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15 B2B Cold Email Templates: Achieve Results in 2024 with Our Top Picks [Based on Real Cold Email Analysis]

By Adrienne Bosch Last updated: 27 minute read Marketing Guides

Cold email campaigns are tricky at the best of times, and most cold emails hardly make a dent.

With only a 1%-5% open rate, it’s essential for your email content to be on point!

But what does that mean, exactly?

It all comes down to the quality of your content, from your subject line to the body of your email and your CTA.  

So, how do you write a good B2B cold email? How should you structure your email to encourage action? What are the best practices to follow?

A quick search will give you dozens of generic answers to these questions.

The real question is, what do the experts say? And what do they do to achieve real results?   

For this guide, we partnered with the experts at Woodpecker, a leading cold email outreach platform.

They’ve shared their insider perspective on the most effective tactics for B2B cold emailing based on their expertise, extensive real-life experience, and the data from thousands of successful B2B cold email campaigns.  

Today, we’re covering everything you need to know about drafting an excellent cold email for B2B outreach – best practices for B2B cold emailing, how to structure a cold email, and the best B2B cold email templates to use for different campaigns.


Let’s dive right into crafting great cold emails for B2B marketing!

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    How to Structure a Cold Email: Best Practices

    When it comes to B2B cold emails, having a well-structured message is essential for capturing your recipient’s attention and driving them to take action.

    There are dozens of structures you can use, and the best one depends on your industry, niche, and target audience. It’s essential to tailor your approach to ensure maximum effectiveness.

    Woodpecker, an industry-leading cold email solution, has provided us with expert insights into the complexities of cold email structuring and best practices. With data from hundreds of campaigns, they deeply understand which structures work best for different situations.

    email-open-rate-by-day-of-week Infographic
    Source: Super Office

    While there are dozens of different formats and templates to use, there are two best practices that have a huge impact on the success of your cold email campaigns:

    • Mastering the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework; and
    • Writing compelling B2B cold email subject lines

    Let’s take a look at these in more detail, and then we will move on to the rest of the best practices to follow when you’re drafting your outreach emails.

    Use the AIDA Framework: The Foundation of a Persuasive Cold Email

    The AIDA framework encompasses attention, interest, desire, and action and is a comprehensive roadmap for constructing captivating and persuasive cold emails.

    By understanding each element, you can effectively engage your recipients and guide them toward taking the desired action.

    Let’s delve deeper into the components of the AIDA framework:


    Begin your email with a captivating opener immediately grabs the recipient’s attention. This could be a thought-provoking question, a bold statement, or a personalized introduction that resonates with their specific pain points or interests.


    Once you have their attention, generating interest by highlighting the value and benefits you offer is crucial. Support your claims about how your product or service addresses challenges or fulfills needs by offering tangible examples or social proof.


    After capturing their interest, it’s time to pique their desire by vividly showing your solution’s benefits. Use compelling storytelling, case studies, or testimonials to showcase the transformation your previous clients have experienced by working with you.


    The final step is to guide your recipient toward taking action. Clearly state the next steps you want them to take, whether scheduling a call, downloading a resource, or arranging a meeting. Make it simple for them to respond by including a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your email.

    Check out this video by Alex Berman for more on using the ADIA method for your cold email template:

    Craft Compelling Subject Lines: The Gateway to Your Email

    Before your recipient opens your email, they need to be enticed by a compelling subject line, as 33% of email recipients open an email based on only the subject line.

    Here are some cold email subject line best practices to consider:

    • Be concise: Keep your subject line short and sweet. Aim for 4-7 words to keep it scannable and attention-grabbing.
    • Personalization: To demonstrate relevance and increase the likelihood of your email being opened, tailor your subject line to the recipient’s needs, industry, or pain points.
    • Use Curiosity and Intrigue: Create a sense of curiosity or intrigue that compels the recipient to open your email to satisfy their curiosity. Pose a question or offer a compelling statistic to entice them to learn more.
    • Avoid spam triggers: Avoid using all-caps, excessive punctuation, or trigger words that may set off spam filters. Rather than resorting to artificial or exaggerated language, use a natural tone that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your intended audience.

    Once you’ve captured your recipient’s attention with a compelling subject line, it’s time to focus on the body of your email.

    reasons-for-opening-emails infographic
    Source: New Old Stamp

    Tips and Best Practices to Draft Killer Cold Email Copy

    Here are a few best practices to remember when writing the body of your cold email:

    Make it Personal

    Personalization has a significant impact on cold email open rates.

