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Our Score 4.5

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About Influencity

Influencity is a very complete AI-powered influencer marketing platform that allows total Influencer Relationship Management on a single platform. Founded in 2014 in Valencia (Spain), it has become one of the tools with the biggest global presence, serving over 2,000 clients from 60+ countries

When executing end-to-end influencer campaigns it is important to have a comprehensive and appealing tool that fits your needs, no matter your company’s size, and Influencity passes this challenge by having several customization options within their affordable prices.

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This platform’s biggest strength relies on its influencer database, which we could consider as the biggest one available at the moment, with more than 170 million influencers from all over the world. But that is not all, over 60 features are included in this tool that will help you manage successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencity includes a powerful search engine that allows you to discover new talents combining more than 25 filters like engagement, interests, influencer follower quality and more. Also, one of the biggest advantages when using this tool is that it allows you to analyze any profile across social media and get, not only their email addresses to save time when contacting influencers, but also data like KPIs, percentage of doubtful followers, interests, audience demographics, hashtags, mentions… so you can make decisions for your business based on data.

Some of the other features Influencity offers include organizing influencers in lists which will also give you an aggregated estimation of the results, managing multiple campaigns at the same time through a very easy solution that allows you to keep track of the influencers’ tasks, and real-time posts analysis creating complete reports for influencer campaigns.

Two distinguishing features of the platform are the audience overlapping analysis and the possibility of sharing data via Excel, PDF, or shareable URL links (influencer searches, analysis, database, lists…), characteristics only found in Influencity.

Channels supported: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

Our Review Verdict

We recommend Influencity for any kind of brand or agency that wants to execute successful influencer campaigns. Thanks to its possibilities of customization and customer support, it can become the best platform for both small businesses that have never worked with influencers before and large enterprises that have broad experience in this market.


Main Features

Large influencer database (+170M)

Complete influencer and audience analysis (including fake followers detection)

Complete database organization (lists, notes, price historicals…)

Audience overlapping analysis

The ability to share data via Excel, PDF and shareable URL links

Campaign results’ estimation

Real-time influencer and post analysis

Campaign management tool

Email integration in the Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool

What integrations are available for Influencity ?

Influencity  integrates with the following business systems and applications

Email Integration with the Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) Product

Pros & Cons


Biggest influencer database in the market

Full control of your relationship with influencers, no intermediaries

Easy and efficient usability and intuitive design

Affordable and customizable plans

Adaptable for any kind of business regardless of their size

Outstanding customer support service

email integration to contact influencers from the Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool


Communication with influencers only via the email integration with the IRM tool


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