22 Copywriting Software Tools To Craft Killer Copy in 2022

High-quality, persuasive copywriting is an essential marketing component for every business.

But unfortunately, most brands find that their copy doesn’t achieve their desired business objectives. Either because of a lack of powerful copywriting software or just poor copy.

We don’t want that happening for your business. So, we have all the details on what makes an excellent copy, how to create excellent copy, and a review on the best software for research, headlines, and more! 

74% of users pay close attention to grammar and spelling errors on websites they visit. Furthermore, 59% of those users won’t buy from a company with spelling and grammar mistakes in their copy.

And a personalized CTA comprising stellar copy performs 202% better! 

Ultimately, these statistics prove that high-quality content can be the determining factor of whether consumers do business with your brand, an effective method to drive more sales, and significant leverage for intent marketing.

Want killer copy that converts? Let’s get this review started!

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    What Makes Good Copywriting? 

    Various traits form excellent copywriting, such as:

    1. Accuracy. Ensure the information you convey through your copywriting is accurate to avoid spreading false information. Which will make your business look less credible.
    2. Understand what your target audience needs. Find out why people search for your products, how you can better improve their lives, and what the common challenge amongst your target audience is. 
    3. Keyword research. An excellent copy is SEO-optimized and stands a chance to rank high on Google. For keywords find out the search intent, the search volume, and the keyword competition and value. Avoid keywords that have a high competition ranking or low search volume ranking. 
    4. It forms connections. Copy that persuades connects people to certain emotions and experiences. Use elements such as videos, testimonials, and images to create a connection between readers and your products/services.
    5. A phenomenal headline80% of users read headlines, so ensure your headline is concise and piques enough curiosity in your readers for them to want to read the next line. Don’t tell your readers what your content is about through your headline, make it as vague and intriguing as possible so people want to read more. 
    6. Easy-to-understand and concise content. Speak to your readers in a “humanized” way by forgetting the industry jargon and complicated terms. Focus on concisely highlighting what sets your business apart and other important points you want to convey. Cut out excess information that is only going to complicate your message.
    7. Avoid passive voice. Using the passive voice will weaken your message. Instead, use the active voice to persuade your readers to take your desired action. Also, sentences in the active voice improve readability.
    8. Forget weasel words. Don’t use words such as maybe, should, could wish to describe the effectiveness of your product/services. Use powerful and direct words such as will and can. Doing this will convince readers of your products/services’ quality.
    9. Use fantastic media. Never stick with just a text. It’s a bore! Use either images or videos to invoke emotion in your target audience, inform them about your product/service, and establish that connection we spoke about earlier. I’d recommend using videos as 90% of consumers say that videos help them make purchasing decisions. And after watching a video, they are more likely to purchase. 
    10. Use the right copywriting tools. Reduce the risk for human error by choosing copywriting tools that work. Find a tool that works for your budget and your business. Not sure how to do this? We’ll get to that soon!

    Excellent copywriting is more than creating a CTA and a few catchy sentences.

    You need to understand who your target audience is and curate your copy to be accessible (organically and through paid channels), engaging, informative, and triggering.

    Ensure your copy comprises these ten traits for increased engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. 

    5 AI-Powered Copywriting Tools

    1. Anyword

    Anyword is a veteran in the AI copywriting market, and since launching their full AI Copywriting Platform, the startup has released a number of premium, world-class features to help customers reach their marketing goals. Anyword’s powerful AI tool allows users to generate high-potential ad copy, landing pages, product descriptions, blogs, emails, and more! In just a few clicks, you can generate several different copy variations across various platforms and channels.

    Copywriting Tools - Screenshot of the Anyword AI Tool's homepage
    Source: anyword.com

    Anyword also provides a Predictive Performance Score, which gives each copy variation a grade according to its conversion potential. These scores leverage a collection of data backed by millions of dollars of ad spend. The platform also gives you insights on your basic audience demographics, as well as tone and style.

    Main Features

    • Ad Copy Generation (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Native – Outbrain, Taboola)
    • Blog post (generate entire blog post copy, plagiarism free)
    • Landing Page Copy Generation and Continuous Optimization
    • Product Listings (including Amazon, Shopify)
    • Social Post Writing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube)
    • Emails (subject lines, prospecting emails)
    • Multiple Languages Support

    What Customers Say…


    • Easy to use and generate variations.
    • Deep copy analytic and performance prediction.
    • Boost in conversions, CTR, and traffic.
    • Customizable tone and style.
    • Endless stream of idea generation.


    • Some text generations need tweaking.
    • Not enough words allowed for the Starter plan.

    How Anyword Helps You

    Anyword streamlines your content creation process to make it easier for you to generate high-potential ads, landing pages, emails, and more — all in just a few clicks. Whether you’re a copywriter looking for more blog post ideas or an e-commerce site owner hoping to boost sales with effective product descriptions, Anyword’s AI tool has a feature that can help.


