and making your writing more engaging and persuasive.

    In the business context, Grammarly offers more than just spelling and grammar checks. It’s about accelerating the writing process, fostering connections, and fueling professional growth.

    From routine summary writing to strategic decision-making, Grammarly Business aims to make communication more fluid, effective, and intuitive, all while maintaining high standards for privacy and data security.

    grammarly Homepage
    Source: Grammarly

    Pros & Cons


    • AI-Enabled Writing Assistance: Grammarly’s AI assistant, GrammarlyGO, provides advanced writing suggestions tailored to your needs.
    • Tone and Word Choice Guidance: Advises on tone, style, and word choice to make sentences clearer and more engaging.
    • Free and Paid Options: Available in a free version with additional features in the paid one, catering to different user needs.


    • Subscription Cost: The paid version, while offering more features, can be costly for smaller businesses or individual users.
    • Occasional False Positives: May sometimes flag correct sentences as incorrect, requiring manual review.
    • Browser Extension Limitations: The browser extension might not work seamlessly with all platforms or websites.


    • Pricing starts at Free

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.7/6 – 4335 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 – 6899 reviews



    GoToMeeting, part of GoTo Connect, has established itself as a leading tool in the realm of online video conferencing. It’s not just about connecting people; it’s about enhancing collaboration, boosting productivity, and facilitating seamless virtual communication.

    Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting with a client or a team collaboration across continents, GoToMeeting provides a fast, reliable, and user-friendly solution.

    Businesses of all sizes benefit from GoToMeeting’s versatile features, including presentation sharing, one-click meetings, webinars, in-meeting chat, conference calling, and more.

    The flexibility it offers allows employees to work effectively anytime, anywhere, on any device. With GoToMeeting, virtual communication is no longer a constraint but a catalyst for growth and innovation.

    GoToMeeting Homepage
    Source: GoToMeeting

    Pros & Cons


    • Comprehensive Meeting Solution: Offers presentation sharing, one-click meetings, webinars, and more, making virtual communication effortless.
    • Face-to-Face Interaction: Enables real-time face-to-face meetings, enhancing engagement and connection.
    • Reliable and Easy-to-Use: Known for its fast and reliable service, suitable for both small businesses and large corporations.
    • Device Compatibility: Works on various devices, providing flexibility to work effectively from anywhere.


    • Occasional Technical Glitches: Some users may encounter intermittent technical issues or connectivity problems.
    • Interface Complexity: Though generally user-friendly, some users might find the interface overwhelming with numerous features.


    • Pricing starts at $12/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.2/5 – 13256 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.4/5 – 11451 reviews



    Overloop, also known as Prospect.io, is more than just an email lookup tool and verifier. It’s a comprehensive CRM platform designed for outbound sales teams, aiming to initiate more conversations and close more deals.

    With Overloop, the focus isn’t merely on finding contacts; it’s about engaging them through personalized, multi-channel campaigns and managing the entire sales process.

    From cold email campaigns and LinkedIn automation to live chats and workflow automation, Overloop offers a suite of features tailored to enhance sales productivity.

    It integrates seamlessly with major CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, providing a unified platform for all your outbound sales needs. Whether you’re building contact lists or tracking performance, Overloop is designed to crush your sales quota.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the Overloop Homepage
    Source: Overlopp

    Pros & Cons


    • Multi-Channel Outbound Platform: Offers ultra-personalized campaigns mixing cold emails and LinkedIn automation.
    • CRM Integration: Integrates with major CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, enhancing compatibility.
    • Workflow Automation: Simplifies repetitive tasks through easy-to-set-up automated workflows.
    • Comprehensive Sales Tools: Includes features like email tracking, templates, deal & pipeline management, collaboration, and more.
    • List Building & Contact Management: Offers tools like email finder, LinkedIn import, custom fields, and contacts management.


    • Learning Curve: Some users may find the platform complex with various features and require time to become proficient.
    • Pricing Tiers: Advanced features may be restricted to higher-tier pricing plans, limiting accessibility for small businesses.
    • Integration Complexity: While integration is a strength, some users might encounter difficulties in setting up specific integrations.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with Overloop to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.3/5 – 101 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.0/5 – 1 review



    FindThatLead is more than just an email finder; it’s a comprehensive B2B prospecting tool designed to facilitate lead generation, email verification, campaign management, and more.

