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10 Best FMCG Marketing Agencies in 2024 [Full Review]

By Adrienne Bosch Last updated: 23 minute read E-commerce & RetailMarketing Agencies

As mass markets expand and consumer demand rises, people today want their consumable products at lower prices, with quicker deliveries and wider availability—the key being convenience.

This is where FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) companies come in. Like any business, FMCG marketing is crucial.

However, marketing-related challenges in this sector are a little more difficult to navigate, which is why hiring an FMCG marketing agency might be the best decision you can make!

But what exactly does an FMCG marketing agency do? What services do they offer? And most importantly, which are the best ones?

Today, we’re covering what you can expect from a good FMCG marketing company, the services they offer and our review of the top FMCG marketing agencies in the world, so you can find the perfect one for your brand.

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    Breakdown: FMCG Marketing Services

    FMCG marketing agencies offer similar services to marketing firms in other sectors; however, where they set themselves apart is in how they adapt standard marketing practices for FMCG businesses. These services include:

    FMCG Marketing Strategy

    A good FMCG marketing agency will be able to develop a comprehensive FMCG marketing strategy that is customized to your brand, and designed to meet your specific marketing goals.

    Your FMCG marketing strategy is the roadmap that sets out exactly what you aim to achieve, the channels and campaigns you will use, and how you will measure your results.

    Strategy development usually includes a bit of market research, competitor analysis and an audit of your current marketing activity to determine the best way forward for your marketing.

    It should also be noted that many consumers now see e-commerce as a necessity, even for the household essentials that would traditionally be bought from the local supermarket. As more and more people move towards buying everything online, it has become more important than ever that FMCG brands embrace digital marketing methods.

    This is an area where an expert agency can really shine, as they’re able to adapt current digital marketing trends and practices to the FMCG space, and create integrated marketing strategies that use both online and offline marketing methods for your brand.


    Secondly, going hand in hand with a social media marketing strategy, an FMCG company will work on creating a distinct, unique, and recognizable brand for your company.

    Due to the nature of FMCG companies, it can be extremely challenging to stand out and be remembered by the average shopper; however, a well-implemented branding strategy can ensure your brand is a household name for decades to come.

    Paid Advertising

    Paid advertising can supplement an FMCG marketing company’s marketing efforts, with the most popular networks being Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and Facebook Ads.

    As such, social media campaigns can be used to market products, raise brand awareness, and generate leads. As a result, FMCG companies can reach a larger audience through paid advertising.

    Furthermore, once optimized, paid advertisements provide precise targeting at a low cost.

    Social Media Marketing

    The first and arguably most important step a marketing agency will take when marketing any company or product is to develop a social media strategy, and this is especially true for FMCG companies.

    A social media presence enables FMCG brands to share product information and build communities around their brands. This is especially important for FMCG companies, which can struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition.

    Using a Social Media Strategy Infographic
    Source: RockContent

    They’ll create and manage brand accounts for various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, and Twitter; each of which will have a different strategy to optimize the platform for your marketing needs, whether you’re a B2C or B2B brand.

    And, of course, the added benefit of online exposure is the increase in sales and website traffic.

    Location-Based Marketing

    As you might expect, when marketing a brand, product, or service in different regions of a country or in different countries entirely, the marketing approach employed will need to be altered in order to attract your target demographic in that specific area.

    Location-based marketing will therefore be a crucial component of the marketing strategy an FMCG company develops for your business.

    Influencer Marketing

    FMCG marketing firms recognize that as the popularity of social media content grows, influencers wield increasing power over the audiences who follow them. And what better way to differentiate yourself from the competition than to have an influencer promote your product?

    This not only raises brand awareness, but it also increases something else that may be more important – social proof.

    Furthermore, influencers add a level of authenticity to the product they are promoting and, as a result, to your brand and company as a whole, which is essential for FMCG companies in particular.

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing is another excellent marketing strategy that an FMCG marketing agency will employ to increase sales and customer satisfaction. This might include any of the following: a weekly blog, YouTube videos, articles and how-to guides, informative videos, and product drops.