    Tailor your message to each recipient by including their name, company, or any relevant information you have gathered.

    Personalization helps establish a connection and demonstrates that you’ve done your research.

    Keep It Concise and Easy to Read

    Brevity is vital when it comes to cold emails.

    Keep your message concise, focusing on the most relevant information. Long paragraphs can overwhelm your recipient and decrease the likelihood of them reading the entire email.

    Clearly Communicate Your Value Proposition

    Highlight the unique value and benefits you offer.

    Effectively articulate how your product or service targets explicitly and resolve the recipient’s pain points or challenges.

    Utilize tangible examples and measurable metrics to illustrate the anticipated outcomes and benefits they can anticipate to communicate your value proposition clearly.

    Vary Your Approach and Test the Results

    Experiment with different subject lines, messaging, or timing for follow-up emails. A fresh approach can pique your recipient’s interest and increase the likelihood of a response.

    Use A/B testing to find out which elements have the most impact and adjust your tactics accordingly.

    Here is a nice guide on A/B testing for email campaigns by Woodpecker:

    Establish Credibility

    Build trust by showcasing social proof, such as testimonials, case studies, or awards. This helps validate your claims and instill confidence in your expertise.

    Include a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA): Guide your recipient towards the desired action by including a clear and concise CTA.

    Whether scheduling a call, requesting a demo, or downloading a resource, make it easy for them to take the next step.

    Be Concise and to the Point

    Keep your CTA concise, avoiding unnecessary fluff or elaboration. Ideally, it should fit within a single sentence.

    While it’s essential to be concise, ensure that your CTA doesn’t come across as curt or abrupt. Strike a balance between brevity and politeness to maintain a professional and respectful tone.

    Use Action-Oriented Language

    Frame your CTA using action-oriented language that encourages your prospects to act. Use strong verbs and phrases that convey a sense of urgency or excitement.

    For example, instead of saying, “If you’re interested, let me know,” you could say, “Claim your spot now,” or “Take the next step towards success.”

    By instilling a sense of urgency and emphasizing the benefits of acting, you can motivate your prospects to respond promptly.

    Make It Easy to Follow Through

    Eliminate any potential barriers or hurdles that might discourage your prospects from taking action.

    Provide clear instructions and make it as simple as possible for them to comply with your request.

    Include any necessary links or attachments directly in the email, and ensure that any required information is easily accessible and readily available.

    The smoother the process, the more likely your prospects will be to follow through.

    Prospecting has gotten harder recently, why - infographic
    Source: HubSpot

    Now that we’ve covered the essential best practices, let’s explore a range of practical and best B2B email marketing templates:

    15 B2B Cold Email Templates

    There are dozens of different cold email formats available, and choosing the right one comes down to finding the one that aligns best with your business, your goals, and your audience.

    With that (and the best practices above) in mind, let’s take a look at the best B2B cold email templates to choose from:

    1. The AIDA Cold Email Template

    The AIDA Framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is a widely used marketing technique that aims to guide prospects by capturing their attention, building interest, creating desire, and ultimately leading them to action. This template follows the AIDA Framework to engage and persuade prospects effectively.

    Best for: B2B businesses in various industries, especially those offering innovative products or services.

    When to use: When crafting cold emails for lead generation, product/service promotions, or increasing sales.

    Example of an AIDA Cold Email Template

    Subject Line: Discover the Secret to [Desirable Outcome]

    Hi [Prospect’s Name],

    Are you tired of [a specific problem] holding you back from [a desirable outcome]? It’s time to break free and unlock the door to a brighter future.

    Introducing [Your product or service], the groundbreaking solution that has revolutionized [industry or field]. Our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology have helped countless individuals like you achieve a desirable outcome.

    Imagine a life where [Specific Benefit 1] and [Specific Benefit 2] Our product or service is designed to make that vision a reality. It’s time to embrace the possibilities and seize the opportunity for positive change.

    Now, here’s the exciting part: we’re offering an exclusive opportunity for you to experience the power of [Your product or service] firsthand. Please use our limited-time offer and [Call to Action: Sign up, Try for Free, Schedule a Demo, etc.].

    Don’t let [Specific Problem] continue to hold you back!

