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Easy Advocacy by Agorapulse

Easy Advocacy

Our Score 4.4

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About Easy Advocacy

Easy Advocacy by Agorapulse is a great Employee Advocacy platform that is completely free to use. It is a quick and simple to use platform that helps streamline your Employee Advocacy efforts, amplify company news, give more reach to your content, and finally measure the impact of your campaigns.

Running organized and full-fledged advocacy campaigns with Easy Advocacy is super simple and you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. It allows for ‘campaigns’ to be set up and then emailed to a distribution list of employees or affiliates. They receive an email with links and suggested captions to use when sharing to their social media accounts. 

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Signing up with the tool is really simple. All you need to do is visit their website and log in with your LinkedIn account, and you are all set to start using the tool. 

Sharing from the email is also very easy and straightforward and the platform supports sharing to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or via email. The employees can see everything they need to share in a single location.

Easy Advocacy provides gamification and a visual leader board that shows which campaigns and which employees are garnering the most traffic and engagement. This leaderboard also encourages employees to maximize their results. You can track performance metrics like the number of emails sent and clicked, number of social shares, website visits, and a ranking of the top ambassadors.

All of the messaging and links are mostly pre-written and formatted within the platform. This gives marketers a great point to start with. They can simply make minor tweaks to the message to add a personalized touch and start sharing it with their employees for them to share it further.

Our Review Verdict

Since Easy Advocacy is completely free and really simple to use, we totally recommend it for beginner marketers just starting out with Employee Advocacy. It might not provide very advanced functionality, but it sure does a great job for a tool that is completely free to use.


Main Features

Content Management


Employee Engagement

Social Monitoring

Social Media Management

Team Workflow

Social CRM

Reporting & Analytics

What integrations are available for Easy Advocacy?

Easy Advocacy integrates with the following business systems and applications





Pros & Cons


One of the very few employee advocacy platforms that is completely free to use.

Allows for complete control of the material being sent out to employees for sharing.

Allows users to modify captions and wording to keep their tone and authenticity.

Unlimited number of distribution lists and campaigns.


Does not support sharing to Instagram.

Distribution lists need to be manually uploaded, which can be time-consuming.


Free Version


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Our score



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Easy Advocacy?

Easy Advocacy is a free tool that helps you and your team streamline your employee advocacy efforts. With Easy Advocacy, you can quickly set up a campaign, share it with your colleagues, and measure its impact.

How can I start using Easy Advocacy?

Go to and hit the blue Log In with LinkedIn button. When asked, don't forget to authorize the app. Once redirected, you will be able to use the tool.

What social networks can employees promote a campaign on with Easy Advocacy?

Easy Advocacy has built-in social sharing functionality for:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Pinterest

What campaign performance metrics does Easy Advocacy provide?

For each campaign, it provides,
- number of emails sent
- number of emails clicked
- number of social shares
- number of visits to the promoted content
- ranking of top ambassadors

How many employee emails can I add to Easy Advocacy?

Easy Advocacy lets you add up to 50 employee emails. If you need more space than 50 employees, you need to get in touch with their free tools team. They can unlock the default limitation constraint so you can add more people to your distribution list.