Top 11 Startup Marketing Agencies in 2023 [North America & UK Full Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 05.02.2023 23 minute read Marketing Agencies

Small companies need startup marketing agencies for growth marketing. These agencies understand the scarce resources and tight deadlines startups operate within. 90% of startups fail within their first year, but you can prevent this with the help of a startup marketing agency.

If you’re considering an in-house growth hacker, this isn’t an immediate solution. Good in-house growth hackers are SUPER challenging to recruit. It’s best to use a startup marketing agency until you’ve found the perfect growth hacker.

Top VCs say 50% of a startup’s budget should go to marketing. The other 50% needs to be invested in your product development to build traction and generate sales.

Why do you need to invest so much in marketing and, in turn, a startup marketing agency?

The specialized services from startup marketing agencies will help you source capital, achieve your investor milestones and maximize traction to your startup.

Almost 60% of startups have no more than $25,000 at their disposal, so you need to invest in effective marketing and secure investors quickly!

The best solution is a startup marketing agency.

We’ve reviewed dozens of startup marketing agencies in the UK and the US and chose the best ones based on their experience and impressive results for startup businesses.

Let’s get into it!

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    What is Startup Marketing?

    Startup marketing is a marketing strategy that suits the budget, growth, and size of startup companies. Startups need faster growth marketing and exposure while operating on a small budget. Traditional marketing doesn’t cut it. Digital marketing for startups requires more innovative and hands-on strategies to raise brand awareness, increase conversions, generate traction and solidify their social media presence.

    As a result, many entrepreneurs look to startup marketing agencies for help. These agencies have worked with countless small businesses before, so they know the best strategies and approaches for startup businesses. Let’s continue to see what these agencies offer to help your startup business. 

    Source: Slidebean

    What Startup Marketing Services do Agencies Offer?

    If you’re looking for a startup marketing agency, most agencies offer public relations, web development, design, SEO, and digital marketing services. These offerings are the core of most startup marketing agencies as they’re imperative for small companies. Let’s take a more detailed look at what you can expect from startup marketing agencies.

    Marketing Strategy

    A marketing strategy is a high-level plan or overview that forms the roadmap for all your marketing efforts. An agency will help you define your value proposition and how you will communicate that to your target audience. It will also help you determine your target markets and choose the best marketing channels to reach them. A lot goes into creating a solid marketing strategy; an experienced agency will help you start on the right foot.  

    Growth Hacking & Marketing

    Growth marketing (or ‘growth hacking’ if it’s more of a short-term, all-hands-on-deck situation) revolves around analyzing data to identify what drives growth the most efficiently and then focusing on that and making it even more efficient, rather than less effective methods.

    A/B testing, analyzing the results, and refining the approach to find the most effective and cost-effective methods are the heart of growth marketing.

    It is hugely valuable for startups because it encompasses all stages of the customer journey and provides a lot of information that can be valuable for non-marketing processes like product development and customer experience.

    Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

    Lead generation services include a variety of inbound and outbound marketing tactics, such as email marketing, cold calling, and content marketing, to bring in qualified leads for your business.

    Lead generation is usually part of the customer acquisition process, which involves generating leads and then moving them down the sales funnel to aid conversion. Still, some agencies offer only lead generation, so it is helpful to think of them separately. 

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing is an essential component of your overall digital marketing. An agency will provide content strategy services to help you make the most of your website content and build your online presence. You can use this strategy to create your own content, or the agency may be able to provide the creative services needed too.  

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is how you get your website to feature more prominently on search engine results pages to gain more traffic. Ideally, your website is the top result when someone Googles your offer. SEO is how you get there. SEO services usually include on- and off-page SEO and technical SEO.

    Social Media Marketing & Paid Social

    An agency can set up your social media accounts and create a customized content plan that includes keyword and hashtag research, content ideas, and a publishing schedule. Many agencies can handle everything for you, including the creation and posting. Some also handle engagement with comments and messages across multiple channels. In addition to organic social media marketing, agencies can create and manage paid ad campaigns.  

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Paid media placements on search engines are a great way to get your young brand in front of the right people. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are cost-effective and allow for precise targeting. An agency can advise on the best ways to use your budget and the keywords to target, as well as provide the creative services needed.