    All the best,

    [Your Name]

    [Your Position]

    [Your Company]

    [Contact Information]

    AIDA-framework Infographic
    Source: Cloutly

    2. The ‘Share Expert Knowledge’ Cold Email Template

    This is one of Woodpecker’s meticulously designed cold email templates, crafted by their seasoned team of cold email outreach veterans.

    The “Share Expert Knowledge” template is a true game-changer. Providing a solution and sharing priceless insights gleaned from years of experience acknowledges the widespread issue that most companies face, gets right to the point, and establishes you as a respected authority.

    Best for: B2B companies in a specific industry (e.g., technology, finance, healthcare) that are facing a common problem or challenge.

    When to use: Once you already have an established company with a good track record.

    Example of the ‘Share Expert Knowledge’ Template

    Subject Line: Struggling with [PROBLEM]?

    Hi [First Name],

    I know from experience that this problem is an issue for most companies in [the industry] today.

    If you’re dealing in [Industry], I know just how you feel. I’ve been working with organizations to solve this problem for six years.

    As a [your role] at [your company], I’ve seen this problem from the inside and learned how to solve it.

    I recently published a free guide that walks you through the best ways to solve a problem. You can download it here.

    If I can help out with any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to ask.

    What makes it good?

    Right to the point, the sender knows that the recipient is in a relevant industry.

    The challenge or problem we’re talking about is clear.

    Offer of help

    Offer of follow-up support

    3. The ‘4-Ts Format’ (Truth, Think, Third-parties, Talk) Template

    This template designed by the Woodpecker team follows the 4-Ts format, guaranteeing outstanding results.

    Start a conversation by addressing the challenge directly with a “Truth” sentence, prompting thoughts with a “Think” sentence, and establishing credibility through “Third-party validation.” Conclude with a compelling “Talk” sentence, inviting further discussion.

    Best for: B2B companies in a less populated industry.

    When to use: When starting out, as you can more easily personalize cold emails to connect better with prospects.

    Example of the ‘4-Ts Format’ Cold Email Template

    Subject Line: [Customized Subject Line]

    Hi [First Name],

    I heard through the grapevine that your catering company is almost always late delivering your meals. What do your employees think about having lunch an hour later than they would like to?

    I’m guessing that it disrupts their day a bit. Also, when you’re hungry, you’re not working at your best, are you?

    This is where we can help – with healthy, personalized catering as part of your employee benefits program, delivered on time daily.

    We already deliver to three other companies in your building, and they love us — I can put you in touch if you want to hear everything straight from them.

    Can I send a menu over so you can at least think about what you might have for lunch tomorrow?

    4. The ‘Offering Recruiting Services’ Cold Email Template

    Woodpecker’s team developed this template specifically to address rising labor shortages and hyper-competitive hiring landscape in the business world.

    As businesses increasingly seek B2B services to tackle their hiring challenges, we understand the critical nature of this mission and the significant pain it causes for many companies.

    However, amidst this challenge lies a tremendous opportunity for those who can skillfully craft a persuasive recruiting message. Unlock the potential with Woodpecker’s template and seize the opportunity to create impactful connections in the realm of hiring and recruitment.

    Best for: B2B companies wanting to target staffing problems for other companies.

    When to use: When scaling up growth and client bases.

    Example of the ‘Offering Recruiting Services’ Template

    Subject Line: I can solve your staffing problems

    Hi [First Name],

    I may be off base, but I’m guessing that finding the right people to join the [Company] team is one of your biggest problems.

    How would I know that? I’ve worked with other companies in [Industry] to solve their staffing challenges, and I know it’s something that nearly everyone is dealing with.

    The competition for the best candidates is intense, and if you can find just fifteen minutes for me, I can show you how [Company] can gain an edge.

    Is ensuring your ability to grow and be successful worth a short chat?

    5. The ‘Authentic Connection’ Cold Email Template

    Feel free to customize this template to make it your own. Personalize it by adding specific details about how you found them or any shared interests you discovered.

    The goal is to establish an authentic relationship with the prospect and be directed to the right person, even if it’s not the initial contact.

    Best for: B2B companies in a less populated industry.

    When to use: When starting out, as you can more easily personalize cold emails to connect better with prospects.

    Example of the Authentic Connection Cold Email Template

    Subject Line: [Name], could you lend a hand?

    Hey [First Name],

    I’m [Your Name], leading the business development efforts at [Your Company]. We’ve recently launched an exciting new platform called [One-Sentence Pitch.