    It’s a platform that recognizes the importance of not only finding leads but engaging with them effectively, segmenting them, and optimizing campaigns for the best performance.

    Whether you’re looking to generate a list of verified email addresses against domain names or enrich your database with qualified leads, FindThatLead offers a suite of features tailored to your needs. From automating and customizing email campaigns to location-based prospecting, it’s a one-stop solution that serves businesses of all sizes.

    FindThatLead Homepage
    Source: FindThatLead

    Pros & Cons


    • Comprehensive Lead Generation Platform: Offers tools to find professional contacts, generate leads, verify emails, manage customer portfolios, and more.
    • Automated Email Campaigns: Automates and customizes email campaigns, allowing for a more personalized and effective approach.
    • Segmentation and Qualification: Allows generating segmented and qualified lists of prospects for targeted engagement.
    • Location-Based Prospecting: Finds location-based prospects to align with specific geographical strategies.
    • Database Enrichment: Enriches the database with qualified leads, supporting growth and quality of leads.


    • User Interface Complexity: Some users may find the interface to be less intuitive or require a learning curve.
    • Integration Limitations: May have limited integration with some third-party tools or CRMs.
    • Pricing Structure: The pricing may be less transparent or accessible for smaller businesses.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with FindThatLead to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.0/5 – 77 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.2/5 – 72 reviews



    Calendly is not just a scheduling tool; it’s a dynamic platform designed to automate and manage your meetings and emails, thus optimizing your workflow. Recognized globally, Calendly has transformed the way over 50,000 companies and 10 million people schedule their meetings, integrating seamlessly with various calendar systems.

    From setting preferences and buffer times between meetings to automatic reminders and follow-ups, Calendly offers robust features. Its extensive integration with platforms like Zoom, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Slack, and more makes it a versatile solution suitable for various industries.

    Calendly Homepage
    Source: Calendly

    Pros & Cons


    • Automatic Scheduling: Automates scheduling of meetings and emails, saving valuable time and reducing manual effort.
    • Custom Preferences: Allows setting individual preferences, including buffer times between meetings, to suit your needs.
    • Broad Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Google, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, Zoom, Salesforce, and others.
      Automatic Assignment: Routes the right meetings to the right people based on set conditions, optimizing the scheduling process.


    • Complexity for Some Users: Some users may find certain features or settings to be complex or unintuitive.
    • Limited Features in Free Version: The free version may lack some advanced features required by larger organizations.
    • Potential Integration Issues: Some users may face integration challenges with specific third-party platforms.


    • Pricing starts at Free

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.7/5 – 1895 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 – 2795 reviews



    Hunter is an advanced platform that focuses on simplifying the process of finding and verifying professional email addresses. By indexing over 100 million emails and offering unique features such as company email format identification, Hunter stands as one of the best prospecting tools.

    Whether you are a sales representative, recruiter, or marketer, Hunter offers tools that allow you to reach out to professionals more effectively. With its capability to crawl the web and index publicly available email addresses, it provides a comprehensive solution for various business needs.

    Hunter Homepage
    Source: Hunter

    Pros & Cons


    • Email Finding: Find company employees’ email addresses and names by entering a domain name, making lead generation efficient.
    • Email Format Identification: Provides information on the email formats of a company, allowing educated guesses when uncertain about an email address.
    • Verification Feature: Verifies professional email addresses, ensuring accuracy and credibility in your campaigns.
    • Cold Email Platform: Includes a free platform to send cold email campaigns directly from Hunter, streamlining the outreach process.


    • Limited Free Usage: The free version may have restrictions on the number of searches or verifications.
    • Potential Privacy Concerns: Some users may have concerns regarding the collection and indexing of publicly available emails.
    • Dependence on Public Data: Effectiveness may vary based on the availability of public email addresses on the web.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with Hunter to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.4/5 – 497 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.6/5 – 588 reviews



    Skrapp is a notable email finder that distinguishes itself by specializing in looking up emails associated with LinkedIn accounts. As one of the best prospecting tools in 2023, it offers a unique approach to email discovery and business data enrichment, primarily aimed at B2B sales outreach and email marketing.

