Employer Branding Agency: The Top 11 Agencies Worldwide + Updated 2023 Statistics

By Leah Clark Last updated: 05.18.2023 27 minute read Marketing Guides

Achieve an excellent employer image to engage and retain top-tier talent while providing an outstanding brand experience to your target audience! To do this, create and grow an inclusive, results-driven employee culture, providing employee career development opportunities and world-class customer care. 

If you’re wondering where to start, the answer is simple – evaluate the best employer branding agencies for your business.

Nearly 80% of women and 70% of men in the US won’t apply for a job at a company with a bad reputation. Also, 50% would still not work for those companies even if you offered them more money!

And if a strong and positive employer brand can reduce your recruitment costs by a whopping 50%, it’s obvious why employer branding agencies matter. There are a lot of factors behind developing and managing a successful and motivated workforce. 

While this one term – employee branding, pretty much covers it, it’s much easier said than done.

We want your business to thrive, so we’ve grouped the top 11 employer branding agencies worldwide with excellent reputations for employer branding!

Do you want to work with the best employer branding agencies for a collaborative and performance-oriented work culture while attracting highly-skilled industry professionals? 

We bet you do! 

Let’s begin!

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    Employer Branding Agency Services

    Besides employer branding, these agencies offer a valuable range of services. These services will help you recruit and manage top-tier talent and nurture a positive workforce culture. Plus, you can achieve the brand image you’ve always intended. Here are the top services employer branding agencies offer.

    Employee Experience

    An essential part of a successful employer brand strategy is employee experience efforts. Agencies will provide your brand with strategies to ensure your workforce is happy and success-driven. Without an optimized employee experience, current employees may lack the motivation they need to achieve the results they want.

    To deliver the best employee experience, employer branding agencies will use tactics like:

    • An engaging candidate experience to entice potential employees about your company.
    • World-class onboarding to effectively bridge the gap between the candidate and employee experience.
    • Consistent employee communication to gather constructive feedback and maintain employee morale.
    • Career development opportunities for employees to have reason to stay loyal to your company and progress their skills.
    • A reasonable employee compensation, so employers feel they’re being compensated enough for their work.
    •  Respectful and seamless offboarding to gain employee feedback for reduced retention rates and a refined employee experience strategy.

    With these strategies, employer branding agencies can ensure every stage of recruiting, onboarding, and managing employees work in favor of your business and its employees.

    Brand Consulting

    Agencies offer brand consulting so they can understand your business objectives, value, and current strengths and challenges. With this data and information, agencies have what they need to develop tailored strategies best for your business.

    Agencies offer brand consulting services to help businesses:

    • Identify their brands
    • Eliminate unnecessary spending and strategies
    • Only stick to the valuable ideas
    • Develop consistency
    • Find the most authentic and brand-tailored approaches
    • Determine the best partnership opportunities

    Brand consulting will help you and your agency find the best way to achieve your desired results.


    Recruitment is a typical service among agencies specializing in employer branding. Some agencies take it a step further and only provide recruitment expertise. You can also find employer branding agencies that help businesses expand internationally with global recruitment services.

    Offering recruitment, employer brand agencies deliver benefits like:

    • Hiring the best talent faster.
    • Accessing highly skilled employees.
    • Providing the best market research.
    • Providing specialist recruitment insights and knowledge.
    • You can save time and resources by avoiding hiring employees that aren’t best for your business.

    Social Media Marketing

    Employer brand agencies often offer social media marketing services to advertise job postings and enhance a company’s culture. With social media marketing, employer branding agencies can:

    • Share brand accomplishments and milestones.
    • Celebrate employee achievements.
    • Announce new employees.
    • Promote job listings.
    • Share company culture to engage potential candidates.

    You might not think so, but these factors will help you attract high-quality employees and gain traction for your business. For example, look at Starbucks. Starbucks usually posts happy employee moments on its Instagram page. Doing this shows unity between their workforce, and with this, they can create a concept of family, not just employees.