    I’m reaching out to connect with someone at [Company] who handles [Relevant Area]. I did some research and stumbled upon your online profile. It seems like you might be the right person to chat with, or perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

    If it’s you, would you be open to a quick fifteen-minute call on [Date and Time] to explore how our [Company Name] platform can specifically benefit your business? If you’re not the right contact, please introduce me to the appropriate person.

    I really appreciate your assistance!

    Best Regards,

    [Your Name]

    6. Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) Cold Email Template

    This template is highly effective because it combines a friendly, engaging tone with a focus on the prospect’s pain points. Addressing the frustrating and costly nature of the problem resonates with the prospect on an emotional level.

    The template then offers a solution, presenting the company as the partner to eliminate or reduce the problem, creating a sense of relief and capturing the prospect’s interest.

    Best for: B2B companies in an industry with a lot of competition, e.g., Fintech.

    When to use: When trying to grow an already established customer base.

    Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) Infographic
    Source: Venngage

    Example of a Cold Email Template in the Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) Format

    Subject Line: Say Goodbye to [Problem] and Hello to Smooth Sailing!

    Hey [Prospect’s Name],

    Do you know what’s truly frustrating, irritating, and costly? Dealing with those pesky obstacles and challenges that seem to come out of nowhere But fear not! We’ve got your back when it comes to tackling the problem head-on.

    Are you tired of [the problem] causing unnecessary headaches and throwing a wrench in your plans? It’s time to bid farewell to those pesky roadblocks and sail toward smooth sailing.

    Imagine a world where [the problem] no longer holds you hostage. Our extraordinary [product or service] has been specially crafted to kick [Problem] to the curb and give you the hassle-free experience you deserve.

    Wave goodbye to the annoyance and irritation caused by [the problem]. Our solution is here to empower you, help you overcome challenges, and unlock a sea of exciting opportunities.

    [Your Name]

    [Your Company] Team

    7. The ‘Business Development’ Cold Email Template

    The business development email template aims to initiate a conversation and explore potential collaboration opportunities between two companies.

    It is designed to capture the recipient’s attention by highlighting their company’s strengths and achievements while showcasing your company’s expertise and capabilities. So, it’s one of the best B2B email examples to base your outreach email on.

    Best for: B2B companies in a niche industry.

    When to use: When trying to expand growth.

    Example of the Business Development Email Template

    Subject Line: [Company Name] and [Your Company]: Potential Collaboration?

    Hi [First Name],

    I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I represent [Your Company], a [brief description of your company and its expertise].

    I recently came across [Company Name] and was impressed by [specific aspects of their company, such as their products or services, achievements, or industry reputation]. It’s clear that [Company Name] is a leader in [relevant industry or field].

    I believe there could be an excellent opportunity for collaboration between [Company Name] and [Your Company]. As both companies share a common objective or target audience, joining forces could result in mutual growth and success.

    I would love to explore this possibility further with you. Are you available for a brief call next week to discuss potential synergies and how we can support each other? I’m confident that our combined expertise and resources could create exciting possibilities.

    Please let me know a convenient time for you, and I’ll be more than happy to arrange the call. Alternatively, if there’s someone else in your organization who would be better suited for this discussion, please feel free to introduce us.

    Thank you for considering this opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]

    [Your Position]

    [Your Company]

    [Your Contact Information]

    8. Sales Email Template for New Clients

    The sales email template for new clients is designed to introduce your company to potential clients and initiate a conversation about how your products or services can address their specific needs or challenges.

    The template captures the recipient’s interest by highlighting your company’s expertise, credibility, and unique selling points.

    Best for: B2B companies with an already established reputation.

    When to use: When trying to expand growth.

    Example of the Sales Email for New Clients Template

    Subject Line: [First Name], introducing [Your Company]: Your Solution for [Specific Problem or Need]

    Hi [First Name],

    I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I represent [Your Company], a leading provider of [Your Company’s products and services].

    I wanted to reach out and introduce ourselves as a potential solution for [a specific problem or need] that I believe your company may be facing.

    At [Your Company], we specialize in [a brief description of your company’s expertise and unique selling points]. Our proven track record of delivering [results or benefits] to clients in [relevant industry or sector] has established us as a trusted partner.

    I recently came across your company and was impressed by [a specific aspect of their company, such as recent achievements, innovative approach, or industry influence].

    It’s evident that your company is focused on [a shared goal or area of interest], and I believe we could offer valuable support in achieving even greater success.

