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About Smarp

Geared for large organizations, Smarp facilitates effective communication and employee advocacy processes for enterprise businesses. It allows for the creation, collation and delivery of personalized content to individuals, teams and groups within the organization.

The overall suite of features Smarp provides is quite extensive and includes a publishing studio, personalized intranet feed, advocacy amplifier, content booster, workforce insights, compliance and security, tailored email newsletters, employee news app, and a wide range of integrations with third-party platforms.

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Site curators put together the internal and external content they wish their employee advocates to share. They can then control the content streams, the order of appearance and schedule links and content to be made available to employees at the best times for them to share it.

Employees then share to their own social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Xing, VK, and Weibo. Individual post captions can be edited by employees to maintain their personal and individual style or tone. Additionally, the posts can be shared from all kinds of devices and platforms including web browsers, phones, emails, etc.  

Smarp offers gamification and incentives to keep employees engaged and interested. Companies can make their own prizes or incentives based on performance and participation.

The reporting and analytics of the platform allow employees to view metrics that help them keep track of their performance. Admins can access broad level data and then filter down to see performance statistics by employee and by individual post. This makes it easier to understand what content creates the most buzz across the company or the region.

Our Review Verdict

Smarp is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to Employee Advocacy or even Social Media Marketing. The software is tailored for enterprise use and works best for organizations with more than a thousand people on board. Its proven track record of delivering results and driving ROI makes us recommend this tool for businesses.


Main Features

Advocacy Amplifier

Knowledge Management

Content Booster

Employee Database

Workforce Insights

Newsletter Management

Video Conferencing

Reporting & Analytics

What integrations are available for Smarp?

Smarp integrates with the following business systems and applications

Microsoft Active Directory




G Suite












Microsoft Teams





Google Analytics



Google Drive

Microsoft Sharepoint




Zapier, and a lot more!

Pros & Cons


Provides weekly updates sent to staff on what’s new/what to share, ability to track performance.

Analytics features allow for reporting to track the progress and effectiveness of different campaigns.

Post titles can be pre-filled by the content publisher, which saves time and makes it easy to use. This feature uses the right number of characters for the channel it will be shared to.

Enterprise package offers groups, teams, channels, and channel manager features, making it a great option for organizations that require a customizable and scalable platform.


Inviting team members is a manual task, which can be time-consuming for larger teams.

Points on the leader board are based on shares rather than engagement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smarp?

Smarp is an employee communications platform that helps enterprise companies reach all their employees, from corporate to frontline, with targeted communications. Smarp makes it easy for enterprise communicators to:
1. Curate and publish content in one place
2. Deliver personalised information to every employee
3. Drive brand ambassadorship
4. Measure and gain actionable insights

Can I invite my colleagues to join Smarp?

Yes, you can! To invite colleagues to join your company Smarp domain, you need to navigate to the bottom of the post feed in Smarp. Along the right side of your post feed there is a box titled Earn more points. Click the link in the box that says Invite colleagues.

Does Smarp support GIF images?

Smarp does not officially support GIF images, however, most of them do play when uploaded in the image field while creating a post in Smarp.

Which image ratio does Smarp use?

The ideal image ratio for images uploaded in Smarp is 16:9, meaning that as long as the image follows this ratio, the image will be displayed correctly in Smarp.

What is SmarpScore?

The SmarpScore is the world’s first Professional Influencer Index. It gives you a way of measuring your professional influence across your social networks.