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Influencer outreach feature image

Influencer Outreach: The Ultimate Guide for 2020-2021 (Strategy, Tools and Templates)

Imagine running an influencer marketing campaign with a celebrity on Instagram. The content gets thousands of views and likes. The influencer promises to increase engagement levels even further. Everything seems to be on the right track. But there’s a problem. For some crazy reason, you’re not selling anything. Despite high content engagement, you’ve managed to...

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Cold email marketing guide

Bulk Email Marketing: 10 Step Guide + Case Studies in 2020

Cold or bulk email marketing in the hands of smart marketers can be a huge boost to your sales and marketing strategy. However, people often misunderstand the true purpose of cold emails or they give up way too early.  This has given the humble – yet powerful! – cold email a bad rap. Whether you’re...

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Customer Loyalty Programs

5 Best Loyalty Programs and How to Simply Create Yours

Customer loyalty programs are a vital part of retail marketing strategies. Are you hunting for some inspiration for yours? With all the focus on complex gamification and personalization, simple and successful loyalty program ideas might be hard to come by. An easy way to find inspiration is from the “best in show” – those big...

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The 9 Best Brand Ambassador Programs and How to Simply Create Yours in 2020 - A person using a laptop - Business

The 9 Best Brand Ambassador Programs and How to Simply Create Yours in 2021

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to get your products in front of the right people these days? If you’ve fallen behind with your ambassador marketing strategy, it can be even harder as ad-blockers are also starting to deeply impact marketing budgets. What if we told you that old school is still cool? According to Global Web Index:...

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10 Loyalty Program Benefits & Stats for SMEs [2020 Ultimate Guide] - A close up of a sign - Strategy

Loyalty Marketing- The Definitive Guide for 2020 and Beyond

Loyalty Marketing has been a part of marketing strategies for years. Recently, it has started to emerge as a new wave of marketers turn their focus towards retention and loyalty. But, customer acquisition is everything, right? Nowadays, marketers are still investing the majority of their time and budget in the big question: “How do I...

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10 Loyalty Program Benefits & Stats for SMEs [2020 Ultimate Guide] - A room with a book shelf - Library

Ambassador Marketing -The Definitive Guide for 2020 and Beyond

Is Ambassador Marketing the key to marketing in the 21st century? Yes, we think so! As an e-commerce business, if you are still stuck with the same old digital marketing strategy, then, you are probably missing out on tons of benefits that come with the next wave of influencer marketing strategy. So, what’s the new trend...

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The 14 Best Magento Email Marketing Extensions & Platforms in 2020 + Email Hacks to Increase Sales

Which Magento email marketing platforms should you be using? If you’re still scratching your head and feeling a little lost in the mix, you’re not alone. We know there are many email marketing apps available, and many of them offer quite similar features. So, how do you find the one that’s right for your online...

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10 Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps & Platforms in 2020

Looking for the best Shopify email marketing apps? If you’re having trouble finding the right one for your needs, we’re here to help! There are so many email marketing apps available, and many of them are quite similar in both features and prices. In such a sea of sameness, how do you find the right...

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Shopify affiliate marketing

Shopify Affiliate Marketing: 6 Best Apps + Full Guide for 2021 [Updated]

Is Shopify affiliate marketing really as easy as they say? In short: Yes! You could literally be making money while doing *almost* nothing. This is precisely why we’re going to explain why and how you should be leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to drive online revenue. And the best part? If you’re using shopify,...

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