    I would love to discuss how [Your Company] can address your specific needs and provide a tailored solution.

    I invite you to schedule a call or meeting at your convenience. We can delve deeper into your challenges during our conversation and explore how our expertise can benefit your organization.

    In the meantime, you can check out our website at [Your Website URL] to learn more about our offerings and the success stories of our satisfied clients.

    Thank you for considering [Your Company] as a potential partner. I look forward to working together and helping your company achieve new heights.

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]

    [Your Position]

    [Your Company]

    [Your Contact Information]

    9. The ‘Requesting an Introduction’ Cold Email Template

    The “Requesting for an Introduction” email template is a concise and straightforward approach to seeking assistance connecting with the right person within a target company.

    This template is particularly useful when uncertain about the appropriate contact and want to avoid wasting the recipient’s time.

    Best for: B2B companies with an already established reputation, e.g., in the SaaS industry.

    When to use: When launching a new product or service.

    Example of the Requesting an Introduction Cold Email Template

    Subject Line: Seeking guidance to connect with the right person?

    Hey [First Name],

    I hope this email finds you well. I’m [Your Name] from [Your Company], and we specialize in [briefly describe your company’s work and industry focus]. We’ve had the privilege of working with organizations similar to [Company Name], helping them [insert one-sentence pitch].

    Our unique benefit lies in [highlight one distinctive advantage or outcome your company offers].

    I was wondering if you could kindly direct me to the appropriate person at [Company Name], with whom I could discuss the potential value our solution could bring to their organization.

    Thank you for your time, and I genuinely appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide.

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]

    10. The ‘Looking for Partners’ Cold Email Template

    This partnership template is designed to be concise and impactful, capturing the recipient’s attention without overwhelming them with excessive information.

    It introduces your company’s recent successes with notable brands, adding credibility to the proposal. By mentioning specific partners, you encourage the recipient to conduct their research and further validate your track record.

    Best for: Already established B2B companies looking for partners.

    When to use: When starting out.

    Example of the Looking For Partners Cold Email Template

    Subject Line: Let’s Explore Partnership Opportunities!

    Hi [First Name]

    I came across your profile in [source] and was inspired to discuss potential partnership opportunities based on our shared interests.

    I wanted to highlight that we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with notable brands like [Partner 1], [Partner 2], and [Partner 3] recently, achieving remarkable results.

    As we continue to expand our network of partners in this segment, I believe it would be valuable for us to connect briefly and align our visions. This will help us gauge whether we’re on the same page regarding your goals and aspirations.

    If you’re open to it, I would love to chat briefly to explore potential collaborations between our organizations. Let’s discuss how we can mutually benefit from a partnership.

    Does this sound interesting to you? I would be delighted to hear your thoughts.

    We are looking forward to the possibilities!

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]

    11. The Follow-up Email Template

    The Follow-up Customer Email template aims to re-engage online customers who have been inactive or haven’t completed a purchase. This template is designed to stand out and grab their attention by using a personalized and friendly approach.

    Best for: B2B companies providing online products.

    When to use: When trying to expand customer bases with prospects who have already shown interest in your products.

    Example of a Follow-up Email Template

    Subject Line: We Miss You, [Customer’s Name]! Don’t Miss Out on This Surprise.

    Hi [Customer’s Name],

    You know what? We’ve been missing your presence lately, and we realized something… It’s been a while since you last visited our online store! We genuinely miss having you browse our virtual aisles; we couldn’t let that go without contacting you.

    At [Your Company], we believe in creating extraordinary online experiences for our customers, and you’re one of our absolute favorites. We want to ensure you know just how special you are to us.

    We’ve prepared an exclusive surprise just for you to show our appreciation for your past support and entice you to return.

    Get ready because we’re offering you a mind-blowing [Discount or Special Promotion] on your next online purchase with us. It’s a secret deal we’re keeping just between us!

    Imagine the thrill of rediscovering our virtual shelves, exploring the products you had your eye on, or stumbling upon something completely new and fabulous.

    We can’t wait to help you find that perfect item to bring joy and excitement to your digital doorstep.

    We genuinely value your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can make your online experience even more remarkable.

    Our dedicated team is here to assist you, answer any questions, or have a friendly chat.

    Hurry back to [Your Company’s Website], and let’s make some digital magic happen.

