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11 Best Heat Mapping Tools to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate [2024]

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 18 minute read Marketing ToolsPerformance Marketing

This 2024, heat mapping tool are essential. Visitors to your website come for different reasons. Knowing how to improve their experience on your site will boost the optimization and management of your content, leading to a more rewarding experience for them and higher revenues for you.

So, how do you find out exactly what our visitors are looking at on your website and where they’re spending the most time? What do they skip past and not look at at all? How can we improve their experience?

Heat mapping tool have the ability to monitor activity on your site and will give you a very good indication of the strengths and weaknesses of your content, especially with the different campaigns you are running.

A best heatmap software tools will give you all the info you need to improve your the user experience on your website. They will also give you invaluable  data analysis for optimizing and streamlining your funnel to boost your sales and improve your profits.

Today, we’re looking at 11 of the top heatmap analysis software available, including key features, pros and cons, pricing and user reviews. Read on to find out why they’re so useful and which one will be the best for your website!

Okay, let’s get started!

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    Quick Comparison: Best Heat Mapping Tool in 2024

    This is a quick overview of the G2 rating, our P2P rating and the pricing for the best heat mapping tool. For a detailed review of each of tool, continue scrolling.

    Best Heat Mapping Tools

    G2 Rating


    P2P Rating 


    4.7/5 stars 

    • Free version for 500 recordings. 

    • Starter:$24 p/m (5000 recordings). 

    • Growth: $79  p/m (l15000 recordings).

    • Business: $159 p/m (50000 recordings). 

    • Pro: $299 p/m (150000 recordings).


    Crazy Egg

    4.2/5 stars 

    • Free Trial: Yes

    • Basic: $29 p/m 

    • Standard: $29 p/m

    • Plus:  $99 p/m

    • Pro: $249 p/m



    4.4/5 stars 

    • Free Plan

    • Basic: $99 p/m ( 20000 page views)

    • Silver: $290 p/m (80000 page views)

    • Gold: $990 p/m (300 000 page views)



    4.4/5 stars 

    • Free Plan: (1000 page views)

    • Plus: $39 p/m (100 daily captured sessions) 

    • Business:  $99 p/m (500 sessions)

    • Scale: $389 p/m (4000 daily sessions)



    4.9/ 5 stars 

    • Free Plan: (200 000 page views)

    • Starter: $12 p/m

    • Plus: $32 p/m



    4.7/5 stars 

    • Contract SessionCam for a custom quote


    Lucky Orange

    4.3/ 5 stars 

    • Free Trial: Yes

    • Starter: $10 p/m (1 website)

    • Small Business: $20 p/m (3 websites)

    • Medium: $50 p/m (8 websites)

    • Large: $100 p/m  (16 websites)

    • Enterprise: Custom quoute



    4.2/ 5 stars 

    • Free Plan: 2500 recorded sessions

    • Micro: $39 p/m (10000 sessions)

    • Startup: $75 p/m (25000 sessions)

    • Growth: $149 p/m (50000 sessions)

    • Accelerate: $299 p/m (125000 sessions) 

    • Enterprrise: $499 p/m (250000 sessions) 



    4.5/ 5 stars 

    • Contact for pricing



    4.7/5 stars 

    • Free Plan:1500 sessions

    • Startup: $31 p/m (7500 sessions)

    • Business: $79 p/m (25000 sessions)

    • Ultimate: Custom quote



    4.7/5 stars 

    • Free Plan: (3000 page views)

    • Growth: $49 per agent/per month

    • Premium: Contact for quote


    The Importance of Heat Mapping Tools

    Heat mapping tools monitor the effectiveness of your site content. It’s like having a coach watching every move on your site and giving you feedback on your content’s strengths and weaknesses.

    This is achieved by seeing how visitors interact with your site. You will be able to monitor mouse movements and clicks as well as see how far a visitor scrolls down on a specific page.

    User visits are recorded and can be played back to examine interactions. Data from monitoring your site visits will allow you to restructure your content, remove and add content, add lead-ons to entice visitors to extend their time on your site and much, much more.

