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49 Must Follow Linkedin Influencers in 2024 [Business, Marketing, Finance, Science, Politics]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 36 minute read Influencer Marketing

You must follow the best LinkedIn influencers and thought leaders for expert advice and industry updates.

If you’ve been following the same industry experts for some time, expand your network and knowledge with LinkedIn influencers in business, marketing, and many other vital sectors.

With over 850 million users from more than 200 countries, this platform has loads of influencers you want to follow.

These influencers provide insightful content relevant to their industries. You can stay up to date with the best marketing and economic trends, how global politics may impact your sector and what it takes to become the founder and CEO of million-dollar companies.

Sounds like the information you want?

We’ve searched LinkedIn to group the top LinkedIn influencers in business, finance, science, marketing, and politics. You can find all the information you need about these influencers, their best-selling books, and blogs to read their content

Ready to find out which of the best LinkedIn influencers to follow?

Let’s go!

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    What is a LinkedIn Influencer?

    A LinkedIn influencer is an industry expert or thought leader in a specific niche. These influencers share valuable, organic content with their target audiences in those sectors. While not all LinkedIn influencers have massive followings, they have extensive experience and impressive track records. Many of the best LinkedIn influencers are best-selling authors, CEOs, company founders, and keynote speakers.

    Businesses must follow the best LinkedIn influencers for broader perspectives and expert advice, based on your personal and professional interests, to stay ahead of industry news.

    Summary: What is a LinkedIn Influencer?

    A LinkedIn influencer is an expert or thought leader is a specific niche. These influencers share valuable, organic content to raise awareness, engage their audience or share expert advice. Most LinkedIn influencers are keynote speakers, authors and CEOs.

    Source: Self Made Millennial

    17 Business LinkedIn Influencers

    1.Amy Volas

    Amy_LinkedIn Influencers

    Amy Volas is a highly accomplished entrepreneur. This LinkedIn influencer helps SaaS companies optimize their sales processes, from hiring the best management to executing detailed sales strategies based on business goals. She is currently the co-founder of Avenue Talent Partners, an agency specializing in hiring fantastic leaders to impact SaaS startups. Her wealth of knowledge is credited to her experience in enterprise sales, leadership advisory, and technology.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Amy:

    2.Mark Roberge

    LinkedIn Influencers Business

    Mark Roberge, a professor at Harvard Business University and former CRO at HubSpot, has a LinkedIn following comprising more than 40 000 users. Since 2018, Roberge is the managing director of Sales 2 Capital, a market venture funding group that turns small business ideas into profitable realities. This influencer is one of the best for new businesses looking for the best advice on brand growth based on tactical sales and leadership.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Mark:

    3.Richard Branson

    Richard Branson_LinkedIn Influencers

    As the founder of The Virgin Group and what we consider a British billionaire, it’s no surprise Richard is a fantastic business LinkedIn influencer. Richard founded his first magazine at the ripe age of 16. Since then, the world-renowned businessman owns several airlines, hotels, magazines, record labels, and radio stations. Through LinkedIn, he provides actionable advice for new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Richard:

    4.Bill Gates

    Bill Gates

    Like Jeffery Bezos, the name Bill Gates can stir up a lot of controversial statements. However, it’s no doubt that the co-founder of Microsoft has made some successful business moves in his time. While Microsoft was Bill Gates’ doorway to everlasting wealth and recognition, Gates has since been an active investor, philanthropist, and software developer. Following Bill Gates, you’ll notice how much he prioritizes sustainability for business. And incase you didn’t know, Bill Gates is the most followed LinkedIn influencer with more than 35 million users.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Bill:

    5.Gary Vaynerchuk

    GaryVee_LinkedIn influencers

    Known to most of the internet as Gary Vee, this influencer is nothing short of a New York best-selling author, beloved social media personality, marketing expert, and accomplished entrepreneur. Today, Gary is the chairman of VaynerX, a creative and media digital marketing agency aimed at helping businesses leverage online marketing. Gary’s followers learn how to do business like the pros through valuable content on adapting businesses to technology, and much more.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Gary:

