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Twitch Influencer: The Best 13 To Work With in 2024 [Full Review]

By Leah Clark Last updated: 12 minute read Influencer Marketing

Traditional marketing content like pre-recorded videos and blog articles is not engaging your audience the way you want. What do you do? You should work with a Twitch influencer to grab the attention of millions!

Twitch has 3 million concurrent viewers every month, and there are more than 14 million streamers on this platform. The average Twitch user spends around 95 minutes per day consuming content. Global viewers seem to love Twitch and invest a lot of their time on this platform.

So the question remains, ‘Why isn’t your business using Twitch marketing yet?’.

This guide provides all the information you need to get there. We’ll explore the top Twitch influencers, why Twitch marketing is a lucrative choice, and ultimate trends for Twitch. Let’s get started!

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    What’s a Twitch Influencer?

    A twitch influencer live streams on the gaming platform, Twitch, and develops a loyal audience. These influencers partner with brands to promote products, and Twitch influencers also set social media trends. Most of these personalities are young Twitch streamers and have made their money through paid sponsorships. Twitch influencers are pretty much gaming influencers, and they typically post on various platforms. 

    While content varies between influencers, most do live stream gaming. Becoming a successful Twitch influencer is challenging. It takes years to a decade for influencers to establish a dedicated following. However, once they have a following, they can bring interest to your business and convince people to support you. 

    Twitch influencer stats

    In Short, a Twitch Influencer Is:

    Twitch influencers are social media personalities with a strong following on the Twitch video streaming platform, where they live stream video content. Many are also influencers on other platforms. Twitch content spans a wide range of topics, from live gaming and e-sports broadcasts, to music and other creative content to vlog-style ‘in real life’ or ‘a day in the life’ content.

    Twitch Popularity and Trends

    Since its popularity took off in 2014, Twitch has become the talk of the town in the gaming community. This platform also encourages its streamers to promote charity campaigns for fundraising.

    Let’s have a look at how Twitch’s efforts have helped this platform multiply its viewership, usage, and revenue:

    1.Statistics for Twitch Users and Usage

    Twitch viewers are a dynamic bunch from all parts of the world. Here’s a clear idea of the demographic and usage of Twitch users:

    • 65% of Twitch viewers are male, and 35% are female (source: EarthWeb)
    • 41% of Twitch users are between 16 and 24 years old (source: EarthWeb)
    • There are almost 3 million active users on Twitch (source: TwitchTracker)
    • Twitch users have spent 1.46 trillion minutes watching video content during 2021. This figure was more than double from the previous year (source: Statista)
    • Users have downloaded the Twitch app over 100 million times (source: Backlinko)
    • Daily, there are about 30 million active Twitch users (source: Backlinko)
    • Over 350 000 viewers use the Just Chatting feature the most (source: influencermarketinghub)
    • A staggering 71% of Twitch users are millennials (source: MuchNeeded)
    • The US makes up for 22% of the total Twitch viewers (source: Statista)
    Twitch influencer vs other platforms

    2.Twitch Market and Revenue Statistics

    • There are over 7.5 million streamers on Twitch which is an increase of 4 million over 12 months (source: influencermarketinghub)
    • As of September 2022, there were 52000 Twitch Partnered Streamers (source: Streamscheme)
    • Over the past year, the hours streamed on Twitch has skyrocketed by more than 45 million (source: SullyGnome)
    • The time Twitch viewers spent watching the influencer, xQcOW, has increased by 100 million hours within 365 days (source: SullyGnome)
    • During the last quarter of 2021, Twitch generated $75 million in in-app purchases (source: Statista)
    • Between December 2021 and February 2022, the viewership on Twitch has increased by almost half a million (source: TwitchTracker)

    5 Best Reasons to Hire Twitch Influencers in 2024 

    You should hire a Twitch influencer in 2024 to help you gain credibility for your brand and reach a new audience. These influencers can also help your brand through organic advertising, and the Twitch market is only expanding. 

    Here are five great reasons to hire the top Twitch influencers for Twitch marketing:

    1.Users Love Live Content

    In 2022, more and more users flock to live streams, as 80% prefer this form of content over blog articles. This figure is so high because live streaming offers an original and personal aspect to marketing. Users have an opportunity to connect with influencer personalities and get a behind-the-scenes peek into who they are. 

    It’s not unusual for users to be skeptical of online brands. They know, ultimately, you’re trying to convince them to buy your product. However, Twitch streamers can help you build relationships with users easier. 

