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19 Best Asian YouTubers to Collaborate With in 2024 [Full Review]

By Liza Shuttleworth Last updated: 11 minute read Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing and video marketing dominating the digital marketing landscape in 2024, YouTube Influencers are a vital component of successful marketing.

YouTube is the second-largest social media platform after Facebook and the second-largest search engine after Google.

It has more than 122 million active users daily, watching videos for entertainment, educational, product research, and shopping purposes.

YouTube also has high engagement rates when compared to other channels like Facebook, with users consuming 1 billion hours of videos daily, with an average of 11mins and 24 seconds per visit.

The three most popular types of video content viewed are product reviews, how-tos/tutorials, and top lists, which are all great formats for marketing!

Geographically, as of 2021, India is the biggest consumer of YouTube content, followed by the USA. Asian countries make up five of the top ten countries in terms of user count.

As you can see, YouTube is a hugely valuable marketing channel, especially for influencer collaborations with Asian YouTubers!

Let’s take a look at how popular YouTube is in Asia, and at some of the top Asian YouTubers to collaborate with.

The Asian YouTubers we have chosen are mainly individuals who have grown audiences of over a million subscribers, with impressively high view rates on their content. They’re in a variety of niches, from comedians to games, foodies, fashion bloggers, and beauty gurus.

So, let’s dive right in!

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    The Popularity of YouTube in Asia

    Since 2005 YouTube has grown tremendously, overtaking every social media and video streaming platform aside from Facebook.

    In the USA, 73% of the population over the age of 15 uses YouTube, and Asian countries are fast catching up.

    With 225 million users, India has the most YouTube users in the world, and Asian countries account for three of YouTube’s top five countries by user count.

    India’s T-Series music channel is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world, with 205 million subscribers.

    East and South-East Asian (SEA) countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore are also using YouTube more than ever before.

    According to Think With Google, “SEA’s YouTube users drive 20% of all video consumption around the world, and 83% of users in SEA watch online video daily”.

    Asian YouTubers - YouTube use in SEA countries graphic from Think With Google
    Image Source: Think With Google

    Some Asian YouTubers from those countries have more than 10 million followers, comprising local and global viewers.

    For marketing, collaborating with Asian YouTubers will help you reach huge audiences across a large number of different Asian countries.

    Given that video marketing and influencer marketing are dominating globally, and the e-commerce market size in SEA alone is worth $120 billion, YouTube influencer collaborations are a highly valuable channel to use for anyone selling in the region.

    So, who are the top Asian YouTubers to collaborate with?

    Let’s take a look!

    Top 19 Asian YouTubers to Collaborate With

    These are some of the top Asian YouTubers to work with. They all have a huge following on YouTube, and most have large audiences on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Our selection includes both male and female influencers, in niches from Asian fashion bloggers to gamers and foodies.

    No matter what your niche or your target audience, one of the following will be the perfect Asian influencer for your brand:

    1. Haijme

    Name: Hajime Syacho

    YouTube Channel: Hajime Syacho

    Subscribers: 10.1M

    Location: Japan

    Hajime Syacho/Haijme is one of the biggest YouTubers in Japan, with over 10 million subscribers. He also has 4.7 million followers on Twitter and 1.1 million on Instagram.

    His content centers around entertaining pranks, skits, and ‘science experiments’, like filling a bathtub with mentos and Coca-Cola or a swimming pool with slime. They’re light-hearted and funny, over the top, and highly entertaining to watch!

    He works with many different brands, does product review videos, and participates in events and campaigns for various companies.

    2. Nigahiga

    Name: Ryan Higa

    Channel: nigahiga

    Subscribers: 21.3M

    Location: USA

    Ryan Higa/Nigahiga is one of the most famous Asian YouTubers in America. He’s been big on YouTube since 2006 and has over 20 million subscribers.

    He’s won numerous awards and is also an actor and musician. In 2017 he was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

    His content is comedic, including the ‘how to be’ series that catapulted him to fame back in 2008.

    The name Nigahiga is an amalgam of the words ‘niga’, which is Japanese for ‘rant’ Higa, which is his surname.

    3. Triggered Insaan

    Name: Nishchay Malhan

    Channel: Triggered Insaan

    Subscribers: 14.8M

    Location: India

    Nishchay Malhan/Triggered Insaan is an Engineer turned YouTube influencer from Delhi, India. He has over 14 million YouTube subscribers, 3.3 million followers on Instagram, and hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

    The Triggered Inssan channel posts funny commentary, rants, roasts, and comedy sketches. He is also a gamer, with a separate YouTube channel, Live Insaan that focuses on gaming content only.