    6.Bryan Eisenberg

    Byran_LinkedIn influencers

    With 25 years of experience optimizing businesses, it’s no doubt that whatever business and management advice Bryan gives is invaluable. Bryan is a keynote speaker for topics relating to business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. He’s also an advisory board member of Slightly, a long-standing video marketing platform that’s stayed ahead of the times. Following Bryan, business owners can access content to optimize blog marketing conversions, and Bryan has helped businesses increase their sales by billions of dollars.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Byron:

    7.Jeff Weiner

    Jeff Weiner

    Who knows business better than the executive chairman of LinkedIn – Jeff Weiner? Before becoming the executive chairman of LinkedIn, Jeff was the CEO for eleven years. During this time, LinkedIn grew substantially thanks to Jeff’s expert business tactics. LinkedIn’s membership base expanded from 33 million users to over 700 million! But LinkedIn isn’t the extent of this businessman’s experience. Jeff co-founded Next Play Ventures, helping investors and entrepreneurs make tactical decisions. He was also the executive vice president at Yahoo for almost two years!

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Jeff:

    8.Mickey Mikitani

    Mickey_LinkedIn influencers

    Mickey Mikitani from Toyko is nothing short of a super-successful business leader. As the current chairman, CEO, and founder of Rakuten, an Ecommerce platform for B2B businesses, Mickey has helped his global business achieve a long list of accomplishments. As one of the world’s top interest services Rakuten boasts over 70 expert services and more than 1 billion members internationally. And to validate Mickey’s experience, the French government awarded him the Legion of Honor for recognition of his contributions to the economy and culture of France.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Mickey:

    9.Greg McKeown

    Greg_LinkedIn Influencers

    Greg Mckeown is the author of two New York best-selling books and an experienced and influential podcast host and business leader. Unlike many of the best LinkedIn influencers in business on this list, Greg doesn’t have his own company or a high-level position. However, he’s contributed to the business world by advising aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals. Greg has shared his words of wisdom at many top-tier technology companies like Google, Facebook, Pixar, Apple, and LinkedIn. He focuses his advice on leadership, innovation, and productivity.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Greg:

    10.James Altucher

    James_LinkedIn Influencers

    For almost nine years, James Altucher has been the founder and host of his popular podcast – The James Altucher Show. In his podcast, James provides advice on how to make successful business decisions and brings on icons like Tyra Banks, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, and the list goes on! James is also considered one of LinkedIn’s top ten influencers alongside an author, chess master, and venture capitalist. He has advised and invested in over 30 brands in various sectors. Plus, James has co-founded 20 companies too. Talk about an impressive entrepreneur!

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with James:

    11.Nozomi Morgan

    LinkedIn Business Influencers

    Nozomi Morgan is an extremely impressive businesswoman. She is currently the founder and president of Michiki Morgan Worldwide, a company providing multinational companies with expert services. A few of these services cover consulting, training, and bespoke business practices. Through this company, Nozomi aims to bridge cultural gaps between the US and Japanese corporations, and she’s doing a fantastic job! Nozomi is also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a featured contributor to Forbes magazine’s leadership content.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Nozomi:

    12.David Yang

    David_LinkedIn Influencers

    Doctor David Yang is all about AI and how this elevates the world of business and leadership management. He is an internationally renowned thought leader, speaker, and advisor in everything related to business and AI. Dubbed one of the top influencers in HR in 2021, David is the founder of ABBYY – a globally recognized company specializing in text analytics, AI, and content intelligence. ABBYY has worked with many high-profile clients including, Toyota, Mcdonald’s, and Xerox. But that’s not all David does. He’s also the founder of, helping business leverage smart continuous learning, ethical people analytics, workforce management, and performance analytics.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with David:

    13.James Caan CBE

    James_Business LinkedIn Influencers

    James Caan CBE has been a successful serial entrepreneur for over 25 years! His main specialties lie in buying and selling businesses, making him an impactful influencer for seasoned investors and aspiring entrepreneurs. James has loads of accomplishments behind his name! First, he’s the chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, a seed capital investment company for brand concepts sure to make waves. Second, James is the founder of Hamilton Bradshaw Group, a management advisory company helping businesses build capital. Next, he’s also an investor in three recruitment consulting.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with James:

    14.Dorie Clark

    Dorie Clark

    Ranked as the #1 communication coach in the world, Dorie Clark is an influential keynote speaker and successful author and writer. She has been named Twice as one of the world’s Top 50 Business Thinkers by Thinkers50 and has several best-selling books behind her popularity. Dorie has written for impressive publications like the Harvard Business Review and Business Insider. Forbes dubbed one of Dorie’s books as one of the top ten business books of the year. She’s also a teacher at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Dorie:

    15.Simon Sinek

    Simon_LinkedIn Influencers

    Simon Sinek considers himself an “unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together”. As you can tell, the entire foundation of this businessman’s approach is to inspire people and businesses to work toward a better tomorrow. Being the founder of Simon Sinek Inc., Simon fulfills his mission and provides solutions to brands in all sectors to enhance company culture and optimize business working environments for productivity and employee morale. Simon also has one of the most viewed TED Talks of all time and has many best-selling novels to share his ideas with business owners.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Simon:

    16.Carson Tate

    Carson_LinkedIn Influencers

    If business owners want to find the best strategies to optimize employer branding, employee engagement and overall workforce performance, they need Carson Tate. Carson is the founder of Work Simply Inc., an agency of productivity experts dedicated to helping brands develop high-performance work environments. A few of her team’s top clients are Coca-Cola, Lend Lease, and Ryder. Carson has run this company for over a decade, and she has become a popular figure in this sector. She is also a renowned speaker and author, and contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Carson:

    17.Dharmesh Shah

    Dharmesh_LinkedIn Influencers

    This list wouldn’t be accurate without the founder and CTO of HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah. Dharmesh graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and progressed to start HubSpot in 2006. And as most of us know, today HubSpot is a global marketing platform helping brands boost productivity, marketing, and sales efforts. Dharmesh’s specializations cover internet marketing, SEO, software development, and entrepreneurship. Plus, he’s also a renowned blogger for, providing advice to startup business owners and the founder and CEO of Pyramid Digital Solutions. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Dharmesh:

    9 Marketing Linkedin Influencers

    1.Jorge Branger

    Jorge_LinkedIn Influencers

    Calling Jorge Branger a digital marketing expert is simply an understatement. Jorge is the founder of Fluence Leaders, a digital marketing agency providing expertise for custom LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Fluence Leaders has been around for five years and provides many valuable solutions for businesses like community marketing, influencer marketing, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Jorge is also the co-founder of Flyt, Spain’s first influencer marketing agency, and he’s an investor in Ufounders.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Jorge:

    2.Ann Handley

    Ann_LinkedIn Influencers

    Ann Handley is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and digital marketing and content expert. In fact, Ann was the world’s first Chief Content Officer and provides insightful books to help business owners and entrepreneurs rethink typical approaches to success. Forbes dubbed Ann the most influential woman in social media and she featured in Forbes’ list of Top 20 Women Bloggers. For over two decades, Ann is still the Chief Content Officer at MarketingPros, and she’s also a keynote speaker, inspiring masses of women in business.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Ann:

    3.Jeff Bullas

    Jeff Bullas_LinkedIn Influencers

    The founder of and host of the popular podcast, The Jeff Bullas Show Podcast, this LinkedIn influencer shares advice on everything digital marketing related. Jeff helps inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to scale their brands in the digital world. He’s an accomplished marketing blogger, podcast host, best-selling author, digital entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. In 2017, Jeff featured on Forbes’ op 20 Influencers of CMOs and was recognized as the #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer in 2016.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Jeff:

    4.Ashley Dudarenok

    Ashley_LinkedIn Influencers

    Ashley Dudarenok is a digital marketing expert in China and the founder of Alarice. Alarice began in 2011 with the mission to “help international brands Chinese digital marketing right”. Ashley is also the founder of ChoZan, a consulting and training agency focused on helping businesses in the Chinese market appeal to their target audiences. This digital marketing professional is considered one of LinkedIn’s top voices in marketing and Asia’s top 25 innovators by the Holmes Report. Plus, Ashely is a three times best-selling author!