    • Free plan: 1000 words/month
    • Data-Driven Basic: $99/month for 30,000 words. 25 languages supported. Available for Blog, Ads, Social, Landing Pages, Emails, Product listings.
    • Data-Driven Unlimited: $399/month. Everything in Data-Driven Basic — plus predictive score and analytics, advanced tools for fine-tuning copy (Power Mode) 5 seats, and unlimited words.
    • Enterprise: Customized per client. Access to everything listed above as well as the ability to use your historical data and brand guidelines to create a customized model for your brand and your audience. 

    Anyword pricing

    Website: anyword.com

    2. Writesonic

    Writesonic’s AI-powered writing tools allow you to generate high-performing ads, blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, content ideas, and a lot more. The tool works in four parts: you choose from the collection of templates they provide, enter a short description of your business or the products, click the generate button to generate a dozen copy variants, and finally launch the particular piece of content you like.

    Writesonic website
    Source: writesonic.com

    The best thing about Writesonic is that it can create high-quality long-form content such as articles and blogs. It works equally well for marketing teams, agencies, ecommerce companies, and individual copywriters looking to speed up their process.

    Main Features

    • Marketing Copy Generation
    • AI Article & Blog Rewriter
    • Article Summarizer
    • Email Writer
    • Grammar Fixer
    • Content Rewriter
    • Content Expander

    What Customers Say…

    • The content it generates is quite reliable and can be used with little proofreading.
    • It automatically checks and fixes grammatical errors.
    • The articles it generates are high-converting ones.
    • They offer a free trial and a way to earn free credits.
    • The tool only accepts PayPal payments and not Visa.
    • The templates it provides are very limited.

    How Writesonic Helps You

    Writesonic helps you become a pro writer in no time. You don’t have to spend time researching and looking for new content ideas. The tool does everything for you instantly. You don’t have to fight with your creative block anymore as the tool not only gives you ideas to start with but also content you can fully rely on and directly use.


    • Free Trial: Available
    • Starter: $11.25/month
    • Professional: $40.05/month
    • Business: $202.05/month
    Writesonic pricing
    Source: writesonic.com

    Website: https://writesonic.com/

    3. Copy.ai

    Copy.ai saves you a lot of time from generating content ideas organically and speeds up the process with its AI-powered content generator. It can create multiple types of content including headlines, blog intros, product descriptions, and a lot more. The software has team collaboration features and can translate your content into more than 25 languages automatically.

    Copy.ai website
    Source: copy.ai

    All you need to do to generate content is enter the brand name and a couple of sentences explaining what the business does. The tool then uses this information to create 10 different variations of the content you require. You may run the tool multiple times to get new ideas.

    Main Features

    • Content Ideas Generator
    • Sales & Ad Copies Generator
    • Social Media Content Generator
    • Language Translator
    • Premium Community

    What Customers Say…

    • The platform provides a 7-day free trial without a credit card.
    • 24/7 email support is available from the company.
    • You get unlimited runs in the paid plans.
    • Team collaboration tools let multiple people work on the same project simultaneously.
    • The long-form content it generates needs significant edits.
    • Generating longer content can take some time.

    How Copy.ai Helps You 

    With Copy.ai, you don’t have to worry about your writer’s block at all. No matter where you are stuck, it will always have something to pull you out of that. Plus, the access to the premium community it provides helps you get your queries answered and learn from other people in the same position as you.


    • Free Trial: 7 Days
    • Solo: $35/month
    • Multiple Seats: Custom Pricing
    Copy.ai pricing

    Website: https://www.copy.ai/

    4. Copy Shark

    Copy Shark allows you to create strong, high-converting content with a single click. It supports ad copies, product descriptions, sales copies, blog paragraphs, video scripts, and a lot more.

    Copy Shark website
    Source: copyshark.ai

    The software supports more than 20 languages and provides solutions for marketers and writers who want to improve their copies and speed up the process. It has more than 50 copywriting tools that cover almost all types of online content there is. This makes Copy Shark a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for generating content automatically.

    Main Features

    • Ad Copy Generation
    • Product Descriptions for eCommerce
    • Video Scripts Generator
    • Multiple Language Support
    • Email Subject Lines
    • Landing Page Content Creation

    What Customers Say…

    • The tool is much affordable as compared to its counterparts.
    • The tool is KPI driven and creates high converting copies.
    • The interface is simple to operate and you don’t require much learning.
    • Its 50+ content generation tools make it a comprehensive AI solution.
    • Cancelling the subscription can be a little buggy at times.
    • The customer service is unresponsive at times.

    How Copy Shark Helps You 

    Copy Shark helps users by speeding up the process of content creation and creating multiple descriptions that don’t require a lot of proofreading or editing. The tool is simple yet powerful and uses Open AI’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence for all of its content generation algorithms.


