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The 10 Best AI PowerPoint Generators in 2024 [Full Review]

By Adrienne Bosch Last updated: 24 minute read Artificial IntelligenceMarketing Tools

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, creating impactful presentations is more important than ever.

Yet, the manual process of crafting compelling content and visuals for your PowerPoint slides can be challenging and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: AI PowerPoint generators!

This review delves into the best AI PowerPoint Syncronized, including what sets them apart, key features, pros and cons, and pricing.

These innovative tools harness the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to streamline and elevate your presentation creation process, empowering you to captivate your audience effortlessly.

Ready to find the perfect AI presentation maker?

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    Quick Comparison: Best AI PowerPoint Syncronized

    Here is a brief comparison of the best AI PowerPoint presentation makers:

    Best AI PowerPoint Generators

    Key Features


    Our P2P Rating 

    1. Tome AI

    • Intelligent slide creation

    • Modern layout

    • Customization options​

    • Integration  with third party software

    • Additional AI-powered capabilities 

    • Starter: $10/month


    2. Slidebean

    • Streamlines content creation

    • Easy to use UI

    • Customization options​

    • Design templates

    • Starter Plan: $12/month

    • Premium Plan: $19/month

    • Founder’s Edition Plan: $149/month


    3. ChatGPT

    • Automation of slide creation

    • Content and design suggestions

    • Content generation

    • Text to presentation AI

    • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month


    4. MagicSlides

    • Pexels integration

    • Multilingual support

    • Fast text input

    • Google Workspace integration

    • Export flexibility

    • Free Version

    • Essential: $6.7/month

    • Pro: $12.4/month

    • Premium Yearly: $279/year



    • Clear presentations

    • User anticipation

    • Suggestions

    • Presentation creation

    • Voice narration

    • Free Trial

    • Pro: $144.00/year per user

    • Team: $480.00/year per user


    6. Prezi

    • Impactful slides

    • Customization

    • Professional templates

    • Dynamic presentations

    • Collaborative tools

    • Free Version

    • Standard: $5/month

    • Plus: $12/month

    • Premium: $16/month


    7. Presentations.AI

    • Slide creation

    • Customization by type

    • Clip-E AI integration

    • Team collaboration features          

    • AI Assistance

    • Starter Plan: $0/month

    • Public Beta Plan: $40/year (for up to 10 members)

    • Pro Plan: $399/year (for up to 10 users)

    • Enterprise Plan: Contact Team


    8. Decktopus AI

    • Tailored slides

    • AI Assistant

    • Audio recording

    • Form creation

    • Advanced presentation features

    • Pro Plan: $9.00/month

    • Pro AI Plan: $9.99/month

    • Business AI Plan: $36.00/month

    • Business Plan: $32.00/month


    9. Simplified

    • Multi-functional AI

    • Customizable language/creativity

    • Text-to-image generator

    • Rich template library

    • Graphic Design:  $9.00/month

    • Video Editor:  $12.00/month

    • Social Media Management: $17.00/month

    • AI Writer: $18.00/month


    10. Sendsteps

    • AI presentation Maker 

    • Drag-and-drop 

    • Interactive elements

    • Multilingual support

    • Speaker notes

    • Document-to-presentation

    • Free Trial

    • Starter Plan: $9.99/month

    • Professional Plan: $23.99/month

    • Enterprise Plan: Contact Team


    Scroll on for the full reviews, including key features, pros and cons, pricing and more!

    An AI PowerPoint generator is a software tools for generating powerpoint presentations using ai technology capabilities to streamline the process of creating PowerPoint presentations, based on prompts input by the user.

    AI presentation makers can generate the text content, visuals/graphics, and even charts and graphs for your PowerPoint presentation.

    Gone are the days when creating professional, visually appealing slides required extensive design skills and countless hours of painstaking work!