    The agency you hire will ensure that the content you put out is relevant, helpful, and in line with the tone and style of your brand identity, so that clients know what to expect from your FMCG company.

    Content Marketing Stats by Type Infographic
    Source: Visme

    Website Design

    A website is a valuable tool for any business, but FMCG companies can actually benefit more than other types of businesses, which is why a CPG marketing agency will frequently provide web design services.

    Your website is a place to provide product information, share details about your company and employees, and direct traffic to your social media accounts and online store.

    You want to have as much of an online presence as possible, and a website can help you achieve this.

    App Design & Development

    Along with a website, many FMCG companies offer app design and development services because they understand that accessibility and ease of use are very important factors when it comes to consumer choices.

    And with so many people using mobile devices on a daily basis, tapping into this consumer market and enticing them with an easy-to-use mobile app can make the difference between breaking even and international success.

    Online Reputation Management & PR

    One of the most important factors that potential customers consider before making a purchase is a company’s online reputation. As a result, an FMCG marketing agency understands the importance of managing your online reputation.

    They will, for example, handle responses to both positive and negative reviews on your online store, as this can be a great way to reinforce positive reviews while mitigating the fallout from negative ones.

    They may even go so far as to search for threads about your products on online forums and respond to and interact with your customers.

    Customer-Centric Marketing

    Customers buying consumables, as we’ve already mentioned throughout this article, have plenty of options, so they need to have a positive experience with your brand. If they don’t, they’ll have no trouble finding another brand with a customer-centric strategy.

    As a result, the FMCG or CPG marketing agency understands that the “Customer Experience” has never been more important, with 67% of consumers saying they’d rather pay more for a better experience and 80% agreeing that the experience a company provides is just as important as its products or services. And as a result, they’ll add it to your FMCG marketing strategy.

    If you’d like to learn more about why customer-centricity is so important and to ensure that you’re doing it right, check out this video by  KPMG US:

    Summary: FMCG Marketing Service Breakdown

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Branding
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Website Design
    • App Design & Developmen
    • Content Marketing
    • Location-Based Marketing
    • Paid Advertising
    • Online Reputation Management & PR
    • Customer-Centric Marketing

    10 Best FMCG Marketing Agencies in 2024

    1. Jellybean Creative

    jellybeanFMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    Jellybean Creative

    Surrey, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 1987

    Locations: Surrey, UK

    Number of employees: 37


    • Digital Marketing & PR
    • Public Relations for FMCG
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Creative Services
    • SEO
    • Wed & App Design/Development
    • Events
    • Shopper Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing


    • Ferrero
    • Porky Whites
    • Kanzi


    Jellybean is an award-winning integrated FMCG marketing agency that offers a comprehensive set of digital marketing and public relations services for retail, food-service and consumer brands. Jellybean is a full-service agency that can help your FMCG brand with every aspect of your marketing.

    Jellybean is a well-known integrated marketing food and beverage company that, for more than 35 years, has worked with some of the most well-known food and beverage companies in the UK, ranging from small craft manufacturers to well-known blue-chip brands.

    Their team has demonstrated expertise in marketing, design, digital, public relations, and social media communications that are strategic, innovative, and impactful. They’re passionate about the foodservice, out-of-home, retail, and consumer markets.

    Top 50 B2B Marketing Agency 2022; Bronze Award in the MAA Global B2B Category 2021; and Silver Winner for Best Limited Budget Campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards 2021 are just a few of the accolades they’ve received.

    jellybeanFMCG Marketing Agency Homepage
    Source: Jellybean

    2. Canal Digital Studio

    Canal Digital Studio FMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    Canal Digital Studio

    New York, USA

    Our Score




    Founded: 2016

    Locations: New York, New York, USA

    Number of employees: 2


    • Marketing Strategy
    • PPC Campaigns & Optimizations
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Programmatic Advertising
    • SEO
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Web & Marketing Analytics
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Go-To-Market & Launch Strategy
    • Market & Competitive Analysis


    • Mitzi
    • Pave
    • IndieGoGo


    Canal Digital Studio is a small-scale digital marketing firm based in New York City that primarily works with DTC, SaaS, FMCG, and eCommerce brands. Their approach combines data, analysis, and creativity, which makes them a great choice for FMCG brands that want a robust, well-researched and data-driven approach to their marketing.

