7 Super Easy Ways to Find YouTube Influencers for Your Brand in 2023

By Nick Becker Last updated: 02.20.2023 11 minute read Influencer Marketing

Let me guess: your business started out so promising. You have a great product and your customer service is impeccable.

Your marketing and affiliate programs are in place, and your website is on point.

You’ve done everything right, yet your business isn’t growing. What are you missing?

The answer is clear: influencers! You need to find the right influencers to market your brand.

Influencer marketing has become one of the biggest marketing mediums. Influencers can be found on almost all social media platforms, and are most active on YouTube and Instagram.

But, where can you find YouTube influencers? And how do you choose the right influencer for your brand?

Well, many marketers and businesses struggle with this aspect of the task.

They have some idea of the power of influencers. Yet remain oblivious to the benefits of micro-influencers and how to find YouTube influencers online.

So, we are going to make it really easy for you!

We will show you seven super easy ways on how to find YouTube influencers. Let’s take your brand to a whole new level by transforming engagement into profit!

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    The Power of YouTube Influencers

    With the growth of content creation online, we’ve seen the rise of a new kind of celebrity culture.

    The influencer tag isn’t just reserved for the content creators who have millions of followers, but for micro-influencers too.

    This is primarily because every influencer on YouTube has a value that they’re putting out there. YouTube influencers are gathering a loyal audience who like what they do.

    This gives advertisers and marketers the power to reach people through a content creator who is already trusted and admired. 

    Established influencers increase a business’ chances of generating meaningful leads and genuine sales.

    Influencers have disrupted an entire celebrity culture that had strong footholds in society. Now, anyone can have the influencer status albeit with the distinctions of macro and micro-influencer.

    Macro influencers are the ones who have a really huge following and average millions of views on their videos. On the other hand, we have micro-influencers who average less than ten thousand views on their videos. And of course, there are the many shades of grey in between!

    Nevertheless, each influencer is important and serves a purpose depending on your marketing plan.

    We will focus on finding small youtubers in this article as we believe they hold more benefits for your brand.

    You should immerse yourself in research on various ways you can approach and strategize on influencer marketing. There many successful models out there, and no harm in trying to replicate them to see what works for you.

    Summary: The Power of YouTube Influencers

    With the rise of social media, influencer marketing has become a core component of digital marketing. YouTube influencers offers unique benefits for the brands they collaborate with due to their high level of authority and high engagement rates.

    Why Small YouTubers/Micro-influencers?

    • Small YouTubers tend to come with less baggage and demands compared to celebrities and macro-influencers.
    • They have a smaller following, which means that they can easily interact with their audience and generally have higher engagement rates.
    • Micro-influencers and especially YouTubers often have high authority with their followers and their recommendations carry more weight. 
    • Provide followers with a personal touch.
    • They cost less as they don’t have celebrity status.
    • Easier to connect with micro YouTube influencers.

    For these reasons, a micro-influencer has a higher success rate in terms of return on investment.

    Expertcity state that 82% of customers chose to purchase a product based on the opinion of an influencer. Therefore, if a micro-influencer recommends a product to their committed audience, it will most likely generate leads and sales.


    “Influencers with a following of up to 100k generate eight times more leads/engagement compared to celebrities! “



    Know Your Audience on YouTube

    As with any marketing plan in general, it is essential that you begin by identifying your target audience.

    As a brand, you need to be in touch with your target audience and those who resonate with them, such as YouTube and Instagram influencers.

    Knowing your target audience helps you to find the right people to connect with and market your brand. We recommend adding YouTube channels, big and small, to your buyer persona.

    You need to be very selective when choosing an influencer, as it directly influences your return on investment.

    To find YouTube influencers, you should do extensive research. The influencer should resonate with your brand and audience as a whole. Any attempt to enforce an influencer’s narrative over your brand will defeat the purpose.

    Want to find the right influencer? Check out this video by SEMrush:

    If you’re lucky, you may find people already talking about you online.

    Googling your business often will help you to find influencers who are already talking about you or your industry.

    These people are most likely to engage in a meaningful partnership that is authentic and helpful to your business.

    Seven Ways to Find YouTube Influencers

    We’ve finally reached the part you have been waiting for.

    Listed below are the simplest and easiest ways to find and connect with YouTube influencers.

    1.Find Influencers on Influencer Platforms and Marketplaces

    Well, one of the places where you can find YouTube influencers is on some of the many well-known platforms built specifically for this purpose.

    A platform like Famebit (acquired by Google) provides an amazing service to their customers.

    Famebit allows businesses to easily search for YouTubers in their niche that are open to collaboration and reach out to them through the platform.

    YouTube influencers platforms make sure you find relevant influencers for your brand whether they are micro-influencers or big names in the industry.

    Another great tool in recent times has to be Fiverr.

    We all know Fiverr as a great tool for finding freelancers, but recent developments at Fiverr have made it a good spot to search for influencers too.

    You can do a couple of things on Fiverr like search for influencers directly under the influencer marketers category, and see the various influencers offering their proposals for cooperation too.

    Alternatively, you can always hire a freelancer from Fiverr to help you find YouTube influencers off the web.

    These freelancers are highly talented in hunting for the right YouTube influencers for your brand and can prove to be time-saving and cost-effective.

    2.Google or YouTube Search!

    A great way to find YouTube influencers is perhaps the simplest one. It also requires the least amount of effort and finances.

    Do a simple Google search containing “your niche + YouTuber” and choose the ‘Videos’ tab as shown below.