    Paid Media

    Depending on your brand and product, paid print or display ads, radio or TV commercials, and podcast ads may be a good choice. Agencies that offer paid media services can help you select the right channels to use, provide the creative services needed, and purchase your placements.

    Public Relations

    Public relations (PR) is very important for startups. Good PR will create a positive image for your brand and be the link between your brand and the public/press/media. Many agencies have established connections with various publishers, writers, and journalists; they know how to present your brand to them and give them what they need to talk about you.

    Summary: Startup Marketing Agency Services Include:

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Growth Marketing
    • Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition
    • Content Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing & Paid Social
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Paid Media
    • Public Relations

    7 Best Startup Marketing Agencies in North America

    1. Enventys Partners

    Startup marketing agencies - Enventys Partners Logo

    Enventys Partners

    New York, USA 54

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Number of Employees: 54

    Location: New York City, USA, with offices in Carlsbad, California, USA, and Taichung, Taiwan


    • Prototyping
    • Email marketing
    • Copywriting
    • Public relations
    • Social media marketing
    • Post-crowdfunding
    • Web development
    • Amazon marketing


    • Zip Top
    • Nectar
    • GoodWill
    • DonJoy


    Enventys Partners is an award-winning agency that provides a full suite of startup marketing services, including crowdfunding and post-crowdfunding services that are specifically tailored to helping startups get themselves established. 

    Enventys Partners is an established startup marketing agency with three locations. They’ve generated over $38 million through marketing campaigns and have received 15 Addy Awards for their success. 

    Making this agency an excellent choice for startups is how well they focus on startup funding and marketing. Enventys Partners helps crowdsource funds to get your business started. They will also develop a marketing strategy custom to your goals, and there are post-crowdfunding services too. So once you’ve secured your capital, this startup marketing agency will still assist you. 

    Enventys_startup marketing agencies
    Source: Enventys Partners

    2. Awesome

    Startup marketing agencies - Awesome Logo


    New York, USA 10

    Our Score




    Founded: 201

    Number of Employees: 10

    Location: New York, USA


    • UI & UX Design
    • User Interface
    • User Experience
    • Product Development


    • Eight
    • Sidestep
    • Hedgeable
    • Oasis


    Awesome provides expert advice to startups on everything from product development to customized branding and growth marketing strategies. They’re also a great choice for startups that need mobile marketing, web and app development, and design. 

    Awesome is dedicated to helping startup businesses through personalized and effective branding for growth marketing and gaining traction. This startup marketing agency provides startup marketing consulting for product development too. You can also rely on them to help you develop and maintain a conversion-driven website.

    Awesome may be a small startup marketing agency with few employees, but its portfolio speaks for itself. They’ve helped Oasis develop their first mobile app, redesigned the website and mobile app for Hedgeable, and worked on Beyonce’s first tech investment – Sidestep. 

    Awesome_startup marketing strategies
    Source: Awesome


    3. Launch Squad

    Startup marketing agencies - LaunchSquad Logo

    Launch Squad

    San Francisco, USA 118

    Our Score




    Founded: 1999

    Number of Employees: 118

    Location: San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Chicago, USA 


    • Media relations
    • Story development
    • Analytics measurement
    • Content creation
    • Strategy and planning
    • Creative


    • Uber Freight
    • Lambda School
    • American Giant
    • Boxed 


    Launch Squad is a veteran marketing agency that specializes in storytelling and development. They offer a full range of marketing services, and can help your startup with everything from brand and mission development to creative content creation.

    As old as they are, Launch Squad provides fresh strategies for small businesses. You can rely on this startup marketing agency for content development, public relations, and brand and mission development. 

    Some of the brands Launch Squad has worked with include Headline, Equip, Fuzzy, and GoodData, amongst many others. Besides helping you through brand exposure, Launch Squad’s primary objective is to give your brand a memorable story to maximize your profits. 