    Advanced Algorithms Detect the Context, Objectives and Themes in Your Presentation

    an ai-powered powerpoint presentation maker employ advanced algorithms that can analyze and interpret text prompts provided by the user. These algorithms are designed to understand the presentation’s context, objectives, and themes.

    Text and Visual Content Generation for Each Presentation Slide

    Once the text input is analyzed, the AI generates relevant content for the presentation slides. This content can include text, bullet points, titles, and even suggested narratives, making it easier for users to structure their presentations effectively.


    Source: Statista

    Presentation Layout and Design Suggestions

    One of the standout features of AI PowerPoint generators is their ability to recommend suitable layouts and designs for each slide. This guidance ensures that the presentation looks professional and aligns with best design practices.

    Customization Options to Personalize Your Presentation

    With an AI presentation maker, users have the flexibility to customize the generated content, layouts, automated content creation and designs according to their preferences and branding requirements. This customization empowers users to add a personal touch and maintain brand consistency.

    Advanced AI Text-to-Image (TTI) Capabilities to Create Unique Graphs, Charts and Images

    Some AI PowerPoint generators go beyond basic content creation. They can generate images, charts, graphs, and interactive elements from simple text input. This level of sophistication opens up new possibilities for creating dynamic and engaging presentations.

    Offer a Variety of Presentation Formats and Export Options

    Once the presentation is complete, users can choose from various export options, including PPT, PDF, and video formats. This flexibility ensures that the final output suits the intended use, whether for a live presentation, a digital document, or online sharing.

    Free Creative Assets and Suggestions

    AI PowerPoint presentation makers often come equipped with libraries of images, icons, and templates, offering users creative inspiration and helping them elevate the visual appeal of their slides.

    What Is an AI PowerPoint Generator?

    An AI PowerPoint generator is an AI tool for making PowerPoint presentations based on simple text prompts. They harness the power of AI to simplify and expedite the process of creating PowerPoint presentations and use advanced algorithms to analyze user input prompts, generate relevant content, and recommend suitable layouts and designs. Using an AI presentation maker automates the process of creating a presentation, from the written content to the visuals and graphics.

    Using an AI PowerPoint Generator in 2024: Pros and Cons

    The landscape of presentation design is evolving rapidly, in a world where we’re doing more online than ever before.

    From creating online educational courses, to pitching ideas to your customers or your boss, the need for clear, concise, engaging and visually appealing presentations has never greater!

    In 2024, AI Generation is on the rise, from AI marketing tools to AI influencers, AI seems to be everywhere.

    AI is changing how we do everything, often making our lives easier by taking the leg work out of many previously time consuming tasks.

    While AI is revolutionizing how we create PowerPoint presentations, there are still some complex and challenging kinks to be worked out from a automated design suggestions perspective.

    To learn more about the possible impact of AI generation on the creative industry, check out this video by Yes I’m a Designer:


    That said, there are also some great advantages (and a few disadvantages) to using an AI PowerPoint generator.

    Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of AI presentation makers in more detail:


    AI Can Save You Time

    One of the most noticeable benefits of using AI in presentation design is the ability to save time. Scouring through countless images and templates machine learning to find the perfect fit for your slides can take time and effort.

    AI changes the game by allowing users to convey their vision through simple text prompts, known as text to presentation AI. Even individuals lacking graphic design skills can create visually appealing content.

    Enhanced Creativity

    An AI PowerPoint generator can serve as an invaluable creative springboard, especially when confronted with a blank canvas or an empty slide deck. They provide users with design ideas, templates, and layout suggestions, making the initial stages of presentation creation less intimidating.

    While they might not create entire presentations without any revisions, tools like, Canva, and PowerPoint’s AI capabilities offer a starting point, saving users natural language processing from having to start their designs entirely from scratch. This enhancement in creativity and design inspiration can elevate the quality of presentations significantly.

    Consistency and Uniformity

    AI ensures high consistency and uniformity in your presentations,neural networks a critical aspect of maintaining a cohesive brand image. It guarantees that the style, tone, and formatting remain consistent throughout the slides, enhancing the overall professionalism of your content.

