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About EveryoneSocial

EveryoneSocial is an Employee Advocacy platform for social selling. The platform makes it easy to collate and share content with employees, who can then share it to their personal Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Xing, Wechat, and Slack accounts, as well as their email contacts.

One of EveryoneSocial’s strengths is its focus on Employee Engagement. It collects data from employees and then modifies its interface to keep them engaged. The platform features a leaderboard for gamification and incentives so that employees can see where they stand in the rankings. 

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EveryoneSocial allows users to create their own content and they can add feeds and blogs that interest them too. Content can be controlled by blacklisting or marking certain items as ‘read-only’ so that it can’t be shared if it is inappropriate for the company’s image. Approved content can be tagged for importance so that users know which content to focus on and features such as scheduling allow for posts to be pre-scheduled to post at preferred times.

Shareable content can be shared as-is from the platform or modified by users as they wish. The whole point is to make the content curation a zero-hassle task, where you can source, review, and publish content for all your people in just a few minutes.

The platform also features an extensive set of analytics tools to monitor employee advocacy and provides detailed reports. You can track what has been shared externally and how well it is doing. This way you can see how impactful each employee has been and measure your audience reach. This also helps drive toward core business KPIs.

Our Review Verdict

EveryoneSocial is easily the most reliable Employee Advocacy and Social Selling platform being used by leading marketing, recruiting, and communications teams. We totally recommend it for enterprise companies looking to drive results in marketing, recruiting, employer brand, employee engagement, and communications.


Main Features

Content Management

Employee Engagement

Social Selling

Performance Metrics

Pre-Approved Content Library

Social Recruiting

Paid Advertising

Reporting & Analytics

What integrations are available for EveryoneSocial?

EveryoneSocial integrates with the following business systems and applications

Salesforce Social Studio

Oracle Eloqua



Microsoft Teams

Salesforce Chatter

Google Drive





Bitly Enterprise

Google Analytics

Adobe Analytics




Sugar CRM


MS Dynamics

Zoho CRM









Xing, and a lot more!

Pros & Cons


Approved content can be tagged for importance so that users know which content to focus on.

Scheduling allows for posts to be pre-scheduled to post at preferred times.

Gamification and the visual leaderboard keep users engaged and informed as to the progress and value of their posts.

Metrics and analytics allow for informed decisions around strategy and can even inform hiring choices.


Filtering could be improved to be able to filter out all posts that have not yet been shared rather than having to scroll through all posts.

The platform does not automatically post at optimized times for maximum attention, which varies for different social media channels.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organization by its employees. An employee advocate generates positive exposure and raises awareness for a brand through digital media or offline channels. He/she also recommends a company’s products or services to a friend or family member.

Does EveryoneSocial offer a free trial?

No, it does not. However, you can get in touch with their sales team for any queries you have before you purchase a subscription plan.

What pricing plans does EveryoneSocial offer?

EveryoneSocial offers customized pricing plans which can be requested directly through their website. However, their minimum entry package is typically 150 licenses. And the platform is suited for larger and enterprise businesses, as well as companies that are scaling fast.

How does EveryoneSocial help organizations?

EveryoneSocial is a great tool for active employees to share stories about the company. You can easily keep track of activity and boost your impact. Additionally, you can have more accurate control of statistics for further comparisons and goal planning.

What brands use EveryoneSocial?

Some of the leading brands of the world use EveryoneSocial including Dell, Teradata, Adobe, Micro Focus, and IGEL Technology.