    This way, you get both written articles that feature the best YouTubers and videos as well .

    Google search for youtubers

    Most likely your search will turn up big names in the industry.

    Meaning that most likely, they are expensive and difficult to get hold of.

    If you have a well-established business with a large digital marketing budget, this is a great option for you.

    If you have a small budget, you should try and narrow down your search as much as possible by using more specific keywords and phrases (for example “best eyelashes” to find all the YouTubers who create review videos”).

    Honing down your search to more specific sub-niches related to your products can help you land some influencers. Because they share certain similarities with your brand, they are bound to resonate with your audience.

    You might even opt to work with a number of micro-influencers as opposed to one macro-influencers. This may attract diverse people towards your brand, which can help you in establishing an online community.

    Be very selective on your choice of influencer. Some influencers misrepresent themselves and their following like the ones in this video by InformOverload:

    3.The YouTube Trending Tab

    This is a really easy way of finding the top YouTube content creators.

    You simply log into YouTube and click on the ‘Trending’ tab on the left of the screen.

    It automatically shows you the top trending videos at that moment.

    You should refine your search by typing keywords based on your business or niche into the search bar.

    The influencers who pop up are top trending and reach a wide audience. Collaborating with them will ensure interest in your business!

    Find YouTube influencers using trending tab
    Find YouTube influencers using the trending tab.

    Keep in mind that YouTube works on an algorithm, and influencers trending today might disappear tomorrow.

    This is why selecting the right influencer, using the tips in the video above, is so important.

    One trending video doesn’t make an influencer. Consistent content and engagement do.

    4.Previously Sponsored Content

    Not everyone on YouTube is looking for collaborations.

    You need to search for people who have already worked with different brands or are currently working with them.

    To find YouTube influencers, you should search for the hashtags ‘sponsored’ or ‘ad’ + your niche.

    You are sure to find many paid ads and content. These YouTube posts are tailored to market and advertise a product or service for a business like yours! 

    Check out this example from Inthefrow:

    You should take note of this, and try and reach out to these influencers too. They are interested in creating partnerships and growing their own brand through collaborations.

    Someone else has already done the hard lifting for you to find these influencers. Their reach has been proven to work for other brands, and it’s so easy to see their engagement on their posts.

    So, searching for sponsored content can help you land some great talent for your brand without much effort on your part.


    Another great way to find relevant influencers for your brand is to look for people through hashtags on social media.

    Hashtags are used abundantly on YouTube. This helps to promote and expedite people’s searches to easily find what they are looking for.

    Searching for hashtags that are relevant to your brand and industry can help you find influencers.

    As their hashtags are relevant to your business, their audience has most likely also taken an interest in products and services similar to yours.

    Connecting with influencers who are already discussing things relevant to your brand creates authenticity within the content. Those influencers will lead to real engagement and conversions.

    Your focus should be to see who the conversation starter was, and who is contributing the most to that particular hashtag. The number of subscribers will also indicate how far their influence can reach.

    Once you get your hands on this information, you should reach out to these influencers, as a natural collaboration can evolve easily.

    Not sure how to reach out to influencers? Check out this video by Erin On Demand:


    YouTube influencers often collaborate with other influencers and feature each other in their content. Usually these influencers operate in affiliate industries and niches.

    If you have found an influencer you are interested in, or one you have already worked with, you should review their videos to find featured influencers.

    You can also view their YouTube channel. Some influencers have a few channels and you might find other influencers featured in the additional channels too.

    Alternatively, you can contact influencers you have worked with, or are currently working with, for referrals.

    If you have a long-standing relationship with an influencer, they would usually be willing to share some of their network contacts with you.

    7.Hire an Agency

    Finally, if all else fails, you can always go for an agency which can help you find YouTube influencers.

    There are dedicated influencer marketing agencies, just one click away, that can help you find the perfect match for your company.

    Hiring an agency significantly decreases your legwork and allows you to relax. Giving you time to focus on other tasks rather than fretting over which influencer to get on board with.

    These agencies will suggest names and help broker deals between you and the influencer to facilitate and speed up the process to your advantage.

    Summary: 7 Ways to Find YouTube Influencers to Work With Are:

    1. Find YouTube influencers on influencer platforms or marketplaces.
    2. Do a Google or YouTube search for “your niche + YouTuber” to find relevant influencers.
    3. Look for YouTubers that are trending by going to the Trending tab on YouTube.
    4. Look for influencers who do paid collabs by searching “sponsored or ad + your niche” on YouTube.
    5. Use relevant hashtags to find influencers posting content related to your niche.
    6. Network with influencers you have worked with or know to find other influencers in their network.
    7. Hire an agency to find relevant YouTube influencers for you.


    I hope these methods help in establishing new business relationships and allow you to use influencer marketing to your advantage.

    All these are great ways to get influencers on board, pay YouTube influencers and avail their services.

    We hope that you find YouTube influencers who can take your brand to the next level!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why to work with small YouTubers

    Small YouTubers tend to come with less baggage and demands compared to celebrities and macro-influencers and their videos tend to convert better. Read this guide for more information about small youtubers and how to find them.

    Will Youtubers work for free?

    48% of influencers will work with a brand for free or for free products if they really loved them. Check this guide to learn how to find youtubers>>

    Will influencer marketing on YouTube lose effectivity in the foreseeable future?

    No! The influencer marketing industry has been steadily growing each year with no competitors on the horizon. Check this guide to prepare your next influencer marketing campaign on YouTube


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