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About August United

August United is an Arizona-based marketing firm that was founded in 2015. It provides services related to Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing to help brands achieve their marketing goals and reach their target audience better.

Influencer Marketing services include strategy development, influencer activation, network development, content creation, and influencer brand retreats.

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Once the influencer-created content goes live on social media, they also leverage paid boosts to increase the reach even further. The insights from these campaigns are used to optimize the campaign even further and achieve a maximum level of ROI for the business.

August United sources and collaborates with passionate influencers who are able to organically market to the masses and help build strong relationships between the brand and the consumers. The main goals they work on are increasing brand awareness, improving engagement rates, and driving the audience to take a specific action.

The major social media channels that August United works with include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Influencers are hired according to the specific needs of the brand in terms of the target audience and the engagement rates. The content is pushed both organically, and through paid ads of social media to increase the reach. The goal is to build such content that maximizes organic reach on its own so that the relationship that is built with the customers is stronger, and is based on trust.




740 S. Mill Avenue, Suite 210, Tempe, Arizona 85281


Influencer Marketing
Creative & Content Marketing
Network Development
Social Media Marketing


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