    Summary: Employer Branding Agency Services

    • Employee Experience
    • Brand Consulting
    • Recruitment
    • Social Media Marketing

    How We Chose the Agencies on This List

    There are many employer branding agencies around, but we chose the top 11 to make it easier for you. Here are the factors we evaluated to pick the best employer branding agencies:

    1. Industry Experience: How well your agency knows about employer branding makes all the difference. Choose an agency with extensive experience working with employers to develop and maintain a productive workforce and thriving work environment. Consider how long your desired agency has been around and how much they’ve achieved for their clients.
    2. Range of Services: Besides employer branding, opt for an agency that offers services to enhance its employee branding offerings. For one, your agency should have expert recruitment services and resources to determine the best talent for your work culture. Your agency should also have the expertise to help you manage employees and find the best digital channels to promote your job listings.
    3. Testimonials: The best way to know how effective an employer branding agency is, look at their testimonials. What past clients have to say is what you should listen to. Checking an agency’s testimonials isn’t only about checking whether they can help you, but evaluating the agency’s strengths. Beyond testimonials, check an agency’s online reviews on sites like Clutch and G2.
    4. Case Studies: Agencies that are the real deal will have a list of case studies available on their websites. Newer agencies may not have a tone of case studies, but in this case, check for quality and not only quantity.
    5. Sectors Serviced: Get an employer branding agency that has worked with businesses in your field. Employer branding services don’t work the same for companies in various sectors. For example, how you target talent for healthcare institutions differs from recruiting employees for finance firms. Fortunately, the employer branding agencies we’ve gathered have experience working with businesses of all kinds.
    6. Degree of Employer Branding Specialization: Some agencies specialize in employer branding while others offer a wider spectrum of services. Evaluate what’s vital for your business and what services you’re looking for. Understanding this will help you decide if you need an agency specializing in employer branding. Or opting for an agency that offers a broad range of services works better. 
    7. Employee Experience Services: Employee experience is pivotal for successful employer branding. The agency you choose must have a sufficient range of employee experience services to help you develop a work environment that works for everybody. Without happy employees, it’s challenging to grow a successful and productive brand.
    8. Workforce Performance Services: Keeping your employees satisfied isn’t the only aspect of a productive workforce. You need measures to ensure your team is performing well and has the best resources to achieve this.
    9. Innovative Talent Acquisition: Traditional recruitment just doesn’t cut it anymore. Use recruitment strategies tailored to your target candidates to attract the best and most-fitting workforce. Your employer branding agency needs to help you define the best talent for your company, strategies to find these employees, and the best digital spaces for results-driven job listings.
    10. Workforce Culture Experts: Employer branding agencies with teams of experts are the best agencies. Work with these agencies because team members will have loads of experience developing thriving work cultures. If you want high-quality services, choose an agency with experts.

    Now that you know how we choose the top employer branding agencies, here they are!

    11 Best Employer Branding Agencies


    Alaant_employer branding agency


    Albany, United States 35

    Our Score




    Founded: 2000

    Location: New York, United States

    Number of Employees: 35


    • Employer brand strategy
    • Temp placements
    • Candidate sourcing
    • Talent acquisition partnerships
    • Employee experience


    • Undisclosed


    Alaant has been around for over two decades providing specialized employer branding services to small, mid-level, and large companies. This agency ticks all the boxes for essential employer services. You can find solutions for full cycle-recruitment solutions, stimulating employer work culture, and developing employer brand strategies encompassing your mission, vision, and values.

    Atlaant is a favored choice for employer branding agencies as they have all the key services for successful employer branding. Firms can work with Atlaant to find talented temporary employees, hire skilled, full-time employees and establish a goal-driven work culture. This agency will start by outlining an effective and tailored employer branding strategy followed by taking the required steps to help boost your workforce and reputation. Atlaant also provides solutions to correct negative brand reputation.


    Atlaant_employer branding agencies
    Source: alaant.com


    Brandemix_employer branding agency


    New York, United States 7

    Our Score




    Founded: 2004

    Location: New York, United States

    Number of Employees: 7


    • Employer branding strategy
    • Onboarding programs
    • Employer brand positioning
    • Employee engagement
    • Employer brand architecture
    • Career sites
    • Employer brand analysis
    • Employer brand activation


    • ABBVIE
    • Canon
    • Estee Lauder


    Brandemix is the perfect solution for mid-level businesses and large companies looking for an end-to-end employer branding solution. Not only can this agency help you boost your entire employer branding architecture but you can also depend on Brandemix for expert services like employee onboarding programs, analysis for employer branding, and employee experience.