    This reliability in maintaining a standardized look can be particularly beneficial for businesses that establish a solid and recognizable visual identity.

    Productivity Boost

    An AI PowerPoint generator can significantly boost productivity by automating content generation and design processes. Users can produce deep learning a substantial content volume quickly, which takes hours or days when done manually.

    This saves time and allows for resource allocation in other areas of operation. Additionally, AI-generated content can be personalized to target specific audiences effectively, reducing errors and inconsistencies in content creation.

    Integration with Other Tools

    Many AI PowerPoint generators seamlessly integrate with other software tools and platforms. This integration ensures a smoother workflow, text-to-speech technology enabling efficient collaboration and compatibility with your existing tools and systems.

    As a result, users can transition seamlessly between various stages of presentation creation, from content generation to design and final delivery, further enhancing their productivity and efficiency.


    Program Glitches

    While AI holds promise, it remains a relatively new and evolving technology. Consequently, it’s not entirely free of glitches.

    Users may encounter issues like grouped items not functioning correctly in some AI programs, shape compatibility challenges, and instances where logos are not distinguished from other images, image recognition resulting in awkward layouts with cropped logos.

    Additionally, AI-generated images may have less-than-ideal backgrounds, making aesthetic adjustments necessary. AI also needs help understanding the hierarchy of slide elements, potentially impacting the clarity of your message.

    Things Get Lost in Translation

    AI’s effectiveness depends on the algorithms built into the program and the search terms or prompts provided by the user. However, like in human communication, the results have room for virtual assistants  interpretation and variation.

    AI may not consistently deliver precisely what you envision due to the inherent gap between input and output. It’s akin to telling a story where the listener may understand and reconstruct it differently. In AI design, the exact outcome you desire is often elusive.

    Copyright Issues

    The use of AI-generated images and presentations raises complex copyright concerns. On one side, there’s the argument that creative elements are already mixed in various ways, reflecting the evolving nature of modern technology-driven creativity.

    On the other side, there’s the concern that AI technology might exploit the work and talent of skilled artists, potentially depriving them of deserved compensation. The legal and ethical dimensions of AI-generated cognitive computing content are still evolving, and the question of ownership remains uncertain.

    Summary: Pros & Cons of Using an AI PowerPoint Generator in 2024


    • AI Can Save You Time
    • Enhanced Creativity
    • Consistency and Uniformity
    • Productivity Boost
    • Integration with Other Tools


    • Program Glitches
    • Things Get Lost in Translation
    • Copyright Issues

    10 Best AI Power Point Generators

    1. Tome AI

    Tome AI stands out as the best AI presentation maker and is a popular choice for effortlessly generating visually appealing PowerPoint presentations using simple text input.

    Just enter your desired title or topic and let Tome AI work its magic.

    What sets Tome AI apart is its remarkable ability to produce fully editable slides, granting you the freedom to customize themes, fonts, and multimedia elements.

    Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with collaborative work platforms like Figma, Airtable, Miro, Looker, and Twitter, facilitating cross-platform collaboration.

    Tome AI doesn’t stop at slide creation; it offers advanced AI features such as text-to-image generation of knowledge graphs and text to presentation AI, enabling you to craft stunning presentations in seconds.

    Tome AI - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: Tome AI

    Key Features:

    • Fast and intelligent slide creation.
    • Modern layout and user-friendly interface.
    • Customization options, including themes, fonts, and multimedia.
    • Integration with various collaborative platforms for teamwork and sharing.
    • Additional AI-powered capabilities for enhanced presentations.
    • Support for multiple languages.

    Pros & Cons:


    • Fast and Intelligent Slide Creation: Tome AI streamlines the process of generating presentation slides, saving you time and effort.
    • Modern Layout and User-Friendly Interface: The platform offers contemporary design layouts and an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
    • Customization Options: Tome AI allows you to customize your slides with themes, fonts, and multimedia elements, ensuring your presentations align with your branding and style.
    • Integration with Collaborative Platforms: It seamlessly integrates with various collaborative platforms such as Figma, Airtable, Miro, Looker, and Twitter, simplifying teamwork and sharing.


