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About Rex

Rex is a simple and useful tool that helps marketers collect authentic feedback and reviews from customers. It enables completely automated campaigns that invite customers to rate your business and recommend it to others.

Rex can serve as a great method of collecting positive feedback from your clients and build a solid reputation for your brand. In just a few clicks, it allows you to send your customers text messages and emails, asking them for feedback. The customers, in most cases, do end up giving great feedback considering how easy Rex makes the process fro them. If they leave positive feedback for the brand, the software has an option to automatically send them a message asking them for a referral.

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The software allows marketers to interact with customers through text messages. The messages can be personalized to build stronger relationships and win the trust of your customers.

You can also show off your good reviews on your own website or in a Facebook tab via Rex. This will attract and impress potential new customers. On top of that, you get to choose the minimum star rating so you get some control over your reputation.

You can track which links your customers are clicking and who are you sending messages to. All this information is easily accessible from a dashboard that is easy to use and shows everything in a single place. The software also integrates with a number of third-party platforms through Zapier and API. Through this integration, you can automate sending messages or receiving referrals directly in your CRM.

Our Review Verdict

Although Rex is more focused on collecting customer feedback than Referral marketing, the referral requests it automatically sends to customers are quite helpful. Therefore, Rex can work as a single tool that takes care of your online Reputation along with generating Referrals. It is highly recommended for smaller businesses that do not want to invest in a full-fledged Referral Marketing software at this stage.


Main Features

Reputation Management

Referral Management

Lead Engagement

Contact Management

Negative Feedback Management

Review Requests

Customer Communications

Structured Data Generator

What integrations are available for Rex?

Rex integrates with the following business systems and applications



Google Sheets


Pros & Cons


Rex helps generate honest reviews which improve the Google rating of the brand.

You can send reminders to clients to complete reviews.

The initial setup takes less than an hour to complete.

Referral requests can be automated once you get positive reviews.


Rex does not offer a free trial.

The Referral Management features are very limited.









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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rex bring in Referrals?

If you get a positive review from one of your customers, Rex has an option to automatically send them a message asking them for a referral.

Can I send review requests from my phone?

Yes, you can! Rex allows you to send text messages on phones with Rex’s own phone number, asking for reviews.

How does Rex integrate with other apps?

Rex has an API, which is great for customers who want to integrate their personal software with it. For customers using third-party software, Rex has a Zapier app that helps connect the two.

Why are customer reviews important?

Both positive and negative reviews can be of great help for businesses. Positive reviews help your brand develop authenticity and bring in more customers while negative reviews can help surface issues with products, shed light on new use cases, and inform product innovations.

What are the requirements for Rex - HubSpot integration?

The requirements are,
1. Zapier Account
2. HubSpot Account
3. Rex Credentials
4. Meet Rex Zapier App (Available on invitation)