    Brandemix offers nothing short of specialized and expert employer branding services. As this agency’s slogan is, “Bonding Through Brand Strength”, it’s clear to see what approach Brandemix takes. This agency has worked with a long list of world-renowned brands in various industries. Brandemix delivered an effective employee experience and brand communications strategy to Estee Lauder’s workforce spanning over 38,000 employees and helped Bayer establish a company culture comprising their vision and values for more than 16,000 employees.

    Brandemix_employer branding
    Source: brandemix.com

    3.Blue Ivy

    Blue Ivy Logo

    Blue Ivy

    Toronto, Canada 26

    Our Score




    Founded: 2013

    Location: Ontario, Canada

    Number of Employees: 26


    • Employer brand development
    • Persona development
    • Social media marketing
    • Recruitment marketing
    • Programmatic job advertising
    • Employer brand analytics and benchmarking


    • H&M
    • Beer Store
    • Best Buy


    You should choose this agency if you’re looking for a solution to help with finding the best talent and designing and developing a unique brand persona. Mid-level and large companies have benefited from the expert recruiting, employee management, branding, and brand benchmarking from Blue Ivy.

    Blu Ivy is a fantastic choice for an employee branding agency specializing in designing, developing, and deploying a successful employer branding strategy. You can depend on this agency to help you define and recruit the best employees for your brand, guide you to maintain a thriving and productive-driven work environment, and create an impressionable brand. This agency will start by understanding your values, mission, and goals, the type of work culture you need to achieve maximum results, and how to communicate this to your customers.

    Blu Ivy employer branding agency
    Source: Blue Ivy


    Ph.Creative logo employer branding


    Liverpool, United Kingdom 118

    Our Score




    Founded: 2004

    Location: HQ in Liverpool with offices in London, United Kingdom and New York and San Diego, United States

    Number of Employees: 118


    • Employer branding strategy
    • Talent attraction
    • Candidate experience
    • Employee engagement


    • Nationwide
    • Royal Bank of Scotland
    • Magellan Healthcare


    Ph.Creative is an innovative employer branding agency that only focuses on key employer branding components. This agency delivers expert strategies to improve candidate onboarding experience, engagement and motivate employees, attract employees at the top of the talent pool, and capture your story through employer branding.

    Ph.Creative is an employer branding agency dedicated to helping mid-level and large companies establish a productive and interactive work culture and strategic onboarding approaches. This agency understands how vital it is to relay your brand’s value and core message through employer branding, so Ph.Creative offers solutions to achieve exactly that. With the help of Ph.Creative you can turn your employees into family, use techniques to attract your target candidates, and set realistic employer branding goals for your brand.

    PhCreative_employer branding agencies
    Source: ph-creative.com


    Universum Logo


    Stockholm, Sweden 472

    Our Score




    Founded: 1998

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Number of Employees: 472


    • Talent insights
    • Branding consultation
    • Brand communication
    • Employer value proposition
    • Employer branding academy


    • Metro
    • Siemens
    • Mercado


    Universum is the best choice for companies looking for an employee branding agency that focuses on nothing else but expert branding. This agency helps businesses in various sectors develop the perfect employee branding strategy for an optimized customer experience and a growing work environment.

    For all things related to employee branding., Universum has you covered. For starters, this agency will help you develop a successful value proposition through a five-step process. Next, Universum also offers consulting to create foolproof approaches that attract your target audience while helping you define a customer-centric brand voice. Additionally, you can access many valuable resources from Universum to aid your branding strategies. These resources include a social media marketing playbook and reports for talent insights and employer performances.

    Universum agency
    Universum: Source 


    MSI Logo


    Hampton, United States 91

    Our Score




    Founded: 1981

    Location: HQ in New Hampshire, United States with offices in Colorado, United States, London, United Kingdom and Wanchai, Hong Kong

    Number of Employees: 91


    • Virtual assignments
    • Global immigration
    • Tax compliance
    • International payroll
    • Global employer services


    • Undisclosed


    MSI is the best choice for mid-level and large enterprises with large workforces and global expansion goals. This agency will support you with every aspect of hiring, managing, and evaluating remote workers. Plus MSI will guide you in setting up HR departments for global offices and ensuring you fulfill international Tax compliance regulations.