    • Premium Monthly: $29
    • Annual: $299
    Copy Shark pricing
    Source: copyshark.ai

    Website: https://www.copyshark.ai/

    5. Copysmith

    Copysmith.ai is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can create high-converting ads, product descriptions, and other short-form content within no time. The machine-learning algorithm of the tool is trained on high-performing copies which means that it knows exactly the recipe for copies with a high conversion rate.

    Copysmith screenshot

    The software isn’t the best with long-form content but does great in rewriting content and generating new content ideas. You can instantly write taglines, ad copies, sales pitches, and product descriptions. Additionally, the software allows team collaboration so multiple members can work on the same content simultaneously.

    Main Features

    • Content Rewriter
    • Product Descriptions
    • Content Ideas Generator
    • Built-in Templates
    • Chrome Extension
    • Shopify Integration

    What Customers Say…

    • It gives good starting points to expand and grow content on websites, email marketing campaigns, and ads.
    • It creates content at an extremely high speed.
    • You can easily import and export CSVs.
    • You can collaborate with your teammates directly on Copysmith.
    • The long-form content it generates isn’t very reliable.
    • The tool is more of an assistant for copywriters and can’t be solely relied upon.

    How Copysmith Helps You

    Copysmith makes the copywriting process much faster as you always have something to begin with. It helps ecommerce business owners generate product descriptions for hundreds of products instantly which, otherwise, might take weeks to do. Similarly, marketers can generate their brand communication and advertisers can create copies just by pressing a few buttons.


    • Free Trial: Available
    • Starter: $19/month
    • Professional: $59/month
    • Teams: $118/month
    • Enterprise: Custom Pricing
    Copysmith pricing

    6 Copywriting Software: Research Tools

    1. KWFinder by Mangools

    KWFinder is a comprehensive keyword research and analysis tool developed by Mangools. It can be of great help for copywriters in selecting the right keywords to incorporate into their ad copies.

    Source: kwfinder.com

    Using KWFinder, you can conduct research on certain topics by keywords or by domain. The report that is generated gives information on search volumes, CPC, PPC, and a lot more. This can help you make more informed decisions about selecting keywords and prioritizing them in your copies.

    KWFinder also gives you keyword ideas and suggestions revolving around the topics you want to write on. You can incorporate these suggestions into your copywriting for even better results.

    The complete suite of features KWFinder offers for copywriters includes,

    • Search Volume and Keyword Metrics
    • Google Suggest Keyword Source
    • Competitors’ Keyword Analysis
    • Local Keyword Search
    • Hidden Long Tail Keyword Search
    • SERP Analysis and SEO Metrics
    • Keyword Lists Organizer

    What Customers Say…

    • KWFinder can help identify targeted results where you can carve out a valuable page ranking for the long haul.
    • Storing keywords using the list function makes it very simple to go back and target related content ideas.
    • The tool is much more affordable than some of the major players in the market, yet provides equally good results.
    • The clean, colorful, and intuitive UI makes it very appealing to the users.
    • Can be a great help for newbie copywriters who do not have access to a lot of research tools.
    • Occasionally, some of the keyword metrics seem to be off when compared to more higher-priced products.
    • The basic subscription plan is very limited and includes only 100 keyword searches per day.

    How KWFinder Helps You

    The way KWFinder brings everything related to keyword research on a single platform is very convenient for marketers who do not have the time or resources to use multiple apps. Besides, the in-depth analysis it provides even beats the Google Keyword Planner at times.

    KWFinder really does a great job for copywriters in giving them the direction for their copies and identifying topics and keywords they need to incorporate for best results. 


    • Free Trial – 10 Days
    • Mangools Basic – $49/month
    • Mangools Premium – $69/month
    • Mangools Agency – $129/month
    Source: kwfinder.com

    Website: https://kwfinder.com/

    2. SEMrush

    SEMrush is a SaaS that helps businesses establish and develop a stellar online reputation amongst multiple channels. 

    SEMrush can help conduct in-depth research on important copywriting metrics such as search volumes, trends, number of related keyword suggestions, and information on keyword value for both organic and paid searches.

    You can simply enter your website and the SEMrush researcg tool will conduct detailed analysis and share the report with you.

    Copywriting software_SEMRUSH
    Source: semrush.com

    Besides your own website, you can also conduct research on your competitors’ websites. You can see their rankings, the keywords they use, and other content ideas. This way you can draw comparisons and understand their strategies closely. You might even want to duplicate some of the stuff that works for them as it might work for you as well.

    Additionally, there are countless refined features that SEMrush offers for copywriting, such as:

    • SEO audits
    • Keyword research
    • Content ideas
    • Real-time metrics for content
    • Track brand mentions
    • Competitor promotion strategies
    • Website analytics
    • And SO much more!

