9 Best Link Tracking Software for Marketers for 2021

Is your Facebook campaign working? Are you wondering how many people have seen it or which demographic is clicking your ads the most?

There are over dozens of questions that marketers face when trying to determine the effectiveness of their campaign.

When you are running promotions across multiple channels, it is crucial to find out which ones are getting you the best ROI. And the key to finding all the answers is using the right link tracking tool.

In essence, if you aren’t already using a tool to track your URLs, you are losing out on a big part of your analytics. And, consequently, valuable insights as well.

    Link Tracking: Why is it Indispensable?

    For a digital marketer, links are among the most useful assets. In the internet realm, it is the gateway through which prospective audiences see your marketing campaigns. Viewers make their decisions, and convert to your sales.

    Be it an advertisement on the web page, an email newsletter, a social media post, or an interesting blog post, no matter the platform you choose, a URL is what that will direct your audience to your offer/brand.

    Not only do you have to get new leads, but you also have to know which ones are actually getting you a decent conversion rate. According to statistics, 96% of visitors are not ready to convert to sales. So you need to find out where the 4% is coming from and concentrate on boosting the conversion rate.

    What link trackers do is they essentially send you data about which of your promotion links are getting clicked, and how many times they have been clicked. If it is from personal campaigns such as emails, they will also tell you which contacts clicked the links.

    Each time someone clicks a campaign link, they will be redirected to one of the tracking domains before they land on the intended URL. Each visit is thus logged in, gathering information about the site the user is coming from, or their location. Unless you implement link tracking, there is no way to know where your leads are originating.

    However, to get the full advantage of link tracking, you need the tool shed’s sharpest tools. Here, we have an overview of the best link trackers ruling the market to help you make smart choices.

    1. ClickMagick

    Take any list of the best link markers of 2020; the chances are that you will find ClickMagick among the top three. It is an all-inclusive platform that lets you track and optimize all your marketing models at the same time.

    ClickMagick’s link tracking comes with abundant features, granting you the power to track an entire sales funnel. It is compatible with almost every advertising channel available today. And even better, the tool includes advertising campaigns as well.


    Top Features of ClickMagick

    • Monitor and optimize an entire sales funnel with the funnel builder that examines all the steps. 
    • Advanced retargeting allows you to boost exposure and conversion rates.
    • Integrated affiliate marketing tools including dynamic links that are incredibly useful for your campaigns.
    • Automated bot filtering ensures that all analytics and statistics are accurate.
    • Multiple marketing tools and metrics that give you a comprehensive analysis of how your campaigns are performing.
    • Expert academy with the latest tips and tricks on the market.


    ClickMagick delivers two different plans, the Standard one at $67 and the Pro Plan at $97. There is also a two-week free trial period for both plans. We recommend that you try the standard plan to get familiar with the tools and upgrade if your business needs it. 

    Website: Clickmagic.com

    2. ClickMeter

    ClickMeter is another tracking software that is quite popular in the current digital market. It stands out from the rest for having specific tools for publishers and marketers, apart from marketing agencies alone.

    The click-based link tracking can trace the viewer’s location and help you segment them based on geographical region. Users can monitor and share the results of their links in real time.

    Clickmeter screenshot

    Top Features of ClickMeter

    • Advertisers can employ the tool for tracing sales and conversions, and to obstruct click fraud activities.
    • Affiliate marketers can benefit from cloaking links to hide the destination URL.
    • Publishers can certify the visibility they get using views, clicks, and conversions.


    ClickMeter offers three plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee for each package. Medium Plan is priced at $29 a month, and the Large and X-Large plans are valued at $99 and $349 a month, respectively.

    Website: Clickmeter.com

    3. Improvely

    Improvely is another link tracking service that is 100% compatible with all the major ad networks such as Google, Facebook, and Bing Ads. Using the tool, marketers can point to the source of every conversion as well as to detect the fraud-clicking activities.

    Compared to ClickMagick, Improvely is more on the simpler side. However, it is packed with features that are relevant and helpful to every marketer.

    Improvely screenshot

    Top Features of Improvely

    • Segment traffic while tracking links and receive a profile of viewers to your site.
    • Detect, block and prevent bots along with details of the fake clicks such as location, and even IP addresses.
    • White Label reports for agencies.
    • Data Import/Export from ad networks.


    Improvely comes with four different plans starting at $29. You can pick the package based on your business size from Freelancer, Start Up at $79, Small Agency at $149, or Large Agency at a base price of $299 a month. Each plan is also accompanied by a 14-day trial period.

    Website: improvely.com

    4. Bitly

    Previously known as Bit.ly, this link tracker continues to rule the marketing business with its advantages. Designed for businesses of all scales, Bitly is a link management platform that allows marketers to build short links to drive digital marketing campaigns. Currently, among other features, it also serves as an excellent tool to monitor the performance of links through analytics. 

    bitly screenshot

    Top Features of Bitly

    • Easily create branded and mobile links to include your domain room for branding.
    • Detailed analytics of link tracking, with over 20 metrics, including location and referral details.
    • Proven API for integrating branded links into automated workflows.
    • Access to over 700 business solutions and integrations to increase productivity and boost workflow.


    Bitly’s pricing is simple and relatively affordable. The Basic plan is available at $29 a month, with 1,500 brand links limit. Beyond that, Bitly allows marketers to customize a plan that best fits their needs and land on a tailor-made pricing package for their business.