    A tally is recorded of all page views, and you can see exactly how many clicks a link or button gets. The data you get from your heatmap tool will allow you to better understand how your site layout affects visits to your site.

    With this, you can improve on the user experience that allows you to funnel interactions into conversions.

    Knowing when users leave your site is important, and your heat mapping tool will provide this data.

    You will be able to use this data to contain and eliminate dropout points, which will translate to longer visits and higher conversions.

    Check out this great video by MeMedia for more insight into heat mapping and how it works:

    Summary: The Importance of Heat Mapping Tools

    Heat mapping tools determine how effective your website content is by checking how and where visitors interact with your website. These tools reveal user mouse movements, clicks and the distance scrolled for every page. They also identify where users leave pages. This information helps you identify effective ways to increase engagement and conversions. 

    How to Evaluate Heat Mapping Tools

    To evaluate the best heat mapping tools consider features like confetti reports, mouse movements, scroll maps, session recording, events, form analytics, error analytics and A/B testing. 

    Data visualization is what heat mapping is all about. The heat signature from the content and movements on your site will give you an instant picture of your site performance.

    With this visualization, you will be able to optimize visits to your site and improve on how your content is presented, which will increase your conversion rate.

    Evaluating heat mapping tools depends on how you want to monitor your website traffic. Several different tools will make website analysis and management much easier, but you must decide what tools are best for you.

    Here is a rundown of what you can expect from good heat mapping tools and the insights you can gain from them:

    1.Confetti Reports

    These reports are static images of your site interface, with colour-coding to indicate the areas that get the most clicks. It’s much like thermal weather report images, where you can see the hot and cold areas.

    Statistics are sometimes better viewed as an image than a table or graph. Confetti reports add color to visually illustrate your interaction statistics and give you a clearer picture of what is happening on your website.

    Confetti heat mapping
    Source: Anandriyer

    2.Mouse Movements

    Tracking of mouse movements appears as lines across your site interface. With this, you will be to gauge movements and compare them to the confetti reports.


    These maps are color coded to display how far down your page users scroll. The top will be red, indicating high volume, and as you go down the page, the color changes to blue, representing low volume.

    Scrollmaps heat mapping
    Source: Hubspot

    4.Session Recording

    Every visit to your site is recorded, and the mouse cursor is followed in the recording. You will see all the clicks and pick up user frustration points where they will continuously click on a button or link. The recording also times each session so you can see how long users are active on your site and where they are when they leave.


    User sessions can be consolidated using events as a trigger. Instead of viewing every session, you can view sessions from a specific event that can be a designated button that is clicked to activate the event. From that one event, you can see the interaction of users from that point onwards.

    6.Form Analytics

    Here you can see how users respond to sign-up pages and the completion of forms. You will be able to monitor any sticking points on the form. Users will begin completing a form and, at a point, will abandon the exercise, and you will be able to see where on the form this happens.

    7.Error Analytics

    Users may encounter errors on your site, and if you know about them, you can fix them. Error analytics help to monitor and maintain how your site is working to ensure it has a clean bill of health.

    8.A/B Testing

    Allows you to test two versions of the same page to see which one attracts more traffic. Most heatmap tools have this feature. Editors are necessary to create the different versions, and visual editors that work with drag and drop are preferred.

    Summary: How to Evaluate Heat Mapping Tools

    1. Confetti Reports
    2. Mouse Movements
    3. Scrollmaps
    4. Session Recording
    5. Events
    6. Form Analytics
    7. Error Analytics
    8. A/B Testing

    11 Best Heat Mapping Tools

    Now that we have covered what heat mapping tools are and how they will help you improve the user experience on your website, let’s look at the best heat mappings tools available:


    Mouseflow is a behavioural analytic tool that offers a range of insights, including mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling. With Mouseflow, you will be able to see reports (heat maps) on how visitors funnel through the content on your site.

    Screenshot of Mouseflow Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • User sessions can be viewed in real-time or as a playback.
    • You can see who is a new visitor and who is a returning visitor.
    • From the data, you will see clicks, scrolls, length of the session and geography.
    • Sessions can be filtered and placed in segments like classifying location, duration, and traffic source.
    • A function will show you how visitors react and respond to forms and sign-up pages.
    • You can create surveys and feedback campaigns.
    • Build 6 types of heatmaps to see what’s working on your site.
    • Mouseflow machine learning tool is included in all the packages.
    • Create funnels to see where and why visitors end their sessions.