    4. PONY Syndrome

    Name: Park Hye-min

    Channel: PONY Syndrome

    Subscribers: 5.92M

    Location: South Korea  

    Park Hye-min/PONY Syndrome is an Asian beauty blogger, makeup artist, and author. She is also South Korea’s most famous beauty YouTuber, with over 5.9 million subscribers!

    She posts behind-the-scenes vlogs, makeup reviews, tutorials, and a variety of other makeup and beauty-related content. Brands she’s collaborated with include Dior, Clinique, L’Oreal, and Karl Lagerfeld.

    PONY Syndrome is one of the few K-beauty channels that features English subtitles and beauty looks/transformations that appeal to a broader, global audience.

    5. Wong Fu Productions

    Name: Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang

    Channel: Wong Fu Productions   

    Subscribers: 3.26M

    Location: USA

    The Wong Fu Productions channel showcases short films, sketches, and clips by Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang.

    The Asian American trio produces content across a number of genres, with everything from thoughtful, insightful pieces to comedy and light-hearted capers.

    Wong Fu Productions has over 3 million subscribers, and post content in English. Their work has been on Netflix and other platforms, as well as YouTube.

    6. Yuka Kinoshita

    Name: Kinoshita Yuka

    Channel:  Yuka Kinoshita木下ゆうか

    Subscribers: 5.47M

    Location: Japan

    Kinoshita Yuka is the biggest Japanese YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers. Her content is all food-related and mostly ‘mukbang’ videos where viewers can watch tiny Kinoshita Yuka eat massive amounts of high-calorie food.

    One of her most popular videos is of her eating 4kg of fried chicken in one sitting.

    Many of her videos have English subtitles, which has helped her attract a global audience that loves to watch her eat. She also posts ASMR videos of eating sounds.

    7. HikakinTV

    Name: Hikaru Kaihatsu

    Channel:  HikakinTV

    Subscribers: 10.5M

    Location: Japan

    Hikaru Kaihatsu/HikakinTV is a beatboxer and musician/composer who has worked with the likes of Ariana Grande and Aerosmith. He is one of Japan’s most popular YouTubers and co-founder of the Japanese multi-channel network UUUM.

    He posts music videos, interviews, funny skits, and viral challenges. He has several other channels, but Hikakin TV is the biggest, with over 10 million subscribers.

    8. Carry Minati

    Name: Ajey Nagar

    Channel: CarryMinati 

    Subscribers: 34.3M

    Location: India

    Ajey Nagar/Carry Minati is an Indian comedian, rapper, and gamer with over 34 million YouTube subscribers. His content includes parodies, comedy skits, and live-stream gaming content.

    In addition to his staggering success on YouTube, he has also been named one of Time Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders (2019) and Forbes 30 Under 30 (2020).

    9. Atta Halilintar

    Name: Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar

    Channel: AH

    Subscribers: 28.9M

    Location: Indonesia

    Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar /Atta Halilintar is an Indonesian businessman, actor, singer and content creator. His YouTube channel focuses on music, vlogs, celebrity interviews, and motivational content.

    He has become the biggest YouTuber in Indonesia and one of the top 120 in the world in 2021. In addition to his YouTube fame, he starred in 13: The Haunted and The Return of the Devil Child.

    10. Ricis Official

    Name: Ria Yunita

    Channel: Ricis Official

    Subscribers: 29.2M

    Location: Indonesia

    Ria Yunita/Ricis Official is an Indonesian influencer and YouTuber. She posts vlogs, challenges, music, travel, and personal, day-to-day life content.

    She has a massive YouTube audience of over 29 million subscribers, and an equally huge presence on Instagram, with 29.6 million followers.

    11. Kaykai Salaider

    Name: Nutticha Namwong

    Channel: Kaykai Salaider

    Subscribers: 15.5M

    Location: Thailand

    Nutticha Namwong/Kaykai Salaider hugely successful female Asian YouTuber from Thailand. In 2019, she was the first Thai YouTuber to reach 10 million followers and has not looked back since.

    Her content is upbeat and light heated, focusing on her life and adventures through her educational journey. She also posts some beauty content and has released a skincare brand of her own.

    12. Kwili

    Name: Mohammad Almutairi

    Channel: Kwili

    Subscribers: 5.4M

    Location: Kuwait

    Mohammad Almutairi/Kwili is a storyteller, blogger, and YouTuber from Kuwait. His content is focused on telling stories, poetry, and collaborative content. Some of his work is quite somber, but his 5.4 million subscribers show how well received it is!

