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About HypeAuditor

Hypeauditor is an influencer marketing platform that helps you discover and analyze influencers on YouTube and Instagram. The platform started as a fake follower and engagement auditor in 2017. It has evolved to become one of the giants in the market with over 11 million genuine, high-quality profiles and 15,000 influencers discovered daily. 

The platform also has also processed over 5 million requests for reports. These reports contain analytical data that help marketers learn more about influencers.

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Hypeauditor focuses on three significant areas of influence marketing. Firstly, you can discover new influencers over the internet. Secondly, you can analyze these influencers on different metrics. Lastly, you can track the performance of your campaigns with influencers. The platform’s reputation has been built on accuracy, so you can rest assured that the data you get is reliable.

You can find influencers that suit your business using the search filters. After you have found a suitable influencer, you might want to know more and check the quality. Hypeauditor has a solution for that. 

You can generate analytical reports on influencers. These in-depth reports contain over 35 metrics that help you know the influencer better. You get to learn the audience’s location, quality, age, gender, authenticity, and much more.

The fraud detection tool would also help you weed out fake influencers. The platform has a record of detecting 95.5% of all fraud activities known. This tool helps you know influencers with a real audience and engaged followers.

You can also track the growth of your account and the effectiveness of your campaigns with Hypeauditor. The data-driven analytics helps you know whether your strategies and influencers are working or not.  

Hypeauditor is the solution you need if you are tired of getting duped with bots and mass followers. The reports will also help you know the quality score and engagement rate of the influencers. You could also find the best of influencers within your reach on the platform.

Channels supported: Instagram and YouTube

Our Review Verdict

HypeAuditor is an awesome software if you’re looking to connect with influencers and build meaningful relationships. Its widespread network is connected with millions of influencers. You can easily jump on the software and launch your influencer marketing campaigns.


Main Features

Fake follower & engagement detector

Influencer discovery

Campaign and accounts tracking

Influencer audience insights & categorization

Influencer reports

Youtube account analytics

What integrations are available for HypeAuditor?

HypeAuditor integrates with the following business systems and applications








Pros & Cons


In-depth data and analytics

Advanced AI fraud detection technology

Great UI/UX

Precise and reliable influencers search

Monitored account growth

Trusted by big agencies and brands

Free demo and account available


The platform has influencers from only two channels


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does HypeAuditor offer any discount packages?

The prices of subscription plans are flexible. You can get a discount if you purchase a large number of reports. A report is valid for one year. For more details on discounts, you can contact their Sales Department:

Do I get a refund when I cancel my subscription?

HypeAuditor does not offer refunds or credits for partial use of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, refunds for unused features, or refunds for failures or inaccessibility of Service due to circumstances beyond its control.

Can I track my influencer spending with HypeAuditor?

Yes, you can. For each influencer, you can add the total price you pay for the current campaign, and HypeAuditor will automatically calculate CPE and daily spendings.

How does HypeAuditor calculate Estimated Reach?

In order to calculate Estimated Reach the software uses machine learning techniques based on,
- Followers count
- Audience types
- Average likes
- Average comments

How does HypeAuditor calculate Engagement Rate?

Engagement Rate is a metric that measures the level of engagement that a piece of content is getting from the audience. It shows how many people actually interact with the content. Factors that influence the engagement rate include users' comments, likes, and the number of followers.