    • At times the images and text size don’t render correctly when viewing replays.
    • There seems to be an issue with Mouseflow not supporting Java code.


    • Free version limited to 500 recordings per month.
    • Starter plan is $24 per month and includes 5000 recordings.
    • Growth plan is $79 for 15000 recordings.
    • Business plan is$159, for 50000 recordings
    • Pro plan is $299 for 150000 recordings.

    Rating: G2 – 4.7 out of 5 stars from 170 reviews.


    2.Crazy Egg

    With the use of visual reports and individual session recordings, you will get to know your website users. Their sessions will reveal the shortcomings of your content setup, and you will be able to make data-backed changes with confidence. It’s all about looking after your user experience and improving it as you go.

    Screenshot of Crazy Egg Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • The A/B testing tool allows you to test content and page set up so you can choose the right look that appeals to your visitors.
    • Edit or add modify content on your site pages without the need to call in a specialist. You can change colours and fonts, then publish them directly.
    • The setup is easy, and you can integrate with Shopify and WordPress.
    • You can add team members at no extra cost.
    • You can customize your tool as you grow.
    • Reports include heatmaps, scroll maps, confetti overlays and list reports.


    • Heat maps must be individually set up for each page on the site, and they are tracked separately.
    • A/B testing can be tricky to use


    • 30 Day Free Trial
    • Basic plan is $29 per month.
    • Standard plan is $49 per month.
    • Plus plan is $99, per month.
    • Pro plan is $249 per month.

    The plans are capped for pageviews, snapshots, recordings and storage time. Edits and A/B testing are unlimited.

    Rating: G2 – 4.2 out of 5 stars from 97 reviews.


    3.Clicktale (Contentsquare)

    Clicktale is an indispensable heat mapping tool for large businesses but will work just as well for smaller businesses. It takes analytics up a notch by combining human and machine intelligence into the tools. Their analytics is a little more detailed and comprehensive than other tools, which allows you to fine tune your website precisely.

    Screenshot of ContentSquare's Heat Mapping Tools homepage


    • Mouse movements and clicks are monitored and recorded.
    • You can compare conversions to dropouts.
    • Use the attention heatmap tool to see where people focus and what content they skip.
    • Scrollmapping allows you to see how much of a page has been viewed.
    • Full analytics on how the links are doing.
    • Visitor recordings are very good.
    • Events can be initiated for better analytics.
    • A/B and other analytic tools.


    • Not very easy to use, and some users need help navigating the interface.
    • Difficulties in locating recordings for a second time.


    • Free Plan (limited)
    • Basic plan is $99 per month for 20000 page views.
    • Silver is $290 per month for 80000 page views.
    • Gold is $990 per month for 300 000 page views.

    Rating: G2 – 4.4 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews



    Hotjar works great in helping you understand your user/visitor experiences on your website. Relevant data is at your fingertips. Although the dashboard looks rather simplistic, the data you receive focuses on the important issues that make your website a pleasure to visit.

    Screenshot of Hotjar Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • A user-friendly platform.
    • You can create surveys.
    • Has a feedback module.
    • Monitors sentiment.
    • Heat maps for mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls.
    • Heat maps can be downloaded and shared digitally.
    • You can add notes and timestamps to recordings and share them.
    • You can move through the plans as your business grows.


    • There is no integration with Google Analytics.
    • No predictive analysis of customer behavior.


    • Free basic plan for 1000 page views.
    • Plus plan is $39 per month for 100 daily captured sessions.
    • Business plan is $99 per month for 500 sessions.
    • Scale plan is $389 per month for 4000 daily sessions.

    Rating: G2 -4.4 out of 5 stars from 212 reviews.