    Source: LaunchSquad

    4. Write2Market

    Startup marketing agencies - Write2Market Logo


    Atlanta, USA 9

    Our Score




    Founded: 2006

    Number of Employees: 9

    Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


    • Content marketing
    • Public relations
    • Web design
    • Events
    • Lead generation
    • Video 


    • Smart Commerce
    • Light Polymers
    • Aerobo


    Write2Market will help you create a memorable digital presence for your startup. They provide a robust set of digital marketing services, from brand development, PR, content marketing, and lead generation, to web development and design. 

    Write2Market offers everything a startup business needs. Their service offerings cover content marketing to help you build an online presence, lead generation for potential conversions, and public relations to keep your brand image polished. 

    This agency also provides web design services, and they’ll manage your events. Write2Market works with businesses in Technology, Healthcare, Energy, and Retail too. 

    w2m_startup marketing agencies
    Source: Write2Market 


    5. Abz Creative Partners

    Startup marketing agencies - ABZ Creative Partners Logo

    Abz Creative Partners

    Charlotte, USA 18

    Our Score




    Founded: 1982

    Number of Employees: 18

    Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


    • Digital marketing
    • Branding
    • Photography and video
    • Advertising and design
    • Marketing strategy  
    • Corporate communications


    • Wandering Rose Travels
    • Ged Doughton
    • Novant Health


    Abz Creative Partners works with startups of all kinds, but they’re a particularly good choice for startups in the legal, healthcare and education sectors. The services they offer include services aimed at covering all your digital marketing needs, as well as customer acquisition and internal engagement.  

    Abz Creative Partners offers a wide range of services for startup businesses. They use data to develop solutions for customer acquisition challenges and have worked with startups of all kinds. Abz Creative Partners also services the legal, healthcare, and higher education markets.

    A unique feature of this startup marketing agency is the corporate communications service offerings. This means that Abz Creative Partners doesn’t focus only on the engagement between your business and its buyers. But they’ll also stimulate your internal workforce relationships. 

    Abz Creative Partners
    Source: Abz Creative Partners


    6. BAMF

    Startup marketing agencies - BAMF Logo


    Los Angeles, USA 28

    Our Score




    Founded: 2017

    Number of Employees: 28

    Location: Los Angeles, California, USA


    • Growth marketing
    • Growth hacking, agency
    • Customer acquisition
    • Marketing automation
    • PR hacking
    • Paid advertising
    • Facebook marketing
    • SEM
    • Sales automation
    • Marketing
    • Digital marketing
    • B2B Lead Generation
    • Public relations
    • Viral marketing


    • Compass
    • Clickfunnels
    • Tenzo
    • O-live 


    BAMF is a particularly good choice for B2B startups. In addition to a full suite of digital marketing services, they also offer services that cater specifically to B2B clients, such as LinkedIn marketing

    While BAMF has many huge companies on its portfolio, this marketing agency also extends its services to startups. With BAMF, your business will have everything it needs from the beginning stages forward. BAMF is particularly valuable for B2B startups, as many agencies don’t offer the range of B2B services as BAMF.

    Another essential component of BAMF is how much this marketing agency focuses on LinkedIn. They have tonnes of handbooks on LinkedIn marketing and can help any business build a following in no time. 

    Source: BAMF

    7. P3Media

    Startup marketing agencies - P3Media Logo


    New York, USA 18

    Our Score




    Founded: 2010

    Number of Employees: 18

    Location: New York City, USA


    • Website design
    • Website development
    • Social media marketing
    • Creative
    • Growth strategy
    • Website migration
    • Shopify Plus
    • DTC marketing 
    • Amazon storefront
    • Digital marketing
    • Store management
    • eCommerce growth


    • Tail
    • OneOne
    • CVG
    • Bartesian


    P3Media is a data and results-driven agency, which makes them a great choice for startups that need to maximize the results of a limited budget. They offer services for every stage of your startup’s development, from conception to expansion and growth. 

    From developing and designing your website to creating your branding and expanding your growth, P3Media is a great startup marketing agency. Like many other startup marketing agencies, P3Media takes a strong approach to public relations and developing customer appreciation.

    P3Media has partnerships with many worldwide brands like Google, Pinterest, and Zendesk. They also offer multi-variate testing, 3D animation, email marketing, and social media marketing. 