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Ashley:

    5.Nigel Quadros

    Nigel_LinkedIn marketing influencers

    Nigel Quadros is one of the best LinkedIn influencers focusing on machine learning, growth marketing, and AI for digital businesses. At 19, Nigel started his first online business thanks to saving up as a freelance web designer. Nigel’s brainchild was named AndroGuru, and today the company is flourishing. Nigel advises bloggers and business owners wanting to develop an online reputation and leverage digital marketing. For over a decade, Nigel has been the group marketing director at FP7, leading this company to internet marketing success.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Nigel:

    6.Pam Moore

    Pam Moore_LinkedIn Influencers

    Pam Moore has over two decades of experience working with many top brands in digital marketing. These billion-dollar businesses include IBM, Adobe, Redken, Johnson & Johnson, and HP. Today Pam is the founder and CEO of Marketing Nutz. This agency helps companies break into the digital space through B2C and B2B marketing strategies, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and more. Pam is also a keynote speaker and featured in Forbes’ Top 5 Women Influencers list.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Pam:

    7.David Edelman

    David_LinkedIn Influencers for Finance

    David Edelman is an Executive Advisor, business school professor, and former Fortune 50 CMO. Working as a Chief Marketing Officer for three decades equipped David with expert digital marketing skills and advisory. He has consulted several businesses, from startups to mid-level and large enterprises. David has worked as an independent board director at two companies and is a member of the board of trustees at Walnut Hill School for the Arts.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with David:

    8.Sujan Patel

    Sujan Patel_LinkedIn Influencers

    If you’re looking for one of the top LinkedIn influencers in the SaaS and B2B marketing sectors, Sujan Patel is the expert you need. In 2015, Sujan co-founded Mailshake, helping B2B and SaaS brands develop and deploy results-driven cold email marketing campaigns. Before Milkshake, Sujan was the managing director of Ramp Ventures, an automated software to optimize sales and marketing work processes. And if you didn’t know, Ramp Ventures are the visionaries behind Mailshake, RightInbox, and Linktexting.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Sujan:

    9.Jay Baer

    Jay_LinkedIn Influencers

    Jay Baer is a customer experience and digital marketing expert alongside an author of six best-sellers, keynote speaker, and advisor. Proving how much Jay knows about marketing done right, he’s also the founder of five multi-million dollar companies. He’s worked on marketing campaigns for world-beloved brands such as Nike, Cisco, and The United Nations. Since 2010, Jay has been a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, traveling the globe to provide business owners and marketing professionals with tips for optimized customer experience and digital marketing.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Jay:

    11 Finance Linkedin Influencers

    1.Sallie Krawcheck

    Sallie_LinkedIn Influencers

    Sallie Krawcheck is a renowned investor and the CEO and co-founder of Ellevest. Ellevest is a women-owned financial company helping female entrepreneurs maximize their earnings and bridge the “gender money gap”. LinkedIn dubbed this company one of its Most Sought After Startups, and it’s one of Entrepreneurs Magazines Top 100 Brilliant Ideas. Sallie is also part of 2U’s board of directors. This online platform helps professionals break into business and finance through a wide selection of leadership and management courses.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Sallie:

    2.Claire Diaz-Ortiz

    Claire_LinkedIn Influencers

    Claire Diaz-Ortiz is the author of nine books and an esteemed venture capital investor. Fast Company named Claire one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business because of her successful investment track record. She is also a founding member of VC3DAO, a venture capital investment company, and an angel investor, having invested in over 60 fintech companies. Claire has appeared on many popular broadcast shows like BBC and CCN to share her investment experience and guide aspiring entrepreneurs to make strategic financial decisions balancing risk and reward.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Claire:

    4.Jody Padar

    Jody Padar_LinkedIn Influencers

    Jody Padar is one of the best LinkedIn influencers for aspiring accountants. This LinkedIn influencer explores how to leverage technology, best practices for tax strategies, bookkeeping, and how CPA firm owners can use expert accounting to manage money successfully. Jody is also a three-time best-selling author and a True Advisor at Trullion since 2021. Trullion is a lease accounting software solution, supporting Jody’s experience of merging technology with accounting for efficacy.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Jody:

    5.Hansi Mehrotra

    Hansi Influencer Finance

    Looking for LinkedIn influencers that are experienced investors in India? Look no further than Hansi Mehrotra! She is the founder and editor of Money Management India – a firm helping businesses manage and scale their cash flow. Hansi is also the founder and financial wellness coach of another financial firm, The Money Hans. To share her knowledge and advice, Hansi creates personalized content breaking down B2C financial advice for personal finance, private wealth management, and investments. She has been named one of the top voices of LinkedIn and India several times since 2015 and has several financial qualifications behind her name.  

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Hansi:

    6.Joshua Brown

    Joshua Brown

    Joshua Brown is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management since 2013. This company offers expert investment advisory to clients of all shapes and sizes, including business owners and private investors. What Joshua does is simple – he helps people make strategic investments. Users on LinkedIn will find many podcast features of Joshua, advice on how to approach investment opportunities, investment challenges, and updates on the US economy and how this impacts investors. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Joshua:

    7.Mohamed El-Erian

    Mohamed_LinkedIn Influencers

    Mohamed El-Erian talks about everything to do with finance and the economy. His followers enjoy content covering updates about the economy and the ramifications they have, what factors impact inflation rates, how to take advantage of the financial markets, and investment tips. Since 2020, Mohamed has been the president at Queens’ College, Cambridge, and works part-time as the Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz. And for 14 years, Mohamed worked as Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council. Plus, he holds a master’s and Ph.D. degree in economics from Oxford University!

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Mohamed:

    8.Nilly Essaides

    Nilly LI Influencer

    Nilly Essaides provides advice on financial planning and analytics for large companies. She is considered a thought leader in digital transformation, finance, and advanced analytics. Nilly is also a renowned public finance speaker, a prolific blogger with over 1000 followers, and a supporter of corporate practitioners. This influencer’s LinkedIn followers can learn how to expand their net worth through data-driven business finance practices. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Nilly:

    9.Alicia Garcia-Herrero

    Alicia_LinkedIn Influencer

    Alicia Garcia-Herrero is the Chief Economist for the Asia Pacific at NATIXIS. She speaks about finance topics relating to investments and the economy in China, Europe, and Europe. With a Ph.D. in Economics, Alicia is a Senior Fellow at the European think-tank BRUEGEL and an Adjunct Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is also one of the members of the Advisory Committee for Economic Affairs of the Spanish Government. Businesses follow this LinkedIn influencer to get ahead of finance news regarding emerging markets and how brands can work to strengthen the Asian-Pacific economies. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Alicia:

    10. Edward Yardeni

    Edward_LinkedIn Influencers

    Ever heard of one of the best LinkedIn influencers for finance, Edward Yardeni? Well, he’s the founder of Yardeni Research, Inc., a global investments and asset collections firm started in 2007. Edward has spent well over three decades working in various finance roles for companies like Deutsche Bank, Prudential Financial, and Deutsche Bank Securities. He’s also a frequent guest on Bloomberg Television and CNBC, providing financial advice and sharing his opinions on global economic events and how businesses should respond to them. Ensuring he leaves a token of his legacy, Edward is also the author of “Predicting the Markets: A Professional Autobiography”. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Edward:

    11.John Battelle

    John_LI Influencer

    John Battelle is one of the best LinkedIn influencers in finance and the founder of seven successful companies. Since 2018, he’s been the Co-founder and CEO of Recount Media – a platform for relevant content on finance, technology, and business. John was also a senior research scholar at Columbia University, New York, exploring data architecture and how this impacts the economy. Before becoming a renowned business owner and finance figure, John was a chairman at Sovrn Holdings and an executive producer at Signal P&G. He also provides investment and financial advice through his company, Battelle Media.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with John:

    5 Science LinkedIn Influencers

    1.Lisa Jarvis

    Lisa_LinkedIn Influencers

    Lisa Jarvis is a pharma columnist at Bloomberg Opinion. She focuses her content on dissecting topics like Covid-19, biotech, science, and drug development. Much of Lisa’s work is to provide awareness about these topics, like updates or shares her opinion on how these concepts have impacted society. She has almost two decades of experience writing and editing scientific topics and has worked with science publications since the start of her career.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Lisa:

    2.Tracy Staton

    Tracy Staton_LI Influencers

    Tracy Station is the Editor in Chief at Fierce Healthcare and Life SciencesEditor. She has worked in the pharma industry for nearly two decades and sheds light on topics related to science and healthcare. Tracy’s LinkedIn audience can rely on this influencer for healthcare updates and case studies, studies on various scientific phenomena in the pharma industry, and company announcements that impact the community. And if you follow Tracy’s blog, you can read up on topics from Covid-19, pharma industry news, and case studies on CEOs in science.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Tracy:

    3.Ryan Bethencourt

    Ryan_LI Influencers

    Ryan Bethencourt is the CEO of Wild Earth, an authentic brand for dog food that also provides social contributions to animal shelters and initiatives. This LinkedIn influencer has vast experience working as a biotech partner and founder of many brands that promote food sustainability and essentially want to make the world a better place. Through LinkedIn, Ryan voices his opinion on topics like science, environment, biotech, medicine, and the future of food. If you’re looking for a science LinkedIn influencer to learn about the effects of what we eat and the science behind it, Ryan’s your guy!

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Ryan:

    4.Khuyen Tran

    Khuyen Tran

    Khuyen Tran is an accomplished data scientist with almost a decade of experience. She is the ideal LinkedIn influencer for daily tips on data science practices and programming languages like Python and JavaScript. Khuyen is also an active Medium blogger with over 100 data science articles and a large reader base of more than 10,000. This LinkedIn influencer is also an esteemed author, and although she’s at the early stages of her career, Khuyen has a dedicated following that revels in her content.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Khuyen:

    5.Tobe Madu

    Tobe Madu

    Tobe Madu is a seasoned data scientist at NET Health, a global healthcare provider. He’s worked in the research and science departments of healthcare institutions for his entire career and now shares his knowledge through LinkedIn and blogging. Tobe Madu breaks down science topics relating to machine learning, healthcare, analytics, wound care, and real-world data. Following him on LinkedIn, you’ll find posts diving into the effects of Covid-19, analytics on the medical industry, and scientific case studies on medical theories.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Tobe:

    7 Politics LinkedIn Influencers

    1.Ian Bremmer

    Ian Bremmer

    Want to follow the best politics LinkedIn influencers? Start with Ian Bremmer, a successful political scientist. Ian helps the general public, political figures, and business leaders analyze and understand the political environment around them. He is the president and founder of the Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy firm. Ian has founded GZERO Media, a publication platform dedicated to covering international politics through interviews, case studies, and relevant information. Ian is also the proud author of eleven political books. He’s also a professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Ian:

    2.Satya Nadella


    As the chairman and CEO of Microsoft, many wouldn’t think Satya Nadella has anything to do with politics. But in fact, this successful tech entrepreneur has quite the political voice! Before leading Microsoft as the CEO for eight years, Satya became a member of the board of trustees at the University of Chicago. He’s also a board member at Starbucks and Fred Hutch. Most of Satya’s political opinions on LinkedIn are related to the evolution of technology and what that means for the future of business. He also dissects political changes and what this means to technology and business. While not all of Satya’s political opinions are popular, he doesn’t hold back!

