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10 Best Customer Loyalty Software and Apps to Increase Customer Retention in 2020 [Full Review]

Are you a small business owner or a marketing manager? Then you probably know about the struggles of keeping your customers loyal and increasing retention. We have the solution to this problem: loyalty software. It’s easy to integrate, doesn’t cost much, and it has lots of benefits for your company. In this article, you will...

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14+ Best Performance Marketing Agencies and How to Choose One [Worldwide Review]

Outgrown your digital marketing agency? In the world of digital marketing, performance agencies are the ones doing the most to bring in tangible ROI for their clients. The hard part is finding the right fit for your business. Which is why review lists like these are so helpful. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled...

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16 Best Magento Extensions You should Install Today (2020 List)

Magento is one of the most well-known E-commerce platforms known to man, some might argue it’s even the most well-known one. They won’t be far off either. Even though Magento is so widely used by E-commerce entrepreneurs from all around the globe, many still find it somewhat complex, compared to Shopify for example. We can...

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10 Best Referral Marketing Software [2020 Full Review]

Do you want to spread the word about your business to large numbers of people? We all know how much effort this takes!  You are never sure whether people will remember to mention your business to others. However, having strong referral marketing is essential for your business to grow.  Why is that? Some studies suggest...

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Macro Influencers VS Micro Influencers : The Ultimate Review

If you’re struggling to navigate through the world of influencer marketing, you’re not alone. Looking at how complicated the strategies around micro influencers vs macro influencers can become, it’s no surprise that brands are starting to feel lost in the mix. The truth is, if you have a big-ticket brand budget you really don’t have...

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The 9 Best Brand Ambassador Programs and How to Simply Create Yours in 2020

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to get your products in front of the right people these days? If you’ve fallen behind with your ambassador marketing strategy, it can be even harder as ad-blockers are also starting to deeply impact marketing budgets. What if we told you that old school is still cool? According to Global Web Index:...

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Top 7 Influencer Management Platforms [2020 Update]

Are you using a spreadsheet to record and manage influencer lists? We’ve all been there! Spreadsheets do have their limits. If you are scaling up and are looking for a platform to support your influencer marketing efforts, consider an Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) platform. It’s basically an influencer CRM. There are hundreds of  influencer marketing...

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8 Simple Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an important part of a business’ success and turns one-time buyers into returning customers. You can implement strategies to acquire the customer, but it’s your job to enhance their customer experience and keep them coming back. In order to maintain customer loyalty, you need to actively invest in your customers and maintain...

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8 Best E-commerce Marketing Tools You Must Know About In 2020 and beyond

Ecommerce is more competitive than ever in 2020 and growing exponentially as a proportion of global sales. With platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce and even Magento, setting up an online store in this day and age is easier than ever. However, with growth comes sophistication, and this has led to some brilliant software development that assists...

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