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Preferred Patron

Preferred Patron

Our Score 4.8

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About Preferred Patron™

Preferred Patron™ is leading marketing software for Customer Loyalty and Engagement. It is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, in any industry. It is a simple and powerful tool for engaging with customers and growing your business.

Using Preferred Patron™, any business can operate a fully branded loyalty program. Small businesses additionally have the choice to participate in a co-branded solution, already serving millions of members.

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The users can engage customers with e-mail, SMS, surveys, referrals, a variety of promotions, gamification, cashback incentives and rewards. There can be a combination of self-managed and self-fulfilled rewards, supplied by you, the business, plus a vast library of digitally downloaded rewards from popular businesses, including Amazon and Visa.

Other features include mobile and web access, multi-location pooling, multiple rewards programs with automatic intelligent tier transitions, online ordering and gift card processing. Additionally, there is vast functionality for Customer Recognition, Employee Recognition and B2B relations.

Besides Customer Loyalty and Engagement, there are features that enable users to employ advanced marketing techniques such as Drip Marketing and Behavioral Marketing based on past purchase behaviors, including specific products purchased. Customers can be segmented effectively through the data collected on them. All of this can also be automated to cut out the manual labor.

The platform offers a diverse set of pricing plans that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. The company does not offer a free trial before the purchase. However, every prospective client may choose to see a live interactive demonstration, which typically takes 1 to 2 hours to complete.

The software is support on almost all types of devices including PC, Mac and handheld devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Customer-facing kiosks are also available.

Our Review Verdict

Preferred Patron™ can be a great addition to your marketing software suite if you’re looking for a comprehensive tool that covers a lot more than just Loyalty Marketing. Besides, the vast integrations it provides with different POS software makes it highly useful for independent merchants, chain stores, and franchises.


Main Features

Customer Segmentation

CRM & Metrics

Demand Marketing

Employee Recognition


AutoPilot Marketing

360° Branding

Rewards & Fulfillment

What integrations are available for Preferred Patron?

Preferred Patron integrates with the following business systems and applications


Square POS

Tango Card Digital Rewards Catalog


PXIER Online Ordering & Delivery

Barnet POS

DMS Automotive Systems (various)

SMS Shop Management Systems (various)

POS Co-existence | Seamless Toggle

REST API with JSON Data Exchange Format

Shopify E-Commerce


Pros & Cons


Creating and sending emails is very simple and easy.

Integration to Tango Card rewards catalog makes rewarding customers easy.

Lets you nurture guest relationships in a profitable way and track their spending patters.

Simple and painless onboarding process.


Does not integrate with Micros POS.

The Standard Edition is not white-label branded. Premium editions are required for that.




Premium SB






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Our score



Frequently Asked Questions

What companies is Preferred Patron™ best suited for?

The Preferred Patron™ platform is well suited for practically any business, regardless of industry, size and number of outlets.

How will Preferred Patron™ benefit my business?

Operating the Preferred Patron™ Program will help you increase your bottom line through improved customer relationships, higher degrees of repeat business, higher spend patterns from existing customers, increased customer feedback and word-of-mouth referrals.

How technical do you need to be to operate Preferred Patron?

The Preferred Patron™ Program is very simple to use. The tablet-optimized interfaces are self-intuitive, require little to no training and are supplemented with a vast online video library.

Does Preferred Patron™ offer a free trial?

There is NO free trial. However, before purchasing, every prospective client may choose to see a live interactive demonstration, which typically takes 1 hour to complete. Additionally, month-to-month agreements are available and annual contracts do not bind until the 3rd service month.

What support options does Preferred Patron™ offer?

Phone support is offered Monday through Friday, during standard business hours. Off-hours support is offered 24/7/365 via email. Premium+ Edition customers receive priority phone and email support as part of their subscription.