    Defining and growing employer branding is hard enough when you’re considering an in-office workforce. And this only gets tougher as companies expand globally and hire at-home employees. Fortunately, MSI can help businesses expand their branding internationally through services like remote worker care, relocation compliance, and Tax. MSI also provides services for virtual assignments to upskill workforces and relocation cost management. See, MSI can help you take your employer branding strategy to new places (literally!).

    MSI employer branding agencies
    Source: MSI


    Gattaca Logo


    Whiteley, United Kingdom 898

    Our Score




    Founded: 1984

    Location: England, United Kingdom

    Number of Employees: 898


    • Employer brand strategy
    • Technical recruitment
    • Employer value proposition
    • Bespoke campaigns
    • Candidate experience
    • Digital presence
    • Marketing materials


    • Southern Water
    • MLM Group
    • Safran


    Gattaca is the most experienced employer branding agency on this list and offers many more services alongside specialized employer branding. This agency will develop a custom employer branding strategy comprising your values, carry out technical recruitment strategies for skilled professionals and help your agency develop and build an online presence.

    Gattaca can help mid-level businesses and enterprises deploy a technical recruitment process to find and evaluate the best candidates while motivating and optimizing your workforce. But what makes Gattaca unique is that this agency also offers valuable services for workforce and recruitment solutions outside of employer branding. The bespoke recruitment campaigns are sure to quickly attract and secure your targeted talent. While the wide variety of marketing materials will help you maintain and grow your brand image.

    Gattaca_employer branding agencies
    Source: Gattaca


    Splice Logo


    Atlanta, United States 7

    Our Score




    Founded: 2013

    Location: Georgia, United States

    Number of Employees: 7


    • Employer branding
    • Talent recruitment
    • Employer branding strategy
    • Social media marketing
    • Landing page development
    • Video marketing


    • Yellow Pages
    • Webmercial
    • Case Mate


    Small businesses should choose Splice, an employer branding agency if they’re looking for a combination of creative, technical, and expert recruitment services. Splice takes a more specialized approach to targeted recruitment. Because of this, you can depend on Splice to attract, hire and manage the best talent for your company.

    Splice is an experienced employer branding agency that brings technical and creative strategies to successful talent recruitment. To help you develop a thriving work culture, Splice uses social media, high-level research, and an in-depth understanding of your business. You don’t have to worry about the type of professional roles you need. Splice will help you find short-term, long-term, hourly, and fixed-term contract employees.

    Splice_employer branding agencies
    Source: Splice


    Exaqueo Logo


    Charleston, United States 30

    Our Score




    Founded: 2011

    Location: South Carolina, United States

    Number of Employees: 30


    • Employer branding
    • Talent recruitment
    • Candidate-centric acquisition
    • Digital marketing
    • Employee engagement


    • General Dynamics
    • Red Wing Shoes
    • MicroStrategy


    As an employer branding agency, Exaqueo is all about helping your agency through custom employer branding strategies. This agency uses a holistic approach alongside two brand-tailored models to help your brand deploy candidate-centric talent recruitment tactics.

    There are many employer branding agencies out there. But not many take such a tailored and customized approach as Exaqueo does. Exaqueo can help brands that don’t know much about recruitment through a full-circle approach for candidates and employers. Making this agency even more impressive, Exaqueo’s whole self-model was featured in Harvard’s Business Review. This agency has led the very first candidate-centric model for employee recruitment too. Exaqueo also helps guide your brand in making personalized advertising and marketing decisions based on what your want your ideal work environment and workforce to look like.