    Browsee uses AI to improve user experience and includes all the bells and whistles expected from a great heat mapping tool. It has a user board that tags individual users for insights. The user board also allows you to aggregate user engagement for a broader picture. It is best suited for small to medium businesses and small teams as well as individuals.

    screenshot of Browsee Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • Clicks and scroll depth are represented in heatmaps.
    • Highlights patterns of user behavior to identify dropout points.
    • Session recording that shows frustration points in the funnel.
    • Has segmentation.
    • Has analytics.
    • User board.
    • Very easy to navigate.
    • Can be integrated with several top platforms like Shopify and WordPress.


    • When accessed on mobile, you cannot switch between websites.


    • Free version for 200 000 page views a month..
    • Starter plan is $12 per month.
    • Plus plan for $32 per month.

    Rating: G2 – 4,9 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews.



    With its machine learning intelligence, SessionCam can use its struggle detection algorithm to consider hundreds of different signals from your users that pinpoint areas of struggle. This will show up in the heatmaps that cover clicks and scroll depth. Their research on struggle identification and control helps to improve user conversions and general site experience. SessionCam is ideal for all business types and sizes.

    Screenshot of SessionCam Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • You can compare two different websites Heat maps side by side.
    • Standard session recording and event trigger recording.
    • Good funnel analysis.
    • Customer journey mapping tool
    • You get solutions for struggle points.


    • The homepage cannot be customized.


    Rating: Capterra – 4.7 out of 6 stars from 6 reviews.


    7.Lucky Orange

    A feather in their cap is the fact that Lucky Orange created the world’s first fully-integrated heatmaps, which can be viewed in real-time while visitors’ browse your site. Lucky Orange prides itself as a conversion optimization specialist. It starts off with you knowing how many visitors are on your site at any given moment, and you also see how they found you.

    Screenshot of Lucky Orange Heat Mapping Tool


    • Can segment users and draw analytics on their activity.
    • Compare segments.
    • Full session recordings.
    • Ability to filter sessions.
    • On the go updates in rea-time and instantly displayed on your dashboard.
    • Conversion funnel tools to identify pain or struggle points.
    • Poll and survey features.
    • Form analytics.


    • There may be little time to get familiar with the dashboard, but their support team always seems to be helpful.
    • Costs escalate with more users, but the value in higher traffic seems to lack.


    • Free trial.
    • Starter plan is $10 per month for one website.
    • Small business $20 per month for 3 websites.
    • Medium plan for $50 per month for 8 websites.
    • Large plan for $100 per month for 16 websites.
    • Enterprise which is privately discussed.

    Ratings: G2 – 4.3 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews.



    Inspectlet is a well-rounded conversion optimization software that focuses on eye-tracking heatmaps among the conventional heatmap types. This is based on research that links eye movements to the mouse cursor. Their software tracks user activity and provides heatmaps of all interactions. Sessions are recorded and specific data like duration and navigation path can be viewed. Inspectlet is a good choice for individuals, small and medium businesses.

    Screenshot of Inspectlet Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • Edit the metadata of sessions by tagging users or events.
    • Filter using tags.
    • A/B testing.
    • Page editor.
    • Form analytics.
    • Error logging and racking.


    • Not easy to customize.
    • Pricing is not consistent.
    • Sessions are only held for 60 days.


    • Free plan limited to 2500 recorded sessions per month.
    • The Micro plan is $39 per month for 10000 sessions.
    • Startup plan for $75 for 25000 sessions.
    • Growth plan is $149 for 50000 sessions.
    • Accelerate plan is $299 per month for 125000 sessions.
    • Enterprise plan is $499 for 250000 sessions.

    Rating: G2 – 4.2 out of 5 stars from 24 reviews.



    There is an added dimension to FullStory’s ability to read user behaviour. Their software digs deeper into why users drop out or express frustration. They use intelligent analysis to offer reasons why users fail to covert. And through their detailed reports, they provide beneficial insight into a solution that will increase the conversion rate.

    Screenshot of FullStory Heat Mapping Tool Homepahe


    • Great analysis reports.
    • Provide answers to low conversion rates.
    • User segmentation.
    • Great for team collaboration.
    • Easy to use and navigate.
    • Helps to plan tasks to improve user experience.
    • Prioritizes tasks for best results.
    • Recording and a range of heat maps.


    • It tends to aggregate elements where clients need more detail.
    • The window of data retention is too short.