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Satya:

    3.Lily Zheng

    Lily Zheng_LinkedIn Influencers

    It’s hard to pinpoint who Lily Zheng is and what she does because she does so much! This politics LinkedIn Influencer has dedicated her career to raising awareness and promoting diversity, equality and inclusion. In 2022, LinkedIn deemed Lily one of the top voices for racial equality. She has also written a book about these socio-political topics and has lent her knowledge to various business leaders for diverse workforces. And not surprisingly, Lily is a professional speaker and has inspired people at the Berkeley Haas School of Business, The Atlantic, Intel, and Lenovo.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Lily:

    4.Willow Hill

    Willow Hill_LinkedIn Influencers

    Willow Hill is an investor, keynote speaker, and co-founder of Scout Lab. Glancing at Willow’s LinkedIn profile, many may assume she’s all about business and only that. However, Willow shares many similar political values as Lily Zheng and promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workplace and society. Willow shares her opinions on local and international politics relating to these topics and provides resources on how businesses can adapt this approach. She is also an advocate for environmental marketing and has her work featured in Forbes, Rolly Stone, and Nylon.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Willow:

    5.Tim Scott

    Tim Scott_LinkedIn Influencers

    If you live in South Carolina, you probably know who Tim Scott is. And for those that don’t, Tim is a US State Senator with strong political beliefs. Unlike many other politicians, Tim is very active on LinkedIn and shares valuable content with his audience on political updates in the US and his thoughts on global politics and how the US responds to it. Tim also promotes movements like BlackLiveMatter and shares fun information to uplift his community. Tim has worked in politics for his whole career, and there’s no doubt you can learn a thing or two about politics from this influencer. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Tim:

    6.Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson_LinkedIn Influencers

    Boris Johnson has garnered a lot of media attention for his controversial behavior and active life on social media. But this comes in handy if you’re looking for a political LinkedIn influencer to follow. As the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, there is so much you can learn from Boris. Whether it’s keeping up to date with changes in the UK’s political landscaping or reading his sentiments on global politics. Working in political positions all his life has left Boris with extensive knowledge and strong opinions on economic issues in the UK and how the government intends to approach these problems.

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with Boris:

    7.David Solomon

    David Solomon_LI Influencers

    David Solomon is the infamous chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is one of the OG global investment banking firms. With extensive experience in business, finance, and entrepreneurship, David Solomon also has his take on politics. Because Goldman Sachs handles investments on an international scale foreign affairs and world politics impact the company. In turn, David must share his political opinions and updates and establish relationships with other political figures. On LinkedIn, David provides information about the global economy, solutions he believes are valid, and what global political changes mean for everyday joe. 

    Selected Books/Blogs:

    Connect with David:


    LinkedIn influencers are experts and authority figures in a range of industries. These influencers provide valuable advice, updates, and information related to their sectors. Following these influencers is the best way to stay informed and find innovative strategies to use for business, finance, and science. You can find many LinkedIn influencers worth following in industries like science, politics, business, and finance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best business LinkedIn Influencers?

    The best LinkedIn influencers for business include Amy Volas, Richard Branson, Bryan Eisenberg and Mickey Mikitani. The top LinkedIn influencers in marketing are Ann Handley and Pam Moore. Read this article for the best LinkedIn influencers in business, finance, marketing, politics and science.

    What are the best marketing LinkedIn influencers?

    The best marketing LinkedIn influencers are Ann Handley, Jorge Branger, Jeff Bullas and Pam Moore. The best LinkedIn influencers for business includes Richard Brandson, Amy Volas and Mickey Mikitani. Read this full article for more of the best LinkedIn influencers for marketing and business, the top LinkedIn influencers for finance, politics and science.

    What is a LinkedIn influencer?

    A LinkedIn influencer is an authority figure or industry expert that shares valuable, organic content related to thier niche. Professionals follow the best LinkedIn influencers for industry news and updates and for expert advice. This article covers the best LinkedIn influencers in marketing, business, finance, science and politics.


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