    Exaqueo_employer branding agency
    Source: Exaqueo


    ThirtyThree Logo


    London, United Kingdom 159

    Our Score




    Founded: 1998

    Location: HQ in London with offices in Bristol, United Kingdom and New York, United States

    Number of Employees: 159


    • Employer branding
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Brand management
    • Paid social strategy
    • Reporting
    • Content creation
    • Employee experience
    • Product design and development
    • Employer consulting
    • Events
    • Diversity, equality and inclusion


    • Accenture ID
    • AXA
    • Openreach Watch Me


    There’s no reason you shouldn’t ThirtyThree as your employer branding agency! This agency helps small, mid-level, and large companies develop a custom diverse and inclusive talent recruitment and management strategy. ThirtyThree takes employer branding a step further through personalized product design and development. This agency also has its software for career websites.

    ThirtyThree provides every element for employer branding and an optimized employee experience while providing your business with expert digital marketing and PR services. This employer branding agency will help you develop a trusted and successful brand through business storytelling, leadership support, and developing efficient and effective internal communications. Plus, ThirtyThree will map your employees’ journeys for a positive workforce, create HR frameworks and create manager and advocacy programs.

    ThirtyThree agency
    Source: ThirtyThree


    [caption id="attachment_519161" align="alignnone" width="200"]Talentful Logo Source: Talentful[/caption]


    San Francisco, United States 315

    Our Score




    Founded: 2015

    Location: California, United States

    Number of Employees: 315


    • Employer branding
    • Recruitment
    • External talent acquisition specialists
    • Data-driven hiring
    • Global talent network
    • Improved candidate experience
    • Global reporting and analytics


    • HubSpot
    • Pinterest
    • Asana


    Talentful has worked with some top global brands to deliver expert work culture development and data-driven talent acquisition strategies for employer branding. For global recruitment approaches, Talentful is the best option for you. What makes Talentful’s recruitment services is this agency specializes in workforce acquisition. Unlike many agencies, you can hire Talentful on a subscription basis.

    Talentful takes a modern and specialized approach to local and global recruitment. The founders of this employer branding agency have worked with many top-tier tech companies, helping them find and manage the best employees for their companies. You can rely on this agency to ensure your candidates have the best and smoothest onboarding experience, and you’ll have access to global employees at the top of the talent pool. Talentful also has a record of proven success with over 2900 job placements, a client net promoter score of 70, and an average time of three weeks to secure hires. They’ve also reduced hiring costs by almost 50%.

    Talentful_employer branding agencies
    Source: Talent

    Employer Branding Importance

    Employer branding is imperative because of the advantages it offers to businesses.

    • Attract and Retain Employees: With employee branding, you can deliver an optimized employee experience to engage new employees and retain existing ones. If your employees enjoy their work culture, it gives them less reason to leave and more reason to recruit other employees and stay loyal to your brand.
    • Minimize Recruitment Costs: As I mentioned above, providing an excellent employee experience will keep current employees on your books for longer. You’ll spend less money recruiting new employees as your turnover will be lower.
    • Improve Employee Experience: Employer branding strategies create, maintain, and grow a productive and results-driven work culture. Happy employees have the motivation to complete their tasks, achieve your results and contribute their best to your workforce.
    • Promote Diversity and Inclusion: A diverse and inclusive work environment is one that every employer needs to achieve. With an employer branding strategy, you can tailor your approach to promote social inclusion and opportunities for all. 
    • Innovative Business Growth: Employer branding strategies allow you to access and deploy creative and innovative tactics for business growth. A successful business isn’t only about gaining high sales for growth. How you develop your work culture plays a huge role. Ultimately, it’s up to your employees to drive sales and fantastic customer service, so with employer branding, you can give your business the boost it needs.

    Employer Branding Top Statistics

    Statistically, employer branding also proves beneficial and vital for businesses, and here’s why:

    • Almost 90% of employees and job seekers consider an employer’s ratings and reviews before applying for a job. Glassdoor
    • If employers actively manage their brands, 75% of employees and job candidates will respond to job listings. Glassdoor
    • 50% of job seekers wouldn’t apply for a job at a company with a bad reputation. talentnow 
    • Investing in employer branding reduces employee turnover by nearly 30%. Office Vibe
    • Negative reviews cost businesses 10% more per hire. Harvard Business Review

    Yep, this is how essential employer branding is for businesses in 2023! Here are the employer branding agency services that help you get started.