    2.Brands Can Diversify Their Audience

    While the highest percentage of Twitch viewers are Gen Z and millennials, Twitch influencers reach people from across the world. Your brand can grab the attention of global markets and perhaps develop new buyer personas too. Don’t know all the details of your ideal buyer? Or want to attract different personas? Twitch streaming can help you.

    This benefit also relies on which Twitch influencer you choose. It’s not always about how big a following they have, but whether their personality and approach align with your brand. Remember, the influencer you choose will, to some degree, become the face of your brand. 

    Twitch Influencers - Grapic of age and gender demographics of Twitch users

    3.Twitch Influencers Have Credibility

    Think about the times you’ve wanted to purchase something online from a business you didn’t know. You weren’t 100% comfortable, right. And you may have started looking for other options to weigh your choices. Twitch influencers can eliminate that doubt in potential consumers. 

    When a Twitch influencer recommends your product, users are more likely to trust your value. It’s because the endorsement came from a figure they trust and connect with. A global survey on influencer marketing confirms that 3 in 4 consumers would spend up to $629 based on an influencer’s recommendation. 

    4.Twitch Marketing is Growing Rapidly

    Twitch sees a 23% growth, year over year. Not forgetting that there are 15 million daily active users on Twitch. Although these figures are still no match to YouTube, they remain impressive, considering Twitch only took off in 2014. 

    With the percentage of users who love live streams climbing, and the number of content creators joining Twitch, this is a secure platform for marketing. 

    Twitch usage stats

    5.Business Can Leverage Native Advertising

    Users are typically discouraged when businesses use invasive advertising or impersonal marketing methods. Working with a Twitch influencer, you can market your business organically and authentically. 

    Think about how TikTok influencers promote businesses. Twitch influencers are the same and naturally speak about partnering brands and what they offer. Doing this makes it seem more like a conversation between the influencer and their viewers, which beats “in your face” advertising. 

    TLDR? 5 Reasons to Collaborate with Twitch Influencer:

    1. Capitalizing on Users’ Love of Live Content: Live content is increasingly popular, especially with younger audiences in the age 16 to 34 range.
    2. Diversifying Your Audience: Using an influencer who live streams can give you access to a new segment of your audience. Twitch demographics show that it is an ideal platform for younger audiences.
    3. Increased Credibility: Twitch influencers tend to be in focused niches, with engaged audiences, and high authority. This translates into greater credibility for your brand.
    4. A Growing Platform: Twitch is growing rapidly and becoming more and more popular with users around the world. In terms of video content, it is one of the most important places to establish a presence for your brand.
    5. Native Advertising: If you work with the right influencer and they’re a natural fit for your brand, their content that showcases your brand will come across as natural and authentic, which is much more effective!

    Top 13 Gaming Influencers on Twitch

    Convinced of the power of Twitch marketing? Find out who the top gaming influencers are and why users adore them. These influencers range from macro to micro, but each has an engaged audience and offers different traits and personalities. 

    Here are the best gaming influencers on Twitch for 2024. 


    Number of Followers: 10 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Macro

    Source: Shroud

    Shroud is one of the most well-known gaming influencers on Twitch and reigns Counter Striker. Shroud’s audience watches as he competes against other global Counter Striker players and advances in the game. This Twitch gaming influencer broke into the industry at the ripe age of 17 years. 



    Number of Followers: 17.4 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Macro


    Source: Ninja

    Ninja’s audience loves his live streams on Fornite, League of Legends, and Lost Ark. His dedicated fanbase is known as the “Ninja Team”. It only took this beloved Twitch streamer a year before users knew his name. Ninja has generated the most revenue through Twitch and is considered the top influencer. 



    Number of Followers: 6.1 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Macro

    Source: Summit1g

    After streaming for two years, Summit1g became a beloved influencer on Twitch. Users watch him through live streams playing competitive games like Valorant and Max Payne. Summit1g has released a clothing line and partnerships with global brands like GFeul. 



    Number of Followers: 3.1 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    Source: Syndicate

    Although he has a smaller following than the Twitch influencers we’ve seen, Syndicate has a loyal fanbase who love engaging in his content. Most of his live streams are games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and simulation games. This influencer was involved in controversies and allegations, but his fans support him and enjoy his content. 