    What Customers Say…

    • A well-rounded platform that provides everything you need for day-to-day marketing operations. 
    • Social media tool is highly insightful and visually engaging to analyze. 
    • This software provides notifications for algorithm changes.
    • Website audits are easy to execute.
    • Reporting features are extensive and clear. 
    • Off-page SEO functions need attention.
    • Very limited features for lower price plans.
    • The user interface isn’t intuitive. 

    How SEMrush Helps You

    Offering more than just copywriting functions, SEMrush help’s your business execute all its everyday operations. 

    From the data functions to the marketing features, SEMrush is an ideal solution for businesses that need an all-in-one platform to house their essential marketing functions.


    • The Pro plan is $199.95 p/m.
    • The Guru plan is $229.95 p/m.
    • The Business plan is $449.95 p/m. 
    SEMRUSH Pricing
    Source: semrush.com

    Free trial: 7-day free trial 


    3. UberSuggest 

    Created by Neil Patel, one of the world’s most renowned SEO and digital marketing experts, UberSuggest is a refined research tool for SEO and trends.

    UberSuggest reveals the SERP rankings and search results amongst much more about your competitors. And they provide you with keyword suggestions, content ideas based on trending topics, and backlink data too!

    What Customers Say…

    • Evergreen hashtags and keywords for social media. 
    • Pricing is highly affordable, especially for small businesses. 
    • Any user can quickly become affiliated with this software.
    • The word cloud helps users visualize keyword ideas.
    • Metrics are simplified and insightful.
    • A tonne of training material for SEO is available such as worksheets, videos, and Q&A calls. 
    • A few search limitations for certain target markets. 
    • Users can’t export data reports. 

    How UbserSuggest Helps You

    UberSuggest is an all-in-one SEO platform that makes SEO simpler.

    Because of the vast amount of training material available and responsive, practical features, you don’t need technical knowledge on SEO.

    And the in-depth competitive analysis, keyword insights, and content ideas, make it almost impossible to create a poor copy using UberSuggest.  


    • The Individual plan for $12 p/m.
    • The Business plan for $20 p/m.
    • The Enterprise/Agency plan for $40 p/m.

    Free trial: 7-day free trial 

    Website: app.neilpatel.com

    4. BuzzSumo 

    BuzzSumo is a favorable tool for copywriting research and is established as one tool housing four principal components: 

    1. Discovery: Browse through high-performing content for inspiration on what’s trending. 
    2. Research: Identify top content formats that your audience responds to, run competitor analysis, and compare up to 5 years of content. And you can access backlinks! 
    3. Influencers: To choose the right influencers, you can search influencers by the content they share, scan millions of influencers, focus on influencers with the most engagement, and more! 
    4. Monitoring: Track your competitors, discover evergreen stories in your niche, track influential blogs, monitor mentions of your brand for faster responses, and more! 

    What Customers Say…

    • Fully-fledged copywriting research tool. 
    • Real-time tracking and analytics data are accurate. 
    • Features are well-performing and in-depth. 
    • Search for evergreen hashtags. 
    • The software has an intuitive and clear design. 
    • The abundance of features can be overwhelming. 
    • Navigation is a bit confusing.
    • Pricing is too steep for most businesses. 

    How BuzzSumo Helps You

    The in-depth, professional features are what every copywriter needs as their toolkit. 

    Using BuzzSumo, you can execute your influencer marketing strategy, deliver content aligned with your target audience and optimize your SEO. Plus, you can track all the data you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

    With this software, you won’t be missing out on anything! 


    • The Pro plan for $99 p/m.
    • The Plus plan for $179 p/m.
    • The Large plan for $299 p/m.
    • The Enterprise plan for $499+ p/m.

    Free trial: 30-day free trial 

    Website: buzzsumo.com

    5. SocialAnimal 

    SocialAnimal is all about providing their users with detailed insights into the number of keywords and words of articles, your keyword performance, the ideal time to publish your posts, and more.

    This copywriting software also allows you to find top influencers with the highest engagement. And they monitor your competitors for you. 

    What Customers Say…

    • This copywriting software offers all the essentials for curating excellent copy. 
    • Features and functionality are like BuzzSumo, but this software is just cheaper. 
    • Keyword results are up to date. 
    • The influencer feature is easy to use and convenient. 
    • Content and topics they suggest are personalized to your business and industry. 
    • The filter feature needs improvement. 
    • The software is still in Beta mode. 

    How SocialAnimal Helps You

    The simplicity and advanced functionality of SocialAnimal leaves no need to integrate third-party software.

    Finding trending topics and competitive keywords is seamless. And the automated features give you more time to focus on other aspects of your copywriting. Rather than monitoring your competitors and audience yourself.