    Warm regards,

    [Your Name]

    [Your Position]

    [Your Company]

    [Contact Information]

    12. Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Cold Email Template

    The Before-After-Bridge (BAB) template aims to captivate the prospect’s imagination by presenting the contrast between their current struggle (before) and the desired outcome (after) using your product or service.

    The template then bridges the gap by introducing your company as the solution to their problem.

    Best for: B2B companies providing products.

    When to use: When trying to expand customer bases quickly.

    Before-after-bridge Infographic
    Source: Simplified

    Example of a Cold Email Template in the Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Format

    Subject Line: Imagine a Better [Specific Area]—Your Transformation Starts Now!

    Hi [Prospect’s Name],

    Are you tired of struggling with [a specific area problem]? With [Your Company], you can enter a world where [Specific Area Solution] It’s time to make that transformation a reality.

    Imagine the frustrations of dealing with [a specific area problem]. It’s like navigating a maze with no clear path forward, leaving you overwhelmed and discouraged.

    Now, envision conquering [the specific area problem]. It’s a life-changing transformation that empowers you, unlocks your potential, and propels you towards success.

    At [Your Company], we specialize in bridging that gap. Our [product or service] is designed to solve [a specific area problem] and deliver remarkable results. It has helped countless individuals transform their [Specific Area] from struggle to triumph.

    Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our delighted customers have to say:

    • [Customer Testimonial 1]
    • [Customer Testimonial 2]
    • [Customer Testimonial 3]

    Now it’s your turn to experience this incredible transformation. Sign up now for a [Free trial, consultation, or demo] of our [product or service] and embark on your journey to a better [Specific Area].

    Kind regards,

    [Your Name]

    [Your Position]

    [Your Company]

    13. The ‘Mention a Competitor’s Product’ Cold Email Template

    The Mention a Competitor’s Product template is a fantastic choice because it takes a friendly and personalized approach.

    Acknowledging the prospect’s use of a competitor’s product shows genuine interest and attention to detail. It invites an open conversation, welcomes feedback, and sets the stage for a potential partnership, making it a highly effective and engaging template.

    Best for: B2B companies with an already established reputation.

    When to use: When launching a new product.

    Example: Mention a Competitor’s Product Cold Email Template

    Subject Line: Enhancing Your [Specific Area]—Let’s Connect!

    Hey [Prospect’s Name],

    I was browsing through your website and couldn’t help but notice that you’re using [Your Competitor’s Product]. How’s it been working out for you? I wanted to introduce myself as the founder of [Your Company], a [Service] that shares similarities with [Your Competitor’s Product] but with a key differentiator.

    We aim to make [the prospect’s company] even better and more successful. That’s why I’d love to jump on a quick call with you to hear your thoughts and explore how we can collaborate to achieve great things.

    I’m flexible with scheduling, so if [Date and Time] doesn’t work for you, just let me know a time that suits your calendar.

    I look forward to connecting and discussing the exciting possibilities for [the prospect’s company]!

    Warm regards,

    [Your Name]

    [Your Company]

    [Contact Information]

    14. Praise-Picture-Push (PPP) Cold Email Template

    This highly effective template combines genuine praise, a compelling vision, and a call to action. Acknowledging and celebrating the prospect’s recent achievement establishes a positive and personalized connection.

    Painting a vivid picture of the potential future success they could achieve with the help of the product or service creates aspiration and excitement. The template motivates the prospect to take action, urging them to explore how the solution can propel them towards even greater accomplishments. Overall, it captures attention, fosters a sense of possibility, and encourages the prospect to engage further.

    Best for: B2B companies in a niche industry.

    When to use: When starting out and cold email scaling can be more personalized.

    Example of a Cold Email Template in the Praise-Picture-Push (PPP) Format

    Subject Line: Your Remarkable Achievement Deserves a Standing Ovation!

    Hi [Prospect’s Name],

    I couldn’t resist applauding your recent achievement; it’s truly remarkable! Your hard work, dedication, and sheer talent have propelled you to new heights, and I’m genuinely impressed.

    But here’s the exciting part: I’ve envisioned an even brighter future for you, where your accomplishments become the norm and success becomes second nature.

    With our exceptional product or service, you can elevate your performance and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

    Imagine effortlessly surpassing your current achievements, streamlining your processes, and reaching unprecedented milestones.

    Our solution is tailor-made to fuel your ambition and propel you toward extraordinary outcomes.

    This is not the time to rest on your laurels. Let’s harness the momentum and build upon your success.