    13. Joeman

    Name: Weng Chuan-ming

    Channel: Joeman

    Subscribers: 2.24M

    Location: Taiwan

    Weng Chuan-ming/Joeman is a Taiwanese gamer and lifestyle content creator on YouTube. He posts music, gaming content, and comedy clips, including his Joeman Show talk show skits.

    He has more than 2 million subscribers, and his most viewed video has 7.9 views! He posts prolifically, with an average of 30 new videos a month.

    14. Ridhwan Azman

    Name: Ridhwan Azman

    Channel: Ridhwan Azman

    Subscribers: 680K

    Location: Singapore

    Ridhwan Azman is an actor and YouTube influencer from Singapore. He posts comedy skits, parodies, music, and collaborative content. His videos are in English and have English subtitles too.

    He has 680K subscribers on YouTube, as well as 217.8K followers on TikTok, and 201K on Instagram.

    15. Alieff Irfan

    Name: Alieff Irfan

    Channel: Alieff Irfan

    Subscribers: 4.09M

    Location: Malaysia

    Alieff Irfan is a 21-year-old Malaysian YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. His content focuses on amusing, entertaining videos of drama parodies, pranks, and music mashups.

    He also has 2.1 million followers on Facebook and 1.7 million on Instagram, where he posts content relating to lifestyle, fashion, and cars.

    16. Amit Bhadana

    Name: Amit Bhadana

    Channel: Amit Bhadana

    Subscribers: 23.7M

    Location: India

    Amit Bhadana is an Indian YouTuber and comedian. He is also a brand ambassador for the e-sports and gaming platform Mobile Premier League (MPL).

    He has almost 24 million subscribers, despite not posting a huge volume of videos. His content consists mainly of comedy sketches and parodies.

    In addition to YouTube, Amit has 9.2 million followers on Facebook and 6 million on Instagram.

    17. Bie The Ska

    Name: Krit Boonyarung

    Channel:  Bie The Ska

    Subscribers: 13.5M

    Location: Thailand

    Krit Boonyarung/Bie The Ska is a YouTuber from Thailand, who posts mainly comedy skits and popular culture and music video parodies.

    He started out recording parodies of songs to amuse his friends during stressful exam periods when he was still studying.

    They were popular and people kept asking for more so he started the youtube channel and now has over 13 million subscribers. His Squid Game parody had over 7 million views in under three months.

    18. Hello Catie

    Name: Catie

    Channel: Hello Catie

    Subscribers: 1.09M

    Location: Taiwan

    Hello Catie is a Taiwanese influencer, beauty blogger, and professional makeup artist. Her channel has over a million subscribers, and her Facebook and Instagram have over 400K followers each.

    On YouTube, she posts a daily vlog and makeup tutorials, style lookbooks, and beauty product reviews. On her other social channels, she posts beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content.

    19. zbing z

    Name: Naiyarat Thanawaigoses

    Channel: zbing z

    Subscribers: 15.5M

    Location: Thailand

    oNaiyarat Thanawaigoses/zbing z is a Thai gamer and YouTuber. She is well-known for her game live-streams and game casts, with commentary in male and female voices.

    She has over 15 million subscribers on YouTube, and 1.1 million followers on Instagram, where she shares lifestyle, gaming, and foodie content.

    Wrapping Up

    In conclusion, influencer marketing, video marketing, and collaborating with popular Asian YouTubers is a great way to reach the highly valuable Asian market.

    Our list of top Asian YouTubers to work with includes hugely successful influencers from a variety of niches.

    No matter who your target audience is, there is an ideal Asian YouTuber to collaborate with here!

    Are you ready to dig deeper and reap the rewards of influencer and video marketing for your brand?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the most famous Asian YouTuber?

    The Asian YouTube channel with the most subscribers is the Indian music label T-Series, with 205 million subscribers. Other famous Asian YouTubers include Carry Minati, Nigahiga, Atta Halilintar, HikakinTV and Ricis Official. Check out the full review for a list of the top Asian YouTubers in 2024.

    Which country uses YouTube the most?

    India has the most YouTube users in the world, with 255 million users. The country with the highest percentage of the population using YouTube is Israel, with 93% penetration. Read the full article for more YouTube use statistics.

    What are the top countries using YouTube?

    The top five countries using YouTube were India, USA, Brazil, Japan and Russia. Three of the top five countries are Asian countries. Read the full article for more on the popularity of YouTube in Asia.


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