    • The Blogger plan for $41 p/m.
    • The Agency plan for $166 p/m.
    • The Enterprise plan for $416 p/m.

    Free trial: 30-day free trial 

    Website: socialanimal.com

    6. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

    Hubspot’s blog topic generator provides you with trending blog article topics within seconds. If you’ve been facing the challenge of not knowing what to write and what your audience will respond to, this is the ideal copywriting software for you.

    All you need to do is enter a noun and click “Add”. You can add up to 5 different nouns for varied blog ideas! 

    What Customers Say…

    • Quick and easy way to get trending blog topics. 
    • No sign-up or login is needed to use this software.
    • Software is completely free.
    • Clear user-interface. 
    • No advanced features. Such as content ideas, competitor analysis, and performance tracking. 

    How Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator Helps You

    Always staying ahead of what’s trending can be challenging. But this software makes it effortless.

    Being able to generate up to 5 blog topics at once is efficient. And although this is not a fully-equipt research tool, it’s a substantial addition to your toolkit! 


    • It’s FREE!

    Free trial: No 

    Website: hubspot.com

    6 Copywriting Software to Perfect Your Writing

    1. Coschedule

    Coschedule is a project management software designed specifically for marketers, that provides features that can be of great help in improving your webpage copies. Some of the most important features of Coschedule include,

    • Headline Analyzer
    • Marketing Calendar
    • Social Media Scheduling
    • Social Media Automation
    • Email Marketing
    • Workflow Management
    Source: coschedule.com

    The Marketing Calendar is particularly of great help for copywriting teams. It allows you to visualize, schedule, and share your marketing plans in the form of a calendar. You can manage your day-to-day content plan here and show your performance to the higher-ups. Besides, you can easily drag and drop project in and out of the calendar to keep things organized and on schedule.

    The Headline Analyzer evaluates your headlines on a series of different metrics including the word balance, sentiment, clarity, reading grade level, skimmability, word count, and heading type. This helps you point out specific mistakes in your copies and improve on them for better results.

    What Customers Say…

    • The 14-day free trial is an excellent way of reviewing and testing everything Coschedule has to offer without the need of giving credit information.
    • The calendar is very user-friendly and keeps your content work on track at all times.
    • You can automate social media posts and schedule your content to be shared automatically.
    • The tool improves collaboration on copywriting tasks such that the progress of each member can be tracked and mistakes can be pointed out and fixed.
    • The scheduling tool can be glitchy and demands some effort in terms of learning how to operate it properly.
    • It is fairly expensive for copywriter and bloggers just starting out with their content work.

    How Coschedule Helps You

    With so many automation and scheduling features available, Coschedule essentially acts as your virtual assistant. The amount of time you are able to save when using Coschedule for managing your copywriting teams is exceptional.

    It really makes your job easy and enables you to write copies that deliver results.


    • Free Trial – 14 Days
    • Marketing Calendar Only – $29/month
    • Full Marketing Suite – Custom Pricing (Contact Sales)
    Source: coschedule.com

    Website: https://coschedule.com/

    2. Grammarly 

    When I stepped into copywriting, the name-Grammarly was buzzing. It was every copywriter’s go-to option for a professional grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker.

    Grammarly allows you to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, adjust your tone, and much more to craft copy that is engaging, concise, grammatically flawless, and clear.

    You can upload documents or copy and paste text to have Grammarly scan it and prompt real-time suggestions. For every document, they score you out of 100 based on your correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

    The higher to 100 you are, the better your copy!

    What Customers Say…

    • Real-time correcting with explanations to improve your writing. 
    • Highly accurate system. 
    • Users can click on words to find synonyms. 
    • Users can adjust the unique characteristics of the text. This includes tone and knowledge level for each document.
    • You can export edited drafts.
    • Plagiarism checker included! 
    • The free version is limiting.
    • Grammarly aggressively advertises upgrading to you.

    How Grammarly Helps You

    This copywriting software is a highly advanced editing tool that will ensure you deliver high-quality, professional content.

    For any copy objective, Grammarly has you covered with accurate grammar solutions and in-depth suggestions.

    Plus, you never have to worry about plagiarized copy because of their built-in plagiarism checker!


    • A free plan is available.
    • The Premium plan starts at $29.95 p/m.
    • The Business plan starts at $25 p/m.

    Free trial: 7-day free trial  

    Website: grammarly.com

    3. Wordable 

    In a nutshell, Wordable is copywriting software that allows you to export your blog articles effortlessly from Google Docs to WordPress. 

    Copywriting software_Wordable
    Source: wordable.io

    You can draft your blog article in Google Docs like usual. Export the document and import it to your WordPress account. Wordable neatly transfers all the format and coding. And they automatically add the images to your media library!

    What Customers Say…

    • They handle the vast majority of coding after you’ve exported it to WordPress. 
    • Functions for multiple WordPress sites. 
    • Saves you an insane amount of time!
    • Users have reported the software being buggy and clunky. 