    Website: bit.ly

    5. Trck.Me

    With Trck.Me‘s web-based link tracking solution, you can study your marketing metrics, monitor your customers’ journey on every campaign link, as well as optimize your URLs in real time.

    Trck.me screenshot website

    Top features of Trck.Me

    • Auto-tagging of links to categorize their traffic source.
    • Custom Branding using link cloaking for your brand URLs.
    • Advanced tracking filters for multiple social media platforms and ads.


    Trck.me has two straightforward options available for its users. The Standard plan at $39 a month gives you access to 1 branded domain. For agencies, the Enterprise plan is more suited at $99 per month.

    Website: https://dash.trck.me/

    6. LinkTrackr

    LinkTrackr comes with a set of tools that enables every marketer to cover their needs of link and performance analysis. Compared to the other tools listed here, you might not find LinkTrackr an exceedingly brilliant platform. However, for those who are looking for only the simple tools with not much sophistication, LinkTrackr will be the perfect solution. 

    Link Tracker

    Top Features of LinkTrackr

    • Link and Conversion tracking with complete accuracy without adding any code on the website.
    • Link cloaking for affiliate marketers to secure commissions.
    • URL Rotator software that divides incoming traffic into different links of landing pages.
    • PPC tracking for your paid campaigns and promotions along with Google Adwords optimization.


    LinkTrackr’s basic plan is one of the cheapest in the market, allowing a beginner to benefit from the essential perks of monitoring URLs. The Basic model is priced at $17 a month, Pro for $27 a month, and Hyper for $47 a month. There is also a plan for Super Affiliates at $77 per month. Instead of monthly payments, if you choose the yearly plan, it will get a 57% discount locked for life.

    Website: Linktrackr.com

    7. Redtrack.io

    This cloud-hosted ad tracking software will help you keep a tab on all your campaigns and promotions. Redtrack.io also has plenty of elements to optimize your advertisements and offer you an in-depth analysis of their tracking data.

    Redtrack tracking website

    Top Features of Redtrack.io

    • Monitoring of diverse URLs, including click tracking, custom domains, impression, and more.
    • Reports on campaigns, conversions, traffic sources. 
    • Option to create report templates and filtering.


    Redtrack.io’s pricing is on the relatively expensive side, at a starting rate of $41 per month. The Pro and Business plan will cost you $83 and $333 a month. Marketers can also reach out to create a custom plan to fit their specific requirements.

    Website: Redtrack.io

    8. Clixtrac

    If you are looking for a free way to check how many times people are clicking your links, look no further than Clixtrac. It is simple and gets you access to all the goodness of a link tracking solution. It might not be the ideal tool for marketing agencies, but beginners can get a fair idea of how their campaigns are running.

    Clixtrac website

    Top Features of Clixtrac

    • Manage ads without the hurdles of installing a link.
    • Includes link cloaking features and dynamic affiliate links.
    • Beginner-friendly user interface.
    • Tracks banner ads, social media posts, site links, newsletters, and more.
    • Exportable data.


    Clixtrac has a basic plan that is absolutely free for all users. If you need more options, the Premium and Professional plans will only cut you back $4.95 or $9.95 a month. 

    Website: clixtrac.com/

    9. Voluum

    This AI-powered and cloud-based tool has everything you are seeking in a link tracker. And then some more. Regardless of your marketing platform and advertising format, Voluum will get you all the figures you need to understand where you are excelling and where you can improve.

    You can optimize and overlook all your campaigns from one place, run numerous A/B split tests, and monitor the traffic.

    Top Features of Voluum

    • Application Programming Interface, a tool particularly useful for developers giving you remote control over your account.
    • Optimized ad performance via A/B tests to establish which campaigns are meeting the conversion goal.
    • Option to scale affiliate marketing business with reports, setting workplaces for different teams, and listicle tracking.
    • Auto-optimize ad campaigns with custom tools.


    Voluum presents four choices of plans for users. The Discover Plan at $69 a month is perfect for beginners. The next three plans of Profit, Grow, and Agency are priced at $149, $449, and $999 a month. If you have been using another tracker, you can also an option of auto-migration of campaigns included in each plan. 

    Website: voluum.com

    Summing Up

    Analyzing your marketing models’ performance could be the key to recreating a successful campaign and eliminating the unprofitable ones. You can buy one of the beginner plans of the tools listed above to understand more about tracking tools. Once you know how you could benefit from them, consider whether there is room for upgrades. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are link trackers?

    What link trackers do is they essentially send you data about which of your promotion links are getting clicked, and how many times they have been clicked. Check out this guide to find out more about link tracking and discover the best link trackers.

    How do Link tracking software work?

    Each time someone clicks a campaign link, they will be redirected to one of the tracking domains before they land on the intended URL. Each visit is thus logged in, gathering information about the site the user is coming from, or their location. Read the full guide to link tracking.

    What are the best link trackers?

    Here, we have an overview of the best link trackers ruling the market to help you make smart choices. Check this guide to get pros,cons,pricing and key features of the best link trackers.

    Author Bio: Clifton Oliver is the Marketing Manager at EssayPro, an educational writing service. She routinely catches up with new apps in the market that can make her work more efficient. She continues to write for various online platforms on technology, education, lifestyle, and anything that she finds exciting. 


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