    • Limited Slide Layout Options: The platform may offer a limited variety of slide layouts, potentially limiting design flexibility.
    • Format Limitations: Tome AI currently lacks the ability to export presentations in .pptx format, which could pose compatibility issues with other PowerPoint-related workflows. However, it supports slides export in .pdf format, which can be converted to PPT in Adobe Acrobat.

    Tome AI Pricing:

    • Starts at $10/month.

    Website: Tome AI

    2. Slidebean

    Slidebean is a game-changing web-based presentation tool that redefines the art of creating impactful presentations.

    It simplifies the process by allowing users to generate compelling slides with just a few clicks, putting the focus squarely on the message rather than the design.

    This makes Slidebean an ideal choice for small or medium-sized businesses that may not have dedicated design teams.

    Even individuals with zero design skills can craft professional-looking slides, thanks to an array of design templates, premium fonts, and high-quality color palettes.

    Slidebean isn’t just an alternative to traditional presentation software; it’s a significant leap forward.

    Slidebean - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: Slidebean

    Key Features:

    • Streamlines content creation by separating it from slide design.
    • Empower users with limited design skills to create professional slides.
    • Offers a diverse collection of design templates, premium fonts, and high-quality color palettes.

    Pros & Cons:


    • Streamlined Content Creation: Slidebean simplifies the process of creating impactful presentations by separating content creation from slide design, allowing users to focus on their message.
    • User-Friendly Design: Individuals with limited design skills can easily produce professional-looking slides, thanks to the availability of design templates, premium fonts, and high-quality color palettes.
    • Diverse Design Resources: Slidebean offers a diverse collection of design templates, premium fonts, and high-quality color palettes, ensuring that presentations are visually appealing and on-brand.
    • Web-Based Accessibility: Being a web-based tool, Slidebean is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for users on the go.


    • Limited Customization: Some users may find that Slidebean lacks in-depth customization options, especially those with more advanced design needs who require more control over the presentation’s look and feel.
    • Tech Glitches: Occasional technical glitches have been reported, which can disrupt the user experience and result in frustration.
    • Learning Curve for Advanced Features: While Slidebean is user-friendly for basic tasks, mastering all of its advanced features may require a learning curve, particularly for those new to the platform or inexperienced with advanced design tools.

    Slidebean Pricing:

    • Starter Plan: $12/month
    • Premium Plan: $19/month
    • Founder’s Edition Plan: $149/month

    Website: Slidebean

    3. ChatGPT

    ChatGPT, the formidable language model, offers a unique twist on PowerPoint presentation creation by utilizing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) codes.

    This approach allows users to automate slide deck generation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

    By simply prompting ChatGPT with a request like, “Write me VBA PowerPoint codes on [topic]. Make it [number] slides,” it generates custom VBA code snippets that users can input into PowerPoint’s Visual Basic Editor.

    This powerful interface enables the automation of various actions within PowerPoint, streamlining the creation of slides.

    While the initial output may seem basic, users can unleash their creativity to enhance slide designs. Alternatively, ChatGPT can provide content and design suggestions for those less inclined towards coding.

    ChatGPT - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: ChatGPT

    Key Features:

    • Automation of slide creation using VBA codes.
    • Content and design suggestions for PowerPoint slides.
    • Content generation
    • Text to presentation AI
    • Various file extension exportation

    Pros & Cons:


    • Time-Saving Automation: ChatGPT streamlines the process of creating PowerPoint slides by generating custom VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code snippets, saving users time and effort in slide deck creation.
    • Natural Language Understanding: Users can provide simple text prompts, and ChatGPT comprehends and responds with relevant content and VBA code, making it accessible to a wide range of users, including those without coding expertise.
    • Content Generation: ChatGPT not only automates slide creation but also provides content generation, suggesting text and other elements, which can be valuable for creating comprehensive presentations.
    • Various File Extension Exportation: ChatGPT offers flexibility in exporting presentations in various file formats, catering to different user preferences and needs.