    How Wordable Helps You

    So you can spend more time focusing on other facets of your marketing, Wordable makes it convenient to transfer blog articles directly to WordPress.

    This eliminates the risk that transferring it manually poses while streamlining your workflow. 


    • The Professional plan is $49 p/m.
    • The Team plan is $99 p/m.
    • The Company plan is $299 p/m. 
    • The Enterprise plan is $999 p/m. 
    Wordable pricing
    Source: wordable.io

    Free trial: Yes, for 3 exports 

    Website: wordable.io 

    4. Canva 

    Copywriting software_Canva
    Source: canva.co

    Do you want to design beautiful visuals for your copy? Canva is what you need!

    You can use this powerful copywriting software to edit photos and videos.

    For photo editing, you can:

    • Use filters
    • Erase backgrounds
    • Cutout pictures of products for collages
    • Add animation
    • Add text; over 500 fonts available
    • Create logos

    For video editing, you can: 

    • Crop, flip, split, trim, and cut videos.
    • Add music 
    • Create GIFs 

    What Customers Say…

    • Various templates available 
    • Interactive online community 
    • The free version has tons of options. 
    • Users can export content to various formats.
    • Easy to use editing tools. 
    • Users have reported slow customer service.
    • You can’t upload images directly to your design. You must upload it to Canva first.
    • No collaboration function. 

    How Canva Helps You

    Instead of hiring talent to create visuals for your copy, you can easily do it yourself through Canva!

    Creating designs is an enjoyable process, and the features are simple enough to require no graphic design expertise at all. 


    • A free plan is available.
    • The Pro plan starts at $12.99 p/m. 
    Canva pricing
    Source: canva.co

    Free trial: 30-day free trial 

    Website: canva.co

    5. Hemingway App 

    Like Grammarly, Hemingway App is a content editor that delivers real-time suggestions. Hemingway App helps you use more concise sentences, use shorter words, and eliminate weakening phrases.

    Hemingway makes it simple for any copywriting to deliver expertly written copy! 

    What Customers Say…

    • Intuitive and detailed user-interface.
    • Real-time editing.
    • Two different modes for writing and editing.
    • Ideal editor for beginners.
    • Formatting your text is only a click away. 
    • Editing is not very in-depth. 

    How Hemingway App Helps You

    Hemingway App is a convenient and easy solution for editing copy. 

    Hemingway is perfect for businesses that don’t want all the bells and whistles a comprehensive editor like Grammarly offers.


    • The online version is free.
    • The downloadable app is $19.99 once-off.

    Free trial: No 

    Website: hemingwayapp.com

    6. DupliChecker 

    DupliChecker is an economical and effective copywriting software to verify your copy for plagiarism and edit your copy.

    Using DupliChecker, you also have access to a word counter, a paraphrasing tool, a tool to convert image to text, and the list continues! 

    What Customers Say…

    • Highly user-friendly.
    • Provides a list of websites that share the same copy. 
    • Users receive results quickly. 
    • Features are cumbersome and need improvement.
    • The free version limits you to detect up to 1000 words at a time for plagiarism.

    How DupliChecker Helps You

    Without having to pay for an expensive tool or use a tool that offers features you won’t need, DupliChecker is a sufficient option for plagiarism.

    Although I wouldn’t recommend solely relying on this tool’s spelling and grammar checker, there are a few more useful functions. 


    • Starting at 30 000 words monthly, it will cost $10 p/m. 

    Free trial: No 

    Website: duplichecker.com

    3 Copywriting Software: Headlines

    1. AnswerThePublic 

    How this copywriting software works is simple. You enter your keyword/s and BAM! Within seconds you’ll have headline ideas at your disposal.

    Using AnswerThePublic, you can also find keyword options like alphabetical, comparisons, prepositions, etc.

    What Customers Say…

    • Easy to use.
    • Tonnes of options for keyword and headline ideas.
    • Results are visual, neat, and accurate.
    • Export keyword data.
    • Comparing and analyzing data is seamless. 
    • Create folders to keep research organized. 
    • No keyword metrics are available.
    • The free plan limits users to 3 searches daily. 

    How AnswerThePublic Helps You

    AnswerThePublic is an ideal solution for small businesses and individuals who need convenience and efficiency in finding blog article topics.

    With little effort and time, you have valuable search insights for copy that readers will respond to. 

    Plus, users receive email alerts for trending search terms, helping your business stay ahead of your competitors. 


    • The Monthly plan is $99 p/m.
    • The Annual plan, is $948 per annum. 
    • The Enterprise plan is $4,788 per annum. 

    Free trial: No 

    Website: answerthepublic.com

    2. Quora

    If you want to know what the world is searching for, go to Quora! By using your primary keyword to search Quora, you’ll find popular questions regarding that keyword.