    Canal Digital Studio is one of the smaller-scale digital marketing agencies based in New York City. They allay the fear of digital growth by generating more traffic, more conversions, better rankings, and faster results for their clients.

    In addition, they primarily work with DTC, SaaS, FMCG, and eCommerce brands. Their small team has worked for large and small businesses, corporate strategy consultancies, and in-house marketing teams.

    FMCG Marketing Agencies - Screenshot of the Canal Digital Studio Agency Homepage

    3. Elvis London

    Elvis London FMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    Elvis London

    London, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2003

    Locations: London, UK

    Number of employees: 165


    • Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Digital Marketing
    • Brand strategy
    • Content Marketing


    • ODEON
    • Cadbury
    • Walkers
    • Merlin Entertainments
    • OREO
    • Philadelphia
    • Huggies


    Elvis London, one of the top creative FMCG marketing agencies UK, has the goal of helping people and brands grow by using unexpected and memorable innovation. They have worked with several high-profile FMCG brands, have a great track record and have won numerous industry awards.

    Elvis London’s mission is to use unexpected and unforgettable innovation to help individuals and brands grow, working with companies in various industries, including FMCG.  What’s more, they place a premium on strategic leadership that is driven by innovation and intelligence.

    In addition, they are the eighth most honored creative agency in the UK and the 63rd in the world for 2021, with awards from organizations such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, CLIO, The One Show, and The Marketing Society, among others.

    Furthermore, they are a B Corp-certified company that has restructured its business to ensure that everything they do is profitable while also meeting people’s and the environment’s needs. Some of the ambitious clients they work with are ODEON, Dobbies, Cadbury, Walkers, Merlin Entertainments, OREO, and Birds Eye.

    Elvis London FMCG Marketing Agency Homepage
    Source: Elvis London

    4. The Social Shepherd

    The Social Shepherd FMCG Marketing Agency Logo - Copy

    The Social Shepherd

    Bath, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2018

    Locations: Bath, UK

    Number of employees: 45


    • Social Media Marketing
    • Paid Social
    • Social Media Management
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Social Media Content & Creation


    • Godiva
    • Social-first Video
    • Fish Said Fred
    • LEAP


    The Social Shepherd develops social media, PPC, influencer marketing, and video marketing strategies for all of their FMCG clients. They take a data-backed approach to their creative campaigns, which has seen them achieve enviable results and win numerous marketing awards.

    The Social Shepherd works with all their FMCG clients to develop social media, PPC, influencer marketing, and video marketing strategies.

    As a result, they work with a number of FMCG companies for whom they have made exciting content and run successful paid media campaigns. As a results-driven company, they use every strategy at their disposal to achieve the best results.

    Furthermore, they have successfully managed social media campaigns with Godiva and Social-First Video to increase brand exposure and organic engagement on the top social media platforms. They also promoted Nuts Pick with PPC, paid social, and social media management, which gave them a 3.4x return on ad spend (ROAS). 

    The Social Shepherd Homepage
    Source: The Social Shepherd

    5. Wallaroo Media

    Wallaroo Media FMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    Wallaroo Media

    Provo, USA

    Our Score




    Founded: 2009

    Locations: Provo, Utah, USA

    Number of employees: 28


    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Content Strategy
    • PPC Ads
    • Social Ads


    • BlanQI
    • Dims
    • Casper
    • Super Coffee


    Wallaroo Media is a highly skilled team of digital and social marketers with international experience promoting and growing FMCG and eCommerce brands. They work with clients of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprises, and they’re focused on growing your business, and your brand, using a variety of paid and organic marketing strategies.

    Wallaroo Media, based in Utah, USA, is a highly skilled team of digital and social marketers with experience promoting and growing both FMCG and eCommerce brands across the world.

    The company was founded in 2009 as an SEO and content-based advertising firm but has since expanded to include all digital advertising efforts.