    • Limited Design Capability: While ChatGPT excels in content and code generation, its design capabilities are somewhat limited. Users may need to enhance slide designs manually.
    • Dependent on VBA Knowledge: Utilizing and troubleshooting VBA codes within PowerPoint requires familiarity with PowerPoint developer tools. This could be a learning curve for users who are not experienced with VBA or coding.
    • Basic Output Initially: The initial output generated by ChatGPT may appear basic, requiring users to invest additional time and effort in refining and customizing their presentations for a polished look.

    ChatGPT Pricing:

    • Free: Limited features
    • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month

    Website: ChatGPT

    4. MagicSlides

    MagicSlides, a Google Workspace add-on, offers an AI PowerPoint generator solution for remarkably easily generating Google Slides presentations.

    Like ChatGPT, this platform functions without the need for coding, making it accessible to users of all ability levels.

    Simply provide the AI with text or text summaries, specify the number of slides required, and let MagicSlides do the heavy lifting.

    The platform offers a various templates and allows for flexible customization of colors and fonts to tailor the presentation’s look and feel.

    MagicSlides also seamlessly integrates with Pexels, providing users with a treasure trove of high-quality, free-to-use stock images, making this a great free AI PowerPoint generator.

    With support for multiple languages and various export formats, MagicSlides streamlines the presentation creation process, though users may need to invest additional effort in refining slide designs.

    MagicSlides - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: MagicSlides

    Key Features:

    • Integration with Pexels for high-quality stock images.
    • Support for multiple languages.
    • Simple text input for fast and intelligent slide creation.
    • Seamless integration with Google Workspace, facilitating collaboration and sharing.
    • Flexible export options, including .pptx and .pdf formats.

    Pros & Cons:


    • Fast and Smart Slide Creation: MagicSlides simplifies the presentation creation process with its straightforward text input, allowing users to generate slides quickly and efficiently.
    • Seamless Integration with Google Workspace: The platform seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, making it easy for teams to collaborate and share presentations.
    • Integration with Pexels: MagicSlides enhances presentations with access to high-quality stock images from Pexels, enriching the visual appeal of slides.


    • Limited Templates and Design Styles: Users may find the available templates and design options somewhat limited, potentially leading to less diverse presentation styles.
    • Monotonous Layout: The default layout provided by MagicSlides may lack variety, requiring users to invest additional effort in enhancing the overall design and aesthetic appeal of their slides.
    • Additional Work for Slide Design: While MagicSlides streamlines slide creation, users may need to put in extra effort to customize and refine slide designs to meet specific requirements and preferences.

    MagicSlide Pricing:

    • Free: $0/month
    • Essential: $6.7/month
    • Pro: $12.4/month
    • Premium Yearly: $279/year

    Website: MagicSlides

    5. transcends traditional presentation tools by serving as a brilliant assistant that helps you craft compelling narratives effortlessly.

    As you personalize your presentation, intuitively grasps your needs and provides suggestions for further improvements, streamlining the design process.

    And the innovation doesn’t end there; introduces a voice narration feature, enhancing communication and engagement within your content.

    Picture narrating your slides, adding a personal touch that’s particularly valuable for remote presentations. - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage

    Key Features:

    • Anticipates user needs and offers suggestions.
    • Facilitates the creation of clear, concise presentations.
    • Voice narration feature for enhanced communication.

    Pros & Cons:


    • 60+ Smart Templates: offers a wide selection of over 60 smart templates, providing users with a variety of professionally designed starting points for their presentations.
    • Ease of Use: The platform is user-friendly, making it accessible for individuals without design expertise, allowing them to create aesthetically pleasing presentations effortlessly.
    • Cloud-Based Collaboration:’s cloud-based nature facilitates collaboration, enabling multiple users to work together on a presentation and customize it to align with their brand or message.
    • Aesthetically Appealing Slideshows: automatically handles design elements such as fonts, alignment, and color schemes, ensuring that each slide in the presentation maintains a polished and visually appealing appearance.