    Also, because Quora is a community for discussion, there are valuable insights and perspectives from users that you can use for your copy. 

    What Customers Say…

    • You can identify trending topics and the demographics of people that are engaging in those topics. 
    • A great place to engage with your audience and build an online presence. 
    • Direct feedback from your target audience. 
    • Export keyword data.
    • Endless content ideas. 
    • Not an advanced solution. 

    How Quora Helps You

    As an easy tool to use, Quora is a quick way to find evergreen headlines for your copy. 

    Although this software doesn’t flaunt any notably impressive or intricate features, it’s perfect to get the job done. 


    • It is FREE!

    Free trial: No 

    Website: quora.com

    3. SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator

    SEOPressor’s blog title generator is pretty straightforward copywriting software for blog titles. 

    To get catchy headlines, enter your keyword and choose an option from the drop-down list that describes your keyword. 

    Once you’ve done that, you have the option of 5 different headlines. 

    What Customers Say…

    • Muli-keyword analysis. 
    • Simple and efficient.
    • Clean design.
    • Incredibly beginner-friendly. 
    • Not an advanced solution. 

    How SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator Helps You

    As a basic headline generator, this blog title generator is an excellent option for small businesses and individuals. 

    Paying nothing, you have access to countless captivating headlines right off the bat!


    • It is FREE!

    Free trial: No 

    Website: seopressor.com

    2 Copywriting Software for Client Work and Feedback

    1. Monday.com 

    Copywriting software_Monday
    Source: monday.com

    Monday.com is a visual platform that specializes in streamlining your workflow. Using this platform, you can plan, organize, and track all your team’s work. 

    Customization with Monday.com is fantastic; use the drag-and-drop editor to add and remove columns. Choose different columns from a variety of over 30 various columns.

    Plus, you can view your data in 8 different visuals, and you can export your data and share it with your clients or partners.

    What Customers Say…

    • Fantastic tracking features that are easy to understand and compare. 
    • All the features you need to manage teams. 
    • Easy project organization and management.  
    • Centralized communication between the stakeholders of your business. 
    • Powerful automation to save you time and effort. 
    • The user interface is cluttered and overwhelming. 
    • Limited integration options.
    • Automation needs more flexibility. 

    How Monday.com Helps You

    Monday.com creates a platform for you to manage the members of your business. And it creates a direct passage of communication for you and your clients.

    Tracking your projects and delivering feedback to your clients is simple through Monday.com. And you can keep all your communications on one platform. 


    • The Basic plan starts at $24 p/m.
    • The Standard plan starts at $30 p/m.
    • The Pro plan starts at $48 p/m.
    • Contact Monday for a quote on the Enterprise plan.
    Monday Pricing_
    Source: monday.com

    Free trial: 14-day free trial 

    Website: monday.com

    2. nTask

    nTask works pretty similarly to Monday and offers similar features too. Essentially, you can use nTask to manage your entire team and all your projects.

    nTask’s team collaboration tool allows users to comment on tasks, chat, and you can assign dedicated workspaces for specific teams. You have access to multiple kanban boards and cards for you to customize. And you can set milestones, track your budget, and store notes from your meetings.

    What Customers Say…

    • Comprehensive project management tools, leaving you with no need for third-party software. 
    • You can assign specific roles to team members.
    • Native modules for bug tracking. 
    • Easy to connect with clients through impressive meeting and scheduling functions. 
    • Affordable for small businesses. 
    • No integration with Zoom. 
    • Timesheets don’t have a timer.  
    • Limited customization options. 

    How nTask Helps You

    nTask is an ideal solution for businesses in their beginning stages. This copywriting software is an economical tool for team communication and management.

    The vast range of staggering features nTask offers is everything you need for a hands-on approach to your projects. 


    • A free plan is available. 
    • The Premium plan starts at $2.99 p/m.
    • Contact nTask for a quote on the Enterprise plan.

    Free trial: 14-day free trial 

    Website: ntaskmanager.com

    What to Focus on When Creating Copy That Converts? 

    Like developing any other marketing and sales strategies, creating copy is a process. 

    To guide you on where to start and what to focus on, we have a step-by-step breakdown below!

    Step 1: Your Research 

    To begin, spend time researching your topic. Don’t refrain from using various sources for information such as books, interviews, podcasts. 

    Your copy needs to be expertly written, credible and insightful. Never settle on mediocre content and if you need to, reach out to industry experts for an interview for accurate information and credibility. 

    When researching your content, be sure to:

    • Fact check your information. Find various sources that affirm your claim.
    • Read the content you are competing with to deliver better copy.
    • Find your primary keyword and secondary keywords.
    • Determine the popularity of your chosen topic.
    • Find headlines that intrigue curiosity and have high search volumes. 