    By leveraging a dedicated Google Chrome extension, Skrapp offers a seamless experience where visiting a LinkedIn profile reveals the email used to sign in. Additionally, its capability to store sales leads directly into lists significantly enhances productivity.

    Skrapp Homepage
    Source: Skrapp

    Pros & Cons


    • LinkedIn Integration: Skrapp’s unique ability to find emails through LinkedIn profiles adds a new dimension to email research.
    • Chrome Extension: The user-friendly Chrome extension simplifies the process of finding emails.
    • Leads Organization: Stores sales leads directly into lists, saving valuable time for sales and marketing professionals.
    • Multi-purpose Use: Suitable for various purposes related to email outreach, including cold emailing, prospecting, and email database enrichment.


    • Platform Limitations: Primarily relies on LinkedIn, which may limit its effectiveness for non-LinkedIn-related tasks.
    • Privacy Concerns: The method of extracting emails from LinkedIn may raise privacy and ethical considerations for some users.
    • Subscription Cost: While providing valuable features, the pricing may not be suitable for all businesses, especially smaller ones.


    • Specific pricing information may require direct consultation with Skrapp to match your business needs.

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 3.9/5 – 92 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.6/5 – 53 reviews

    Website: skrapp.io


    Demodesk, a web-based screen sharing and video conferencing tool, has become a vital component for sales teams and SaaS businesses aiming to have more effective and engaging customer conversations. As one of the best prospecting tools in 2023, Demodesk stands out for its ability to create web-based virtual displays without the need for browser extensions or downloads.

    With a focus on sales coaching, meeting scheduling, and seamless integration with CRM systems, Demodesk offers a comprehensive suite of features. From creating meeting templates and pre-built presentation flows to uploading various content types like websites, documents, and presentations, it’s designed to enhance the sales process.

    Demodesk Homepage
    Source: Demodesk

    Pros & Cons


    • Web-Based Virtual Displays: Offers a seamless experience with web-based screen sharing, removing the need for downloads or extensions.
    • Sales Coaching Capabilities: Coaches sales reps live during calls, improving their performance and customer engagement.
    • Automated Non-Selling Tasks: Automates various manual tasks, allowing sales teams to focus on core selling activities.
    • Integrations: Supports integration with calendars and CRM systems, enhancing overall productivity.


    • Limited Customization: Some users may find the customization options limited for specific use cases.a
    • Pricing Structure: Depending on the needs and size of the team, the pricing structure may not be suitable for all businesses.
    • Learning Curve: The platform may require some time for users to become fully acquainted with all its features.


    • Not Listed

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.6/5 – 90 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 – 18 reviews

    Website: demodesk.com


    When it comes to prospecting tools, Mention is a robust social listening and media monitoring solution that has become an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs, marketing teams, PR managers, and social media professionals. With the growing importance of social media and online presence, Mention offers tailored solutions to understand audience perception and optimize social media strategies.

    Whether it’s about tracking brand mentions or understanding the impact of marketing and PR activities, Mention provides a comprehensive view of what’s being said online. By monitoring conversations from millions of sources across the web and social media platforms, it empowers businesses to engage with their audience more effectively.

    Mention Homepage
    Source: Mention

    Pros & Cons


    • Keyword Monitoring: Specify keywords to monitor topics, ensuring you’re aware of what audiences are discussing about your brand or product.
    • Clean Alerts: Filters out irrelevant noise, providing clean and relevant alerts whenever there’s a mention related to your specified criteria.
    • Comprehensive Analytics: Analyzes data across multiple channels, allowing you to create content that resonates with your audience.
    • Impact Measurement: Measures the impact of marketing and PR activities, providing valuable insights for strategy optimization.
    • Ease of Use: Designed with an intuitive interface, Mention is accessible to users of all experience levels.


    • Limited Customization in Basic Plans: Some users may find the customization options limited in the basic plans.a
    • Pricing Tiers: The pricing structure may be a barrier for smaller businesses or individual professionals.
    • Integration Challenges: Depending on existing tools and platforms, some users may encounter integration challenges.