    • Content Limitations: Users may encounter limitations in terms of where and how much content they can add to each slide. This could restrict the flexibility of presentations.
    • Editing After Export: Once a presentation is exported, it cannot be edited further within This limitation may hinder post-export adjustments or updates.
    • Lack of Integration: lacks integration with the Google Slides suite, potentially limiting users who prefer or rely on Google’s ecosystem for their presentation needs.

    Beautiful AI Pricing:

    • Free Trial
    • Pro: $144.00/year per user
    • Team: $480.00/year per user


    6. Prezi

    Prezi is a formidable AI-driven presentation maker that elevates your ordinary slides into impactful and engaging presentations.

    It transcends the traditional approach of simply adding slides and text, focusing on creating a captivating narrative that resonates with your audience.

    With Prezi, you have the power to infuse dynamic flow into your presentation, ensuring it remains memorable.

    However, it’s worth noting that Prezi offers limited customization options after you select a template, which may restrict your control over the final look and feel of the presentation.

    Nonetheless, Prezi is an excellent choice for those seeking a quick and straightforward way to craft professional presentations.

    Prezi - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: Prezi

    Key Features:

    • Transforms ordinary slides into impactful presentations.
    • Limited customization options after template selection.
    • Offers a library of professionally designed templates for quick and engaging presentations.
    • Facilitates the creation of presentations with dynamic and interactive elements.
    • Provides a range of tools for collaborative editing and real-time sharing of presentations.

    Pros & Cons:


    • Non-Linear Navigation: Prezi offers a unique non-linear approach to creating and viewing presentations. Instead of a linear slide-by-slide format, it allows for dynamic and engaging navigation through sections, making presentations more interactive.
    • Integration Support: Prezi can be integrated with various apps like Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet, enhancing collaboration and making it easier to share and present Prezi projects with teams and collaborators.
    • Low Cost: Prezi offers a free version that provides essential features, making it accessible to students and individuals with basic presentation needs without incurring expenses.


    • Confusing Layout: Prezi’s non-linear layout and zooming functionality may require a learning curve to fully master, which could be a drawback for users accustomed to traditional linear presentations.
    • Paid Offline Access: Accessing Prezi offline requires a paid subscription, which may be a limitation for users who need to work without an internet connection.
    • Limited Data Visualization: Prezi has limited options for data visualization, which may not meet the needs of users who require advanced data presentation features.

    Prezi Pricing:

    • Free Version
    • Standard: Starting at $5/month
    • Plus: Starting at $12/month
    • Premium: Starting at $16/month

    Website: Prezi

    7. Presentations.AI

    Distinguishing itself from other AI PowerPoint generators, Presentations.AI follows a unique approach by not relying on text input for slide creation, though it does make use of the ChatGPT API.

    Instead, users choose from a drop-down list of various presentation deck types, including business plans, client check-ins, book reviews, class reports, and research proposals.

    Once a deck type is selected, customization options become available, enabling users to tailor their slides with specific details like product names, target markets, goals, company traction, and competitors, depending on the chosen presentation type.

    Presentations.AI - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: Presentations.AI

    Key Features:

    • Advanced customization options based on selected presentation type.
    • Integration of Clip-E AI assistant for issuing commands and making changes.
    • Advanced collaboration features for team members, including commenting, reactions, and slide status marking.

    Pros & Cons:


    • Advanced Slides Personalization: Presentations.AI offers advanced personalization options, allowing users to tailor their presentation slides to specific requirements, including target audience, objectives, themes, and presentation duration.
    • Clip-E AI Assistant: The inclusion of Clip-E, an AI assistant within Presentations.AI, provides users with valuable support and commands for various tasks, enhancing the overall user experience.
    • Collaboration Capabilities: The platform offers advanced collaboration features, including commenting, reactions, and slide status marking, making it well-suited for teamwork and seamless collaboration among team members.