    • There is a 14 free trial period and two plans, but you have to book a demo or request pricing.

    Rating: G2 – 4.5 out of 5 stars from 144 reviews.



    SmartLook concentrates on website analytics on mobile apps and desktops. Their primary concern is the user experience, specifically on mobile apps and websites. 30 different filters help break down data and identify specific factors useful in translating user behaviour. SmartLook thrives on understanding people and finding solutions that will lead to conversions. Their software is geared to do just that.

    Screenshot of Smartlook Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • Notes and timestamps can be attached to recordings.
    • You can ID tag visitors with the SmartLook API.
    • View bulk recording of events.
    • Event analytics.
    • Funnel analytics.
    • Conversion analytics.
    • Identifies frustration points.
    • Track events that lead to errors.
    • Mobile app analytics.
    • Website analytics.
    • Wide range of Heat map tools.


    • Can’t tag sessions.
    • The limits on the free plan.


    • Free plan limited to 1500 sessions per month.
    • Startup plan – 7500 sessions for $31 per month.
    • Business plan – 25000 sessions for $79 per month.
    • Ultimate plan – is custom-made for clients.

    Rating: G2 – 4.7 out of 5 stars from 624 reviews.



    Ptengine takes analytics to new heights. They want to show you exactly why users leave your site, and they do this through powerful analytics and a great understanding of marketing. Their task is to personalize user experiences, and they do this through a website content editor, triggers, inline pop-ups, sticky bars, surveys and a welcome mat. They also provide easy to use pre-built templates and can segment users and automate triggers. Understanding users or site visitors is paramount to conversions and repeat business.

    Screenshot of Ptengine Heat Mapping Tool Homepage


    • A range of heat mapping tools.
    • Visitor segmentation.
    • Insights to drive users through your funnel.
    • Perfect for team collaboration.
    • Great testing facility for new campaigns.
    • A/B testing.
    • Integrated with company CRM and other apps.
    • Designed for SMBs and large business.


    • Performance and speed of heat maps can be a bit faster.


    • The free plan is for 3000 page views.
    • Growth plan is $49 per month.
    • You must request a price for the Premium plan.

    Rating: Capterra – 4.7 from 3 reviews.


    Final Thoughts and Our Top Two Picks

    Heat mapping is an extremely useful tool to streamline your site and boost your conversions. Understanding your site visitors and improving their experience is key to upping your conversion rate.

    All the heat mapping tools we have reviewed here are great options. However, two stood out to us as being particularly useful and effective tools. Here are our two top picks:

    Top pick #1: Mouseflow because of its range of heat maps and real-time viewing ability. Tracking user interactions and behavior seems to be a walk in the park for them, which counts at the end of the day. Seeing how users react to sign-ups and forms is another plus point. All around, Mouseflow have their ducks in a row.

    Top pick #2: SmartLook because of its reach into the mobile app sector, a huge market. Their detailed analytics on user behavior is top-notch. Their focus on understanding users to better deliver solutions to improve conversion rates is exactly what heat mapping tools should do.


    Capterra: Heatmap Software Reviews

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    Hubspot: How To Analyze Your Websites Heat Map

    Research Gate: UX Heatmaps: Mapping User Experience on Visual Interfaces

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get started with using heat mapping tools?

    Find a heat mapping tool you feel will fit your needs and your budget and trial it out to see how it works for you. Most platforms will provide you with tutorials and demos to get you started. Check out our review of the best heat mapping tools to use in 2024 to find the best option for you.

    How can you tell if users are on your site just to compare pricing and services?

    You're so right; so many people browse sites looking at prices, but the trick is to capture them on your site and get them to switch to taking an action. This can be achieved with analytics, heat mapping tools and a very attractive funnel that makes your mind up for you. Check out the full review for more info on how heat mapping can help you turn traffic into conversions.

    What makes heat maps special?

    Heat maps allow you to see the traffic flow on your website, and they pinpoint high traffic areas and problem areas. This allows you to modify your site and remove the clutter, so users have an enjoyable experience. This translates to higher conversions and revenue. Check out the full review for more info on why heat maps are so valuable.