    Wallaroo Media offers paid social ad design, development, and targeting services to businesses large and small, established and emerging. Their team has extensive knowledge of digital marketing goals and tactics, which they apply to their paid ad efforts.

    Wallaroo Media Homeapge
    Source: Wallaroo Media

    6. Walker Agency

    Walker Agency FMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    Walker Agency

    Dorset, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 1993

    Locations: Dorset, UK

    Number of employees: 33


    • Advertising
    • Direct Marketing
    • Web Design and Development
    • Branding
    • Social Media & Digital


    • Kandoo
    • Dentyl
    • Mentos
    • Herbalife


    Walker is a Bournemouth-based full-service creative agency that specializes in getting to know their client’s businesses, and providing services that are tailored to that client’s unique business. They’ve given established corporations new vitality, up and coming FMCG brands a strong brand identity, and they function as a seamless extension of your own team to make the most of your marketing.

    Walker is a full-service creative agency in Bournemouth. They are a 33-person, fiercely strategic, creative, and autonomous firm that focuses on getting to know businesses and becoming an actual extension of its marketing teams.

    They have an unrivaled track record of giving established companies new life and giving new brands an identity through clever insights, nimble creative practices, and seamless delivery.

    As a result, they know how to get FMCG companies seen without going over budget, thanks to their expertise in branding, strategy, content production, TV, the internet, and packaging. To out-big and out-small the bigs, they combine large agency talent, experience, and resources with small agency agility, speed, and overheads.

    Walker Agency Homepage
    Source: Walker Agency

    7. PR Agency One

    PR Agency One FMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    PR Agency One

    Manchester, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2011

    Locations: Manchester, UK

    Number of employees: 25


    • FMCG Public Relations
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • SEO
    • Paid Media Campaigns
    • Consumer, Tech, and B2B PR


    • AppliancesDirect
    • Decathlon
    • Auto Trader
    • BuyItDirect


    PR Agency One has received recognition for its work with B2B, B2C, and FMCG clients. They offer a full-suite of PR services for FMCG brands, and also provide strategies that include social media marketing, community management, SEO and other digital marketing fields. As such, this agency functions as both a dedicated PR agency and a digital marketing agency.

    PR Agency One is a marketing and public relations firm that has won awards for its work with B2B, B2C, and FMCG clients.

    Few public relations consultants truly understand how to create campaigns that combine SEO, digital marketing, website development, and other marketing disciplines to ensure clients get the most bang for their buck. That is where PR Agency One differs from other public relations and marketing firms.

    The primary focus of PR Agency One is media relations, and the firm does not employ any social media gurus. Rather, they offer strategies that begin with media relations but incorporate knowledge from SEO and other digital fields to ensure campaigns perform equally well on blogs, Twitter, YouTube, and digital news sites.

    PR Agency One Homepage
    Source: PR Agency One

    8. Together Agency

    Together Agency FMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    Together Agency

    Nottingham, UK

    Our Score




    Founded: 2006

    Locations: Nottingham, UK

    Number of employees: 37


    • Digital
    • Advertising
    • Design & Development
    • Creative Concepts
    • Social Media Marketing


    • Mullermilk
    • Belvior Farm
    • Drambuie
    • Eat Wild
    • Pukka Pies
    • Tetley


    Together Agency is an idea-driven creative agency that helps brands reach their goals. They are flexible and will develop an FMCG marketing plan that benefits your brand, which they can execute for you from A to Z, based on data-informed insights into consumer behavior, and highly emotive creative content.

    Together Agency is an idea-driven creative agency. To assist brands in reaching their goals, they combine insight, innovation, and intelligence. All their strategies are based on real data, and draw on insights into consumer behavior to develop marketing campaigns that get results.

    That may entail a Facebook campaign, a radio ad, a website, a stunning point-of-sale, a billboard, or an ice cream truck that can tweet. They are flexible and will develop an FMCG marketing plan that benefits your brand.