    • Business-Centric Deck Types: The available presentation deck types are primarily tailored towards business-related purposes, which may not be as suitable for users seeking presentations for other contexts.
    • Limited Design Customization and Flexibility: Users may find that Presentations.AI offers limited design customization options and flexibility, which could restrict their ability to create highly customized and unique presentations.
    • Export Fees: There is an associated fee for exporting presentations to .pptx and .pdf formats, which may add additional costs to the use of the platform, especially for users who require these formats.

    Presentations AI Pricing:

    • Starter Plan: Free
    • Public Beta Plan: $40/year (for up to 10 users)
    • Pro Plan: $399/year (for up to 10 users)
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

    Website: Presentations.AI

    8. Decktopus AI

    Decktopus AI takes AI-powered presentation generation to the next level by offering a tailored approach to meet users’ specific needs, including target audience, objectives, themes, and presentation duration.

    Once a prompt is entered, Decktopus guides users through a simple 4-step process, gathering relevant information to create personalized presentation slides and designs.

    It also provides templates and design elements for further slide personalization.

    Decktopus AI - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: Decktopus AI

    Key Features:

    • Tailored presentation slides for the target audience.
    • AI Assistant/”Magic Buttons” for guided multimedia and design recommendations.
    • Advanced presentation features like audio recording and form creation.

    Pros & Cons:


    • Effortless Presentations: Decktopus AI streamlines the presentation creation process, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly generate presentations through smart slide generation and pre-designed templates.
    • Personalized Slides: The platform offers a personalized approach, tailoring presentation slides to match the target audience and specific objectives, enhancing the effectiveness of the content.
    • User-Friendly Experience: Decktopus AI provides a user-friendly experience, making it accessible and easy to use for individuals with varying levels of expertise.
    • Guided Slides Design: Users benefit from guided multimedia and design recommendations, ensuring that their presentations are visually appealing and effective.
    • Real-Time Collaboration: The platform supports real-time collaboration among team members, allowing for seamless teamwork and content creation.


    • Limited Export Formats: Decktopus AI currently offers limited export formats, with the .pptx format being a feature that is coming soon. This limitation may affect compatibility with certain workflows.
    • Limited Customization Options: Users may find that Decktopus AI offers limited customization options, which could impact their ability to create highly customized and unique presentations.

    Decktopus Pricing:

    • Pro Plan: $9.00/month
    • Pro AI Plan: $9.99/month
    • Business AI Plan: $36.00/month
    • Business Plan: $32.00/month

    Website: Decktopus AI

    9. Simplified

    Simplified is an AI presentation maker designed with collaboration in mind. It enables teams to work together seamlessly, creating presentations with the help of AI.

    This means you can collaborate with your team in real-time, making changes and seeing updates instantly.

    After the AI generates a presentation, you can customize fonts, colors, and textures to make your presentation more impactful.

    You can also convert your slides into a video presentation by adding transitions. This feature can be particularly useful for remote presentations, where visual engagement is key.

    simplified - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: Simplified

    Key Features:

    • Multi-functional AI for various tasks including presentation-making, graphic designing, copywriting, video editing, and social media management.
    • Customizable language and creativity levels.
    • Built-in text-to-image AI generator.
    • Library of templates, icons, graphics, images, stickers, and doodles.

    Pros & Cons


    • All-in-One Tool: Simplified offers extensive AI capabilities, assisting users in various aspects of content creation, including design, copywriting, and presentation creation.
    • Rich Template Library: Users have access to a rich library of templates and assets, enhancing the visual appeal of their presentations.
    • Text-to-Image AI Generator: The built-in text-to-image AI generator adds variety to the visual appeal of slides, enhancing creativity.
    • Flexible Export Formats: Simplified allows flexible export in various formats, including .png, .jpg, .pdf, and .svg.