    P3 Media
    Source: P3 Media

    4 Best Startup Marketing Agencies in the UK

    1. GrowthRocks

    Startup marketing agencies - GrowthRocks Logo


    London, UK 17

    Our Score




    Founded: 2014

    Number of Employees: 17

    Location: London, UK


    • Growth hacking
    • Marketing
    • Consulting
    • Digital Marketing
    • Web analytics
    • Email marketing
    • Virality
    • Growth engineering
    • Content Marketing


    • Flock
    • Lana
    • Nestle


    GrowthRocks works with both B2B and B2C startups. They’re focused on growth marketing and offer a wide range of services for startups, including everything from raising capital to long-term marketing strategies. GrowthRocks is also a good choice for startups in the app and software development space. 

    GrowthRocks is an impressive UK startup marketing agency boasting a yearly growth of 400% and offering 16 growth services. They service startups from the B2C space to the B2B and eCommerce markets. GrowthRocks also helps businesses determine the supply and demand for apps and platforms they want to develop.

    Small companies also benefit from crowdfunding services from GrowthRocks. They will develop an end-to-end strategy so you can raise capital and maximize your results from growth marketing while providing free online resources for your company. 

    GrowthRocks_startup marketing agencies
    Source: GrowthRocks

    2. SeeResponse

    Startup marketing agencies - SeeResponse Logo


    Reston, USA  12

    Our Score




    Founded: 2016

    Number of Employees: 12

    Location: Reston, Virginia, USA, with offices in India


    • Lead generation
    • SEM
    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Event marketing
    • B2B list building
    • Content marketing
    • SEO
    • B2B marketing
    • Video production


    • Chainworks
    • GoldenEarClub
    • Ximplifi


    See Response is an award-winning agency that offers a one-stop marketing solutions for startups in all sectors.  In addition to digital marketing services, they also do PR and event management, which takes care of your offline marketing needs. 

    SeeResponse specializes in startup marketing alongside B2B and B2C marketing and lead generation. This startup marketing agency has received many awards from 2019 to 2021. They also offer free online eBooks, guide videos, and case studies.

    SeeResponse offers brands a complete 360-degree solution for marketing startups. They’ll handle your email marketing, social media marketing, public relations, video marketing, and promote and manage events for your company. 

    SeeResponse_startup marketing agencies
    Source: SeeResponse


    3. CB Web Design

    Startup marketing agencies - CB Web Designs Logo

    CB Web Designs

    London, UK 12

    Our Score




    Founded: 2007

    Number of Employees: 12

    Location: London, UK


    • SEO
    • Web design
    • Internet marketing
    • Branding
    • Web hosting
    • eCommerce
    • Graphic design
    • PPC
    • Website design
    • Website development
    • Logo creation
    • Copywriting


    • Kobas
    • Everland
    • Doddle
    • Surrey Estates


    CB Web Designs is a well-established agency that offers all the services needed to get your startup up and running. They offer everything from web design, development, and hosting to services for creative design, SEO, PPC, and eCommerce.  

    CB Web Designs has been around for quite some time and has worked with startups in various industries. This startup marketing agency will help your company with everything from web hosting, design, and development to creating an excellent online reputation for your brand. 

    CB Web Designs also offers graphic design, PPC, and eCommerce services. They will also cover your SEO and branding. You can access free insights on their website, an SEO checker, and a project planner. 

    CB Web Design_startup marketing agencies
    Source: CB Web Design

    4. Bravr

    Startup marketing agencies - Bravr Logo


    London, UK 12

    Our Score




    Founded: 2006

    Number of Employees: 12

    Location: London, UK, and Vancouver, Canada


    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Social media
    • Mobile apps marketing
    • Web design 
    • Web development
    • Data solutions
    • Paid social
    • Community management
    • Content creation 


    • Cheapflights
    • Digital Gurus
    • PowerWave


    Bravr is a global digital marketing agency that helps you become a digital innovator. You can rely on Bravr in all aspects of digital marketing in order to achieve maximum revenue from your online marketing activities. They provide SEO, PPC, social media, data solutions, web design, and development services. 

    Bravr is a small but effective startup marketing agency in London. Besides their London offices, Bravr also operates in Vancouver, Canada. Startups love Bravr because they offer a robust range of services, giving small companies the essentials to get going and keep growing. 

