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Partnering for Success: 10 Hospital & Healthcare Marketing Agencies Redefining Excellence in 2024

By Gia Pearson Last updated: 17 minute read By Industry or SectorMarketing Agencies

Effective branding and marketing have become crucial business tools for hospitals and healthcare professionals striving to stand out and connect with patients.

Specialist marketing agencies bring a wealth of understanding, innovative strategies, and an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector, helping medical institutions enhance their brand presence and patient engagement.

From enhancing online visibility through SEO and content marketing to managing online reputations and executing targeted digital advertising campaigns, these agencies are setting new standards in healthcare marketing.

This article highlights ten leading marketing agencies in the healthcare sector redefining hospital branding in 2024.

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    Why Should You Use A Specialist Marketing Agency?

    These agencies possess in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry’s complexities, including regulatory requirements and patient privacy concerns.

    Marketing agencies specializing in healthcare can optimize websites for healthcare-specific SEO and manage social media presence in compliance with regional medical marketing restrictions and regulations, such as HIPAA.

    Common Marketing Challenges Faced by Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

    The healthcare industry has become an incredibly competitive workspace, and marketing in this sector can be challenging. Our P2P Healthcare Marketing Guide explains this in more detail.

    According to a survey conducted by Ogilvy Health, 7 out of 10 people surveyed (70%) either follow or seek out health-related social media accounts or learn about health or medical issues from them.

    Here are just a few of the challenges healthcare providers face when marketing their services and products:

    • The need for strict regulatory compliance
    • Patient privacy concerns
    • Complex service offerings
    • Rapidly evolving technology
    • Ethical considerations
    • Diverse target audiences
    • Reputation management
    • Measuring ROI effectively

    How A Specialist Healthcare Marketing Firm Can Help

    • Ensure compliance with regional healthcare regulations (such as HIPAA)in all marketing efforts
    • Improve public perception and build a strong brand identity
    • Optimize marketing budgets to maximize ROI
    • Drive adoption of new healthcare technologies and innovations
    • Personalize patient experiences through targeted messaging
    • Adapt marketing strategies to changing patient expectations
    • Leverage specialized expertise in healthcare marketing
    • Provide data-driven, cost-effective solutions
    • Stay agile and responsive to emerging trends
    • Continuously analyze patient feedback and insights

    Watch this video from Easy Marketing to learn more about healthcare marketing strategies.

    Summary: The Importance Of A Specialist Marketing Agency

    Specialized healthcare marketing firms offer unique advantages for medical professionals by leveraging in-depth industry knowledge, including regulatory compliance and patient privacy concerns, to create targeted digital strategies and engaging content.

    10 Top Hospital & Healthcare Marketing Agencies

    Here is our curated list of 10 leading agencies for all healthcare providers, from single practitioners to multinational enterprises.



    Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

    Orlando, Florida, USA 11-50

    Our Score




    Founded: 2014

    Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

    Number of Employees: 11-50


    • Medical Marketing
    • Healthcare CRM
    • Lead Generation
    • SEO Services
    • Web Design
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Digital Advertising
    • Physician Liason
    • Email Marketing


    • Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics
    • Midlands Orthopedics & Neurosurgery
    • HOPCo
    • Midlands Orthopedics & Neurosurgery
    • Nore Women’s Health


    Based in Orlando, Florida, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing focuses exclusively on the healthcare sector. This specialization allows them to expertly understand the unique needs and challenges of medical practices and healthcare organizations.

    Their digital marketing expertise enables them to craft targeted campaigns that resonate with patients and comply with industry regulations.

    By partnering with Intrepy, you can expect a significant boost in your online presence, patient acquisition, and brand reputation. Their data-driven approach ensures measurable results, optimizing your marketing budget for maximum impact. This allows you to focus on what matters most – providing quality patient care.

    With Intrepy handling your marketing needs, you can stay ahead in the competitive healthcare landscape while maintaining regulatory compliance. This investment can lead to significant growth and improved patient engagement for your practice or facility.


    2.Ogilvy Health

    Ogilvy Health

    New York, USA 1001-5000

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    Founded: 1948

    Location: New York, London, Toronto

    Number of Employees: 1001-5000


    • Brand Strategy & Development
    • Naming & Brand Architecture
    • Customer Engagement Plans
    • Point-of-Care Marketing
    • Advocacy Engagement
    • DTC Marketing
    • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
    • Medical Education
    • Data & Analytics
    • Market Access & Payer Marketing


    • Eli Lilly
    • Roche
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Wyeth
    • Boehringer Ingelheim
    • Pfizer
    • Lundbeck
    • Merck
    • BMS (Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Ferring (fertility partnership)
    • AstraZeneca


    Ogilvy Health is a Cannes Lions award-winning global marketing agency specializing in the healthcare industry.

    With over 53 offices in 33 countries, Ogilvy Health partners with diverse clients and offers a wide range of services tailored to healthcare organization’s unique needs.

    These services include brand development and promotion, data-driven strategy, innovative patient experiences, influential PR campaigns, medical education programs, and market access solutions.