    Once you have your research done, you can move on to the next step!

    Content marketing tips
    Source: visme.co

    Step 2: The Outline 

    Now, you need to outline your objectives and structure. After interacting with this copy, what action do you want your target audience to take? Do you want them to buy your product/services? Should they share your content on social media? Or perhaps engage in a discussion? 

    Once you know what you want your copy to do, determine how you’re going to do it. Pin down the minor details that make copy consistent such as:

    • Is it E-commerce or Ecommerce?
    • What will your style and tone be?
    • Are there any spelling or grammar rules you want to disregard or strictly follow? For instance, some websites don’t follow the Oxford comma rule in their copy. 
    • How and where can you add keywords, internal links, and external links?
    • What will be the unique selling point of your copy?

    After you’ve ironed out those details, create an outline on paper. For example, if you’re writing a long-form blog article, create an outline of headings. 

    Start with the main header and move onto headings 2, and then 3, and then 4, and so on. 

    For email copywriting, this will be easier as you don’t have as many words to outline. So you’d start with the headline and structure your copy into sections such as: inform, persuade, call-to-action.

    This step allows you to create a structure for your copy to flow organically and deliver its purpose.

    Step 3: The First Draft 

    When you start on your first draft, you need to start with a strong introduction. The first sentence is essential. Think about how you’re going to pose it. Will it be a question, an announcement, or a problem and solution?

    Use your first sentence to hook readers in, and then tell your readers what the copy entails. 

    Within the first paragraph, readers should:

    • Know what the content is about.
    • Understand why your business will benefit them.
    • Want to read/find out more!

    The first draft is for you to capture the value proposition and purpose of your copy correctly.

    Copywriting software objectives
    Source: visme.co

    Step 4: Editing and Finalizing 

    Don’t just focus on grammar and spelling errors. Improve the persuasion and credibility during your editing process too.

    When editing your copy:

    1. Correct any typos or grammar errors.
    2. Ensure you accurately conveyed your message.
    3. Ensure your text is simple and easy to understand.
    4. Format your content for scanners; use gripping headlines and a reasonable amount of bullet points to break up your information.

    Read your content aloud to ensure you’ve ticked all those boxes and your copy makes sense.

    Source: visme.co

    Step 5: The SEO

    Before publishing your copy, you need to ensure it is SEO-optimized.

    Go through this checklist:

    • Is my primary keyword in my title?
    • Have I used my primary keyword enough times throughout the content?
    • Is my primary keyword in the first 100 words?
    • Is my primary keyword in a few of my headings?
    • Have I included enough external links?
    • Did I set a meta-description inclusive of my primary keyword?

    The easier people can read your content, the easier Google can read your content. And ranking first on Google’s search engines is what you want for your copy. 

    Source: Ahrefs

    Step 6: Publishing 

    When you’ve completed steps 1 to 5, and you believe your copy is not only better than your competitors but also persuades. And successfully reflects your brand, you can publish it!

    After publishing your content, promote it through your marketing channels for more exposure. 

    Also, add social share buttons to your copy so readers can share your content too!

    Tech used for content marketing
    Source: visme.co

    Conclusion and Our Copywriting Software Picks

    What a read! 

    Now you have all the information and resources you need to craft killer copy and invest in copywriting software that works. 

    Out of all this amazing software, we have picked two favorites for small businesses, which are UberSuggest and Grammarly.

    UberSuggest is a flexible toolkit for thorough copywriting research to promote evergreen, SEO-adaptive copy. The pricing is also affordable, and the training material is perfect for small businesses. 

    Grammarly is an ideal tool for small businesses that can help them market flawless copy. Although Grammarly’s pricing has a bit of a bite, small businesses will benefit from their built-in plagiarism checker and intricate editing features. 

    As for large businesses, the ideal tool from this list is SEMrush. SEMrush is a fully-equipped tool that offers professional features to get the most out of content marketing. 

    The features SEMrush offers are perfect for large businesses who want to handle their day-to-day marketing operations from one tool.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What software do Copywriters use?

    1. UberSuggest, 2. BuzzSumo, 3. SocialAnimal, 4. Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator amongst many more! Read this full article to find out the 21 best copywriting software and how to write fantastic copy.

    What makes good copywriting?

    Excellent copywriting is more than creating a CTA and a few catchy sentences. You need to understand who your target audience is and curate your copy to be accessible (organically and through paid channels), engaging, informative, and triggering. Read this article for the best copywriting software and how to curate professional copy!

    What is AI/automated copywriting software?

    Although the copywriting software we discussed will enhance your copywriting and help you create better copy, you can’t solely rely on AI for copy that converts. Because AI can’t capture genuine emotion as copywriters can. As humans, copywriters can create a more organic connection between content and your target audience. Read this article to learn what makes high-converting copy and the best copywriting software available.

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