    Number of Followers: 2.7 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    Source: Nightblue3

    Having over ten years of experience as a Twitch streamer, Nightblue3 is a master in LeagueofLegends. His profile also engages worldwide fans because of his relationship with liawaifu, another gamer. Nightblue3 doesn’t have many saved videos on his profile and focuses primarily on live streaming. 



    Number of Followers: 2.9 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    Source: Lirik

    As another micro-influencer, Lirik has been on Twitch for some time. But two years ago, his account was banned. The Twitch streamer has made a comeback, and fans can watch him play Realm of the Mad God and Infernax. World of WarCraft brought attention to Lirik’s Twitch account when he first started streaming. 



    Number of Followers: 288k

    Location: United Kingdom

    Status: Micro

    Source: Valkia

    Valkia is undoubtedly one of the best Twitch influencers in the UK with over two decades of gaming experience. He may have a small following, but considering this gamer has only been streaming for six years, this is no surprise. Fans consider Valkia an overwatch beast, and he also streams Call of Duty. 



    Number of Followers: 3.2 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    Source: Sodapoppin

    Many Twitch users adore Sodapoppin for his bubbly personality and quirky sense of humor. Fans can find information about the premium gaming equipment Sodapoppin offers and access tech coupon codes. Grand Theft Auto, Little Nightmares, and Resident Evil are just some of the games this influencer streams. 



    Number of Followers: 2.6 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    Source: Imaqtpie 

    For fans who are looking for a micro-influencer that streams Lost Ark, Counter Striker, and Teamfight Tactics, this is the gamer they go to. Before committing to full-time streaming, Imaqtpie was a popular gamer for Team Dignitas. Later in 2014, he launched his Twitch career. 



    Number of Followers: 2.7 Million

    Location: Australia

    Status: Micro

    Source: Loserfruit 

    If you thought some of the best gaming influencers on Twitch didn’t consist of any women, think again. LoserFruit is an Australian Twitch gamer with nine years of experience on the platform. She’s part of the PWR gaming team and streams all kinds of games, from Wordle to Fortnite and Apex Legends. 



    Number of Followers: 318K 

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    RiotGames2 might not have a massive following, but his audience loves his live streams. Games like League of Legends, Valorant, and Teamfight Tactics. Because his Twitch username is the same as the game development company, Riot Games, there’s a lot of confusion. Nonetheless, RiotGames2 is popular and you should keep an eye on him. 



    Number of Followers: 1.7 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    Source: JoshOG

    JoshOG focuses his live streams primarily on Escape from Tarkov. This Twitch influencer goes through the entire story, entertaining his viewers and giving them advice on the best gameplay. Xfinity, LucidSound, and Nathan’s Dubs have partnerships with Josh OG. During most live streams Josh OG has anywhere between 5000 and 13000 viewers. 



    Number of Followers: 3.4 Million

    Location: United States

    Status: Micro

    Source: Castro1021 

    Live streams of FIFA 2022 are why this gamer’s fans follow him. Castro_1021 has fun challenging other gamers and walking his audience through character development. It’s been nine years since Castro_1021 has been streaming, and he donates funds to multiple foundations like Make-A-Wish and Stroke Association. 



    Working with a Twitch influencer is one of the most effective ways to market to millennials and Gen Z audiences. Brands can expand their consumers, develop trust, and the Twitter market is rapidly growing. 

    As the number of Twitch streamers increases, you have more options. Avoid choosing influencers only because they have a massive following. Work with a Twitch influencer who will be well-suited to your brand and how you want to convey your image. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a twitch influencer?

    A twitch influencer is an online personality that live streams to develop and engage an audience. Most of these influencers play online games, so technically, they're gaming influencers. Twitch influencers set social trends and make money through paid sponsorships. Find out who the top twitch influencers are and how they can help your business in this article.

    Do businesses earn money from twitch influencers?

    Twitch marketing can be highly lucrative for your business as these influencers have established audiences that trust them. The Twitch market is also rapidly expanding, meaning there is more opportunity to find streamers to endorse your brand and reach your ideal audience. Read this article to find out the benefits of twitch influencers and the best influencers in 2024 to work with.

    What are the benefits of twitch marketing?

    Twitch marketing is a great investment because users love live content, twitch influencers have credibility, there's an opportunity for native advertising, you can reach a global audience and the Twitch market doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon. Click on this article to find out more about the perks of Twitch marketing and which are the best influencers in this market for 2024.


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