    Source: Hinge

    Employer Branding Key Components

    Employee Onboarding

    The job candidates you attract must have an efficient and enjoyable onboarding experience. While giving these candidates a clear idea of what they can expect working from you, what you expect from them, and your work processes, ensure you excite them about your company. You must motivate potential candidates from the start, so they feel a sense of belonging within your company.

    You know how saying, “First impressions last”? Well, that works the same way for the first impression you set for job candidates. An excellent onboarding strategy can optimize your chances of establishing a driven workforce. And you can organically create an employee referral network.

    Employee Offboarding

    Of course, you don’t want to bid farewell to employees, especially good ones, but it doesn’t mean you have to end on a bitter note. Businesses genuinely impress employees when they’re treated fairly and respectfully from the first working day to the last.

    Use the offboarding phase to thank employees for their hard work, wish them the best of luck and gather constructive feedback on your company. Taking this approach welcomes the opportunity for highly-skilled employees to refer other professionals and even return to your workforce at a different stage.

    Offboarding stats for employer branding
    Source: kissflow.com

    Reputation Management

    Managing your reputation is a crucial aspect of employer branding. With a pristine reputation, you’ll attract high-quality talent while engaging your target audience. If you don’t accurately and consistently manage your brand reputation, your employer branding efforts won’t matter.

    You wouldn’t work with a company that has a foul reputation, so why you couldn’t expect experienced professionals to either. Stay ahead of your Google reviews, and employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor and Hello Peter to successfully manage your reputation.

    Company Culture

    A productive-oriented and interactive company culture help employees face the challenges their jobs bring. Regardless of the job in question, work is stressful, and we all know that. To make your work environment less stressful and more supportive, consider what values you’d like your company culture to embody and work toward achieving that.

    Targeted Recruiting

    Recruitment is essential for employer branding because it won’t be easy to develop an exceptional brand image if you’re targeting the wrong candidates. With targeted recruiting, brands can determine their ideal employees and create strategies to attract and secure those employees.

    If you need employees with specific skills, include assignments, personality quizzes, or tasks in your recruitment process.

    Social Media

    Companies need social media for employer branding, so they have platforms to manage their reputations. Social media allows companies to share their culture too, and in turn, create a natural recruitment source for more talent. If candidates see how well you treat your employees via social media, you’ll garner more interest for your brand.

    Optimize your time and resource by only sticking with social media platforms appropriate for your ideal candidates and target audience.


    Social media recruiting for employer branding
    Source: talentlyft.com

    Summary: Employer Branding Key Components

    • Employee Offboarding
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Reputation Management
    • Company Culture
    • Targeted Recruiting,
    • Social Media


    Employer branding is essential for brands as it provides them an improved employee experience, minimized recruitment costs, and better opportunities for innovative growth hacking. You can also promote diversity and inclusion in your workforce while retaining existing employees and engaging new candidates.

    A high employee turnover is costly and inefficient for businesses, and employer branding agencies offer services to solve this. These services include expert employer branding, employee experience support, brand consulting, and high-level recruitment.

    The best employer branding agencies can make employer branding quick and effective for your business. As the spectrum of services ranges among these agencies, evaluate your brand goals before choosing an agency.

    Now you can team up with the best employer branding agencies to strengthen, improve and engage your workforce while developing a work culture geared toward career progression.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is employer branding important?

    Yes, employer branding is important. With employer branding you can attract and retain high-quality employees, reduce recruitment costs, improve employee experience and boost your business growth. Plus, employer branding also promotes diversity and inclusion. For more on the best employer branding agencies and how these agencies can help your business, read this article.

    What is an employer branding agency?

    An employer branding agency is an agency that optimizes your businesses brand, employee experience, recruitment efforts, sales strategies and customer service processes. Read this article for the best employer branding agencies, the key services from these agencies and the top advantages of employer branding for companies.

    What are the best employer branding agencies?

    The top employer branding agencies include Engage2Excel, MSI, Salesforce and HubSpot. Some of the best employer branding agencies worldwide also include Jobilla, Exaqueo, ThirtyThree and Talentful. For more of the best employer branding agencies, what they offer and why you should choose them, read this article. Plus, we have updated 2023 employer branding statistics and the top services from these agencies.


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