    • Limited .pptx Export: Decks generated by Simplified are currently not exportable in .pptx format, which may require users to convert their PDFs into PPTs using external tools.
    • Simplistic Design Templates: The design templates offered by Simplified may be considered simplistic, limiting customization for individual design elements.
    • Limited Customization: While it offers AI-generated content, customization options for advanced design elements may be limited.

    Simplified Pricing:

    • Graphic Design: Starting at $9.00/month
    • Video Editor: Starting at $12.00/month
    • Social Media Management: Starting at $17.00/month
    • AI Writer: Starting at $18.00/month

    Website: Simplified

    10. Sendsteps

    Sendsteps is an AI-powered presentation tool designed to streamline and enhance the creation of engaging presentations.

    Unlike traditional slideshow makers, Sendsteps leverages artificial intelligence to provide users with a range of interactive features, including polls, SMS voting, quizzes, and more.

    With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Sendsteps simplifies the process of incorporating these interactive elements, making presentations more engaging for the audience.

    It caters to both experienced presenters and newcomers, offering a versatile solution for crafting dynamic content.

    Sendsteps - AI PowerPoint Generator Homepage
    Source: Sendsteps

    Key Features:

    • AI Presentation Maker with drag-and-drop interface.
    • Interactive elements such as polls, SMS voting, quizzes, and more.
    • Multilingual support for presentations in over 11 languages.
    • Speaker notes and document-to-presentation capabilities.

    Pros & Cons


    • Interactive Presentations: Sendsteps allows users to create presentations that engage the audience with interactive elements, enhancing the overall experience.
    • Multilingual Support: With support for over 11 languages, Sendsteps caters to international teams and diverse audiences.
    • Fast Creation: The tool generates presentations quickly, saving users time and effort.
    • Document Conversion: Users can upload documents, and Sendsteps will summarize and transform them into interactive presentations.


    • Limited Free Plan: While a free trial is available, the full range of features is unlocked with paid plans.
    • Annual Billing: The Starter and Professional plans are billed annually, which might not suit all users’ budget preferences.
    • Enterprise Pricing: Enterprise plan pricing is available upon request, which may lack transparency for potential users.

    Sendsteps Pricing:

    • Free Trial
    • Starter Plan: $9.99/month
    • Professional Plan: $23.99/month
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

    Website: Sendsteps

    Final Thoughts on Why You Need an AI PowerPoint Generator

    An AI PowerPoint generator is a game-changer for anyone who regularly creates presentations.

    They combine the power of AI algorithms with user-friendly interfaces to simplify the entire presentation making process, from content generation to design recommendations.

    With an AI PowerPoint generator you can create professional and impactful presentations in minutes, giving you more time to focus on delivering engaging messages to your audience.

    So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your presentations, try an AI PowerPoint generator and experience a more efficient and enjoyable slide creation journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a free AI PowerPoint generator?

    Simplified offers a free version for basic usage, making it a free AI PowerPoint generator. However, it's important to explore the specific features and limitations of the free version to determine if it suits your needs. For a comprehensive review of best AI PowerPoint generators, read the full article.

    A good AI PowerPoint generator for teachers?

    When considering an AI PowerPoint generator for teaching purposes, Sendsteps stands out as a great choice. It offers interactive elements such as polls, SMS voting, and quizzes, which can engage students. Check out the full article for a broader overview of AI PowerPoint generators catering to various needs, and a breakdown of the top AI presentation makers to consider.

    What is text to presentation AI?

    Text to presentation AI refers to the capability of an artificial intelligence system, such as text-to-image (TTI), to generate presentation content, slides, and structure based on text prompts from the user. Users can describe a topic or provide text, and the AI translates it into a complete presentation, often including design elements and visual aids. Read the full article for more information AI presentation makers, and a detailed review of the top AI PowerPoint generators.


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