    Staying in touch with current trends, Ogilvy Health has launched a global health influencer marketing service that leverages social media influencers and UGC (user-generated content) to engage with healthcare communities.


    3.CMI Media Group


    CMI Media Group

    Philadelphia, USA 1001-5000

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    Founded: 1989

    Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

    Number of Employees: 1001-5000


    • Strategic media planning and buying
    • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    • HCP (Healthcare Provider) Marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Content creation and distribution
    • Programmatic advertising
    • Data analytics and insights
    • Multichannel campaign execution


    • Grace Kerr Orthodontics,
    • Indulgence Medical Day Spa,
    • New York City Smile Design


    CMI Media Group works with various healthcare organizations to elevate health through connected conversations and targeted therapeutic area marketing.

    They are comprised of a talented team of media planners, creatives, digital experts, and marketing professionals, all with a broad knowledge of the healthcare sector.

    Its exclusive focus on healthcare, innovative approach, comprehensive services, and commitment to DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) make it an excellent choice for healthcare providers looking to elevate their marketing efforts.

    They understand the importance of reaching audiences across different channels. CMI can design campaigns integrating traditional multimedia, digital platforms, and social media for a comprehensive reach.


    4.Tenth Crow Creative


    Tenth Crow Creative

    Vermont, USA 11-50

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    Founded: 1993

    Location: Vermont, USA

    Number of Employees: 11-50


    • Marketing Strategy
    • Website Design
    • Healthcare Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Brand Identity


    • Addison County Counseling Services
    • Aspenti Health
    • Northwestern Medical Center
    • Vermont Oxford Network
    • Vermont State Dental Society


    Struggling to reach new patients? Ten Crows Creative really gets healthcare.

    Their creative marketing solutions target the right audience across various channels, from social media to influencer outreach. Unlike generic agencies, they understand the complexities of healthcare marketing and navigate regulations with ease.

    Expect clear communication, data-driven strategies, and a team passionate about your success.

    This is an agency with with a personal touch. Let Ten Crows Creative flock to your brand and help it soar.


    5.The Brains


    The Brains

    London, UK 11-50

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    Founded: 2015

    Location: London, UK

    Number of Employees: 11-50


    • Marketing Consultancy
    • Digital Marketing
    • Website Development
    • Linkedin Advertising
    • Instagram Advertising
    • Email Marketing
    • Brand Identity
    • SME Marketing
    • SEO (search engine optimization)
    • PPC (pay per click)


    • Harley Street Fertility Clinic
    • New York Laser Clinic
    • Livesmart
    • The Elixir Clinic
    • Medical Travel Co
    • Psymplicity
    • Dementech Neuroscience Clinical Academic Centre


    This UK-based full-service agency has experience working with various types of healthcare organizations such as clinics, GPs, hospitals, psychiatry clinics, mental health experts, and more.

    They employ a team of healthcare marketing specialists with expertise in areas like lead generation, online advertising, and content strategy.

    With years of experience and a proven track record, this agency is a good choice for UK medical professionals and healthcare providers looking to grow their reach or their practice.

    screenshot-the-brains-marketing- homepage

    6.The Weinbach Group


    The Weinbach Group

    Miami, Florida, USA 11-50

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    Founded: 1987

    Location: Miami, Florida, USA

    Number of Employees: 11-50


    • Healthcare Marketing
    • B2B Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • PR
    • Graphic Design
    • Search Marketing


    • Jackson Health System
    • Physicians Dialysis
    • Genuine Health
    • The Renfrew Center
    • Susan.G.Komen
    • Manatee Cancer Center
    • Topline MD health Alliance


    This South Florida agency boasts decades of experience and a proven record with clients like The Renfrew Center and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

    The agency has won over 50 Healthcare Advertising Awards and is recognized as a leader in the field. Their expertise goes beyond marketing, and they truly understand the healthcare landscape and its regulations.

    Weinbach stands out as a boutique agency because of their personalized attention and tailored strategies for each client.

    They pride themselves on creating compelling narratives that resonate with patients and healthcare professionals. Their “Market-Needs Messaging” ensures your message resonates with your target audience.

    7.Razorfish Health


    Razorfish Health

    Philadelphia, PA, USA 201-500

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    Founded: 2010

    Location:  Philadelphia, London, Chicago, New York

    Number of Employees: 11-50


    • Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Website Development & Optimization
    • Targeted Advertising


    • Roche
    • HCA Healthcare
    • Pfizer
    • Astellas
    • Arvias
    • Genentech
    • Seagen
    • GSK


    Razorfish Health is a member of the Publicis Health network, the world’s largest healthcare communications network. This full-service agency is exclusively focused on the healthcare sector.

    The agency has created and won awards for numerous patient-centric marketing campaigns that align with healthcare regulations and ethical standards.

    Razorfish Health’s services include website optimization, social media management, and targeted advertising to reach potential patients.

    Choosing Razorfish Health means partnering with a team that understands the nuances of healthcare marketing. This could potentially improve patient acquisition and retention for healthcare providers in an increasingly digital world.