    FMCG Marketing Agencies - Screenshot of the Together Agency Homepage

    9. Yoghurt Digital

    Yoghurt Digital FMCG Marketing Agency Logo

    Yoghurt Digital

    Sydney, Australia

    Our Score




    Founded: 2014

    Locations: Sydney, Australia, Manchester, UK

    Number of employees: 33


    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Paid Search
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Content Marketing


    • Nourished Life
    • Nude by Nature
    • Jurlique
    • Frank Body
    • Bundaburg
    • Wine Australia
    • Dare
    • EsEt
    • Adairs
    • Hello Fresh


    Yoghurt Digital is a digital marketing company that focuses on user research and user experience design to help FMCG and e-commerce brands get more exposure. Their approach is based on data and finding what works best for your brand. As a data-driven agency, they’re able to push growth and performance for your brand in tangible, meaningful way.

    Yoghurt Digital is a digital marketing company with offices in Australia and the UK. They focus on user research, user experience design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and social media.

    Their whole business is based on knowing a lot about their clients’ customers and how they act online. To increase sales, they balance smart data insights with digital strategy.

    Moreover, they know that because everything in the online world is trackable and measurable, being “data-driven” is no longer a buzzword but rather a necessary lifestyle choice for them as an agency.

    They believe that when cutting-edge analysis and a rich personality are combined, fantastic digital work is produced. They use those strategies to drive results for their eCommerce and FMCG clients.

    Yoghurt Digital Marketing Agency Homepage
    Source: Yoghurt Digital

    10. FulleStop

    FullEStop FMCG Marketing Agency Logo


    Jaipur, India

    Our Score




    Founded: 2001

    Locations: Jaipur, India

    Number of employees: 188


    • Branding
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • SEO
    • PPC/Paid Media
    • Web Development & Design
    • Mobile & Web Application Creation


    • Fair and Handsome Skincare (Emami)
    • Unilever
    • Pickle in the Middle


    FulleStop is a well-known web and app development agency that also offers digital marketing services to consumer brands of all sizes. They have a global presence and extensive past experience assisting FMCG brands to be successful through a well crafted web strategy, an excellent websites and app, and a robust digital marketing solution.

    In addition to having delivery facilities in India, FulleStop is a well-known marketing and digital agency with a global presence. They have been helping customers all over the world for more than 20 years, and they are proud of their many years of marketing and creative experience in web and mobile design and development projects.

    While they have previous experience working with companies such as Volkswagen, Cara Diamonds, and Adidas, they also have a proven FMCG marketing strategy and have worked with some of the industry’s biggest names, such as Unilever, Pickel in the Middle, and Fair and Handsome Skincare (Emami).

    Furthermore, each project is treated seriously, and each client is given special attention. They believe that quality must be prioritized over cost, whether the customer is a multinational corporation or an individual. Lastly, throughout the process, they strive to add value to the businesses that choose to work with them.

    Screenshot of the Fullestop Agency Homepage

    Wrapping Up on Choosing the Best FMCG Marketing Agency

    And there you have it – everything you need to know about an FMCG marketing agency.

    In this article, we’ve covered the various services you can expect from an FMCG marketing company, as well as broken down each of the top marketing agencies specializing in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

    Now you have an understanding of what you’re going to need to look for in a consumer marketing agency and can pick the right one for your needs.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Get to picking!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an FMCG product?

    Fast-moving consumer goods, or CPGs, are products that have a short shelf life, such as food and beverages, or that consumers use and need to purchase frequently, such as cleaning supplies and self-care products. Moreover, they are low-cost products with high sales volumes and low-profit margins. Reads the full review to learn more about FMCGs and best marketing agencies for FMCG brands around the world.

    Why is marketing important for FMCGs?

    For FMCG companies to effectively advertise their products and establish their market authority, smart content marketing tactics are essential. Furthermore, due to the highly competitive nature of the industry and the lack of a captive audience, standing out as an FMCG is both difficult and essential. Good marketing is the only way FMCG brands can establish themselves and continue to stand out in a saturated market. Read the full review to learn more about what FMCG marketing is, and the best FMCG marketing agencies to consider for your brand.

    What are some examples of FMCG?

    Fast-moving goods are consumer products that sell easily and affordably. Non-durable household items, also known as CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), include packaged foods, drinks, toiletries, candy, cosmetics, over-the-counter medications, dry goods, and other consumables.


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