    I’m eager to discuss how our solution can empower you to achieve even greater feats and break through any remaining barriers.

    Are you ready to take a leap toward ongoing excellence?

    Let’s connect and chart a course toward your continued triumphs.

    Congratulations again on your outstanding achievement! I’m looking forward to celebrating many more milestones together.

     [Your Name]

    [Your Company] Team

    15. The ‘Rock the Boat’ Cold Email Template

    This template is highly effective as it challenges the prospect’s status quo and introduces the idea of exploring new and potentially better ways of doing things. Acknowledging the comfort of familiar routines while emphasizing the benefits of embracing change encourages the prospect of considering alternative solutions.

    The template also offers a valuable proposition by highlighting a game-changing productivity tool that can capture the prospect’s interest and curiosity. It sparks curiosity, creates a sense of urgency to explore new possibilities, and positions the company as a catalyst for improved productivity.

    Best for: B2B companies aiming to focus on the productivity industry.

    When to use: When launching a new product or service.

    Example of the Rock the Boat Cold Email Template

    Subject Line: Discover New Possibilities for Boosting Productivity

    Hi [Prospect’s Name],

    Are you ready to shake things up and explore new horizons for boosting productivity? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m [Your Name] from [Your Company], and we specialize in helping busy executives like you free up time for higher priorities.

    While sticking to familiar routines is comfortable, it can sometimes limit our potential to discover better ways of doing things. That’s why I wanted to reach out and offer you a fresh perspective.

    We’ve encountered a game-changing productivity tool making waves in the industry. It’s designed to revolutionize the way executives like yourself manage their time and maximize efficiency. We believe this tool could be a game-changer for you too.

    I would love to discuss your current productivity tools and showcase what we’re working on. Can we schedule a brief call to dive deeper into this exciting opportunity next week?

    Let’s rock the boat together and uncover new possibilities for enhancing your productivity. Your time is valuable; we’re here to help you make the most of it.

    I look forward to connecting with you!

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]

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    [Contact Information]

    Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Cold Email Templates

    In conclusion, B2B cold email templates provide a valuable resource for professionals looking to enhance their email prospecting strategies.

    Crafting compelling and persuasive cold emails can be challenging, but leveraging proven templates can significantly increase your chances of success.

    To get the inside scoop from the experts on what makes for a truly successful cold email campaign, we consulted with Woodpecker, a leading cold email outreach solution.

    Leaning on their expertise and extensive experience with cold email campaigns, along with the wealth of data they have to work with, we have selected the top cold email templates, frameworks and best practices to include in this guide.

    Armed with this information, it’s time to put it into practice and start crafting compelling B2B cold emails. Remember, success lies in combining strategy, creativity, and persistence.

    Good luck on your journey to achieving remarkable results in your email prospecting endeavors!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I include in a B2B cold marketing email?

    Make your cold email for B2B concise, personalized, and compelling. Introduce yourself and your company, state your mission clearly, and emphasize the value you provide. Include industry insights and success stories, and conclude with a clear call to action, gratitude, and contact information.

    How effective is B2B cold emailing?

    The success rate of B2B cold emails varies widely depending on various factors, such as the quality of the email, the target audience, and the effectiveness of the sender's approach. Industry benchmarks suggest that a typical response rate for B2B cold emails ranges from 1% to 5%. However, it's important to note that success is not solely measured by the response rate. Even if the initial response rate is low, a well-crafted cold email strategy can still lead to meaningful connections, partnerships, or sales over time. It's crucial to continuously analyze and refine your approach to improve the success rate of B2B cold emails.

    How long should a B2B email be?

    For B2B emails, it's recommended to keep the length between 50 and 125 words. Studies have shown that emails within this range have response rates above 50%. When unsure, aim to keep emails concise and under 200 words.

    Is cold emailing marketing or sales?

    Cold emailing falls under the category of outbound sales/marketing, similar to cold calling, door knocking, or sales letters. It is a communication method used in sales prospecting and outreach, serving as a direct touchpoint to reach potential customers.

    Can you send a cold email to a business?

    Yes, you can cold email B2B (business-to-business) contacts as part of your outreach strategy. Cold emailing in the B2B context involves reaching out to potential business clients or decision-makers who may have an interest in your products, services, or partnerships. However, it's important to ensure that your cold emails are personalized, relevant, and provide value to the recipient in order to increase the chances of a positive response.


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