    8.Healthcare Success


    Healthcare Success

    California, USA 11-50

    Our Score




    Founded: 2006

    Location:  California, USA

    Number of Employees: 11-50


    • Medical Marketing
    • Paid Search
    • Reputation Management
    • Social Media
    • Content Marketing
      Website Design


    • High Risk Pregnancy Center
    • Astera
    • SynergenX
    • Illinois Dermatology Institute
    • Georgia Fibroids
    • Pomona Valley Health Center


    As a veteran healthcare marketing agency, they offer a deep understanding of the industry and proven strategies to drive results.

    Their team of specialists can help you create a strong online presence through SEO, social media, and targeted advertising campaigns.

    The agency has a reputation as a thought leader in the industry, with over 30,000 subscribers to their weekly healthcare marketing blog.

    Healthcare Succes drives results through data-informed marketing and continuously optimizing campaigns to maximize client value creation and ROI.


    9.Digitas Health


    Digitas Health

    Philadelphia, USA 501-1000

    Our Score




    Founded: 1990

    Location:  Philadelphia, London, San Francisco, Tokyo

    Number of Employees: 1000-5000


    • Branding
    • Product Launches
    • Agile content
    • Fluid CRM
    • Health innovation
    • Product and service design
    • Technology strategy and enablement
    • Data and analytics


    • Merck
    • Rare Disease Network
    • Skin Cancer Foundation


    Digitas Health is a leading global healthcare marketing agency and member of the Publicis Health network.

    It specializes in helping pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies navigate the complex healthcare landscape.

    Digitas Health helps clients navigate challenges and seize opportunities to engage their audiences and drive results by combining digital expertise with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry.

    Their global scale and integration with the Publicis network provide additional resources and capabilities.


    10.The Status Bureau


    The Status Bureau

    Vancouver Canada 1-10

    Our Score




    Founded: 2006

    Location:  Vancouver, Canada

    Number of Employees: 1-10


    • SEO Services for Healthcare
    • SEO services for Doctors
    • PPC (pay-per-click)
    • ROI Analysis
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Paid Search Advertising


    • Diabetes Canada
    • Highroads MEdical Clinics
    • Vancouver Opthalmology
    • Teamworks Health Clinic
    • BC Lung Foundation
    • Northwest Rehab Group
    • South Florida Center For Cosmetic Surgery


    Status Bureau is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, Canada.

    This agency has a process designed specifically for healthcare organizations, and it has deep experience working with healthcare providers, health tech companies, and medical service providers.

    The Status Bureau was ranked as one of the top digital marketing agencies for healthcare in Vancouver in 2024.

    As a boutique agency, The Status Bureau works closely with each healthcare client to understand their unique patient behavior, booking patterns, competition, and marketing goals before developing a customized strategy.


    Questions to Ask When Evaluating Healthcare Marketing Agencies

    Finding the marketing agency with the expertise and approach that best suits you and your practice is important. So, we have put together a few questions to help you make the best choice when selecting a marketing agency to cater to your needs:

    • What experience do you have in my specific medical specialty?
    • Can you provide case studies demonstrating results for similar clients?
    • How do you ensure marketing campaigns comply with healthcare regulations?
    • What patient targeting and retargeting tactics do you utilize?
    • How do you measure success and demonstrate ROI (return on investment)?

    Asking these questions can give you valuable insights into an agency’s capabilities, culture, and fit for your healthcare organization. Take the time to find a partner who shares your vision and can deliver measurable results.


    Don’t be afraid to ask questions when speaking to marketing agencies. This will ensure you find an agency that best suits your needs, goals, approach, and budget.

    In Summary

    The agencies featured in this article are more than just service providers – they’re catalysts for change in an industry that touches every life.

    The right marketing partner can help healthcare providers not only grow their practice but also contribute to a healthier, more informed society.

    In choosing an agency, healthcare organizations are choosing to be part of a larger mission to improve health outcomes through effective communication.

    If you’re looking for more marketing agencies to assist  in the Health and Wellness sector, you can discover more here >> Health & Wellness Marketing Agencies: 12 to Scale your Brand in 2024 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do healthcare advertising firms ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?

    Healthcare advertising firms ensure compliance by staying updated on relevant laws and regulations. They employ legal experts and compliance officers to review all marketing materials. These agencies also implement strict internal processes to verify claims and maintain patient privacy in accordance with HIPAA and other healthcare standards. It's important when engaging with a marketing agency as a potential partner, that you ensure they are aware of the regulatory and legal issues relevant to your business and the region you operate in.

    How does SEO help in healthcare marketing?

    SEO helps healthcare organizations improve their online visibility and attract more potential patients through search engines. By optimizing website content and structure for relevant medical keywords, healthcare providers can rank higher in search results, increasing their chances of being found by people seeking healthcare information or services.

    How do healthcare provider marketing firms differ from traditional marketing firms?

    Healthcare provider marketing firms specialize in navigating complex medical regulations and ethics while promoting health-related services and products. They possess deep industry knowledge and focus on building trust with patients, whereas traditional agencies may have a broader scope and less expertise in healthcare-specific challenges.


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