    If you want to know more about Bravr and how they’ve helped businesses like yours, you can find whitepapers and case studies on their websites. Plus, Bravr has worked with brands like London & Kent and SS & C. 

    Bravr_startup marketing agencies
    Source: Bravr

    How Do We Evaluate Them, and Should You Choose Them?

    1. The cost. This is a no-brainer because you can’t choose a startup marketing agency way above your budget. Fortunately, many of the agencies we’ve selected understand the financial position of startups and offer reasonable rates. 
    2. What previous clients say. Your customers will want to know what your past clients say about your business, and as a customer, you need to know what the agency’s past clients say. Pick an agency with more positive reviews that speak about how transparent, effective, efficient, and supportive they are. 
    3. Whether they’re transparent. Never pick an agency that’s vague about what they offer, what results you can expect, and how much it’ll cost you. If you have any questions or uncertainties, the agency should detail all potential solutions. 
    4. How well they specialize in startups. Some agencies, like the ones we’ve included, don’t specialize in startups only. While this isn’t a train smash, find an agency providing optimal solutions for startups. Avoid agencies that offer general services as small companies have different demands. 
    5. What do their service offerings include? Many startup companies need the full range of services and all the bells and whistles that come with it. But your company might not need all of this. Be clear about what you already have so you don’t pay for those services from your agency. 
    6. How flexible they are. It’s never seamless doing business with a company that can’t adapt to your needs. Save yourself time and stress, and don’t do it. Your startup marketing agency should be flexible about what you need from the get-go. 
    7. Whether they have expert or specialized team members. A startup agency may offer SEO but do they have SEO experts? This information is paramount. You can’t rely on one or two people to handle various services for different aspects of the business. 
    8. If they use their strategies. An agency may offer responsive web design, but its website doesn’t have these elements. This is a red flag. Your agency should implement the strategies they have as service offerings. Otherwise, how can you trust what they offer? 
    9. If clients have had effective results. This point is similar to the one above. The clients your startup marketing has serviced must have achieved the results they set out to. Find this information from case studies available on startup marketing agencies’ websites.  
    10. If they have data-led solutions.  A fool-proof strategy is one backed up by data. While speaking to your potential startup marketing agency, find out how they validate their approaches. 

    Final Thoughts on Startup Marketing Agencies & Our Two Top Picks

    Our top choice for startup marketing agencies in North America is Write2Market. We chose this startup marketing agency because they provide robust and specialized services for startup companies. With this agency, you can rely on video marketing, lead generation strategies, web development, and design, and Write2Market will host your events. Your startup company will have all it needs from Write2Market for in-person and digital marketing.

    Considering the best startup marketing agencies in the UK, our best pick is SeeResponse. SeeResponse is an excellent choice for startup companies in the UK because they offer specific approaches for B2B and B2C companies. You’ll also benefit from their video production efforts, event marketing, and search engine marketing.

    Regardless of whether you choose our top picks for startup marketing agencies in the UK and North America or a different one from this list, ensure it’s the best option for your business and what you need. Startup marketing agencies are highly valuable for small companies and you can gain exposure and secure sales quickly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are startup marketing agencies worth it?

    Yes, startup marketing agencies are worth it for small companies looking for specialized services. These agencies offer rates and services specific to startup companies. As small businesses don't have large budgets, loads of resources, and employees, these marketing agencies are ideal. Read this article to find out more about startup marketing agencies, what they offer, and the best in the UK and North America.

    What do startup marketing agencies offer?

    Startup marketing agencies offer end-to-end solutions for small businesses. These services include public relations, web development and design, graphic design, SEO, and digital marketing. Rather than offering general marketing services, startup marketing agencies provide services for small businesses specifically. This article has all the details on startup marketing agencies and the top agencies.

    How to choose a startup marketing agency?

    To choose the best startup marketing agency for you, consider your budget, the available services, what the previous clients say, and how transparent the agency is. You should also evaluate how effective the agency's approaches are and if they use data-driven strategies. To find out more about how to choose a startup marketing agency in North America and the UK, read this article.


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