    • Pricing starts at $29/month

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.3/5 – 437 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 – 283 reviews



    Boomerang is an innovative email management and scheduling tool designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in your email communications. Whether you’re scheduling a meeting or managing follow-up reminders, Boomerang offers a seamless experience that integrates with Gmail through its powerful browser extension.

    Trusted by millions of users worldwide and utilized by prominent organizations like Lyft, Netflix, and Twitter, Boomerang has established itself as a premier tool for email management. With features such as one-click calendar scheduling, automatic reminders, and inbox cleaning, it provides a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses alike.

    Prospecting tools - Screenshot of the Boomerangapp Home[age
    Source: Boomerang

    Pros & Cons


    • Email Scheduling: Schedule emails to be sent automatically at the desired time, ensuring timely communication.
    • Follow-up Reminders: Never miss a follow-up with automatic reminders that can be customized to your preferences.
    • Calendar Integration: Seamless integration with Google Calendar and other platforms, making meeting scheduling effortless.
    • Response Tracking: Track responses to your emails, providing insights into engagement and effectiveness.
    • AI-Powered Assistance: Utilize AI to write better emails and improve your communication.


    • Limited to Gmail: Currently, Boomerang is primarily designed for Gmail users, which may limit its applicability for those using other email platforms.
    • Potential Learning Curve: Some users may need time to become accustomed to the full range of features.
    • Subscription Costs: While there is a free version, access to all features may require a subscription, which might not suit all budgets.


    • Pricing starts at Free

    Review Site Scores

    • G2: 4.5/5 – 349 reviews
    • Capterra: 4.5/5 – 39  reviews


    Summary: The Best Prospecting Tools Are:

    1. AeroLeads
    2. Cognism
    3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    4. Ring.io
    5. Close CRM
    6. Dripify
    7. Lusha
    8. G2 Crowd
    9. CallTrackingMetrics
    10. SalesLoft
    11. ActiveCampaign
    12. Chorus
    13. DocSend
    14. Engagebay
    15. Canva
    16. Coupler.io
    17. Gong
    18. Voila Norbert
    19. Vainu
    20. Grammarly Business
    21. GoToMeeting
    22. Overloop
    23. FindThatLead
    24. Calendly
    25. Hunter.io
    26. Skrapp
    27. Demodesk
    28. Mention
    29. Boomerang

    Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best B2B Prospecting Tools for Your Business

    Now that you’re armed with this extensive arsenal of prospecting tools, go forth with confidence and revolutionize your sales approach!

    Remember, success in the world of sales prospecting comes from staying informed, embracing technology, and continuously refining your strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of your prospects.

    So go ahead and make this the year of extraordinary achievements. Here’s to transforming the art of sales prospecting and making a lasting impact in the lives of your prospects and customers. Now, let’s raise that cup of coffee to a future filled with endless opportunities and unparalleled success… Powered by the tools that do all the heavy lifting for you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is prospecting in sales?

    Prospecting in sales refers to identifying and reaching out to potential customers or leads. Furthermore, it involves finding people or companies who might be interested in your product or service and talking to them. The aim of sales prospecting is to identify qualified leads and engage them, converting them into customers. Read the full guide to learn more about sales prospecting and the best prospecting tools to use.

    How can I improve my prospecting efforts?

    Improving prospecting requires understanding your target audience, using the right tools, creating personalized outreach strategies, and tracking and analyzing results. Continuously refining your approach based on feedback and data helps optimize prospecting efforts. Read the full guide to learn more about effective sales prospecting techniques and the best prospecting tools for B2B and B2C businesses.

    What are the best tools for sales prospecting?

    The best tools for sales prospecting vary based on needs and budgets. Popular tools include LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, and Skarpp.io. These tools offer advanced search, lead scoring, email tracking, and automation. Read the full review for our in-depth analysis of all the best prospecting tools, including pros and cons, pricing, scoring and more.

    How do I measure the success of my prospecting activities?

    Success in prospecting can be measured through various metrics such as conversion rates, response rates, the number of qualified leads generated, return on investment (ROI), and overall sales growth. Tracking these metrics over time helps assess the effectiveness of prospecting strategies. Many prospecting tools can help you track these metrics. Read the full review of the best prospecting tools for B2B and B2C businesses to find the best tools to use.


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