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Our Score 4.2

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About Hootsuite Amplify

Hootsuite Amplify is a mobile app that aims to strengthen Employee Advocacy solutions for businesses. It enables employees to share branded content easily on social media networks.

The software makes it easier for employees to promote their company’s brand over the internet. Employees can now effortlessly share news, product launch details, and any brand-related content externally, to their personal social media platforms.

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According to Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, “Employees want to actively contribute to an organization’s success. Amplify makes it easy for employees to share approved content on their own social networks, empowering them to be advocates who are engaged and connected with their company.” Thus, his statement is the perfect explanation of the significance of Hootsuite Amplify in helping employees build meaningful connections with the company. That is to say, they realize that they play an important role in building up a company’s name through social media.

Above all, the use of Hootsuite Amplify provides advantages to the marketing and sales teams of a brand. It enables employees to increase sales productivity by utilizing the power of social media. Employees can easily configure social media platform notifications, like that of Twitter, to notify them of relevant conversations about their brands. Having the power of knowing that people in their social media circle are talking about their brands, allows them to answer and join discussions happening on different social media platforms in real-time. This gives employees the opportunity to push for sales in an instant.

Certainly, this app is a great way to nurture relationships between brand employees and potential customers. Employees tweet, re-tweet, like, share and engage in conversation about their brand on social media networks.

The Hootsuite Amplify mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Our Review Verdict

Hootsuite Amplify is a unique brand ambassador management tool that improves your employee relations by making them the ambassadors. Certainly, it has paved the way for empowering employees by making them advocates of their respective companies. All in all, it is completely reliable and trustworthy!


Main Features

Brand related content management

Ambassador analytics

Simplified administration and reporting

Editing and approval tools

Employee engagement booster

What integrations are available for HootSuite Amplify?

HootSuite Amplify integrates with the following business systems and applications

Workplace by Facebook




Adobe Stock

Google My Business




Pros & Cons


Great app layout

Simple UI

Easy for employees to share company content

Easy for brands to manage employee generated content


A bit expensive


Free Trial

Demo Only


Upon request

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hootsuite provide social media analytics?

Yes, it does. You can view the Post Performance key metrics for up to 100 of your most recently published posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Can I change my Hootsuite billing plan after signing up?

Hootsuite provides annual and monthly billing plans. You can change from an annual subscription to a monthly one at any time, and the change will take effect when your annual commitment ends. If you change from a monthly subscription to an annual one, the new annual subscription begins immediately and is prorated.

What happens when I delete my Hootsuite account?

Deleting your account takes effect immediately and accounts are not recoverable. If you delete your account, you will lose access to Hootsuite (even if you are on a currently paid plan) and your scheduled content will be permanently deleted. In addition, the email associated with that account will not be available for use with another Hootsuite account in the future.

Can I create a team in Hootsuite?

With the Hootsuite Team, Business, or Enterprise plan, you can enable team collaboration, streamline workflows, and efficiently manage your company's social accounts. You can also,
- Assign messages to teams for consistent messaging handling.
- Share streams so your organization members can monitor the same content.
- Invite team members to manage social accounts without having to share passwords.

What is a Hootsuite organization?

A Hootsuite organization is an account structure that consists of individuals, teams, and shared social accounts. Each Hootsuite account can create one organization, but members can belong to multiple organizations and teams.